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Kane Haya

Kane Haya

On such a rare occasion, his schedule being free from the demanding schedule of his own father’s work, Kane is free from the hard labors of running the family shop. His father was out, along his mother too. Whether they were together, it meant nothing to, Kane. It was times, as rare as they were, like these were he could finally take the opportunity to help further his shinobi career. He makes certain of this while standing in his bed room, and looking out through the window, which had a clear view straight towards the family shop.

Although, the work he did for his father was demanding, and taxing on one’s body, he still did so with unmitigated pride. It was an honor, helping his father anyway he could. It was how he was raised, and from the look of how things were going, it was how he shall always forever be. Nevertheless, it was time for, Kane to seize whatever time he could, and work on his own skills as a shinobi. He moves away from the window, and makes his way towards the closet, grabbing whatever he could get, that would aid him in today’s training.

After he finished gathering his things, he walks out of the house, locking the door behind him with the key. He looks nervously around, expecting his parents to come home any minute; fortunately, they were nowhere to be seen. He nods to this fact, finally. Kane is seen wearing a black short sleeve shirt with his clan’s symbol stitched on the right sleeve, navy blue long pants, white tape strapped around his ankles, and navy blue shinobi sandals.  On his back, he wears a bag, containing a few items such as a few kunai, shuriken, and other ninja tools used on the battle field. He figured that if he was going to get the day off, he better go all out. Like, when else will he ever get another chance such as this?  Even now, he still could not fully grasp the fact that he actually got the day off. In fact, he couldn’t really answer the question to what his parents were really doing. Nevertheless, he walks off and joins the traffic in the street, his house located within the market territory of the village, and walks away, disappearing within the crowd. His destination, well as obvious as it was, he makes his way towards the training grounds.

Moments later, the sun now tiling towards the west, signifying the passage of time, Kane arrives towards one of the gates. He hasn’t been here in some time, it was almost criminal really. He stares towards the high wooden gates; they arch high in the center. He wonders if maybe this place was built for the Akamichi to train, he smiles as he makes his way into the training grounds. The vast green fields that were surrounded by the tall trees were a sight to behold. He continues his advancement, till he stops, now almost in the center of the field. As he looked around in thought, he figured it would be better if he moved more towards the side, incase others show up. It would be pretty rude if he took up the middle section, and not think about others. His training today would be intensive, but at the same time would not require all that room. Who knows what others would need to do today. After his mental quarrel with morality, Kane moves over to the left, near the edge of the field, where he would finally place his things down and begin his training. He was so happy to train today, he couldn’t wait. But the question he would now have to ask himself is what he would be training today. He stands still in thought, looking downwards towards the grass in thought.

Kane is now seen scratching the top of his head with his left hand, thinking about what to do. He looks over towards his back and notices that he didn’t have a sword with him. So training with that was out of the window. Ironic, how with all the swords he delivered for his father, he never actually owned one himself. Nope, all the swords in his house belonged to either a customer, or his father. So with that, Kane decided to work on his reaction speed, an odd choice to make. Considering the fact that he rarely used swords, but nonetheless, he would eventually have to train that aspect of himself eventually, well whenever he was granted the chance to train again that is. Kane thought of a way to train his senses, and after much thought, he figured a dash through the high thick tree branches would not only warm him up, but also help him react to any obstacles that came his way. He began to stretch for a while, before dashing out into the forest. He climbs on tree he could find with enough grooves for him to use; the fact that others have used this very exact tree was a plus for him. He continues to climb to he reaches the very top branch. Ahead of him, were a number of horizontal branches that belonged to other trees? It seemed like a make shift bridge.  He was pretty high, but that was the point. This was all to help him not to mess up and hit anything along his advancement.

Kane takes a deep breath and dashes forward, his heart nearly dropping as he leaped. Lucky for him, his body doesn’t, he successfully makes it onto the next branch and continues to advance forward. As he moves forward, he increases his speed, and looks ahead. It was almost a game really, all he had to do was dodge the half branches sticking out, and avoid falling from such a towering height. As he continued, a series of branches that stuck out along his path were coming up, this was it. Kane, tensed his body, ready out maneuver out of the way of the branches, and to what luck, he did. One by one, he jerks his body to the left and right, and to the right some more, back to back. His eyes scanned the path side to side; his whole body was at work. He leaped from one large branch to another. Finally, he sees the last branch and leaps high above it, nearly hitting it in the process. This was a clear sign that he was pushing himself to his limit, already. He couldn’t be mad at himself, he hardly practiced, and this was the result, a short burst of energy and that was it. Kane stopped on the thick log and took a knee it, catching his breath.

He looks back towards the branches behind him, he thinks about doing them again. He figured he might as well, since this was a perfect set up to begin with. With no one else out here, it was also his only thing out here to do. He controls his breaths to the point where he was ready to go again. Perhaps maybe when he gets another free day such as this, in the very distant future, he will work on his endurance. He makes a mental note of this, while taking off behind him into the series of obstacles. He does this course about seven or eight times before stopping right where he began on his first go around. He started to memorize the setup of the branches, which caused him to use his reaction less and his memories even more. It was starting to become less and less productive. So, Kane decided to hop down from the tree, via climbing down from the previous grooves he used to make it up there.  What now? He looks around, seeing nothing to do, he ventures deeper into the Konoha forest training grounds.

Moment later, still venturing out, he stumbles upon a path that was structured made by man. It was labeled “Obstacle course”, how lucky he felt right now. What were the odds of him finding such a thing out here? They weren’t all that high, but not too low at the same time. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. These were the training grounds used by many shinobi of all ranks, it was bound to happen. He walks up closer towards the entrance, looking through pass the gate and sees a bunch of lifts, platforms, and ropes too. This was it, the final part of his training.

Kane happened to also notice the sun dipping more lower towards the west, it was getting late. By now, Kane’s parents had probably reached home by now. However, this wasn’t going to be a problem for him, his father would normally be home by now, the shop closed and prepped for tomorrow’s orders.

Kane not got into a running stance, as if he was ready do to a 40 yard dash. This seemed like his last bit of training he was going to do today, so he was ready to pull out all the stops. A single drop of sweat came rushing down along his face from his forehead, it trickled all the way down until it dripped from his chin, and came falling down to the grassy floor. Once it hit the floor, Kane rushed off into course, and he was off. As he ran through this mysterious course, he came upon a series of ropes that hung vertical. They were attached by the high thick branches above. He leaps forward, and grabs on, swinging forwards towards the next, and the next. He hears a strange sound, a mechanism of some sort. He didn’t really know what was going on, until the next set of ropes came swinging by from his sides, with axe blades attached to them. Kane almost froze upon seeing this, his heart nearly stopped but managed to race. The adrenaline pumping through his veins, allowed him to dodge the axe, and rolled onto the ground, only to leap upwards to dodge the next one that swung by from the left. This was no ordinary course; no way was he going to continue like this, in the shape he was in. As he reached the end of this section, he stops, and advances no further.

He catches his breath, slowly walking back towards the entrance. This was quite a day, Kane thought. He didn’t realize how much time he really spent out here till he reached his book bag that he left out in the open grassy plains section of the training grounds. The sun was hanging way low to the west, it was time to go home, get something to eat, and go to bed. Kane knew he had to work tomorrow, so he really didn’t know when he would have this sort of time to train again. He gathers his things, mentally preparing himself to accept the fact that he wouldn’t be back here for a very long time. Nevertheless, he was glad he got to train like this, no matter how short the time he was given. He walks back towards the entrance of the training ground, taking in the image of the giant arching wooden gate. Who knows? With any luck, Kane might be back here next week, or maybe tomorrow, he didn’t know what was in store for him in the future. But what he did know was that the next time he would return here, Kane would master that hidden obstacle course in the forest that, is something he truly looked forward too.

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