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1 Interrogation [Invite Only] on Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:56 pm

Chigetsu Hōzuki


He could still taste the blood in his mouth. It was bitter. The hole that had been pierced through his chest had been patched up to the best of his captor’s abilities, with both Izumi and the boy who introduced himself as Rysano working to plug up his injuries, for some reason that he still couldn’t understand. Those wounds had been cleaned and healed what must have been a long time ago now, but the taste remained. Metallic and bitter. He swallowed nervously. No matter how much he tried it wouldn’t go away. The stiffness in his body was still there as well. For what it was worth it seemed like they made an honest effort to heal him, but these injuries would likely last with him for a long while. Maybe he should be grateful that he could feel that sort of pain though. He was lucky to be alive. That sort of electrical damage he received was enough to fry someone like him. Anyone from his clan would have been turned to a crisp from it. The only reason that he hadn’t was because they had shown him mercy.

He stopped thinking about the why. What Izumi said. The things that she did. Wondering about what would come next would do him nothing. None of it mattered. The time for sulking was other. His injuries no longer burdened him to the extent that he could die at any moment from them. His breathing was no longer all too labored either, even with the damage to his lung. Taking a deep breath in, Chigetsu would stand. It had been a few days at least, although he couldn’t tell how many. Once they had put him in this windowless room his perception of time had been set off. His little jailcell had been his entire world. Of course, it was hardly a jail cell. With just a simple bed and empty dresser it could have been a simple bedroom. The door itself was wooden as well, and now that he noticed it didn’t even seem to have a lock. They probably didn’t bother to do trivial things like that which didn’t matter. He could easily slip under or through any locked door. The real reason that he was kept captive here was first because of his injuries, and now that they were less of a problem the threat of death. Izumi was faster than him, stronger than him, and seemed to have some way to locate his ability based on their previous scuffle. It was the only way to explain how she attacked him while he was underground. That maneuver he performed should have worked, and it would have if she hadn’t been able to sense him. He grimaced now thinking about it.

There was always the possibility they forgot about him as well. Unlikely, but possible. He was beginning to tell that this wasn’t exactly planned. On his wobbly legs, which felt an awful lot like jelly at the moment, he would limp over to the door. His hand would reach for the nob, ever so slowly. Chigetsu was still nervous. Maybe he could just walk out of this building and return to his allies, and nobody would even notice? Maybe he was the only one in this building. That would be ideal. Yes. They wouldn’t have the time to wait around for a prisoner with all the chaos in Suna. It made sense. Steadying his nervous he would turn the doorknob and pull the door open, looking out into the exterior of his prison.



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2 Re: Interrogation [Invite Only] on Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:08 pm



Everything ached when Izumi rose at the crack of dawn, an expected side effect of her exertion the day before. Izumi dressed herself in the white kimono with her clan's symbol the back that she had donned frequently at the exams. Izumi still cursed herself for her weakness in failing to execute to the Hozuki before she had a chance to think. His existence only complicated things especially once Nova came back, saw what Izumi had done to her friend, and subsequently gave Izumi the worst berating she think Nova's ever given anyone. Today she would take Chigetsu to her master, Yosei, who was staying in the Wind Country's capital kilometers away luckily Izumi had a fast method of travel to his new residence at the Daimyo's old palace thanks to his gifted sealing formulae. Izumi took her time brushing and tying up her hair, even adding makeup to make herself at least look radiant even if she was not really looking forward to facing Chigetsu's hateful glare once again. Izumi wished she could kill him but at this point now that Nova was involved she risked her relationship with her lover on his life. To her begrudging acceptance Izumi decided that the benefits of leaving the boy alive outweighed those of killing him, incinerating him, and scattering his ashes across her village.

The decision of his life having been made days ago Izumi had just been procrastinating at this point. Izumi hoped Yosei wouldn't be upset at her for not killing the boy, deep down she knew they could turn this into something positive but the fear is always there. It was strange having someone to answer to again Izumi had gotten used to being the one charge and was still acclimating to her restricted freedom. As with many decisions in her life she'd not really thought out the implications of what she was doing when she'd agreed to be an instrument of war. She couldn't help but feel it should have been obvious really, but what can you do when you're a rash, young, rebel leader. Izumi had always been surprisingly fair in her treatment of prisoners. Izumi had better ways of getting people to talk than torture and as such rarely bothered wasted her time with it. Of course she could inflict horrible pain on and terrorize her prisoners if she'd wanted but saw little to gain from it. Sometimes her prisoners even turned to informants after captivity thanks to her ambivalence bordering on friendliness with some them.

Izumi took a deep breath, and adjusted her bangs one last time before knocking on the door, while she hadn't elected to wear any of them Izumi did have her effects sealed away on her skin easily accessible should something unexpected happen. Izumi looked radiant and hopefully the effort in her appearance would serve to put Chigetsu at ease a little bit, it would be much easier if he cooperated. Izumi was just about to knock on the door when it opened. Izumi jumped in momentary surprise, before she regarded the Hozuki at an uncomfortable distance from her face. “Y-you're up. Uh, good. I was just coming to get you. I'm taking you to my master now. We're actually gonna travel from inside your quarters. If you wouldn't mind going back inside.” The Hozuki looked terrified and simply nodded. When Izumi got inside she produced a scroll and unrolled it placing it flat on the ground in the center of the room. The Karisuma woman produced a kunai that was stained with blood from her kimono. Clenching her teeth she sliced open the palm of her hand and let the blood soak into the paper. The Hozuki had cowered when she drew the blade and Izumi felt a pang of guilt at his utter terror. Had she really become such a monster to inspire terror with the slight of movements? The wound on her hand healed and Izumi wiped away the blood on cloth she'd kept in her robe. Smiling warmly Izumi extended her hand to Chigetsu “I promise I won't sacrifice your blood to the scroll too, it wouldn't respond to yours anyways. Take my hand we're going to see Master Yosei.” The young man gingerly extended his hand which Izumi would gently squeeze then take a single step on to the now glowing seals on the scroll before them. As soon as her foot made contact the pair of them would appear outside the closed doors belonging to the throne room of the Daimyo's Palace in the Wind Country.

Izumi's footsteps echoed through the high halls as she approached the doors prisoner in tow. Izumi pulled out a mirror and fixed her hair one more time before taking a deep breath before addressing doors. Her voice was firm as she called out to the man she knew was within. “Master Yosei, it's Izumi. I have a prisoner I need assistance with. For reasons I'm embarrassed to explain I can't simply execute the boy. I was hoping you could help me seal away his memories of what happened after he met me at the battle. He's a Chunin from the Mist and I thought maybe you could help with my plans for him. I want to plant him back in Kirigakure as an agent of our cause willing or not.  Can you help me?”

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3 Re: Interrogation [Invite Only] on Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:28 pm



Before daybreak, the work began on the Daimyo's palace, far to the east where the sea met with limestone cliffs, hundreds of meters high, which ran shafts into the ocean. Overlooking the boundless expanse, close enough to hear the waves crash into the distant coves eroded into cavernous depths from which the echoes met the workers' ears. In the years since the Hidden Sand's fall, the palace remained the last bastion of Wind Country's fallen empire, while the world crumbled around it into the hands of warlords and disarray. Eventually, the chaos crept here as well, and like serpents beneath the sand, the Daimyo and his royal guard had been reduced to ash, their treasures plundered, stripped bare, and no stone left unturned. In the eerie halls of the barren monument, when at first the Sealer had arrived alone, he saw the potential for his forward base, a coastal property from which he could establish his dominance on a route to Tea Country.

Already, the Sealer's growing influence had seeped through the remnants of several splinter groups in the wake of the destruction following the Wind's occupation. Threats remained, littered across Kaze no Kuni, to the completion of his latest contract, which demanded his attention split between the Fire and Wind, a task warmly regarded in contrast with the frigid crawl from Naraka's grip that led him here. One step at a time, the Sealer left a bloody trail behind him, hunting through the desolate sand with Seisakata's reforged edge at his side, his targets the men who pillaged those on the road to peace. Gone was the need for Yōsei to steal away the hope of Suna's people, for the revenge against Kirigakure in the name of his contract came and went, forgotten by the Sealer as he set toward the next of his sordid errands, where the Blue Sky's Oath would do battle again. Paths stolen away between the ragged landscape allowed Yōsei to impose his will on the country, and those who he had sent throughout its breadth were now converging, at his order, to the west where they would find a new land.

In the weeks surrounding Inabayama, Yōsei's followers had gathered here in droves, diverted from their routes in Wind Country to aid him in the excavation of this castle. It would be the nearly finished product that greeted Izumi and her prisoner, and the Karisuma would know the passage well. Polished filigree and halls built wall to wall with marble sheets, statues resurrected from the Daimyo's collection depicting ancient, many-armed Gods, tapestries woven to tell the tales of an empire turned to cinder long before living memory began. Hundreds of miles away, swept between currents of sand, the Sealer prowled through dust and wind, combing the desert for any remnants of the Thunder King and his minions, whos influence Yōsei sought to eradicate from the sand. The woman he had deemed Sunagakure's heir would doubtless have made her way west by now, and soon they would meet again, but the tug of chakra, like a hair plucked from the surface of his skin, drew his attention away. From his hand, Yōsei would leave a kunai nestled in the sand, and vanish to his destination near the sea.

In a rush of sand, the Namikaze would step across the space between dimensions to the familiar finery of the restoration site, the sounds of masonry overshadowing the ocean, but playing in the background to Izumi's voice, which penetrated the door separating the rogue from her master. There would be no show of force with which Yōsei would heave ajar the mammoth doorway, strutting over and tugging with both hands, pulling away the door to open several feet of space for the duo to join, before walking away from it as they entered. Chigetsu would see, for the first time, the dusty Sealer's black, threadbare robes hanging in tattered ribbons, look over his shoulder and smile indifferently through him. Still caked in sand, the Sealer's movements wove wind within them, brushing against his skin and clothes to exhale wreaths of cloudy debris. After taking stride toward the steps leading toward the Daimyo's vacant throne, Yōsei would sit upon the lowest of them, staring across at the pair, listening if they spoke and leaving himself time to reply in turn, but would begin himself otherwise. Without deliberate intensity, and with the characteristic calm that Izumi would by now recognize as the Sealer's sole demeanor, Yōsei would first address his contract bearer.

"With Inabayama behind us, my contract has been fulfilled. There is no need to take action against the Mist, and we should not waste our time with the seeds of fruitless wars."

Chigetsu would be meet with intrigue, Yōsei's eyes transitioning to him, the Sealer's observation turning to him for a stolen heartbeat and then directly to his eyes, where the Hozuki would find himself looked through, as if the Sealer were preoccupied with some horizon beyond.

"Tell me, then, shinobi of the Hidden Mist,"

"What is your ninja way?"




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4 Re: Interrogation [Invite Only] on Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:10 pm

Chigetsu Hōzuki


There was an immediate whirlwind of emotions. Seeing Izumi as the first thing beyond the door he had just opened would nearly give him a heart attack. The terror oozed off him, and his body would immediately go stiff. She was too close. Immediately he took a step backwards. Had he continued onward and rushed through the door without thinking he would have bumped right into her. Whether or not she would have killed him for a mistake like that wasn’t something he wanted to think about. Only after that small moment of panic when he caught his bearings did he really see who it was in front of him. In his suffering since her hand had been shoved through his chest the vision he had of her in his mind had warped. He could still feel the tingling sensation in his chest from all of it. Seeing the woman in front of him now that had been his personal demon in an entirely non-combative position was confusing, and it almost made it hard to recognize her. It was especially in the way that she jumped back in surprise at him being so close that caught him off guard and sent a deep uneasiness into his chest. It was all too close and personal now, like he was brought into and kept prisoner inside his enemy’s home. Still, despite this personal environment he couldn’t help but quickly nod as she spoke to him. He still stank of fear. If this had been in another world Chigetsu would have called her pretty in her kimono, and been awkward and nervous around her for an entirely different reason. The bloody kunai she pulled from her outfit instinctively caused him to flinch backwards, assuming the worst. Stumbling back into the room, he nearly lost his balance and fell. Seeing her just slicing her own palm open and allow it to drip into the scroll, something he could clearly recognize as a summoning technique, made him feel like something of a fool. What sort of soldier was he now, cowering in fear? Shouldn’t he be fighting in a situation like this, or at least trying to defend himself? It was a disgusting feeling of helplessness.

There was something about the way she smiled that made it worse. She extended her hand gently, and spoke so gingerly to him. He felt so fragile now. Like he was some sort of delicate flower and all the history of him killing and slaughtering had been erased. It was thoroughly emasculating. Self pity rose within him, and even though he recognized these emotions burning inside of him Chigetsu was still far too terrified to act on them. He would shakily extend his hand to her, not wanting to keep her waiting for him for too long. It barely mattered where she was taking him. It wasn’t as if he had any influence over this. They would both take a step onto the scroll that was dropped before them, and as soon as he did the entire world would shift. Out of one prison and into another. He could only assume this was some sort of summoning technique, although his unfamiliarity with that subset of jutsu left him bewildered and confused. Was transporting yourself like this possible? Now wasn’t exactly the time to ask questions about jutsu theory but he ended up being more than just a little curious. It was written all over his face, and distracted himself a bit from his helplessness. That feeling didn’t last long. He was a third party witnessing this conversation now, and it felt too much like he didn’t belong. If that didn’t make him uncomfortable the talk of executing would have certainly done it, even if Izumi did say she couldn’t. It was too strange. Even as much as he wanted to live, and would have begged for his life, the question of why came immediately to his head. Why couldn’t she kill him? The idea of becoming a hidden plant against his own village wasn’t all that appealing either. He knew this was a situation he should ask for death for rather than betray his village, or even kill himself on the spot rather than suffer, but…

Chigetsu melted under the gaze of the man before him. Unable to stop himself, he would drop to his knees. The man gazing down at him radiated the aura of magnosity, and with the throne behind him the symbolic height in which he sat above the boy would be brought from metaphor into reality. Even with the man only sitting on the steps, the symbolism was clear within Chigetsu’s mind. To say that he was melting under the pressure wouldn’t be a metaphor. He was doing exactly that. The color had drained from him, and already rivulets of his body were dripping down his form. It was as if he began sweating his flesh off, creating a small puddle of himself down where he was kneeling. Even with the smallest gaze he had of the man before Chigetsu could put two and two together. The leader of the Sunagakure forces who had challenged them. This must be the man who had challenged the Mizukage. He could only pray that was the case, as even though it was horrifying to stand before such a powerful figure the alternative of there being a man strong enough to challenge the Mizukage who wasn’t even the leader of the enemy forces was too terrifying to consider. Of course, he was making some reckless assumptions here, all based on the title of ‘Master’.

“...” He was out of breath, unable to speak. Even as he opened his mouth he fumbled with his words, a series of half-formed mumbles would leak out without any conscious thought. Any eye contact was averted, with Chigetsu staring down immediately towards the man’s feet.

“A-My… I-... My name is Chigetsu, I’m a soldier of the Mist, I-...” He was losing his mind. Any composure he might have had earlier already melted away. Frantically his eyes would search across the room, and increasingly he appeared as a cornered rat. He wasn’t able to give a proper response to the question under these circumstances.

“Th.. The Mist… I - I hate this desert.”He would mumble bitterly, and mostly to himself. “I don’t even understand why we’re here. Just for some stupid...” He would take a deep breath now and for a moment he would stop trembling. With what courage he could muster, Chigetsu would look up at the man on the steps.

“Kirigakure is the only thing I have. I’d rather die than be turned against it. Please don’t…” He would cringe. He knew what he was supposed to say in a situation like this. The answer was caught in his throat. He didn’t want to die, but still he forced it out. This was what he had to do.

“Kill me instead. Please…”



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