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Who is Saga's Best Couple?

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Saga's Best Couple Contest  0hqshow

Time to vote for your favorite couple, everybody!

First place winner will receive a drawing of a scene starring their couple (they may choose the scene when they are announced as winners).

Second place winner will receive a chibi rendition of their couple.

Now, here are the threads and pitches you all gave!

Pairing: FuTa (Fuyuko x Takao)
Pitch: they kawaii af lmao idk (also they got this lil' will of fire x curse of hatred thing going, its dope)

Pairing: Izuva (Izumi X Nova)
Pitch:Nova and Izumi were both refugee's from Suna that found a friend in each other during the chuunin exams. After that, and having both made the choice to move to Kiri stayed together as they provided each other a sense of companionship and kind reminder of home. Together they stay not only as companions but as a team, often working together in combat and helping each other progress in their strengths.

Pairing: ChiDandi (Chigetsu X Verdandi)
Thread: Become Legend (First thread as a real couple, it's still active.)

Pitch: (How they met)

Chigetsu's clan-branch worships the god of the sea and storms, Susanoo. A part of their religion is to go on a pilgrimage and directly steer thy boat into the heart of a storm you chased. To be as close to your god as anyhow possible. Since Hozuki have an almost immortal body, they kinda do this sort of thing as a sport.

Chi chased the biggest storm of his moistest dreams, past the lightning and earth country, to the point he was approaching the north pole. He had ventured too far and as he finally reached the storm his boat crashed into the shore of the Land of Snow.

Verdandi's rangers noticed the incoming boat from afar and went to rescue Chi. Thawing his frozen body back into living liquid, in one of Heidel's large lava-heated hot springs. As Chi wakes up from his shivery slumber, regenerating his fluid-form slowly, he suspects that he died in that storm. Staring at Verdandi waking him, lost in her looks. He asks her if she was the goddess of storms, here to take him to the afterlife. In pure sarcasm and narcissism, Verdandi just says Yes...

Who? StraSuo (Strafe x Mitsuo)
Pitch: Two star crossed lovers brought together through pain and torn apart by society and their sickening hunt of one. A love so great that they needed to share it with a beautiful daughter. After five long years, Mitsuo and Strafe rekindle their love for one another...a true story of Fire and Ice.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have an official winner! Izumi x Nova is officially Saga's Best Couple, with Chigetsu x Verdandi taking second place. I will contact the winners about their prize. As stated, first place gets a full drawing of the couple, depicting their favorite (sfw) scene together. Second place gets a cute chibi drawing!

Thank you to everyone who participated! More contests like this will come soon!

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