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Two differently shaded blue eyes stared up at the ceiling of what could only be some sort of fusion of a strip club, dance club, and bar in one. Though, one would think that simply naming it a strip club would give the idea of all three anyway. Still, the eyes belonged to a middle aged male who held a bottle of amber liquid in his left hand, a tanto in his right. He had a scar that was nearly half a foot long running from his eyebrow down to his cheek upon the left side, cutting through even the eyelid. The man was clad in a black tee shirt that covered around half of his biceps, nearly fitting well to his torso, almost skin tight, blue jeans that cut off two inches above his heel, and black sneakers with black socks that rode his ankles. The man bore no sign of allegiance to any village or creed, the only item which could allude to his identity if one didn't know him was a black cloak with red trim that was folded up neatly on the table in front of him. The man continued to stare at the ceiling, a somber look upon his bearded face, his left hand coming up to tip the bottle back, allowing his lips to wrap around the mouth of it and take a mighty swig of the cinnamon and charcoal scented contents. Upon finishing the drink he was taking, he leaned forward and clumsily sat the bottle upon the table he was at, next to two other unopened ones, and two empty ones. When he leaned forward, the light shone upon his features, giving enough light to show the flecks of grey within his almost onyx hair.  The man used his now available left hand to stroke his beard as he stared at four pieces of paper upon his mahogany wood table, muttering to himself under his breath. Other patrons of the establishment were enjoying themselves merrily, and he seemed more troubled than one should be for a place that seemed wrought with joy and pleasures.

There was much to do, much he wanted to escape from, but much he needed to finish.

Syekren was a former Sand shinobi who helped bring down his own home, as well as a former Cloud shinobi who simply wanted to get away from his life as a weapon for a nation he had no love for. He was now a man who had no allegiance to any village, nor any person save for himself. His daughter, Chou, was the obvious exception. But she had gone on her own path, and it wasn't in Syekren's nature to force her to stay. Still, his eyes flitted from each of his pages, a sigh escaping his lips. Each page was a target he'd said he would take out, trying to make a name for a mercenary company he was in the process of starting up. He'd already completed the first step, which was to get his birdhouses for his ravens set up in each major village. This was to control the influx of information and keep an eye on each kage. From what he could tell of the Kage so far, the young Tsuchikage had went missing for no apparent reason. That would mean a power struggle was inevitable in the land of rock, which brought his attention to the flyers posted for the bounties of the individuals on the table before him. If he could only get in good with one of the villages, he would be set on clientele and his group would attract new members. That was the plan, anyway. He didn't really think it would be as easy as it sounded in his head. Especially because of how much he'd been drinking. The man sighed and began to twirl his tanto around in his right hand, the left grabbing his bottle once more. He tipped his head back and guzzled the rest of the bottle down, throwing his tanto into the air. He watched it fall quietly, letting out a slight burp when it stabbed into the table with a thunk, impaling one of the wanted posters. The man sighed and set the now empty bottle next to the others, leaning forward.

'Tenkai, Yuu.'

That was troubling, since the photo of the woman it had landed upon had abilities that no one had even seen before. Apparently able to share said abilities with anyone she chose. That would mean if she had any lackeys around, they would have the same abilities she did. Syekren quietly rubbed his chin in thought as he stared at the page, trying to decide exactly how he would go about taking care of her. Mostly because he was in Kirigakure no Sato and all of his targets were somewhere in the land of rock. Taking on the affairs of a nation that would be embroiled in turmoil wasn't usually his style if he hadn't pledged his blade to them, but the coin was good and the opportunity to move up in the world on his own merits was too good to pass up. Syekren leaned back in his chair and grabbed another bottle, biting into the cork. He hiccuped slightly and pulled the cork out, spitting it away from his table before he started to drink from it heavily. He stopped to take a deep breath and let out a sigh of pleasure.

It would begin soon enough, might as well enjoy the last night of relaxation.



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Things seemed to be going as usual down at the Den. Verd approached to see Bob the bodyguard smash some drunkards' heads together before he gently tossed them on the old rotten sofa not far down the alley. She was wearing her casual outfit and was ready for a lazy night out. Verd nodded to him with a smile and he did the same in return as the young princess passed by him. Some of the people standing in line seeming to be slightly disgruntled at the fact that the young girl could just walk in as if she owned the place. Earning a thwack on the head from Bob and a growl that rather fit a large dog than a human. It was adorable as always. Dandi slowly moved through the crowd. Picking up a bunch of toothpicks from the first table she passed by. Any disgusting pig that would dare to try and lay a hand on Verd's curves simply for being a woman in this establishment would soon find their hand stabbed with one of the toothpicks. A few whimpering screams could be heard on her way towards the bar as at least two men tried their luck and received the bloody gift she always loved to give away. It wasn't her first time in here. Raiko was already waving at Verd as she approached the bar and took a seat. The barmaid reached over the bars desk to hug Verd and peck a kiss from her cheek. It was always good to see her. Gin's daughter owned this place. She had a cheeky look to herself as usual.

It took quite a feisty woman to keep a place like this going for so many years now. Verd saw Crystal and her girls moving around. The stripper queen was organizing her chickies as usual. Some of the more exotic ladies were at work today. The unsightly Big Berta was just sticking to the drunk folks in a far end corner. She was a necessary evil of this place. If the bouncer doesn't work out, there's always Berta ready to take out the trash. With Reika at the bar. Crystal with the girls and Berta overseeing the rest. It was a good setup. It worked fine. The girls weren't bothered too much. The patrons could feel at home. Verd would casually exchange a few nice words with Reika and talk about her mother Gin. Verd had not seen her former sensei in quite a while. She did tend to go missing for months. Now that she was retired she was truly enjoying herself. Often to the worry of her daughters. But despite being retired or not. Sensei Gin was still one of the most powerful beings in this world. What could potentially bring harm to an immortal old witch like herself? Verd chuckled. Downing her first glass of juice mixed with soft alcohol. It was her favourite combination. Sweet, yummy juice and a soft hint of vodka or alike. She trusted Reika to know what's good on that end.

The night was long. The drinks kept pouring. More people kept storming in. Ryo was tossed around to the stage. The strippers did their best to allure the poor drunky men to empty their purses for good. Crystal made sure to collect it properly every once in a while. To be fair. A lot of the girls were pretty hot. Verd was sort of tied to her Chi darling, but she could still appreciate the view of swaying beautiful curves in the room. Nothing wrong with a little bit of eye candy. But in time the bar would become less annoyingly loud. Bob and Berta did their jobs and moved the drunks out one by one. In time it became more cozy. A few guys left to enjoy their own lap dances. Paying big coin just for the faint proximity of the gorgeous ladies. Some groups left in their booths having normal, casual conversations. Some VIP's finding themselves seduced enough to offer their fortune for a single night with one of the succubus from the stage. Sometimes they said yes. Sometimes no. It was up to them. If they wanted they would have to leave. This wasn't a whore house after all. Verd spent most of her evening gorging on fruity drinks and talking about good old times with her sweet friend Reika. But within the hours, the anecdotes of old got worn out and the jokes about Gin got exhausted. Reika moved back to let one of the other barkeepers take the job and she herself would move upstairs for a nap.

Leaving alone a tipsy ice princess. She glared into the folk around the place. She wasn't looking for love or lust here. But wherever her eyes were scanning through she could only see needy people's faces. Until at last her eyes scanned upon a bearded handsome brute in the distance. His face familiar. Did she spot him once before? She couldn't remember. He seemed much less interested in the exotic sunaan beauty that was shaking her tanned frame not far from him and more lost in thoughts and booze. Once his bottle seemed empty. Verd could almost feel his pain from afar. She quickly grabbed two bottles from the barkeep and moved over to the distracted sod. Dropping the bottles. Her palms silently and without much notice shot some Hyouton chakra into either of them to give them both a fresh, cool touch right out of the ice bucket. Opening one for herself as she gently shoved the other one to his end of the table. Crossing her legs and leaning back casually in the booth as she started sipping on hers. Her blue shining eyes fixed on the bulky man. Her own sharingan neatly sealed beneath her body-seal. Giving almost no hint towards her being a ninja other than her gently exhaled frosty chakra aura. She wasn't suppressing it too much so he would notice if he tried. "Hmmm you look quite worried, old man. Something bothering you?" She grinned and sipped on her drink. Teasing him joyfully.



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Verdandi would watch the old man sipping his drink before he would glare seemingly lost in his worries at her with glassy eyes. His head slowly slipping backwards and a rather loud snore could be heard. Verdandi laughed to herself. Whoever this warrior was, he had seen enough of the things he had been through and was obviously at his wits end about how he was going to deal with his life. Verdandi could see the aching emotional pain in his belly. The smell of alcohol was exhaled from his lips. The general feel of exhaustion and emptiness was emitted. She didn’t know this stranger, but she had seen this failing will before. Not rarely one would find themselves at their wits end and without much purpose left to go on about. She’d sip her drink. Staying in close proximity to make sure no one would try to snatch any of his goods he had on himself while he was passed out. Verd watched some of the exotic dancers claim the stage. Leaning back in her comfy sofa-like seat and let the little booze that ran through her system do its job and cause all those sweet tingles down her neck while she would intently keep an eye on the show laid out in front of her. She had never experienced much arousal from girls, but her curiosity towards them certainly existed. Some of the pretty ones were stunning to look at. She didn’t know if she desired them or just admired their perfection.

But at the end of every thought that was remotely flirtous to her, would always be the cuddly shapeshifter’s face that eventually returned to her mind. Chigetsu was a wonderful guy. She had to stick with him no matter what. There was no space for others aside maybe a little harmless flirt for the sole purpose of getting a bit cheeky with one of the pretty gals here. Raiko made sure that Dandi would be well fueled with any, even non-alcoholic drinks the princess could even dare ask for. Her tab would be properly paid, as well as Syekren’s tab. His actual name remaining but a mystery to Verd, she just pointed at the guy that had fallen asleep there and asked to pay his bills. Her eyes widened as the check came in. That bastard seemingly had been piling up on his tab for a while now. With a short curse to herself Verd unloaded her pockets for Raiko whom was seemingly very intrigued by the fact to finally collect depts from this guy, one way or another. Another soft hug from Gin’s daughter was given to Verd as she proclaimed to be leaving. Dandi promised to come around and visit the sweet lady again sometime soon. As for now. She had a drunk old man to take care of.

It wasn’t the first time Verd had helped with some of Raiko’s passed out guests. Big Bertha and Crystal had a habit of tossing them in the nearby barn to ‘the other pigs where they belong’ which in this case didn’t seem very appropriate. The next motel would be a bit around the corner. Dandi made sure to use a single thread of her hair to tie his hands behind his back as to make sure he wouldn’t get drunky gropey in case he was to wake up during their move. With her Jonin strength it was an easy task to carry the man over her shoulder and drag his dreaming body to the next motel, it wasn’t fancy but the bed was comfortable. She placed him in one of the booths and closed the door to give him privacy, after removing that strand of hair from his wrists and leaving it as a keepsake in his palm. Hopefully, he’d find an answer at the bottom of his seemingly endless bottle someday. If not, Verd would just hope that he could find a peaceful rest that would finally free him from his visible torment that rested in his eyes.

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