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Umeko Sencho

Umeko Sencho

Pulling out of this mission due to Anri vanishing.

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2Settle the dispute [Mission/Anri] Empty Re: Settle the dispute [Mission/Anri] on Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:37 pm

Anri Mao

Anri Mao

Anri checked himself in the mirror. In his hand held an empty bottle of black dye, a large inconvenience for him as at the moment he can see the blonde spots peeking out some more than recently, almost threatening to expose his true hair color to the world. It wasn’t as though people probably cared, as in a world where individuals can get a power up from their eye colors changing and, according to a recent issue in National Ninjagraphic, there are literally people that are part-shark, he was sure that a person with blonde hair was definitely even more normal than before. Still, it was more for his own personal comfort. Lately he had to keep adopting the name of Kanetsu, and a typical trait commonly found among clan members tended to be a lighter hair color. The idea of being that recognizable as one rather than as his own person was something he found absolutely abhorrent.

Shrugging his shoulders, the teen tossed the bottle away, letting it land on the floor for now as he resumed wrapping up his bandages. He was pleased to see that the wounds from before are actually beginning to heal, with some already appearing to be scars while others are scabbing over or the stitches are beginning to dissolve. They were still grizzly reminders of what had happened to him; symbols of his failure as a squad member and his squads failure as a unit, though he can feel a small amount of relief that, while they’re going to probably mark him as permanently as a missing arm, he wasn’t going to feel stinging sensations whenever he moved anymore. The issue of aesthetic wasn’t big though. That’s what the rolls of bandages he was wrapping around his body was for. As soon as he was fully covered up to his neck, he would then put on a white short-sleeved shirt with an oversized collar, accompanied by a pair of slacks of a slightly darker shade, almost gray. With the donning of his forehead protector around his neck, he would make his way out of his room.

So much had happened since he was lost, more than enough that he was still struggling to actually make sense of it all. All he knew was that at the moment they didn’t exactly have a Kage, implying something grizzly happened to his old sensei. Whatever that thing was, he dreaded to actually have it happen to him, as well. This village was missing a leader, and whole heroes may stay missing, it was up to Shinobi to keep the peace and make sure all the villagers remained okay with one another. This was the task of those that signed up to be a Shinobi, to put down their own duties for the sake of others. At one point he made the mistake of seeing it as just a possible job to help keep him stable, but now he realized that thinking that way made him just as weak as before. He had to actually not act like some sort of caped crusader and finally accepted responsibility, which with the opening of a door to the Kate’s building a while later he would be led to actually begin his own mission.

The one armed boy would move through the hallways, making the attempt to seek out who would give out the missions now. Honestly, he should’ve checked ahead of time on who would actually do so, but of course he made the mistake of going at it blind. He didn’t know why he would do things this way or why he was even trying at the moment. If he were smart he’d just wait around for Taeru to help finish filling him in on what to do, but he didn’t know. Something didn’t sit right in him to keep getting looked after like that, especially by a friend that also was hurt in their own way. He needed to try to experience things for himself, and maybe even ask another as to where to go for their mission now. Thankfully, the Sage seemed to be with him in that thought, as right before his eyes was a girl, one that seemed to be examining some sort of sheer. If she was here then clearly she must know where the missions are now. Approaching her, he would try to offer a friendly look with his face softening, the corners of his lips curling slightly to create a smile. “Hello there. D-do you know where we go to find the missions? Last time I was here w-we had to go to the Kage, but I heard we don’t have one anymore.” He asked, hoping for a little bit of help in this trying time.

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