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D-Rank Mission - Patrol within the walls:

Mission name: Patrol: Within the Walls.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Scout out criminals within the village.
Location: Iwagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 ryo.

Mission Description: Lately there has been some issues with people stealing, vandalizing buildings, and roughing up villagers. There’s no end to what these new gangs may do. As a Genin, you are not to engage subjects of suspicion. You are to immediately report to superior-ranking ninja with your findings.

Mission Details: What you encounter while on a patrol could be anything. If the occasion were to arise, this mission can be started within an already active thread. However, you cannot use the word count prior to this mission’s posting in order to complete the mission.

Makoto was training really hard these days, but for now his mission was to look for trouble and report back, or report the lack of trouble as well as Makoto was just walking around the university as he noticed some students who just looked down on him, as if he had no right to be there. However not all of them were shinobi and if push came to shove he could probably beat them up or simply run away.

Makoto walked down the really long halls
Ignoring the voices the sound of the girl calls
Some called him a brat, some called him cute
He did not care as he was silently mute

There were no words to describe the way that he felt
As he stopped around a corner as some boys were fighting with a belt
His hard work would have to pay off as he just walked around
Then a few seconds later he found a girl that was bound

There was no one to engage, so he took a careful look at the surroundings
He then removed the tape from her mouth while signalling her to be silent
He decided he would later report his foundings
However he felt some intense hatred as he did not care to be in a situation so violent

The girl thanked him and ran away, being a good little shinobi he followed her as if this was a game to play. The girl reached her friends and began to smile as she spoke to them about how cute it was that he freed her, then when he thought about it the ropes were really loose too. It was then that he realized the girl was just fooling around or wanted to be tied up like that. Makoto could not understand these strange university students, were they not there to study as he decided he would need to report that as it was clear they would need more teachers or some stricter discipline.

After a while he checked out the gym area as some of the students were playing dodge ball to improve their evasion as well as get exercise, it was also a non-lethal way to have target practice. At least it was like that until a ball nearly hit someone who dodged it by bending backwards, however it swerved like a snake and Makoto barely dodged it as it hit some one else next to him, as the guy's teeth flew out as he crashed into the floor.

Makoto felt that he should take part in this event later when he was free. It was at this time that he would go to a nice bench and take out his note book to jot down the few things that he learned while patrolling in the morning as there was still more time as he began to wonder if this was a university or an academy or a school or perhaps he was actually lost at this point. However he ignored that last part since if he was lost then there would not be any university students here in the first place, and if there were they could be skipping classes so all information was important.

Some people gathered near him and asked him what he was doing as he glared at them, the one boy asked him why he was so serious and then he sighed. "I am doing a mission, please leave me alone" as he asked them nicely the one girl mentioned how cute he was, while another snickered and the others also walked while muttering nonsense that he could no longer make out as the distance increased. Makoto had no time to play with other kids or anyone for that matter as he started to feel rather alone in the world.

Makoto also noticed that the university toilets were horrible and felt that was probably the most important thing to report so far, as he could not even enter it without the smell taking out someone who went in before him as they fainted. He was not to endanger himself for this mission so he did not need to get involved with that.

Words = 699


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Makoto patrolled the university and went to return to the library, it was relatively quiet and other than this boy and girl who were busy kissing behind one of the bookshelves there was nothing interesting going on as someone noticed Makoto and then saw the couple and for some reason a fight started as the one girl punched the guy and the other girl argued, he did not know what was going on. Though after some time the girls were busy beating him up as a librarian came and then told them to leave. The boy left with two girls on each arm, though the fear in his eyes told Makoto that girls were dangerous and that you should never ever kiss them or they might attack you. Though this was just him misinterpreting the events that unfolded. After browsing through the library he went back out and checked the hall ways once more, looking out the windows here and there.

Eventually Makoto began stretching as he realized this mission was too simple, but someone had to do it in order for them to keep watch over the village. If they do not rotate the patrols then people may predict when it would be okay to attack the village since they would know only that person patrols. Even if they had inside information the fact that the patrols randomly rotate according to who takes up the mission meant they had to be even more careful how they infiltrate as Makoto reached the cafeteria and asked for a sandwich as he observed the people eating peacefully, though it bothered him that someone was eating while reading a book as they messed a strange sauce on the pages as he felt the guy should just die. Did he not know proper etiquette, even though he did not really care too much for it. The mission was boring him to death so anything he could get upset about was something more interesting then this uninteresting stale mission as he then proceeded to sit down and have his sandwich one small bite at a time.

Words = 699 + 351 = 1050


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Makoto was still eating his sandwich and noticed some guys bullying this poor girl, he decided to take note of it since it was not part of the mission. However the guys soon got what they deserved when the one guy pulled her hair he ended up tearing a piece of her hair out. With that her fuse was set off as she exploded on the three guys with insane strength as she knocked the one through the air, the other one got knocked out cold and the last one was hiding under the table as a bunch of girls ran up to calm her down as they took her away from the cafeteria as her nostrils were fuming. The rage of a girl who loses some of her hair was not to be underestimated as he wondered if he would do the same.

After some time passed he gathered all the information he could and returned to hand in all his findings completing his mission for the time being. Though to be honest he felt if it was not for the mission he would have intervened or at the very least used those guys for jutsu training, though perhaps Makoto was actually a tsundere deep down inside.

Words = 1050 + 208 = 1258


Mission = 750
Extra Pay = 500(25x5 = 125 ryo)

Total = 750 + 500 = 1250


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