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「”We know you just got back from the Water Country, and that you’re a tad overqualified for this task...”

Takao’s eyes narrowed on the man who sat comfortably behind his desk, shuffling through stacks of papers in a fruitless attempt to look busier than he was. The dark-haired shinobi stood mere feet from him, watching him with a cold, quiet, unwavering gaze.

“...But the targets of his mission have fled from the Fire Country and landed on foreign soil. Although they are our allies, the client has claimed that acting through the proper channels will upset the kidnappers, and thus as requested a great deal of…”

“Discretion.” Takao cut him off. His glove-clad hand dismissively rubbed at his ear to demonstrate how the supposed seriousness of the task didn’t faze him.

“I get it. Get the kid, eliminate the targets, don’t let Big Brother Kirigakure hear me playing in his room on the way out. Anything else?” The man at the desk looked wholly unimpressed with Takao’s laissez faire demeanor.

“Ah… Yes… The description of the girl… She is described as having white hair, dark of skin, heterochromia in the eyes” As the man droned on in excessive detail, Takao’s eyes glazed over, and his attention drifted toward the distant window.

Hey ... Hello! ... Are you even listening to me?!” The sharp voice of the man caught his attention and tore it from the window. “Did you listen to a single thing I just said?”

“Yup, got it all in here,” Takao said as he pointed at his head. Dark skin, white hair, in the company of an unknown number of targets, it seemed like a unique enough situation that whatever details he missed out on wouldn’t be important enough to warrant the man’s nasally voice assaulting his ears. Still unimpressed, the man’s glare did not escape Takao’s attention.

“Relax. I’ve done this kind of thing before. I’ll be in and out before the sun’s up, and the Mist’s braindead Black Ops won’t even notice a blade of grass out of place.” Takao’s confidence in the matter shone through in his words, although it appeared as though the man was unconvinced. Regardless of his belief in the former Hokage’s words, his track record was clean enough to warrant blind faith, if only this one time. As his gaze traveled down Takao’s figure, taking in the unseemly attire that consisted of shinobi slacks tucked into boots, a jacket around his waist, and a black tank-top acting as the only article covering his torso, he mentally remarked that professionalism was certainly not a priority.

“Fine. At your leisure.” He said, waving Takao off, who offered a sarcastic half-bow on his way out of the office.

A calm, bitter night had enveloped the Land of Water. Knee-high haze danced across the still Dankness draped over the Bloody Mist. Trained shinobi and clueless pedestrians alike would remark that such a night hid terrors in the shadows, waiting to leap from their chance to leap at just the right passing victim. Yet nothing that went bump in the night were not obscured from his eyes, no matter how well they cowered in their shadows. The eerie, warm glow of his eyes revealed everything to him, in the form of a kilometer-long field of heat.

Doesn’t help much with the description, but…” Takao mused to himself within the safety of his head as he leapt from tree to tree beneath the canopy, the sound of his movements dampened in their entirety to make his advance akin to a gentle breeze through the Water Country’s forests. He had taken to the search for just under an hour, scouring the vast water-logged woodlands of Mizu no Kuni in search for his targets.

Can’t be too many groups of people hanging around here--... and speaking of…” His gaze settled upon a conglomeration of heat in the distance, which he could pick out at six distinct individuals. Five male, one female, and just enough of a coincidence to earn his confidence in this group holding his quarry. It was clear that the female was held against her will, or at least Takao had inferred such from the obscure context of a wordless, distant gaze. The five had opted to set up camp; two were asleep, two sat by the fire, and one lingered near the girl, presumably to ensure cooperation or lack of escape at the very least. With reckless haste, Takao closed the distance between his starting point and his destination in negligible time. He landed with an intentionally hollow thud on the vertical surface of a nearby tree.

“Check out this motley crew of degenerates.” Takao’s mocking tone rumbled in his chest and echoed clearly in the silence of night as his cold, black-eyed gaze settled upon the group. The chakra in his feet disappeared at will and he slid from the surface of the tree, falling and landing on his feet with a heavy thud at the base.

His presence alerted the two sitting by the fire first, then the third that lingered near the girl, and their shouting awoke the slumbering two who came stumbling from the tent with haste, and all turned to face Takao with weapons in hand.

“I had good luck finding you mooks, so why don’t we keep the ball rolling; hand over the girl, and you five walk away in one piece. Sounds like a good trade, yeah? Whadaya say?” He said, gesturing with his hands as he spoke. A wry smile wound the corners of his mouth into his cheeks as their response of expletives and mocking was as expected. The five of them laughed, and Takao joined in.

“I was hoping you’d pick the hard way.”」


Mission Details:
Mission name: Rescue the Lady Aina.
Mission rank: A.
Objective: Retrieve the kidnapped Lady Aina.
Location: Kirigakure no Sato. (any board)
Reward: 1,000 ryo.
Mission Description: The daughter of a Lord in Hi no Kuni has been kidnapped by unknown criminals and held for ransom. Rescue the Lord's daughter unharmed.
Mission Details: Lord Hasegawa's daughter, Lady Aina, has recently gone missing and is suspected of being kidnapped. A ransom note was found in the Lady's bedroom, requesting an inordinate amount of ryo for her safe return, and reassured that no harm would come to her should their demands be met. Lord Hasegawa has requested that a shinobi or a team or shinobi retrieve his daughter and apprehend the criminals who have taken her. The mission-taker must face five A-Rank shinobi that utilize up to A-Rank Doton, Suiton, and Katon, and have A-0 Stats.

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"Keep your mouth shut and nothing will happen to you." The raspy voice cut through her deep sleep. Kousetsu's eyes darted open, meeting the stare of a masked man who was seemingly hovering over her body on the bed, his hand firmly covering the foxes mouth. Her heart was beating relatively quickly, but she wasn't panicked, only confused. She tried to scan her immediate surroundings to see if she were anywhere other than her home. She was in her room, the same familiar furniture in the room was just visible in the very low light. Though, there were others in the room with her and the man leaning over her. Kousetsu couldn't tell how many there were, but it was at least two others. Removing his hand from her mouth, the masked man stood up signaling the other individuals, who promptly stepped forward to seize her. The rough hands clasped around her arms, pulling the fox up out of the bed and setting her on the ground. Kousetsu almost lost her balance, as she was woken up rather abruptly, so her eyes were still heavy whilst trying to fully comprehend what was going on. She could finally confirm now that there were 5 men in her room, except there was still one thing bothering her.

"What do you want with me?" She blew all warning out of the water and spoke regardless of anything. The accompanying looks of frustration told her that she may have messed up, but to her surprise, Kousetsu quickly realized that they weren't about to hurt her - as their demeanor had changed after she clearly disobeyed their orders to stay quiet. One of the men tightened their grip on her arm, but the man who was originally holding her down decided to speak up. "It's best to stay quiet, if we were literally anyone else, you'd be seriously hurt. That's no threat." The man finished, it seemed harmless enough, however, that still didn't answer her question. "So?" She asked, sounding a little agitated now. The man rolled his eyes, sighing heavily before talking again. "Boss wants your abilities," he started, pointing to the top of her head, pretty clearly aiming at her fox ears. "Whatever you've got going on with those and that tail of yours." Kousetsu couldn't believe what she was hearing at all, she almost broke composure, she wanted to burst out and laugh.

"These ears and tail mean absolutely nothing, there's no power for you to obtain, there's nothing. You're wasting your time. Let me go!" Kousetsu said, squirming in the grasp of the men around her. The other two individuals in the room were just sort of standing around, supposedly just for backup if things didn't go their way. The masked man laughed out, before he turned around and started walking out of the room. "That's what they all say, Fox." He said, cackling a bit more. "Blind and gag her please." He waved his hand in the air as he walked away. Kousetsu looked around as the two other goons in the room walked up to her, tying a cloth of some sort around her eyes and mouth, not allowing her to see or speak. She was then lifted off the ground and carried off somewhere. Kousetsu started to wonder how the individuals even managed to get to her in the house filled with her family.

After being around for a while, the blindfold and gag were pulled off of the fox. She squinted around as the light caught her in the eye, attempting to get a grasp on where she was at. Kousetsu pulled gently at her wrists which were bound together a by ropes that no one likely wanted to help her exit from. She had guessed that they were at some sort of camp, probably a camp her captors had made themselves. It was clear to Kousetsu that she was being watched very closely, but she had no intention of trying to escape with five different ninja watching her. She craned her neck to the side, glancing at one the men to her right. "You do realize how ignorant this is, yes?" Kousetsu said with a very obvious sneer. She didn't have time to be frightened, or plea for her release, she knew what happened if she didn't comply. A hand met the back of her head with a very audible thwack - to which she twisted her neck towards to literally snap at with her teeth. Kousetsu sometimes had feral instincts, probably due to the whole fox thing, so it wasn't unusual for her to pull stunts like this. The man pulled his hand away before she was able to get her teeth on it. "What did we say about talking? Keep quiet, we're delivering you in the morning." The man said with a disgusted look on his face.

Kousetsu huffed heavily, finally giving in. She leaned back against a tree she was near and closed her eyes in hopes to possibly get some rest. However, that was short lived after she heard a very decisive sounding thud hitting wood nearby. Looking up she saw what appeared to be a shinobi of some kind standing above the camp within the trees. He had stated his intentions with a very cocky twist to the words, Kousetsu wasn't sure exactly what this man thought he was going to do against the five goons. Though, she was still very appreciative that anyone would come to save her. In any event, she thought she would at least take the opportunity to assist herself as well, feeling a tad more confident with another person to help her around. It was clear to her that the knot in the rope tying her hands together weren't very well kept, so Kousetsu had been loosening it ever since the goons started traveling with her. While the men who kidnapped her were still distracted, she let the rope drop to the ground as she undid the knot, but she continued to sit there as if still incapable of doing anything. Her legs were still bound, but with her hands free it would be of no issue later on.

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「”Ah Boss, ya’ hear whatever that scrawny toothpick said?” One of the five-- by far the largest of their group by several hundred pounds-- spoke up after Takao’s exceedingly confident words. The black-haired shinobi’s arms folded at his chest as he listened to the ensuing, mocking banter that they tossed back and forth.

“Sounds like he wants a beatin’ to me!” Another piped up. He stood in stark contrast to the prior, nearly two feet shorter and more befitting of the “scrawny toothpick” descriptor that had been placed on Takao. Two more piped up and erupted into another fit of laughter, trading various slights against him.

“Fellas, fellas. Are we just gonna sit around while you guys jerk each other off, or are we gonna fight?” Takao interrupted, his unfolded arms held out at his sides. The five exchanged glances and in that moment Takao clapped his hands together and spoke again, calling their attention back onto him.

“I get it, I get it… It’s always a little awkward to get the ball rolling. Here, I’ll do you guys a solid this time and get us started!” He said, thrusting both hands outward with the technique he had prepared while speaking. A powerful gale of wind shot from his palms as he jumped at the same time, propelling himself backwards into the tree he had only just leapt from. On the other end, the swathes of wind tore through the group with the worst of the gale aimed away from Kousetsu herself, who would only experience the residual harmless winds. Two of the five were blown back, tumbling across the forest floor from the force of the gale. Two others had leapt free of its wrath, landing safely out of its path of destruction. The last of the kidnappers, the aforementioned largest of them, stood stalwart and accepted the gust with precious little discourse.

Excess chakra was poured into the soles of his feet and the muscles of his legs, augmenting their ability with chakra that exceeded physical limitations. As a result, Takao was jettisoned off the vertical surface of the tree when the chakra was expelled. With his right hand tightened into a fist and the attached arm cocked back, Takao’s glove-clad hand smashed into the face of the rotund kidnapper.

The force behind the strike and the momentum that carried his body was enough to send the largest kidnapper toppling across the forest floor, much like his friends had, while Takao landed where he had previously stood. The victim to Takao’s strike had slid nearly ten meters before coming to a natural halt, just shy of a large rock. A mocking laugh rumbled in Takao’s throat as he rolled his shoulder and set his gaze about the aftermath.

He had opened his mouth to speak, and had only just managed the beginning of his sentence when the ground beneath him began to shift and slide. What had once been solid ground was no longer, and his footing was torn from beneath him as a river of mud carried him toward the large tree behind him. His back slammed against the trunk and a whine of pain escaped through clenched teeth. Takao’s gaze refocused just in time to see the large torrent of water barreling toward him, and afforded him just barely enough time to escape its wrath as it slammed into the trunk of the tree he had been thrown against barely a second earlier. Once again leaping from the vertical surface, Takao committed to putting more distance in his jump, and landed closer to Kousetsu and two of the five kidnappers. His careful footwork carried him away from her as they assaulted him with a messy cluster of strikes and kicks; their difference in skill level made evasion of little issue for him, and thus he entertained their close-quarters bout of fisticuffs on the defensive.

As their frustration grew, so did the number of opportunities to strike back. Takao chose his moment carefully and when time finally came to swap to the offensive, he did so explosively. One of the two swung high for his head with enough time for Takao to grapple the arm and stop the blow, simultaneously stepping forward with one leg that kicked back and threw his nameless assailant to the ground. Takao ducked into a roll while keeping the man’s arm grappled, causing a loud snap and ensuing howl of pain to echo through the quiet copse. Takao rolled back onto his feet as the remaining opponent tackled him low, slamming him into the trunk of a nearby tree.

Takao leaned forward and grappled him at the waist, lifting him from the tackle with strength that eclipsed the man’s own by far, and dropped him down head-first in a pile-driver reminiscent maneuver. With two down, Takao focused his attention on the two that remained-- or rather, the one that he could see. He had four accounted for and the fifth missing. His gaze shifted, scanning the area around him until his ears caught onto the sound of ruffling fabric from above. Takao’s gaze shot skyward just in time to see the fifth kidnapper standing on the tree above, completing a complex string of hand seals. Before Takao could move, tendrils of lightning erupted from the man’s hands and struck the ground beside Takao. As the tendrils connected with the ground, shrill eardrum-rupturing booms resounded at either flank, and left his ears ringing as a string of pain-filled expletives left through grit teeth.

Distracted by his newfound deafness, Takao was incapable of evading the second torrent of water that slammed into him and pinned him against the tree. The lightning-user leapt from his perch on the tree and landed beside his water-using ally, although his gaze had fallen sidelong.

“Chouko! Take the girl to the rendezvous spot and wait for us there! We’ll catch up when we take care of this fool.” The man shouted out. The largest of the kidnappers, previously unnamed although identified now as Chouko, staggered to his feet after recovering from the earlier blow and moved over to Kousetsu.

“You ‘erd the man. Yer comin’ with me!” He announced, threatening to overpower her and pick her up, provided that he was not met with opposition from her that would have halted his advance.」


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Kousetsu watched in anticipation as the mysterious shinobi fought off her captors, albeit rather clumsily. Regardless of the efficiency, Kousetsu was appreciative. She wasn't entirely sure how the man knew that she was captured, as far as Kousetsu knew, the man was a complete stranger. Her eyes followed the fight as best as she could, making sure she would be in a good position for any advances toward herself.
Without much warning, the savage crack of lightning erupting from the air and striking the ground startled her. Cringing back and averting her eyes weren't enough, Kousetsu's ears were not prepared for the booming impact. The ringing in her ears continued as she turned her head back to the scene in front of her. The man that had come to her rescue was very clearly in even more of a struggle, she could only imagine that the lightning had most likely shattered his eardrums. Kousetsu shuffled in her seat on the ground, growing a little more weary about the situation, knowing very well that her savior would be disoriented for the rest of the fight. This weariness was reinforced by the next attack that connected with the man, sending him flying into a nearby tree. It had seemed to Kousetsu, that five against one may have been an ambitious fight to pick.

The Foxes composure quickly snapped back into place as she heard the order for her retrieval. She watched as the man instructed to remove her from the scene trudged over to her in a very demanding way. Luckily, she had prepared herself for this sort of thing, as her hands were not loosely unbound from the ropes that had her hands tied previously. Kousetsu subtly undid the rest of knot from behind her, waiting for the right moment before making her move. Of course, with legs still bound, there was only so much she could do that would be beneficial in this situation, but she would make do, as she was taught to do so when fending for her life. As the man got closer she place her hands firmly on the ground, allowing herself some stability as she stood quickly, feet still together. With as much strength as she could, she launched out with her right arm, connecting heavily with the man's solar plexus, briefly taking the wind out of him. Of course this movement came with a lack of balance due to the inability to control her legs, which sent her toppling over face first into the ground. Before the man realized what had happened and reacted appropriately, Kousetsu swiftly reached towards the outside of the man's thigh, grabbing a hold of a Kunai that was hanging from his belt. The goon attempted to grab for her hand, but to no avail, as Kousetsu had already cut the rope that bound her legs together before the man's hand had even reached where the foxes was prior. With almost no need for the kunai now, she hurled the metal object up towards the goon's head, standing quickly as he effortlessly dodged it.

The man's arms opened as if he were going to try and hug Kousetsu, the hands making some sort of grabbing motion repetitively. "Girl, you best play nice now and come along." the goon said, approaching her slowly. Kousetsu was slightly taken aback by the idea that the man seriously thought she would just comply. It definitely wouldn't fall in line with her personal goals if she did, so she decided against it - as if there were any chance she would allow it. Instead, Kousetsu decided to turn quickly on her heels and ran quickly into the forest behind her. This didn't come without opposition, unfortunately - The goon was following closely behind her, and catching up just as fast, screaming profanities at her in a fit of rage. It was silly to Kousetsu that the man lost his temper so quickly, she'd thought that someone who were to be sent out on a mission such as kidnapping an individual would be a little more composed.

Just before the goon caught up with her, Kousetsu decided that it would be beneficial to her to set up a defense. As she was sprinting through the thick forest, she concentrated chakra into her lungs, inhaling deeply only to exhale almost immediately, releasing invisible seafoam bubbles into the air around her. The bubbles were left floating in the air behind Kousetsu as she ran, which she prompted to explode as her pursuer got close to them. The bubbles were harmless, but they were sure to distract the man long enough for her to concoct a decent escape. The man's grunts were a clear indicator that the bubbles had provided her some time, to which she reacted to the noises by leaping up into the nearest tree, hiding on the opposite side away from the man's view. Shortly after, the goon's sounds of frustration erupted in the air, clearly agitated by the idea of being outsmarted by a relatively weak ninja. She watched as he ran passed her hiding spot in the trees before she made her next decision.

Against her better judgement, Kousetsu was curious to see how her savior was fairing against the other four individuals. She turned back towards the camp, hopping from tree to tree until she arrived at her destination.

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「Everything around Takao had fallen silent, yet not quite so at the same time. High-pitched ringing plagued his auditory senses, leaving his consciousness alone with the thoughts that reigned supreme in his head. Their voices erupted into a chorus of dread and trepidation, urging him to do the worst in blunt, tactless form.


Even as the roaring waters cascaded over him, only their voices could be heard. It was like a nightmare, a situation he could only imagine in his darkest times, yet despite their debilitating nature they offered their own form of disturbing, twisted motivation. Pinned against the tree for the duration of the torrent of water, the last of Takao’s breath found itself infused with a swathe of chakra. As the two life-giving elements mixed, he forced them from his lungs in spectacular fashion. Erupting from within came a flame-- it began as red and orange, as one would expect fire to look, but was overtaken in an instant by the faint blue spark lingering within the heart of the fire. As he exhaled, his body caught fire as if he were covered in gasoline, and the water that pounded against his form exploded into harmless steam upon making contact. He stepped forward, struggling against the current at first until the full force of his own technique overtook the water assaulting him. Each step became easier until he was upon his assailant, and his fire-clad hand outstretched and grasped his throat. The flames that danced harmlessly across Takao’s skin and clothing were not as benevolent to their victim. Had he the capacity to, he would have screamed, but the volatile flames that melted his throat ensured that no sound would escape.

Behind him, the one responsible for the lightning that deafened Takao would not sit idly by as his ally was brutalized. Bolts of electricity shot from his hand, arcing from his fingers to crackle through the air as though a storm brew overhead. Yet as the bolts struck true and slammed into Takao’s back, the shroud of blue flames ate away at the foreign chakra. Not unlike the flesh and muscle of his victim’s throat, the lightning was burned away with little to no harm to Takao himself. A low, rumbling, animalistic growl-like noise resonated in Takao’s chest as his gaze turned away from the culled kidnapper and settled upon the form of the remaining assailant that had just landed at the base of the tree. With his hands raised, seemingly in an attempt at halting combat to attempt diplomacy, the man began to speak.

“Look, look-- This brat we’re after has one of those old demons in them-- the ones ain’t nobody seen in years. Our boss has somebody willing to pay big mon--”

I CAN'T HEAR YOU, ASSHOLE.” Takao yelled with irregular cadence as he pointed at one of his ears, his deafness making it difficult to determine how loud he was speaking.

The last of the kidnappers that opposed Takao simply stared at Takao, who returned his gaze with an increasingly annoyed and frustrated expression.

“O...kay then. Uh…” He continued, ultimately resigning to simply attacking Takao rather than attempting futile communication, and began to weave hand seals.

As he did so, Takao’s hand slammed into the cloth wrappings on his right arm, and released chakra from one of the seal formulae. A cloud of smoke eclipsed his fire-clad form and cleared in a mere second afterward, revealing a long length of heavy, weighted chain in his grasp. He swung the chain faster than the man could react. It was swung wide from right to left, wrapping around the tree behind him first before the links at the end of the chain emit powerful bursts of blue flames, not unlike the ones shrouding Takao’s body, which sped up their advance. The heavy chain wrapped Takao’s assailant in what was observably an instant, pinning him to the tree. The sheer weight of the chains were too much for him to move, and with his arms at his side, he was left defenseless. The words he spoke that followed fell upon deaf ears-- literally-- and more jets of flame manifested on the chains opposite to him. They pushed the chains inward as Takao pulled, crushing his ribcage and arms, leaving him whimpering and wheezing when the chains were given slack and fell limp around the tree. Takao turned toward the direction that Kousetsu and her rotund assailant ran in just in time to see her return to the campsite.

“WHERE’S THE FAT ONE?” He asked as his arm jerked the chain, forcing it to wrap around his right arm as the blue flames he wore like a cloak faded away.

Mere seconds after speaking, the faint rumble of heavy footsteps vibrated to his left, urging him to turn. The last of the five kidnappers had returned and, upon seeing his four brothers-in-arms incapacitated or worse, was brought to a sudden halt.

“U-hh-...” He said, slowly backing away from the campsite as Takao’s cold gaze set upon him. The raven-haired shinobi’s face contorted into a scowl and his body turned, allowing the heavy chains to fall lax from his arm with a ground-shaking thud. The expression coupled with his fallen comrades was enough to urge a retreat, and he fled off into the woods. Takao opted to not give chase and instead turned to Kousetsu.

“YOU’RE SAFE NOW, LADY AINA. I’LL TAKE YOU BACK TO KONOHA NOW, YOUR DAD’S WAITING THERE.” He said, his inability to correct his cadence still causing irregularities in volume, yet he seemed either wholly unaware or indifferent as he flashed her a confident thumbs up and cheeky smile.」



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