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Sleep eluded the young Genin to the point he had given up all together. It was early morning, well before the sun had even began to peek over the horizon. Kennosuke lay on his back atop a roof inside the Kimura compound. His mind wandered as he stared up at the bright stars that dotted the sky. As be often did, he thought of his father. He could barely remember the man and all anyone could really tell him was that his father was a good Shinobi. It had been ten years since his fathers death and between his age and the time that had passed he could barely remember his father's face. The thought of not being able to remember saddened Kennosuke. He truely was alone. It was better that way.

"Boy!" A voice called out from below him. It was Yusaku, an old Shinobi who looked after Kennosuke in Rikimaru's absence. With a sigh, Kennosuke grabs his sword that lay beside him and rolls off the roof. He lands gracefully and begins tucking his sword into his sash, while eyeing Yusaku. The old man was missing most of his right leg and had to walk with a crutch. He was a grizzled veteran Shinobi who would probably still be out in the field if he hadn't of lost his leg. Kennosuke had a great deal of respect for the man, though sometimes he didnt show it.

"What do you want Old man?" Kennosuke replied with a lazy expression. He wore his normal Haori, though hadn't put on the red dragon scale body suit so beneath the Haori he was bare chested. The scars from the bear were visible across the left side of his chest. Yusaku shakes his crutch at Kennosuke and makes a face at the boy.

"You're lucky I'm not all here anymore or I'd make you eat those  words!" He grumbles at Kennosuke and goes to put the crutch down to start walking again, but it slips and Yusaku begins to fall. K ennosuke moves in an instant and catches the old man before he actually fell and helped him right himself. "Thanks, my boy." Yusaku says and Kennosuke nods his head. The two of them sit on a bench and talk for some time, well after dawn. Now with The sun hanging high over them, Yusaku smiles slightly and rises to his feet. "Come on, lets get some food in us and then I want to show you something ." Together they go and have a quiet breakfast as Kennosuke was even more quiet than normal given what was on his mind. After breakfast, the pair went to the training yard inside the Kimura compound. There were a couple other Kimura training in the yard. Taking a spot in the center of the dirt yard, Yusaku nodded at Kennosuke.

"The Chunin exams aren't far off Kennosuke and even though you are still a fairly new Genin I doubt you will want to sit them out, and while I can't be your sensei I can at the very least teach you a trick or two." Yusaku says and Kennosuke grins wolfishly.

"I knew I liked you for a reason Old Man." Kennosuke says jokingly with a wink. He hooks his thumbs onto his sash and falls quiet. Sure, Kennosuke may not come off as the most respectful, but he knew when to shut up and pay attention, especially when it came to learning things to better himself. Yusaku began explaining the Jutsu. It was called Sprial Flame Ball, which after mixing oxygen and Katon chakra in the lungs, five condensed rotating balls of fire will be exhaled into the hand and can be fired all at once or one at a time. With it explained, Yusaku even showed Kennosuke how it was done. It was definitely something Kennosuke would benefit from knowing and he began to attempt the jutsu himself.

Given the Kimura affinity of both Katon and breath based techniques, it didn't take him near as long to learn as the Shock Bullet Jutsu had. Though by the time he had it down he had stripped off his haori and let it hang from his waist by the sash he wore. It felt good, learning new techniques and training them. Like Yusaku said, the Chunin exams were approaching and he had no intention of sitting them out. He would train his hardest and do whatever he had to between now and then to give himself the absolute best chance he could during the exams. Once it appeared Kennosuke had the Jutsu down, Yusaku fondly patted the young Genin on the shoulder.

"You learned well. Your father would be proud of you." Yusaku says softly. Kennosuke turns and bows  his head slightly to the older man. Yusaku knew his father and would often tell him stories, but still to this day refused to tell him how his father had died.

"Thank you for your help, Yusaku." Kennosuke says, genuinely thankful for the man. "When the Chunin exams are here, i promise to do my best."

"You are Kimura, Kennosuke. Doing your best is in your blood. Im certain you will do well during the Exams. But now, this Old man has to go rest his tired bones." With another fond pat, Yusaku turns and walks away from Kennosuke. The Genin watches the old man until he disappears inside and then turns back to the training field. He still had work to do if he hoped to succeed during the Exams.

Training for Spiral Flame Ball Jutsu.
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