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It was a sunny day in Konoha. All the villagers were out and about, going about their day to day errands. At about 10am, Satoru was still in bed but he wasn't asleep, he was just sitting at the edge of the bed, fully dressed and equipped with his ninja tools including his sword. He was reading his briefing for the day, issued by a local genin that had been keeping track of him over time. Apparently, today was just a spar. No missions, nobody that needed his help. A high ranking jonin has assigned him to spar with two new genin to prove his progression as a genin himself. He was offered little information on the opposing genin, only their names being Kennosuke Kimura and Kenzo Ogata. The only other information that he was provided was the fact that they were both newly graduated academy students or in other words, 'New Genin'. He left the house after about an hour of sitting on his bed thinking about what he was gonna do with the other genin in the field that day. He knew that he would have the upper hand having had more experience than them in the shinobi field. But he has made this underestimation before. He wasn't about to make the same mistake and hold back on them as Alexa Hyuga showed him a harsh lesson with a few air bullets to his chest.

Between all his training and missions as a genin, Satoru was nearing his chunin promotion. Now he had a spar coming up with some local genin that he had the pleasure of briefly meeting after they completed their exams at the academy. Kennosuke and Kenzo were both expected at the training grounds right outside of Konohagakure. Satoru was leaning on a tree with his right hand on the inside of his haori top, hanging out of the middle of it with ease, it is quite a comfortable position for him. From this position he doesn't put his arm back through his top, it goes straight to his sword, causing the right half of his haori to hang off of him. If he doesn't enter combat, his right arm will just remain there, relaxing. His left arm was just in a relaxed position, straight at his side. He was outside of the village in an open area within the local forest awaiting his genin sparring partners. He knew he was gonna approach this fight differently, no holding back, no feeling sorry. Satoru was about to show these genin what the Namikaze were capable of. As one of the oldest genin in the village, he owed it to these guys to give it his all and really show them what it means to think critically in the heat of battle. As he submerged himself into his thinking, he leaned onto a tree that and looked down at the ground. Not really focusing on anything but whatever was going on in his mind at the moment.

WC: 504



Kennosuke had just finished his morning workout and was eating breakfast in his room when he got his briefing for the day. He was to meet with and spar with two of his fellow Genin, Kenzo Ogata, whom Kennosuke knew and a Satoru Namikaze, whom he had met once after graduating. It would be an interesting fight, while he knew Kenzo was approximately around his own skill level, he also knew Satoru had much more real world experience than both of them. It mattered little to Kennosuke. He would go and fight his best. Its not always about who wins or loses, its often times about the fight itself.

He tosses the rest of food into the trash and rises to his feet. Quickly, he dresses himself and gathers his ninja tools. Once he had readied himself he sets out to the predetermined meeting place to meet the other Genin. Part of him wanted to convince Kenzo that Satoru was a bigger threat and they should take him down before focusing on each other, but a bigger part of him thought of the fun he could have fighting both of them at once. He took his time walking through Konoha, It was a nice day and he didn't want to use more energy than he actually needed to before the fight.

Once outside of Konoha, he begins to attempt to make a plan. Given he knew very little about either opponent, planning was very difficult but it made him feel slightly better attempting to go over it in his head. He also knew that even the best laid plans never made it past first contact but it passed the time if nothing else. It wasnt long before the white haired Genin came into view, leaning on a tree and seeming to br lost in thought. Kenzo was no were to be seen, either not there yet or planning a sneak attack. Perhaps Satoru and Kenzo had a similar idea that Kennosuke had, team up to take one down and then go after each other. He pauses for a moment, his emerald eyes scanning the area one last time before walking forward to meet Satoru. He had his thumbs tucked in the red sash as he entered the area the fight would take place.

"Oi, Satoru! Been waiting long?" He calls out, stopping a ways away from  Satoru giving himself plenty of space to react incase there was some kind of surprise attack planned. "You seen Kenzo yet?" Kennosuke's emerald eyes watched the boy before him, his muscles wound tightly ready to react. He was fairly certain his fellow Genin wouldn't spring a surprise attack on him and Kenzo was just late to thr party but weighing on the side of caution never hurt anyone. This was his first real fight as a Genin and he had no intention of holding back. These boys would learn what it means to be Kimura and to fear the fire that flowed in his veins. He would show them the viciousness of the Dragon.

WC 510



Kenzo had lagged behind, he'd woken up late and had to throw on his clothes and bolt from the orphanage. Typical behavior for him, in the past it would've been a slap on the wrist from an instructor at the academy, now it was far more serious. He was going to have to break the habit fast.

He'd snagged a quick bite to eat too, but besides that he hadn't done much in the way of preparing. His hair was a mess, mostly hanging down over the headband he'd tied as ran. Supposedly he was meeting up with Kennosuke, who he'd met earlier, and some guy named Satoru. They'd planned on sparring, but Kenzo didn't imagine it being all that fair a fight.

After all, Kenzo was easily the youngest of the three, and since he wasn't one of those prodigies that occasionally came along and made Jonin by 14, that meant he likely was the weakest. Physically he hadn't developed as much, and both of them likely had more chakra than he. He'd have lamented about being born with nothing special, but he was too focused on making it to his destination to think about it.

Eventually, the boy made it, somehow managing to mask his self-doubt with a look of disinterest. "Sorry." He apologized, rolling his shoulders back as he arrived on the scene. It was only after he'd said those words he realized the missed opportunity for a surprise attack. Mentally he kicked himself, he knew that he was at a disadvantage, so he damn well should've fought like it.

Alas, he'd already announced his presence and sent himself along the more honorable approach, for better or for worse. Sliding his hands into the pockets of his crimson jacket, he did his best to appear unphased by his opposition. "So, how do we do this? Do we just do it?" He asked, eyes darting back and forth between the two of them, waiting to see who would make a move.

WC 333

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For about fifteen minutes, Sato stood there casually leaned up against a tree waiting for his genin opponents to get there. He was thinking of ways to dispatch of them and get the spar over with but at the back of his mind he was also wondering of their capabilities and hoped that he wouldn't underestimate them the way he did Alexa. He took a quick glance around his surroundings and realised that he should have bought some wire for his ninja tool pouch. Had he bought some wire, he would have been able to set up an elaborate shuriken trap for his fellow genin when they arrived. Thinking of his fellow genin at the time, he saw one of them clad in black approaching, it was the Kimura boy. Kennosuke Kimura was the first of the two other genin to reach to the field and meet Satoru. He had stopped about 8m in front of Satoru and hailed out to him and asked if he had been waiting long. Sato told him that he had only been there about fifteen minutes beforehand before the Kimura genin asked another question, "You seen Kenzo yet?". Right then and there,Sato smirked, lifted his left arm and pointed to Kenzo Ogata who could be seen making his appearance a distance behind Kennosuke. Upon getting closer to the genin that were already present, Kenzo apologized for his late coming, although he didn’t realize that he came very shortly after both of them. With a very unimpressed look on his face he also posed a question, "So, how do we do this? Do we just do it?" as his stare shifted back and forth between the young Namikaze and the Kimura boy. Seeing as they were all already acquainted with each other by simply being genin of the same village and having met each other at least once, introductions weren’t extremely important to Satoru.

With his right hand, he drew his sword and threw it about 2 inches into the ground in front of him. As quickly as he could, he weaved some hand seals and started in the direction of Kennosuke. With his left hand, he cupped his mouth and fired 3 air bullets at Kenzo and with his other hand he drew his sword from the earth in a reverse grip to attack. If Satoru was successful in reaching up Kennosuke with his sword, he would swing his chokuto diagonally at him, trying to cut at Kennosuke’s torso but not deep into his skin, he just wanted to lightly cut him as its just a spar. “Show me what you guys got” Satoru said as he charged the genin. He paid little attention as to how Kenzo was gonna counteract the air bullets. If those air bullets connected, by that time Satoru should be closer to Kenzo and had already struck Kennosuke (if that attack was successful of course). If Kennosuke did not prove challenging, he would follow up the air bullets by charging at Kenzo next with more melee combat. Satoru had a pretty solid idea of how to go about fighting but what he didn’t know is what these two other genin were capable of, this puts him at a slight disadvantage because he doesn’t know what to expect. For all he knows, one of them could have a sharingan and he wouldn’t have even knew. He had to go about this whole thing carefully and not make the mistakes he has made before. This time, he was gonna come out on top.

WC: 600 | 1104

Chakra: 235/250:

Name: Wind Release: Air Bullets (Fūton: Kazejuugan ~ 風遁・空気弾丸)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Fūton
Range: 30 metres
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: A technique where the user fires a barrage of condensed bullets of air. The user forms the bird hand seal, condensing their chakra into several pressurised spheres of wind that the user spits out in rapid succession towards the opponent. These air bullets are transparent spheres, and are roughly 4 inches in diameter. When fired, they travel at roughly 10 m/s. Direct impact by one of these spheres will knock the victim back a meter, tear through light clothing and cause 1-inch cuts at the point of contact. If a bullet passes near the target (within 4 inches from the edge of the bullet), it can leave small lacerations (1/4 inch cuts) on any exposed flesh it comes near. Three bullets are created upon activation, which must be fired in rapid succession. Each additional bullet costs -5 chakra each, with a maximum of 6 that can be fired in total within the duration.

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Kennosuke studied Satoru while it was just them. The white haired Genin was older than Kennosuke was, obviously more experienced too. This fight would be difficult given it was a three way free for all, but it would be more so given the more experienced Genin that stood before him. After Satoru had told him how long he had been waiting, Kennosuke didn’t feel quite as bad. Soon enough Kenzo came through the trees, apologizing for showing up last. Not that it mattered to Kennosuke, this was last minute and gave none of them much time to actually prepare for the spar. This would be an interesting fight, regardless of the outcome and Kennosuke was ready to get started. Almost as if Satoru could read his mind the white haired Genin reached for his sword.

This movement prompted Kennosuke to take a deep breath, infusing the air with chakra. To the normal eye it appeared he was just taking a deep breath in preparation of the fight but as he exhaled a gaseous substance flowed from his nostrils. Impossible to see to the naked eye, but it did carry a noxious odor. He expected one or both of them to attack him, and this would give him a slight surprise if they entered the gas cloud. Satoru drove his sword into the ground and began rapidly moving and forming hand seals. He launched a jutsu at Kenzo before grabbing his sword and charging at Kennosuke. Satoru was fast, faster than Kennnosuke. Hand to hand wouldn’t work against the white haired Genin. Luckily, Kennosuke was expecting the attack and had time to leap backwards while drawing another deep breath. “Great Fireball Jutsu!” He expells the breath and flames flow from his mouth. After about a meter the flames form into a Fireball and ignites the flammable gas, spreading flames across a 10 Meter where Kennosuke just was. Both attacks were aimed at Satoru, while the gas was mainly a distraction, the fireball he hoped would hit the White haired Genin.

He hadn’t had time to worry about Kenzo, if he had been hit by the Jutsu Satoru aimed at him or even if he was coming in for an attack right now. His main concern was Satoru and he hoped that Kenzo would see that the white haired Genin was the biggest threat too. Together they may be able to take him down, but alone it would be difficult. Either way, Kennosuke had some tricks up his sleeve and wouldn't go down without a fight. He grins, his emerald eyes watching the flames before him to see where Satoru was.

WC: 447/957

Chakra 225/250:

Name: Fire Style: Misty Flame Dance (火遁・霞炎舞 ~ Katon: Kasumi Enbu)
Canon/Custom: Library
Rank: D.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Katon.
Range: 10 cubic meters of gas, expelled in front of the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: The cloud lasts for 2 posts before dissipating. Ignition causes an instant fireball.
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: The user breathes deep, filling their mouth and throat with chakra. They then convert this chakra into a gaseous substance which they exhale rapidly. This gas is highly flammable, and is impossible to see without a Doujutsu. It does however, have a very distinct noxious odor. When exposed to a spark, it ignites, creating a large fireball that causes first-degree burns. This technique can be combined with another Fire Release jutsu to increase its degree of burns by 1 degree. The gas spreads at a rate of 5m/s, as do the flames when it's ignited.

Name: Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu (火遁・豪火球の術 ~ Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Library
Rank: C.
Type: Offensive.
Element: Katon.
Range: 5m-diameter fireball. Projectile range: 40 meters.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post.
Cooldown: 3 posts.
Description: The user forms the Tiger hand seal and breathes deep, filling their throat and lungs with chakra. They then exhale this chakra as a massive orb of roaring flames. The released flames will engulf their target, causing minor second-degree burns to all exposed flesh and first-degree burns to covered areas. The ball of flame will be about 5 meters in diameter, regardless of which form it is used in. When used as a flamethrower, the user exhales a stream of fire which expands into the fireball after 1 meter, and can blast out ground with its pressure and intensity. When, used as a projectile the sphere will travel at 20 mp/s.

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The silvery hair the usually hangs on his forehead were being windswept to the back of his head with the velocity of Satoru’s movements. Once he was almost into striking range of his opponent, Kennosuke had already taken a small leap back making Sato cancel his forward attack to anticipate his opponents counterattack. He knew that by charging into them wildly that their only option would be to offer a defensive rebuttal. Satoru was persistent to reach Kennosuke quickly, vowing to himself that he wasn’t going to make the same mistakes in this sparring match, he sheathed his sword as his determination had manifested itself as an aura of pure chakra that shielded him from incoming damage.

After creating this aura, Satoru dashed at his opponent at 9 m/s (his top running speed), in an attempt to grab his opponent’s neck with his left hand and pull them out of the air from their leap. While pulling his opponent towards his body, Satoru would raise his right knee to initially hit him in his gut with a body blow. Once knee’d, Sato would roll backwards and hold a position not to far in front of Kennosuke who would’ve been staggered at this point after having received such a body shot. If his assault went as planned then his next attack could probably decide how the match would go. Kennosuke would have to prove himself to be skilled with his jutsu to catch Satoru off guard, because he has been a genin a while now and has been learning from a lot of experiences he has had as a shinobi so far. It was all coming together beautifully for Sato as this would help him prove to himself that he has progressed and is no longer the powerless weakling he left the academy as.

WC: 309 | 1413


Name: Will of Fire: Aura of Determination
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: None | Any
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts
Calling upon an unwavering determination and expressing it with the help of chakra the shinobi creates a cloak of energy which protects them after forming the Dragon - Tiger hand seals. Infused with the chakra nature of their choice (or none), the barrier protects the shinobi from chakra attacks (no matter the direction) until 3 D ranks, 2 C ranks or a single B rank technique have been blocked.

*Adding an Element gives the jutsu elemental advantages and disadvantages of whichever element it takes form of. It also interacts with the effects of whichever element (Suiton is strong against Katon, Raiton against Doton, etc)


Wind Release: Air Bullets - 3 posts

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Kennosuke thought his plan was well laid out executed. Between the sly Misty flame Dance and the Great Fireball thay ignited it, the fire had spread over a 10 meter area. He thought that would give him a bit a breathing room, but he thought wrong as Satoru dashed forward and was able to grab ahold of Kennosuke and knees his pretty soundly in the abdomen. The blow forces Kennosuke to take a few steps back. A blow like that would of left an impression for most newer Genin, but thanks to his genetic abnormality, Kennosuke seemed pretty uneffected.

The last step he takes he quickly spins and launches two shuriken at Satoru. While both were aimed at the white haired Genin, Kennosuke had little hope they would hit, even at such close distance. Instead, he used it as a distraction and quickly leaped away. Finding a lower tree branch, he uses it to move higher into trees. Satoru was clearly faster and stronger than Kennosuke, so he had to keep him at a distance, at least until he could come up with a plan. He had something in mind but needed time in order to execute it. He stops at on a branch that was midway up a tree near from where he began.

He couldn't help but grin. The feeling of battle is what kept Kennosuke going. His blood ran hot through bis veins and his heart pounded in his chest. Kennosuke looked forward to the fight ahead, regardless of the out come. It was be a learning experience and most importantly It would be fun. He backed himself to a tree trunk, waiting to see if Satoru had see where he went. He strained his ears, listening for noises in the trees and other wise prepares to defend himself against another attack.

WC: 305/1262
Chakra: 225/250:

On Cooldown
Misty flame Dance: 4/5
Great Fireball: 2/



Seeing as his last attack was successful. Satoru had planned to wrap this up quickly as the other genin, Kennosuke had taken the blow with little damage. His opponent had launched two shuriken at Sato before retreating to a tree not too far from their original positioning. The young Namikaze drew his sword reverse grip and deflected the two shuriken with ease before running up the tree and launching a kick strong enough to catapult Kenno back to the ground with ease.

If the kick had connected, Sato would return to Kennosuke in time to put his sword to the other genin’s throat and make him surrender. This fight had been very easy for Satoru as he had alot of training and work done as a shinobi prior to this fight, unlike the other Shinobi. “You’re not too shabby, we’re just not in the same league. If im being honest you’re one of the strongest genin so far. Don’t worry about me im about to be chunin after all.” He said before helping Kenno to the ground.

WC Usage:

[Katon Training: nothing ~> D - Rank]
[Remaining WC: 95]



Kennosuke had thought he got away of Satoru, atleast long enough to reconsider his battle plan. But suddenly the white haired Genin was in his path and already mid kick. There was nothing Kennosuke could do. The kick landed square in his midsection and sent him crashing down to the ground. Pain receptors or not, the force of both the kick and the fall had forced the air from Kennosuke's lungs and he lay there trying to catch his breath. Satoru appeared, his sword held at Kennosuke's throat, obviously wanting a surrender. There was no point in dragging it further, the other boy was just on a higher level than he. He listened to the compliment and then took the help to rise to his feet.

"Thanks Satoru. Next time we fight though, it'll be a different story. Ill be stronger and ill give you a real fight." He grins at the other genin and brushes the dirt off his backside. Kennosuke knew he had a long way to go but this fight just proved he wasnt even remotely close to where he wanted to be. With a sigh he waves at Satoru and makes his way back toward the Village. He would train harder, better prepare himself for the future. This was just fun and games but sooner or later it would likely be life or death. He owed it to his father to become stronger. He owed it to himself.



WC usage:

675=RT from E-1 to D-0
675=Spd from E-1 to D-0
75=End from E-0 to E-1

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