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Dodgeball?! [Shikei, or Invite]

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1Dodgeball?! [Shikei, or Invite] Empty Dodgeball?! [Shikei, or Invite] on Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:18 am




Earlier that Morning

I’ve battled demons that won’t let me sleep. Called to the sea but she abandoned me.

Sleepless, restless nights, she had them aplenty. Nights where she couldn’t close her eyes without the dank smell of earth mixed with stagnant water, tears, and fear suddenly becoming present once more. Nights where the terrified sobs and screams of those who were freshly captured, or the blank and lifeless stare’s of those who had given all hope or had been so mentally broken they were beyond repair, filled her mind as real and as vividly as they had just two and a half years ago. These were the nights where sleep eluded her, the nights where she spent awake nursing a cup of tea and checking on her siblings every twenty minutes or so, the nights where she counted down the hours and minutes until the sun rose or one of her siblings awakened and she would feel less alone and able to breath freely once more. These nights had become fewer and far between as time progressed, as she had time to get back into the daily rituals and schedules of life’s grinding pace, but they did still happen and tonight was one of those nights.

Even as Saki sat at the kitchen table, pushing her red bangs out of her face for what had to be the dozenth time since sitting down just mere moments ago, her gaze darted to the clock that hung on the wall announcing that it was only four o’clock in the morning: there were just over two hours of darkness left, two hours before the sun would raise and cast its light upon the village. It couldn’t come fast enough in her opinion. She wasn’t afraid of the dark, the lack of light wasn’t what frightened her, but rather what lurked in that darkness: not monsters in the sense of vampires or werewolves or other fictional beasts meant to amuse and scare but rather monsters in the form of human beings that looked and talked just like everyone else. She knew that evil personally, and on nights like tonight after being woken up to nightmares and the overwhelming sense of a presence that wasn’t real beyond what her mind cooked up, she found herself waiting for the moment that she wasn’t alone or the moment that the sun rose and cast its glow upon the world once more.

I’m haunted by the distant past. Called to the skies but she was overcast.

As the tickling of the clock continued to fill the air the red headed female found herself lifting her cup up to her lips once more, her favorite mug - which was a soft pink with a panda bear on one side of it - clutched carefully in both hands. The warmth from the mug due to the hot liquid inside was inviting and comforting, and the sweet milky liquid inside brought an inner warmth to her as she took a sip, giving her a further taste of that comfort. Even still she shivered, a chill running up her spine. Outside an alley cat jumped onto a metal garbage lid, the empty can giving way and crashing over, the sound causing the female to jump startled, the cat screeching and fleeing off down the alley to find a place to hide.

Even as Saki’s racing heart began to slow back down her gaze darted to the door: sure that had been a cat, but her mind was going to make it into anything but that. That was just where her head space was at in that moment. Knowing that she needed to do something to occupy herself with she put her mug down, pushed her chair back quietly, and got up, heading over to the refrigerator where she began to pull out various items for breakfast: if she couldn’t sleep then she could at least do something productive such as ensuring that breakfast was ready for her brother and sister when they woke up. Plus, it would be a nice distraction from herself and her own head, allowing her to fall into the familiar and comfortable routine of doing something she had done for a little over the past five years….

Present Time

No time for rest. No pillow for my head.

There was not enough tea or coffee in the world that could make her not regret agreeing to this idea: dodgeball. Dodgeball as a training method. Sure, she understood the merit behind it - you had to be quick on your feet not to get hit, had to be able to size up your opponent and nail them with a ball before they could get you, you had to be able to take a hit should your opponents ball hit you which in a way would kind of toughen you up a bit - but how in the world did she get roped into agreeing with this? She couldn’t remember, she blamed the exhaustion though. It wasn’t even as if she had agreed to referee the match, no she was going to be playing, participating. ’How do you get yourself into things like this, Saki?’, she found herself thinking with a sigh as she sized up the teams that had been created - they had eleven players total, with the uneven team being the opposing one, meaning a handicap match if they didn’t find someone else to fill the empty space.

As she listened to the idle conversation going on between her team and the opposing one, them trying to hook in several passersby into the game who all declined, she found herself pulling her long red hair up and back into a ponytail, leaving only her bangs hanging down that just barely had begun to cover her gray eyes. The idea of cutting her hair short to keep it out of her way without her having to resort to pulling it up all the time momentarily crossed her mind but she found herself once again dismissing the thought as quickly as it came: she loved her long hair too much to do such a thing even if it was an inconvenience to her at times.

Nowhere to run from this. No way to forget.

Glancing over as she heard her team attempting to call someone else over who was passing by she watched the individual while tugging at a thread from the hem of her white tank top, using a small minut amount of katon chakra to singe it and keep it from fraying further, before jumping to her feet and dusting off the bottom of her black capri-length baggy pants with the cuffs that caused the pants to cling to her legs right below her knees. ”Maybe I could just sit this one----”, she faltered in speaking as she caught the looks thrown her way by the rest of her teammates: right, they thought she needed this as much as she probably did. Unfortunately for Saki this meant they weren’t going to just allow her to sit out and play referee, even if it meant it would even up both teams perfectly.

As she waited to see if this newest individual would end up joining them or passing on by like the last five people the group had tried Saki simply took to kicking the dirt with the toe of her left sandal, sighing to herself and inwardly cursing herself for agreeing to this. Where was an emergency or something distracting when you needed it? It seemed she wouldn’t get the out she was hoping for: she couldn’t be that lucky.




Take me away from time and season
Far far away we'll sing with reason
Prepare a throne of stars above me
As the world once known will leave me

Take me away upon a plateau
Far far away from fears and shadow
Strengthen my heart in times of sorrow
Light the way to bright tomorrows

2Dodgeball?! [Shikei, or Invite] Empty Re: Dodgeball?! [Shikei, or Invite] on Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:44 pm


“Gah.”Blood spew from Daremo’s lips as his body slammed into the side of a small mountain, spider cracks spreading from the point of impact. He did not have any time to peel himself away, he instinctively moving his to the right, barely dodging a flaming fist, the heat from it causing light burns on the side of his face, that embedded itself into the mountain. As he attempted to escape on the left side, the opposition buried their other fist in the mountain, trapping him in. Seeing the wicked grin on his opponent’s face, Daremo substituted just in time for his opponent, with a show of strength, using their embedded fist as leverage to double kick the face where he was once. The force of the impact being enough to cause the small mountain to crumble.

“Are you trying to kill me?”, He questioned his training partner. Of course, she, Amaya, his wife, did not give a verbal response, instead, a black fireball with a green tint to it was thrown at him. Dodging the attack, Daremo pressed forward, paying no attention to the exploding fireball nor the noxious fumes it left hanging around. Closing the gap between the two, Daremo’s arm gains a green tint to them, just in time to block the black flaming arms of Amaya’s. “Seems like grandmother has taught you well.”, He mused, already feeling his face becoming numb from the fumes wafting off the woman’s arms. Tsk. Of course, his grandmother would teach such things to his life.

Knocking away a punch, it giving him an open, Daremo slammed his right fist into Amaya’s stomach. With his opponent doubled over, he chopped at her leg with his foot, the attempt being worth it as the woman was swept off her feet. Pressing the attack, Daremo jabbed his right hand downward, attempting to grasp the woman’s face, and slam her into the ground, unfortunately, he would only be greeted with a plume of smoke. Without much thinking, Daremo turned around, releasing a senbon from his hand; the small weapon piercing straight through Amaya’s stomach. The ‘Amaya’ suddenly bursting, soaking the field in caramel brown liquid, oil.

Daremo expended chakra, just as the world around him ignited in a blaze of glory. “I think that is enough.” He called out, walking through the flames most unscarred, though the same can’t be said for his clothing. “Thanks for the spar.”, Closing the distance between them, Daremo planted a kiss on Amaya’s lips, it deepening slightly. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss before things could escalate any further than the subtle groping both were doing. “Let’s go home.” He nodded at Amaya’s words, both of them disappearing with the body flicker.

Having washed up and eaten breakfast, the couple left their house, hand, and hand, and headed towards the market district. Dressed in an elegant beige and dark blue Kosode, dark blue hakama with a matching obi, and black geta, Daremo looked at his beautiful wife beside him. There being a certain glow about her that was barely noticeable to all, but him. And, he knew exactly why the glow was there, considering they had free roamed of the house due to his grandmother picking up the twins last night. With such opportune times far and between, he and Amaya made the most of their alone time.

Walking through the market district, the couple shopped around at the various stores lining the streets. Stores that interest them were the ones where they went into, staying a tad bit longer than in stores that did not pique their curiosity. A small amount of money was spent on trinkets and nicknacks, jewelry, for Amaya, and toys, for the kids, with all the aforementioned items sealed away in a scroll. Leaving the last store at the end of the market district, the couple found themselves hungry, it being nearly noon, thus, they stopped to get a bite of eating.

While waiting for their food to arrive, Amaya brought up Saki, a young medical-nin who had been studying under the Uchiha. Daremo listened intently as his wife gave him more insight into Saki’s life before she returned to Konoha. Though he had known about the Uzumaki already, he did not know she was kidnapped by slave traders. “You know, whoever the traders were working for will, or already has been, looking for their merchandise. As heartless as it might sound, there is a lot of money to be made when it comes to human trafficking. Everyone has a certain taste when it comes to products, and there is no better place to satisfy those cravings than through buying them. While her brother and sister actions were condemnable, they lacked the foresight to leave one alive to alive for information to be tortured out of them. Now they do not know who the slavers worked for.” Daremo spoke. Though he had yet to return to the underworld, having a family and all, he still knew how some slavers works. Much like a shinobi follow their Kage, so do slavers follow a ‘head’ guy. Many slaves were nothing more than the branches and limbs of a tree with the trunk being the boss(es). For the next thirty minutes, Daremo and Amaya would talk about Saki.

Having eaten, the couple were walking down the street when they overheard some people talking about a public dodgeball game being restricted to the only shinobi, and how unfair it was to the normal people. Taking a glance at Amaya, receiving a nod from her, the couple stopped another couple, who were also talking about the dodgeball game, to get more information. Apparently, the teams were looking for an individual member to join the game, but, as far as they knew, everyone has turned them down. This being somewhat interesting, directions were asked for, and Daremo and Amaya headed there.

Before they arrived close to the location, Daremo was stopped by Amaya. “Really? You want me to test your student?”, He asked, receiving a nod from his wife. Shrugging his shoulders, Daremo channeled a minuscule amount of chakra throughout his body; the effect was instantaneous. Standing in the place of him was a young girl, roughly sixteen years of age with light purple eyes. Dressed in black, strapless tube top, the shirt accentuating her bountiful breasts, and dark blue jeans highlighted her plump bottom and black boots. A golden chain with the leaf symbol rested against her chest. The teen’s hair, white in color, was braided and reached the small of her back. “You really think she won’t be able to tell the difference?”, The feminine voice of Daremo . . . well now, Junko, asked. Amaya had wanted to see if Saki would be able to notice the difference with someone being henged or not. His wife had apparently overheard some boys talking about a scantily clad kunoichi with red hair being at the clearing as well. She having put two and two together, assumed it was Saki.

Finally making it to the location, it was not long before they were spotted by one of the players; the black haired female jogging over to them both. “Hey! Are you a shinobi?”, Junko nodded at the question from the female who was bouncing on the balls of her feet; her ponytail going up and down. “Neat! Care to play with us!? My team.” Junko looked where the girl was pointing to, noticing Saki was on the team, and she seemed not to be interested, “Need another member. Will, you pleaseeee join us? It will be fun!”

Looking at Amaya, as if asking for permission, and receiving a nod, Junko looked back at the female, who did not introduce herself, “Sur. . .” Before the words could even leave her mouth she found herself being tugged along by the black haired female, who was excitedly exclaiming she found a member for their team. With her hand finally let go of, Junko ambled over to where Saki was, “Hello.”, She said, introducing herself to the redhead “I’m Aizawa Junko.” Rather or not Saki would introduce would not matter, “So, how did you get roped into this, or did she.”, Junko left the question hanging as she pointed to the black haired girl who had dragged her out here.


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