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Kennosuke wondered around the Library inside the Admin building inside Konoha. While his Katon jutsu were good, he felt he needed to up his game a bit and considering he had such a weakness to Suiton, he felt Raiton jutsu would be vital if he ever went up against Shinobi who specialized in Suiton. He had been browsing for some time, trying to find the right Jutsu that he master at his skill level, but still be effective in battle. It took him the better part of an hour but eventually he found the one he wanted. Lightning release: Shock Bullets. It was his style for sure, as he specialized in offensive and had no real defensive techniques. He was a bit of a Glass Cannon, he knew that about himself, but with his genetic abnormality at least he couldn’t feel it when he got his ass handed to him. He quickly reads over the technique, memorizing it before leaving the library and making his way through Konoha. He preferred to train new Jutsu in private so if he messed up there were no witnesses.


He strolled through the village, his thumbs hooked on his sash. He had no other real plans today other than learning this Jutsu, so he could take his time and enjoy the nice day. The sun was nice a bright, warming his shoulders and back. The citizens of the village went about their day to day, and every so often he would pass a fellow Shinobi and would incline his head toward them. Many were either Chuunin or Jonin but there were a fair number of Genin as well. He knew eventually Chuunin exams would come and regardless of when they were he wanted to be prepared for them, which is partially why he wanted to learn this new Jutsu. The Kimura blood that flowed through his veins gave him a certain advantage that many do not have, but he would be foolish to only rely on Katon Jutsu, for both the Exams or missions. Before long Kennosuke had made it past the Village gates and wondered through the forest looking for a quiet spot to train.

"Well, this is as good as any." He mutters to himself as he walks up to a large tree and pulls a Kunai from his pouch. He scores an X into the bark to use as a target that way wasn't jusy shooting off bursts of Raiton chakra in random directions and possibly hitting a passerby. He returns his kunai to its sheath and turns, walking away from the tree. The Jutsu was fairly simple and required no hand seals. By gathering Raiton Chakra into his finger tips he should be able to expell it in quick bursts, creating small projectiles that can br fired at opponents. Once he is far enough away from the tree he turns and levels his righr hand, pointer and middle finger extended and touching and begins to gather the needed chakra.

Even with his knowledge of Chakra flow, it took some time to master this Jutsu. At first he didn't use enough chakra per blast and they fizzled out before going barely five feet. Then he uses too much, which not only drained more chakra than the Jutsu called for, but also ended up back firing and sending a nice electric shock up his arm. But from failure comes success. There couldn't be one without the other and as one never quit they would succeed. It took hours and by the time he had mastered it, he was exhausted. He could use both hands, but mainly used his left as his pointer and middle were the only fingers he had on that hand, that way he could still make use of other tools with his right hand.

With a satisfied smile, he turns away from the slightly charred tree and begins his walk back to Konoha. Greatness wasn't born. It was earned through hard work and preservation. This was something Kennosuke's dad taught him. No one was born a great Shinobi, they had to work for it same as anyone and Kennosuke planned to be a great Shinobi. For the memory of his parents, for his Clan and for his Village, he owe it to all of them to work as hard as he could to become a great Shinobi.

But for now, all he wanted to do was eat and sleep. Tomorrow would bring a mission, a chance to make some Ryo so he could better equip himself. Hopefully it would be something better than teaching academy students to pay attention, but if thats what the Village asked of him, thats what he would do. The walk home was uneventful and he even skipped eating and crashed as soon as he got into his small room in the Kimura compound.

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learned D rank Lightning Release: Shock Bullet

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