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Kane Haya

Kane Haya

On a normal day within the leaf village, the sun hanging right above the village in the afternoon, Kane is seen making his usual deliveries for his, father. His sword carrying case his strapped along his left shoulder, hugged tight to his frame. The strap was thick, so he really never had to worry about it breaking, as told by his father countless times, however, Kane never really gave much to chance. Especially since the deliveries he made weren’t exactly mass produce swords. No, these were high grade, custom forged, swords for private customers who were willing to pay top dollar for the finer weapons out on the market.

As he finally reached an apartment complex, his finally stop to drop of his last deliver, he runs up and down the stairs, looking for the apartment door he was supposed to go too, K101. Finally, he reaches the door and gives it two swift knocks.

“Arashi Services!”, he states. He couldn’t wait for the door to open, Kane ready to introduce himself. It was an honor to help his father with the family business, well, to represent him really. An ideal son, Kane truly was, his soul purposes nearly being that to aid his father and mother to the fullest, and only expected a thank you in return.

As the door opens, Kane is revealed to the adult customer. Kane is seen swearing an official leaf shinobi headband with black cloth, a black shirt, with the Arashi clan symbol stitched on the right sleeve, navy blue ninja pants, white tape strapped around both ankles, and navy blue shinobi sandals. After the two greet, Kane hands the sword to the man, and the cash is given to Kane, which he puts into his zipper pocket. He zips it up afterwards, prevent it from falling out. “Thank you for your business, Mr. Toshi, have a good day!”, Kane leaves the apartment building. He then sees a couple of shinobi pass by, admiring their uniform and weapons, “Their uniform is so cool, I wish I had time to train hard to become like them. Maybe, one day. That’s if father ever gave me a day off, no… I couldn’t ask him that, he needs me to make the delivers”, as Kane continued to run on and think out aloud, as usual, the day seemed to carry on. He eventually losses all awareness of the busy traffic that passes him on the sidewalk, his glass eyed face now staring out into the open ahead. Kane was just talking, as if he were confessing his sins to a noble priest.

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N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

It was a beautiful day outside in the village, the sun was shining down through the near cloudless sky coating the villagers with its warmth. N'Jobu looked up into the sky, watching the birds soar through the sky as he made his way into the market district. He needed to pick up some things from the market to make some dinner later on in the evening. He planned on making his favorite food that evening to satisfying his craving. Fried pork chunks with rice, a simple yet delicious meal worthy of his cravings. His mouth began to salivate as he thought of the plump juicy morsels of pork he would soon be devouring when he returned home and cooked them. The city was booming with activity as villagers were packed into the market district, filling the air with the a symphony of sounds fitting of an industrialized city. He made his way into the crowds of people, trying not to knock into people with the bow strapped to his back. While he loved his bow, it was a bit cumbersome when in tight spaces which made it a bit difficult to maneuver. "I should really find a smaller bow..." he lamented to himself as he pushed his way through the flood of people moving in the opposite direction of where he needed to go.

Before long he had made it to the grocery store located in the heart of the market district. "Finally..." he thought to himself as he walked through the door and headed towards the butcher's sections in the back. On his way back to the butcher, he grabbed a bag of rice and tossed it over his shoulder as he walked. He walked up to the butcher's counter and placed his order, "pork shoulder please!" he asked with a smile upon his face. He could just taste it at this point as he watched the butcher expertly slice the meat to give him his desired cut. The butcher took the shoulder which he had just cut and placed it onto the counter, wrapping it in butcher's paper before handing it to N'Jobu. N'Jobu thanked the butcher and took the meat from him, heading towards the register so he could check out. He paid for his ingredients and walked out the door, heading back home. He began walking, thinking about what he needed to do to prepare the meat when he got home. "A bit of oregana, some garlic salt, a little pepper...." he mused to himself as he lost track of his surroundings for a moment while he imagined his meal. Before he knew it, he bumped into a boy who appeared to be talking himself. "Oh, sorry about that...wasn't looking," N'Jobu would say as he picked up his rice bag that he dropped when he collided with the boy.

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