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Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru walked through the woodlands of the Land of Fire. It was a dark night, and a bit hot. It was the middle of Summer, and the night was hot. He was shirtless, the moon’s shine reflecting on his sweaty skin. He was going for a bit of a jog in the forest, to take some of the stress off. This is what he should be doing. Rather than drowning himself in alcohol, he was going to do something productive. Said sweat was flying off his skin as he was moving quickly, his body getting cooler from the breeze he was creating for himself. He began to slow down, and stopped, raising his hands over his head, his head pointed towards the sky, breath heavy.

He leaned against a tree, and the lowered his body lower down the trunk. He reached to his side and took out a container of water. He gulped it down, saving some for later. He could take the water purifier he had, get it from a stream, and put it in the container. With that thought in his mind, he continued to gulp down the rest of his water. He gasped as he finished it off, water dripping from his lips. “Overdid it a bit.” Taking a rest, he let his mind drift off. It was like meditating. He was relaxed. His muscles and heart pulsated. His breathing evened, and he just let his mind go. His eyes opened again, and he began to get up. When he took a stepped, he heard noise. It was close. Gravelly close. He turned around, and next to his head he saw a Kunai attached to the tree. He barely got a good look of the blade before he took off into the distance, and took to the giant trees that only Konoha would have, and attempted to jump on different branches, moving from one to another in no precise pattern, in a bet to cause confusion among his attackers. He didn't know how many. His first instinct was to just run. He needed to test them. He created some hand seals and activated his Mother Earth's Eyes, to see their location. He could have activated the more powerful and more useful Tactical Chakra Mode, but he only wanted to be aware of their location. As soon as he activated, someone had disappeared almost as quickly as he activated it.

The that disappeared was next to a man who was watching Maikumaru from a higher branch farther up. He felt a presence and looked up to find someone with a particularly large sword falling from above. Maikumaru rolled out of the way, as the man descended from above, slamming his large sword into the large branch. The sword was stuck in the branch. The man attempted to pull it out and when he did the branch broke. He was standing on the side that was no longer connected to the tree. As he was falling with it, he jumped off and reached out his hand, and grabbed on the ledge of the connected branch, and effortlessly pulled himself up, all in a fluid motion. It was the first time in a long time, since he met his father had Maikumaru seen someone larger than himself. The man had half a mask on, the half of it was all black. The other half was his face. One bloodshot eye and half of a crooked insane smile. But Maikumaru wasn't going to back down. But he didn't notice that large blast of water coming from the direction of the other Bandit. It knocked Maikumaru off the branch and into a side of a tree.

He came falling down to the ground, hitting it hard. The blast hurt. A lot. Maikumaru tried to get up. No good. Too injured. Bones were definitely sprained but which ones was a hard issue to figure out.

Two man stood over Maikumaru
Oh how he hate bandits. The one that had attacked him with the Suiton blast had on a white mask on the left side of his face, and an arrogant smirk. “Let's see what he has on him.”

701 WC




Droplets of sweat glisten in the moonlight, falling harmlessly to the ground, as the sound of flesh hitting flesh ranged loudly within a clearing as the two assistants fought. Snakes lashed out like viper strikes, attempting to strike the opposing other, but, only to block countless of times. A knee flew upward at an attempt to make contact with the other’s gut, only for them to use the appendage as a springboard to send their knee at the assailant's face. The action being blocked by an open palm which gripped the offending knee, applying an incredible about of pressure to it. The grip on the knee would not last long as the defender let go of it avoid the kick sailing towards the side of their head.

Jumping back, the moonlight revealed the face of Daremo.  Wearing only a pair of black hakama pants and jika-tabi shoes, his upper body was completely bare with the moon rays highlighting the number of different scars littering it. Reptilian eyes stared into the mirror, watching as the other began circling, like a prey stalking a wounded animal, the action being mimic by the original.  As if there was some untold sign, Daremo watched as the clone rocketed towards him. Ducking underneath the wild swing, both of his hands were used to block the rising knee that would have knocked him out. Pushing the clone away, he struck with his right, grabbing the clone’s arm and yanking the doppelganger towards him with enough force to cause the clone to trip. Left hand gripped the back of the clone’s head, and slammed it into the ground with extreme force; the clone dispelling from the act.

Daremo winced as the memories of his training partner bombarded him. He getting to see the viewpoint of his clone, giving him insight in the holes in his taijutsu, along with getting the phantom pains from the injuries the doppelganger received. After a couple of seconds, the pain dispersed, relieving him of the nuisance feeling. Walking over to a nearby tree, Daremo grabbed the bottle of water laying atop of a dark green haori. There was no need to save any of the water, for he was heading home now. He had only come out here to do a small workout as a means to clear his mind from other troubling thoughts.

Setting the empty bottle on the ground, he slipped on the haori and his kumo headband, only grabbing the bottle again afterward. There was not a need to wear the article of clothing; the land of fire is notorious for its warm weather even at nightfall. Yet, he put it on anyway, if only to remove the need in caring for it. Now clothed, Nanashi took to the trees and began making his way towards one of the many forest’s exits. Hopping from tree branch to tree branch, he came to an abrupt stop upon nearing the exit, having heard a large crash not to far from his location.

On near reflex, a pulse of chakra rolled from his body. The energy rolling over a hundred meters in every direction. It did not take long for three chakra signatures to be detected, in which two seem to be chasing a third. Curious as in what was going on, Daremo started making his way towards the location of the signatures at a leisurely pace. There being no hurry from the silver haired male. He was just going there to see what was going on. If it was on interest or amusement to him then he would intervene, if not, well, he would allow things to play out as they may. Eyes darted back and forth, scrying the ground feet below him, and looking around in his surroundings. While the sensory used was good. It would be foolish not to be on guard, after all, there are those who can hide from sensory jutsus.

Appearing on a branch, Daremo came to an interesting sight: two men standing over another. Though he could not see the two standing men’s faces, he could already tell so much about them. By their general appearance, the two seemed to be bandits or missing-nins of the sorts. Though, because he did not see the normal headband scrap around their head, he could only assume they were bandits. Furthermore, the men were decently strong, from what his sensory technique indicated. Interesting.

An eyebrow was raised when he took note of the down man. He was not looking for injuries, instead, staring at the headband the individual wore: Iwa. Much like the times, his niece wore the headband, seeing it brought back up some unwanted memories that were snuffed out before they could take root. Before he could bother in pondering the on the headband any longer, he jumped away as the tree branch he stood on was destroyed by a water bullet. Landing on one of the branches, he jumped over the large sword that threatens to bisect him in half and jump down. The men following after him, and landing in between him and the down individual

Eyeing the two bandits who were now focused on him, Daremo shrugged his shoulders, “Guess I stumbled over something I shouldn’t have.”, He mused out loud. Not really wanting to deal with the men standing in front of him, Daremo’s released the restraints on his chakra, the paleish green energy engulfing him. A gut-wrenching, stomach churning, vomit inducing presence descending on the area with vengeance. There was nothing ‘clean’ about the presence, it reeked of corruption and impurities. It was diseased ridden and simply nasty. Vile was too light of a word for the presence which caused both of the men to empty their stomach contents. While they retched, Daremo appeared before them as he walked past them. Screams filled the air as their skin suddenly blacken without warning. The charred skin being tell-tale signs of a bad case of necrosis.

Cutting off his chakra, Daremo squat to the right of the down male, “What did you do to piss them off?”, He asked, pointing towards the men who were still screaming in agony from the third-degree tissue damage done to their faces, “Or was you just in the right place at the wrong time, Iwa-nin?” While he did not know this individual from the apparent bandits he attacked, this one interested him. “Names, Daremo. And you are?”


Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru’s mind raced as the man raised his gargantuan sword into the air, ready to cleave him in twain. What a pity. I couldn’t even live long enough to exact vengeance. What a load of crap. When he was about to swing the mighty blade, a figured made a dexterous move, jumping over the weapon. Maikumaru took a defensive stance. He figured it was likely that it was another enemy coming to join in on the fun of robbing him. But he gracefully landed in front of Maikumaru, standing between him and his enemies. An ally? He made a casual muse. And then something truly horrific happened, when a dark green aura emitted from the stranger. Well...not to Maikumaru.

The men that had tried to kill and rob Maikumaru started to look green. Maikumaru himself started to feel nauseated just by looking at them. And then they began to throw up violently. The young Special Jounin looked on as their skin began to darken in color. They screamed in horror, as they started to come under the effect of rotting skin. Maikumaru knew what this was. He had only heard of it but never had witnessed it with his own eyes. Not even when he was a bounty hunter under Takehare had any of the bounties or missing ninjas had done mastered it. Offensive Medical Ninjutsu. Medical Ninjutsu was always the Poster Child for healing. But Takehare had taught Maikumaru different.

“As you may know, medical ninjutsu is great for healing, and recovering. But just know that it can be used to deal damage. It's not like Ninjutsu or Taijutsu where its straightforward blasting a fireball out of your ass or beating the crap outta someone until they are a bloody mist. No. It’s much more meticulous. My greatest capture was a specialist at it. It's fine chakra control on the level of Genjutsu. Let me tell you this way: attacking the digestive system, infected people with a heart disease, softening their bones, all of that.

“Can you teach it to me?”


Maikumaru stood to his feet. He was asked a question by this person called Daremo. “They were looking to score. Bandits. The usual. I'm Maikumaru. It's nice to meet you. I know this seems sudden, out of the blue, especially considering we met less than five minutes ago, but I would be honored ur you taught me things like that.” He pointed to the disgustingly rotting men. He needed to learn this. It was going to be a very useful tool against Hastur. He just knew it.





Now, this was an interesting development, it was not everyday someone come to him wanting to be trained in medical ninjutsu. They always turned to others when it comes to learning the delicate art. Other people were more delicate when it came to teaching the art, Daremo was not known for delicacy. It was why people only sought him out after they had gotten a grasp of the healing concept, and even then, some stay away from him due to seeing his methods as extreme. Yet, it was the same methods that his own mother taught him with as a child, and Tei expanding on such a method when a genin under her command. The practice works, at least, in Daremo’s eyes, but, he would admit it was not for most people.

While many who knew him knows to air on a side of caution when asking him to train them, there was just as many who didn’t, and it seemed this individual was one of them. Stepping back, allowing the man's space to get up, the reptilian eyes of his never left Maikumaru. “Aren’t you bold for asking a complete stranger to teach you medical ninjutsu.”, He spoke, ignoring the sounds of moans and screams coming from the bandits background. The screams of pain was nothing more than more than background noise. “How do you know I am not with them?”, He asked, pointing to the down men, “You did say, the bandits were looking for a score. There is a high demand on body parts on the black market. Alas, I am not with them. So you don’t need to worry about that.”

Indeed, Daremo was curious in how the man knew he wasn’t with the bandits. Just because he attacked them, does not mean he was against them. He could have just been using the men as bait, at least, that how he would do it. Walking past the large male, Daremo moved towards the down. A silver-tip being pulled from his person as he lifted one of the men up, and jabbed the weapon into his heart, killing them. Like trash, the body was tossed further into the woods,“Normally, I would not bother teaching someone medical ninjutsu. But, I am feeling generous. I will teach you how to heal and kill people, but, I won’t teach you the techniques that I created.”He spoke, grabbing the other squirming and tossing him in front of Malk. “Seeing how we have a live body to use. You will be practicing on him. While I do not care about him living or not, try to keep him alive until you get the hang of things. But, before we begin, I need to know why you want to learn medical ninjutsu.”

With the answer given, Daremo would proceed in teaching the man medical ninjutsu. He did so more out of whim, and a desire to see where the male would take such knowledge.



Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru Otsuka

Maikumaru was starry eyed at the idea of learning something like so useful. He wanted to be as versatile as possible, and learning healing was the most logical way to do it. He could already use Ninjutsu in most situation as it was the most versatile type of jutsu there was. He had Taijutsu down to a science, especially with the help from his father and others. And now he had a much more support approach, with medical ninjutsu. Even better was the fact that he was learning the more offensive perversion from someone very powerful. Yet, he had to tilt his head at the question of the man being allied with the filth known as bandits. “Well…” he simply gestured to them, showing that they were a disgusting heap of weak men squirming from his sort of miasma attack. He was hoping that the implication of an ally doing something like this to another ally  would be unlikely. But then again, he really didn’t know whether he was with them or not. He could have betrayed them, and taken Maikumaru’s belongings by himself. However, he could have only have been allied with them to help him with combatting potential victims. But that was even more unlikely, as he was able to kill them with ease.

But then the man the man picked up one of the bodies. The larger one, displaying his impressive strength that even surpasses Maikumaru’s. He had something in his hand, and stuck it in the criminal’s heart, and tossed him aside like trash. A worthy death for all scum. Maikumaru was asked why he wanted to learn how to use Medical Ninjutsu. “Well there are a few answers to that question. I essentially want to be a battle medic so to speak, able to fight and heal others effectively during a fight. But that’s an unlikely scenario, working with others. Not that I can’t or don’t want to, I just don’t normally have allies. I want to heal myself in combat. Incase of an injury, I would be incapacitated, and that would be rather unfortunate. And another reason….well...I have an enemy. Someone who I aim to stop. Someone who needs to be stopped. This man is a threat to my village and a threat to the world we live in...and Medical Ninjutsu would be a valuable tool for me to use to impress him…”




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