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1A lesson in swordsplay Empty A lesson in swordsplay on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:11 am

Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

Teaching the Troops:

Mission name: Teaching the Troops.
Mission rank: B-Rank.
Objective: Train the troops in the art of Bukijutsu.
Location: Daimyo's Palace.
Reward: 500 Ryo.
Mission description: The Daimyo is meeting with some dignitaries of minor nations. He wants to impress upon them the strength of the nation and to that end he wants a demonstration of military power as they enter his residence. Nothing better than a full battalion of sword users practicing to give that feeling! The only problem is that there aren't enough free swordsmen to fill the ranks of this exercise. Fix that!
Mission details: You will be teaching them just before the demonstration is to happen. Everyone needs to be able to do the basics of either kenjutsu or swordsmanship just as the dignitaries arrive. Unfortunately at least one of the men will think he is better than you and will need to be brought in line without causing to much damage to him, and definitely no damage to the surroundings.

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Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz, was the only sound coming from Mikumi's lips as she was lightly sleeping while laying on  her back, but then suddenly a large bump in the road caused the cart full of hay that she was currently laying on to slightly rise up disturbing her sleep as her eye's shot open from her little nap, she sighed as she looked at the clear blue sky above her as a crow flew by just below a Columbus cloud, after a few moments she had fully woken up and got halfway up to look towards the farmer who was manning the cart, "Are we almost close?" The cart driver responded back with a light groan before answering, "We're getting close..but what kind of business do you have so close to the Daimyo palace, are you perhaps one of the many shinobi of Konohagakure?" Mikumi easily responded while closing back her eyes, "That's right I'm a shinobi, I've been invited to the Daimyo's palace to help him with a request, from the information I was told before I left it sounded quite urgent." It seemed that the farmers worrying had been quelled down as he let out a light chuckle as he casually talked, "I see so that's it, well please do behave yourself young miss, the Daimyo, as you should know, has near complete authority over the land, he could surely sentence a lone shinobi to death with proper reasoning." Mikumi smiled at the farmers kind warning, "I'll keep that in mind."

After having closed her eyes and feeling the sun on her face she was quite relaxed, until suddenly she couldn't feel the sun anymore and her face felt cold again, slightly annoyed that her relaxation was messed up Mikumi opened her eyes as her face twisted into a slight scowl, but when she opened them she would be meant with the sight of a palace pillar overshadowing her, the Daimyo's palace pillar.

Mikumi began standing while the farmer cart was beginning to roll by the Daimyo's Palace entrance pillar since she was the only one who could enter without an invitation it was time to say goodbye to the farmer, she jumped out of the cart as it made it halfway between the first and second pillar and proceeded to turn around waving,  "Farewell old man, take care of yourself, you hear?" The farmer grumbled but Mikumi hearing was good enough to hear him grumble kind words that made her feel good about herself.

Now that farewells were over with Mikumi turned around facing the Daimyo's palace, It was easy to tell by first glance just how old the structure was as it was built from fine wood and secured with stone foundation's, although it was a rather old building the Daimyo must have had caretakers as it still holds a very refined appeal. But that was enough of that Mikumi told herself in her mind as she wasn't here to sightsee, Mikumi or rather any ninja we're not so good at using the front doors of places so to speak although Mikumi knew the building was properly secured It was just one of those types of situations where it was better to get inside without causing an uproar, If anything her getting inside undetected to the last minute may call for the Daimyo to improve his security, all the more better for the Land of Fire.

Daimyo's Palace:

A lesson in swordsplay Shogun_pad

Mikumi slide her right foot outwards as she put her hands on her legs while she slid down into a stretching pose where she lightly bounced up and down before switching to her left leg and doing the same to loosen up her muscle's, she then switched to her arms letting them fall loosely to her sides and started swinging them around in big round circle's to loosen the muscle's in her arms up as well, after a few minutes she now felt looser than before since napping in the cart had actually tensed her up a bit. Mikumi bent her knees and then proceeded to jump onto the wooden roof just outside the door entrance, she then did a jumping front flip mid-air as she landed gracefully on top of a pointed tip, but when she landed on the tip something, she hadn't noticed it from on the ground but the palace was actually really small for a Daimyo and the security was so lax that  it was none existent, taking a quick sweep of the area Mikumi noticed something as she looked upon the ground next to the miniature palace walls, it had no shadows.

This was only the second time in her entire life Mikumi had fallen  into the trap of genjutsu, although the first time being with a short spar with Kirei in which he used the ocular prowess of the Sharingan Mikumi had no idea what triggered this genjutsu, Mikumi began to think of what caused this, going over the books she read about genjutsu it appeared this wasn't an illusionary type as the moment Mikumi stepped on it she would have sunk through meaning that this genjutsu had a trigger, but what? As she mauled over what could have triggered the genjutsu she ruled up some possibilities, the cart driver could not have done it as he saw it too and Mikumi's hearing and eyesight although not completely perfect would have still been able to detect a shinobi in her immediate area that may have caused this, with the simple problems ruled out Mikumi began to think on a more experienced level and came up with a possible solution, it could have been entirely possible someone put a trigger effect on a fuuinjutsu seal.

After careful investigation, Mikumi was almost a hundred percent sure a genjutsu had been activated via fuuinjutsu scroll, but the real question was where was the scroll and how would she detect it, Mikumi took fifteen steps back and began to really look at the imaginary palace from head to toe, at first she spotted nothing and even got a little frustrated due to her now being late by a good seventeen minutes which tarnished her reputation of always arriving at a mission on time, It wouldn't be until she looked upwards the sky to sigh depressively that Mikumi noticed something, on top of the imagery palace was a pole with a flag waving about gently to the wind. Catching her attention Mikumi jumped, skipped and scaled the imaginary tower as she reached up the flag, and took it in her hand to straighten it out to reveal strange symbols on it.

This was it Mikumi said to herself as she reached into her back pocket and grabbed a kunai spinning it in her hand before stabbing the strange symbol and tearing down, suddenly the area around her distorted as the palace disappeared and she was now on a hill with the same pole implanted into it, but from the distance she could see it, the real Daimyo's palace and it was quite the sight for her to behold.

Real Daimyo's Palace:

A lesson in swordsplay Indiana_jones___ancient_temple_exterior_by_milkduster-d9cmf7k


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Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

From the top of the hill, Mikumi decided to observe the structure for a bit, the outside was surrounded by tall sphere stone towers with the entrance being a door shaped hole carved into the stone, on the front wall left and right of the door we're the very symbol of the Land of Fire, she was definitely not in a Genjutsu anymore as she could see people entering the establishment after getting searched down by guards with spears in their hands and armor weighing them down. But Mikumi had to put her amazement aside, for now, she was already late and it seemed trying to get in from the same entry point as everyone else was going to be a major snag in her timing,  she observed the area for a bit and saw that to the right of the palace in its shadows was a miniature bridge leading to a tree that was just the right height with the stone wall to climb over it and get inside.

With little time to keep wasting Mikumi began to move she took a few steps back before leaping into the air off the hill, as she descended down she landed by allowing her momentum to keep going by landing on her feet and proceeding immediately into a small distance roll forward before leaping back onto her feet to continue to run, now that she was at the bottom of the hill she ran straight forward heading down a bridge she previously didn't see to get to the waterfall she had to scale to get to the miniature red bridge she was seeking, when she made it to the waterfall she jumped to the right side of it using the supernatural walking practice to run upwards on the wall, just right before she reached the top of the waterfall she pushed down and leaped forward in which was actually upwards as she did a front flip mid-air landing next to the tree in the shadow of the stone walls, Mikumi then leaped upward onto the tree and then did a side flip right into the Daimyo's Palace landing on her feet.  

If all else changed in the world Mikumi would still be happy at the fact that unlike in her starting days as a shinobi she had managed to become far more flexible in her movements and always enjoyed a mini obstacle course for her to flex her free run skills, but she quickly put that aside as she was now nearly forty-six minutes late, brushing the dust and dirt specks that managed to find their way onto her clothing Mikumi began to walk towards the center of the four meeting stone walls, although it was huge from looking the view of outside being inside its walls made it's size see even bigger as she felt like an ant compared to the buildings appearing to layer over each other.

In her daze, however, Mikumi hadn't noticed she had been walking at quite the pace subconsciously even though her mind was distracted, unknowingly to her five guards who were on duty we're walking by and noticed the familiar face of a commoner in awe and shock of actually being inside the palace walls, although usually this was to be expected these five guards had actually just came from being on entrance duty for nearly five hours straight and not one of them recalled seeing Mikumi once, convinced that they had a break in the guards took action against her and wasted no time in surrounding her which gained the attention of those around them as well as Mikumi who was just noticing she was suddenly surrounded.

"Halt! Who are you!?" Mikumi flinched as she took notice of them after being in her own world while looking at the buildings, although her initial intent was to sneak into the Daimyo's palace undetected and get to him as a means for them to want to beef up security it seems she was instead caught by security red-handed, not intent on causing trouble Mikumi raised a hand and dug into the pocket of her jacket which alarmed the guards causing them to step closer before Mikumi produced a scroll with the symbol of the Daimyo, "I'm a shinobi from the village of Konohagakure, I was personally brought here by a request summon your Daimyo made to my village, If you'd be so kind I would like you to lead me right to him, I'm already late and I'm sure the Daimyo wouldn't appreciate me not showing up at all because  of a..bad guard" Mikumi would say hinting that she shouldn't be delayed.


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Mikumi Senju

Mikumi Senju

Although there was some hesitation for a moment they began to realize that the symbol of the scroll was indeed the symbol of the Daimyo's approval, fearing the wrath of their Daimyo upon Mikumi threatening to tell him four of the guards quickly hurried out of sight afraid to keep pestering her, all except one, the one who confronted her. "I see, my apologies honored guest, follow me and I'll lead you to the Daimyo." Is all the guard would say before walking forward which Mikumi following closely behind, walking for several minutes they eventually reached a large courtyard with nearly a hundred soldiers lined up while the Daimyo sat in front about fifteen meters away in a chair with tall umbrella's blocking the sun out providing shade, the guard stopped just ten meters short and announced whom Mikumi was, a few seconds later she heard a powerful and commanding voice, "Walk forward eight meters and kneel before me." Mikumi did just that and kneeled before the Daimyo, "So you're the shinobi that they've have sent to aid me in my time of need, a woman no less, what good will that do me?" Mikumi at first was going to hold her tongue and apology for her being late but because of that reaction she forgot her previous plan and spoke, "If you have not witnessed a kunoichi in action then, by all means, tell me what I am doing here and I promise to satisfy whatever you require Daimyo."

She heard the Daimyo chuckle from his chair, "A hot-blooded one huh? Very well let's see you in action, but let me start from the beginning. I have a group of dignitaries from the smaller neighboring nations, but as you know these nations are always looking to overthrow larger ones, this is why I requested a shinobi skilled in armed combat. In order to maintain the appearance of a nation with highly trained soldiers I will be putting on a displaying show of my soldiers practicing, however, there is an issue, most of the veteran soldiers are out on business for me leaving new ones that have hardly touched a blade in their life, your job is to teach them the basics so that I may boast our military prowess to the other nations, good luck because you have three hours." The Daimyo would say waving his hand to shoo Mikumi away and towards the one hundred Soldiers.

Mikumi initial didn't say anything, she looked over the mass of soldiers seeing many faces, some full of excitement, others boredom, and others with disguise, from the crowd she picked two random soldiers to come up to her and display what they know, it was apparent within the first few seconds Mikumi task was no mere one as their footwork was terrible, they put way too much effort into every swing and by vice versa made it look worst. Mikumi stopped their sparing and begun to yell at the large mass of soldiers to get in pairs of two but before she could give any directions a yell emanated, "NO!"

Mikumi addressed the issue and learned that the soldier who made a scene along with others felt Mikumi wasn't right for the job, to settle their worries Mikumi challenged the man who spoke out and four other of the soldiers defeating them quickly and without much effort, now that they had been bested they got quiet and Mikumi officially began teaching the soldiers how to better their footwork, stances, and the proper action to take when countering for two hours, once the final hour approached Mikumi took thirty mintues watching the best soldiers spar and decided to put them in the front so that the the Daimyo's guest would pay little attention to the few that had a harder time learning her material.

In time the Daimyo's guest came and when they sweeped throught the area to watch the soldiers they looked at awe and praised the Daimyo for his well trained army, with her work done Mikumi made her exit from the palace as quickly as she had arrived to go back to Konohagakure.



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