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Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

A Call For Help:

Mission name: A Call for help (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: help the smaller village
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: A raven arrived early in the morning from a small village within our boarders requesting some help with a group of bandits raiding their village, you are charged with finding these bandits and dealing with them however you see fit.
Mission details: The Village is located near to the border of the country and is raided almost every other day by a group of 5 bandits all are low level to where a genin can handle them in a fight and only wield a kunai. mission is repeatable due to multiple bandit groups being able to raid the small village and the small village can be different. when confronted the leader will send in the first to fight when he loses he will send in the second, after which the last two will jump in and the leader will try to escape while you're distracted, do not let him get away for he will go get another group of bandits and come back resulting in a failure. if he is captured the leader will attempt to cut you in on a deal, whether they are all caught or all killed mission will be complete, if one gets away mission failure.

Name: Bandits
Age: N/A
General Appearance: they all wear tan colored clothing with a bandana wrapped around their face hiding what they look like, the leader's bandana is red as opposed to the black the others wear
Personality: self interested
Motivations: gold and all things shiny
Fears: not having shinies
Abilities: basic Taijutsu D-Rank Boxing, and 2 kunai each. The four bandits all have D-Rank Stats while the leader of the bandits have C-Rank stats
Other: only the leader of the bandits actually talks all the others only make noises like whooping and hollering.

Maikumaru had woken up in his bed. He had trouble remembering where he was as, he did most morning when he was waking up to a place that he doesn’t usually wake up to. It was a motel. Not the best condition, but he figured that he could stand to save some money. He got up from the frameless mattress and steadily walked towards the bathroom. He leaned over the sink, staring at himself in the mirror. He yawned. He attempted to remember what the hell he was doing in a crappy motel in Konoha. He was still half sleep. His mind began to switch on. “Damn. Kumo.” He still needed people to do this with. He heard someone was in Iwa. A Kumo Ninja. A fairly strong one. He needed to see if the Shinobi was for or against Hastur. Maikeru raced to the handle of in the sink, and turned it, bringing on a flow of cold water. He put his hands inside, and then applied it to his face.

Maikumaru pushed himself from the sink. The sink wiggled a bit. He hoped to everything that it was always like this. He took a shower and became fully clothed. The man walked out of the motel. He leaned against the door that he closed. He reminded himself that he needed to pay the owner of the place for the room. But right now he just needed to relax. He loved stealing moments like this. A moment where he didn't have to worry about anything. And like always, the moment didn't last very long. He heard the very loud cawing of a crow. It was disruptive. He opened his eyes and looked around. When he looked up, he saw it. And then the crow saw him, and dived at Maikumaru. “The hell?”

“HELP!” The bird landed at his feet, hysterical. “A Summons?”

“You have to help us! You look big and strong!”

“What? Help you with what?”

“There are bandits that raid our village. I live in a small village near the edge of the country, and my summoner sent me here because we really need help. Please.”


“Please we really need-...wait you will?”

“Yeah. I don’t see why not. No one likes a bully. And I could sure stand for beating on some bullies, right about now.”

“Th-that’s great! C’mon we need to hurry. They will be invading soon, we need to hurry! It will take a while for us to get there. Just follow me.”

After the traversal through the Land of Fire woods, they were coming to the village. From what it seemed like, it hadn’t been invaded by the bandits yet. “Uh when are they going to attack?”
“They come in at almost eat the same time every other day. And as their pattern goes it’s in at the very least an hour.”
“An hour left? You made it sound like they were almost coming
“Well...I kinda did that to…”
“Make me believe the situation was more dire. Fine. Just tell me where we go to find something interesting to do for the wait.”


Maikumaru turned to find the source of the attention gragger. He saw a girl. A group of girls in fact. “Are you the one who is going to save us from the bandits. They can be such meanies.” Maikumaru smiled. “Yup. That’s me. I can take these bandits easy.” If they were truly a threat, the village would have been in much greater danger. It must have been small time criminals, something that there has been a bit of lately. Bandits trying to find strength in numbers with their lack of individual strength being a factor. Maikeru himself has been finding that this trend, for the most part, hasn't helped any of them.

Drifting back to his new female companions, they all swarmed his larger frame, touching on his body.
“You must work out a lot.”

“What’s your name?”

“Wanna get a room?” Maikumaru could not lie, he was enjoying the attention immensely. Until one of them asked a question that he was eager to answer. “So how exactly do you plan on dealing with them. Yeah you look big and strong but you are going to get outnumbered.” He turned to the girl who spoke. She wasn't fawning over Maikumaru like the other girls were. She stood by with a serious look on her face. The crow that had came to Maikumaru perched on her shoulder. When he did she looked agitated. “I thought you were going to get more help. More than this.”

“Uh…uh...I'm sorry I thought he'd be enough.”

“Hey. Don't you think you shouldn't underestimate me? I am a formidable warrior. I'm full of surprises.”

“More like hot air…”

The crow noticed the tension between Maikumaru and this girl, and he needed to diffuse the situation. “So uh…what Jutsu are you good at?”

“Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. I use them together for Nintaijutsu.”

“Sounds like a Kumo Ninja.”

“Well I'm not a Kumo Ninja.”

“You're getting pretty defensiv. Either you are lying or you really don't like Kumo.” Maikumaru was getting agitated with her flippancy. The other girls sighed. “Why do you always have to be like that, Sinsuchi?”

“Yeah, can't you be nicer?”

“This isn't about kindness, I am merely looking at the reality of the situation. And the reality is we brought a stranger to this village , who is supposed to defend our village against bandits, and we have no clue to what he can do.” Maikumaru’s began to charge u with a large amount of Raiton Chakra. The power was enough to make the girls stand back, and the one in front of him twist her face in confusion. His body was electric, static. People stared. He suddenly disappeared behind the girl. He put a hand on her shoulder and leaned in. “Do you believe in my power now?”
Her eyebrows twitched as her mouth was opened in awe. She then walked away. “You will suffice.” He turned off his power. The females began to flock him more. “Oh you must be a specialist with Lighting.”
“Actually I much prefer earth, but it just wouldn't have looked as cool.”

They all laughed at his joke.

The hour was nearing, and Maikumaru was sitting at the gate. Wasn't much of one but a gate nonetheless. He was still in idle conversation with the females. “You should be heading out of here before things get ugly. They should be here any second.”

“No we want to watch you. You'll protect us right?”

“Well I guess it can't be helped then”


Over the horizon Maikumaru spotted a group of bandits coming. They all were wearing tan clothing. They were being led by one man, who was in the front of them all. Maikumaru stepped in front of the gate, with the girls on on the wall, spectating. “Wooooo you can do it!”

He honestly ignored them. The group of bandits stopped, many meters away from Maikumaru. The leader wore dark clothing and an eyepatch. He smiled. “What do we have here? One man versus all of us. Do you honestly think you stand even the slightest of chances of winning?”

“Do you honestly think the Dark clothing and eyepatch scares anyone, little man?”

The girls laughed at the remark, and some of his own men did too. Multiple enemies. My only weakness. I'll be fine. I will just use some explosions to make sure I get them all. Wait…they are all bunched up together. If I do this right, and attack first, I just need to create an outward explosion to take them all out. Or at the bare minimum incapacitate them. Or weaken. That's it…all I need is this first turn advantage

“Who do you think we are?! This is an insult that a village would send such a lowly person. I don't care how big and tough you look! We are Raiders! Conquerors! We take what we want! And we-” Maikumaru activated his jutsu, Bull Rush Stampede. The ground beneath him began to cover his body. It gathered around him, engulfing him inside a statue of a Minotaur. It caught everyone off guard. Just what he wanted. The hulking statue ran straight into the crowd,knocking everyone off guard. The leader had jumped out of the way. As to be expected. The Statue crumbled, and then there was just Maikumaru. He was surrounded. They had their weapons drawn. Many of them were broken already by the jutsu. He charged himself with Bakuton Chakra and detonated it, blasting away everyone, killing them. Except the leader. When the explosion was over he looked for the leader. He saw that he was running away. Maikumaru jumped to a tree branch and timed everything right. He created a few hand seals, and turned into a bolt of lighting, landing in front of the man. Maikumaru towered over him, as he did most men. “You are scum. Abandoning your men who die in battle like true warriors? Maikumaru reached for his face. He flinched. The large Otsuka pulled his eyepatch from his head, to see that his eye was perfectly intact. “Heh. You aren't even worthy of that eyepatch. Let me fix that.

The bandit leader was tied up at the front of the gate, ready to be picked up by Konoha authorities. From his eyepatch there was blood dripping. Maikumaru had said goodbye to everyone, and he was told that he was welcomed to the village anytime. It was a good day's work.


1636 WC


Maikumaru vs The Raiders [Mission] 1200px-Earth_symbol_A.svg

Ninja Ability:

Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.

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