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Discover the Pervert:

Mission name: Discover the Pervert
Mission rank: D
Objective: Go undercover as a cashier in store and find out why so many employees have been quitting their jobs after a few days.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: A store owner has requested help in finding out why - in only one of his three stores - newly hired employees are quitting within a couple days. Go undercover as a new employee, find and report the problem.
Mission details: The source of the problem is the store manager, who is in charge when the store owner is busy tending to his other two stores. He is a major pervert, and will do little actions like grope new employees and make 'subtle' suggestive comments. By abusing his authority, he threatens new employees into silence by saying that he will blacklist them and make sure they don't get another job if they tell anyone about his actions. Upon discovering that he is the problem, you may deal with him how you wish without seriously injuring him, then report back to the store owner.

Kennosuke had recieved another mission. His second Genin rank mission, but this one he was taking solo. It seemed like a simple enough mission, go undercover and figure out why employees are leaving after just a few days. Kennosuke figured it some hoodlums making trouble, but regardless Kennosuke was going to take care of it. It was strange to be dressed ‘normal’ clothes, but he did have his pouch of ninja tools hidden under the apron he had to wear. His forehead protector and Rekka, his new sword were both stashed in a backpack he had slung across his back. He made his way toward the store in question. He felt naked, not having his Forehead protector on or having his tools within easy access. But he still had his Jutsu to fend off any would be attackers until he can get to his gear. Moving through the streets of Konoha, Kennosuke eventually arrives at the store that was having issues. He stood outside for sometime, studying the flow of people outside and looking for any possible threats. He even went around to the back side of the building, checking possible exits or entrances into the store. He had no real idea what he was getting himself into so he wanted to cover all of his bases.

Eventually, he entered the store, putting his best ‘innocent teenager’ face on, while scanning the store for a moment. Seemed like your run of the mill general store. Nothing stood out to Kennosuke, so he moved into the store. There was one man behind the counter. A middle aged, well dressed man stood behind the counter, waiting on customers. Kennosuke walked to the counter and offered a smile to the man.

“Uh, Hey. My name is Kai, I’m supposed to be starting today. Who do I need to speak to?” Kennosuke says, running a hand through his hair. The man behind the counter smiled, while eyeing Kennosuke for a moment. He motions to come around the counte and points toward a back office.

“My name Uzuki, Im the manager of this store, but the big boss is back there. I’m sure he would like to speak to you.” The man behind the counter says as he begins to wait on another customer. Kennosuke nods and walks into the back office with the owner, an older man with white hair sitting at a desk. Upon entering, the owner motions for him to close the door behind him which Kennosuke does.

“Welcome young mam, I do hope you find out what you need to find and help take care of my little problem.” The old man says offering a smile. Obviously the man had no real idea what the issue was and Kennosuke nodded his head. He was sure the issue would come in the evening, but he was here to do his mission and go home, regardless of the issues.

“I’m sure that wont be an issue, Sir. I take my job serious.” With that, Kennosuke turns and walks back out into the store. He shrugs off his backpack and sets it in the floor behind the counter where he would be spending most of his time. Over the course next couple hours he learned how to use the register and wait on customers. Uzuki taught him well and while the man had very little concern for Kennosuke’s personal space, the night was going by fairly easy. The owner had left some time ago, having other stores to take care of. As darkness settled over Konoha, the store became less busy and Kennosuke grew bored. He leaned on the counter while Uzuki stocked the shelves. Uzuki eventually came behind the counter and walks behind Kennosuke, whom wasn’t paying a lot of attention. Next thing he knew the older mans hands were on his hips, causing Kennosuke to jump up and turns around facing Uzuki.

“Easy there, Kai. This is all okay. We’re just gonna have a little fun.” Uzuki says with grin. This was it, the manager was a pervert and Kennosuke didn’t even want to think about what else he had done to those who were easily influence. Rage built up in Kennosuke and without warning he grabs the older  man by the shirt, rotates and throws the man over the counter. Using the resulting crash, Kennosuke dips behind the counter, quickly retreaving his forehead protector, tieing it onto his head. Uzuki finally rises to his feet, uttering curses.

“Damn it boy! Who do you think you are? I’ll make sure you’ll never work in this town again you little twerp!” He shouts as he looks around for Kennosuke who was still behind the counter. Kennosuke is chuckling when he rises to his feet, his horned headband catching the light from inside the store. He know had Rekka held in his left hand.
“Oh man. You’re a piece of work. You’re going to make sure I don’t never work? That’s hilarious. I am a Shinobi and you have no idea who you’re talking to.” Kennosuke hops over the counter and easily dodges a couple feeble punches before ramming the hilt of Rekka into man’s stomach, driving him to his knees gasping for air. Kennosuke grabs Uzuki by his shirt collar and drags him toward the door and thoses him out onto the street. “Don’t speak another word Uzuki. I was told not to kill you, but if you come back here, I’ll end your pathetic ass. Now run, crawl, do whatever slimes like you do, but get out of my sight.” He growls at the older man who scatters to his feet and takes off running. Uzuki was lucky there was a no-kill order or else Kennosuke would of ended it right then and there. Still growling, Kennosuke turns on his heel and starts to walk back to the Kimura Compound. His job was done and now he was pissed. He had it in his mind to track down the other employees that he perv’ed on and see if it went further. Kennosuke wouldn’t stand for that at all, but that was for another day.

WC: 1080
300= 75 extra Ryo

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