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1 Patrol Duty [Mission, N'jobu/Satoru] on Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:18 am



Patrol Duty:

Mission name: Patrol Duty (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Patrol your village.
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: You've been pulled for Patrol duty. Your job is simple, you are to patrol the area you've been assigned looking for any sort of danger or anything that looks out of the ordinary. 
Mission details: Your village is a little short handed and so you've been pulled for patrol duty. Your shift is from eleven at night to seven in the morning. You're to patrol the area you've been assigned, which is to your choosing, and ensure that everything is okay. About halfway through your shift you'll come across an Academy student breaking curfew and have to send him on his way, but other than that you won't run into any trouble except for maybe a 'ninja' attack from a local street cat.

Kennosuke grumbled souly as he sits on his bed in his small room inside the Kimura Compound.He had just been informed he was to report for a patrol duty. Unfortunately it would mean a long night for him, as he had been up all day and it was already late in the evening. He had about an hour to kill before he had to report for duty.

"Well, guess thats enough time to grab a bite." He muttered to himself as he stood up and left his room. Once out on the streets of Konoha, the sun had already set and the night air was pleasantly cool and the moon hung bright overhead. ~Atleast its a nice night for a patrol.~ he thought to himself as he made his way down the street. He stopped in at the Ichiraku Ramen stand and ordered a quick bite and had a nice conversation with the cook. Feeling refreshed and ready to get to work he sets out again on the well lit streets toward his assigned patrol area. He was to meet with the others who would patrol with him atop Hokage Rock and together they would patrol the area surrounding it.

He covered the distance at a decent pace, not quite running but not exactly walking either. Soon he stood atop Hokage Rock and looked out over his home village. Even in the dark, lit only by street lamps and the moon,  it was a beautiful sight. He stood there taking it in for a moment before someone spoke behind him.

"You here to relieve us?" The voice said as Kennosuke turned around. Two Shinobi stood before him, he recognized them from around the village and figured he probably was there to relieve them so he nods. He goes to speak but the other Shinobi interrupts. "Good. I was hoping we wouldn't have to stay up here all night." He says before explaining the patrol area and what to do if anything happened. As soon as he was done, the pair turn and begin making their way down to the village. Kennosuke watched them for a moment before turning back to gaze over the village. He was supposed be meeting two others and this was as good a spot to wait as any. He stood there in silence, his left hand resting on the hilt of his sword, his eyes studying the night covered village.


2 Re: Patrol Duty [Mission, N'jobu/Satoru] on Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:04 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu prepared himself for yet another low ranking mission as the many he had partaken recently. Tonight's mission was a simple patrol of the village perimeter. He hadn't been assigned to patrol duty before so it would be something a bit new to him, but given his experience during the war in Suna, he figured it would be a relative cakewalk. He walked around the his room in the Aburame estate, contemplating what he would need to bring with him on his night patrol. "5 arrows should be plenty for anything i'll have to deal with tonight," he mused to himself as he attached his bow quiver to Kabutomushi. He strapped his bow to his back and draped his Basotho blanket over him as he headed out the door towards the village gates where he was to meet the other two shinobi assigned to patrol duty with him.

As he walked out the door, he realized he had a bit of time to kill before he was to report to duty station so he figured he would grab some dinner first as it was set to be a long night. As if his body was on auto-pilot, he headed toward his favorite BBQ spot which happened to be on the way to the front gates which made it an excellent detour prior to his duty assignment. Within a few minutes he had arrived at the restaurant, his mouth salivating from the aroma of the BBQ wafting through the air. He took a seat at his normal table, and began to place his usual order of slices of pork with plain white rice. He was a simple man and a simple meal was all he really needed to satisfy his cravings. As he waited for his food, he sat and thought about what he would end up dealing with on his night patrol. "Hopefully it will be at least somewhat exciting," he mutter to himself under his breath, "maybe I'll get to hunt some game while we are out on patrol." While he was deep in his thoughts, the waitress arrived with his food in hand and placed it in front of him. He thanked her and began to feast upon the many delicious morsel on the plate before him.

Each bite more delicious than the last, he relished in the tasty food that he had the pleasure of enjoying before heading out for a night's work. Before he knew it, he had demolished his entire meal and left a bone dry plate behind him. He thanked the chef and paid for his meal as he walked out the door and headed toward the gate. The gate itself wasn't very far from the restaurant, so it only took him a few moments to reach his intended destination. Upon arrival, he noticed another young shinobi with his hand resting upon his sword hilt next to the gate. He was fair skinned with messy dark hair and dark colored clothing, slightly blending into the night before them. N'Jobu walked over to the boy and introduced himself as he figure this was likely one of the two other that had been assigned with him to tonight's patrol duty. "Hey, I'm N'Jobu. I'm here for patrol duty as I assume you are as well. Looks like we are missing one more person..."

WC: 570


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Standing there in the evening air, Kennosuke had nearly lost track of time and the reason he was there. When another boy walked up and introduced himself as N'Jobu, Kennosuke greets him with an incline of his head. He studied the other shinobi for a moment. N'Jobu looked around the same age as himself, but has a very particular skin color that not many other Leaf Shinobi had. Due to that he knew the other boy was Aburame, which interested Kennosuke as the differences between the two were vast considering N'Jobu was basically a walking insect hive. He also had a bow, making him a ranged fighter which would make for a good pairing with Kennosuke's close combat preference, that is as long as N'Jobu was a good aim and didn't shoot Kennosuke on accident.

"Well met, N'Jobu. I'm Kennosuke." He returns his gaze back out across the village and stifles a yawn before falling silent. Between the tiredness and his normal loner attitude he wasn't much for conversation at the moment. Minutes pass in silence and before long Kennosuke shakes head and motions N'Jobu. "Screw it. He's late or not coming. He can catch up but if i stand here any longer I'm liable to find somewhere to go to sleep. Lets head out." He sets out, his emerald eyes scanning the darkness around them. He doubted anything real would happen,  but better safe than sorry.

He wished that he could manifest  Aibāningu, the Kimura Dojutsu that would allow him to see heat signatures, but for whatever reason it hadn't manifested itself within Kennosuke. Because as much as he doubted they would run into trouble, Kennosuke secretly hoped they would, as so he could test his fire against a new opponent and regardless of his Dojutsu, or lack thereof, Kennosuke would light the night with his flames.


4 Re: Patrol Duty [Mission, N'jobu/Satoru] on Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:41 am

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

"Well met, N'Jobu. I'm Kennosuke," the boy would say as he would let out a long yawn before becoming silent once more as a statue as he stood next to the village gates. The two would stand in the silence of the night air for around fifteen minutes or so before the boy would shake his head at N'Jobu and begin to speak once more. "Screw it. He's late or not coming. He can catch up but if i stand here any longer I'm liable to find somewhere to go to sleep. Lets head out," he would tout as he walked outside the gate and began walking the patrol route. N'Jobu would follow him, keeping a few feet back to ensure that had some coverage at rear.

The night air was particularly still, with no breeze to cool the warmth of the village from a day of the sun blistering down upon them. With his bow at the ready, the two continued to walk the patrol path around the village. The walk was a solemn one, with both him and Kennosuke remaining relatively silent. About an hour into their patrol, N'Jobu noticed some motion in the trees and brush just beyond the village border. "Kennosuke, I got some movement over there. I'm going to check it out..." he said as he headed over toward the source of the rustling. He drew an arrow from its quiver and nocked it on his bow in preparation for whatever may be hiding in the darkness. As he moved closer, the rustling began to grow louder with hints of sequels. "Hog?" he thought to himself as he inched closer. Just as he was about to come up upon the brush, a massive warthog darted at him leaving him very little time to react. Purely on instinct, he dropped the arrow from his right hand and placed it on the Warthog's head and used it a springboard to vault over it in a front flip. The hog squealed in rage and prepared itself for another charge at N'Jobu. He wouldn't allow it to best him again however as he quickly drew an arrow, nocked it, and let it loose right at the beast's heart all in one swift motion. The arrow would fly true right on target as it struck the beast square in the chest as it fell to the ground mid stride before him. "Well, I guess I have dinner for a few days..." he said as he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. He walked over to the hog to inspect it further and retrieve his arrow when he came to the realization that this hog was only an infant. "It's just a baby, that means mother has to be around here too..."

WC: 476


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Kennosuke was enjoying the night to be honest. The evening walk was nice and it seemed his companion wasn’t in a talking mood either for the most part, so the first bit of their patrol was done in silence. It allowed Kennosuke a bit of time to retreat into his thoughts a bit. He continued to be curious about the  plain mask that appeared on his doorstep with the note that disappeared. Between that and the coming of the Chunin exams, he was bound to have a decently busy schedule in the coming weeks. But that also meant more training. Not that he had any real problem with that.

Hearing his name brings him back from his thoughts and he silently curses himself, his eyes drawn to the source of the rustling. If N’Jobu hadn’t of been there Kennosuke could of easily been ambushed. As the archer nocked an arrow and began to investigate, Kennosuke placed his right hand on the hilt of Rekka and took a deep breath, gathering chakra in his lungs, just on the off chance it was a legitimate threat. A wild hog rushes out of the bushes at N’Jobu who gracefully vaults over the beast. Kennosuke had began to convert the Katon Chakra in his lungs to actual fire, when N’Jobu puts the beast down with a well placed arrow. Kennosuke releases the Chakra, resulting in a ‘belch’ of flames. Feeling a bit sheepish, he watches the archer retrieve his arrow.

“Well, we’ll be ready for her if she is. That was a nice shot..." he was going to strike up a conversation but then a rustle from behind him and he spins, his blade springing forth from its scabbard. He expected to find an angry momma hog, but what appeared was a young man, one that he recognized as an academy student from an assignment he had completed not long prior. He growls and grabs the boy by his shirt, pulling him from the bushes and then pushing him into the space between himself and N'Jobu. "Looks like we have a student out past curfew. What do you think we should do with him, N'Jobu?" Kennosuke asks, his sword still held loosely in his hand. The student seemed frightened, as he looked between Kennosuke and N'Jobu without a word.


6 Re: Patrol Duty [Mission, N'jobu/Satoru] on Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:59 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

Kennosuke appeared behind him shortly as he was retrieving his arrow from the beast. “Well, we’ll be ready for her if she is. That was a nice shot..." he would say as he rolled up the quarry. It appeared as if another sentence was forming from his mouth as rustling emanated from behind him. The sudden noise caused him to spin around quickly and unsheathe his blade in one swift motion. The target of his aggression however appeared to be nothing more than an academy student out past his curfew. Kennosuke quickly took the boy by his collar and dragged him into the space between the two. "Looks like we have a student out past curfew. What do you think we should do with him, N'Jobu?" The boy appeared to be scared out of his mind and N'Jobu was feeling generous today so he figured he would let the boy just go home. "Go home kid...It's dangerous out here," as he scolded the boy and pushed him back towards the main gate. With the boy out the picture, they could continue on their patrol route and hopefully finish out their tour of duty in a drama free manner.

The two would continue on their patrol for about an hour or so without interruption, but right on queue, their peace and quiet would be interrupted with loud squealing of warthogs. "Sounds like multiple...We are almost done on patrol however. I'll take one half and you take the other?" he asked Kennosuke as two even larger hogs dashed out of the woods at the two. Thinking quickly, he peeled off to the left leaving Kennosuke to handle himself. "I'll meet you back at the gate...that one is all on you" he yelled out as he dashed into the brush away from one of the hogs. Realizing he would have the tactical advantage from the high ground, he jumped up into one of the nearby trees, narrowly avoiding a charge from the hog and its horns. In its savagery, it continued to bash into the tree causing it to shake violently although not enough to knock him from his perch. Quickly drawing an arrow from his quiver, he nocked it on his bow and let it loose down at the hog. The arrow flew quickly downward, striking the beast in a vital point just above its heart. In its fury and rage, it continued to attack the tree albeit a bit more labored with each savage charge. When the opportunity showed itself when the hog slowed down a bit from one of its charges, N'Jobu decided to end the engagement as he lept from his perch and drove his trusty knife down into the beast's head from above. It let out another violent squeal before the life drained from its body. He ripped the knife from the beast's flesh and wiped it on his pants leg before returning it to its sheath.

He cut a few slabs of meat from the beast that he would use to make himself some dinner and feed himself for a few days. He wondered how Kennosuke would fair with his hog, but he figured he could handle himself. He threw his bow over his shoulder and began to head back to the gate so that he could be relieved from his duty. He just had to wait for Kennosuke to get back so he could bid him adieu.

|~Exit Thread~|

WC: 583
TWC: 1629

Mission Debrief:
Mission Status: Completed
WC: 1600/1500
Payment: 1 C Rank Jutsu & 25 ryo

Remaining WC: 1629 - 1600 = 29


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7 Re: Patrol Duty [Mission, N'jobu/Satoru] on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:04 am



Kennosuke chuckles as N’Jobu dispatches the kid back toward the village, what a little turd being out this late. It was dangerous this time of night. Shaking his head he sheathes his sword and falls in beside N’Jobu, walking along the patrol route in silence. Sometime had passed, an hour or so, give or take, and sure enough the silence was broken by the squeals of warthogs. Sounded like multiple and it wasn’t long before N’Jobu peeled off to the left, after making the comment of splitting up and meeting back at the gates. Shrugging slightly, Kennosuke drew Rekka once more and strode forward toward the squeals.

A rather large warthog burst from the brush, charging head long at Kennosuke, who gracefully sidesteps the beast’s attack and drags the blade of Rekka across the side of the beast. The blade leaves a nice gash on the warthogs side and it squeals in rage before turning and charging again. This time Kennsuke moves forward toward the warthog, chakra already gathering in his lungs. The warthog sweeps its tusks at Kennosuke, who plants his foot on the beats head and sends himself soaring into the air, and the beast tumbling across the ground. He turns and fire can be seen crackling in his mouth a split second before it pours from his mouth and forms a 5m fire ball. The warthog and regained its footing when the fireball impacts. The squeals of the warthog die out after a moment in the intense fireball. Kennosuke lands on a tree branch and makes a face, looking around for signs of any other warthogs or signs of N’Jobu. Not seeing anything standing out to him he shrugs and sheathes his sword before making his way through the trees back toward the village, leaving the still smoldering corpse of the warthog where it lay.

The sun had began to rise as he nears the village gates. All in all it was an easy night, though he would be happy to find his bed after being up all night. When he reaches the gates, he finds N’Jobu had already arrived, as did their replacements. Kennosuke waves toward N’Jobu.

“See you next time, N’Jobu. Take care.” He says to the other Genin before turning to their replacements. “Was a quiet night. There were a couple warthogs but I think we took care of that particular problem. But regardless, theres the heads up.” Kennosuke says as has turns and begins walking away. He was tired and all he could think about now was his head hitting his pillow.



Mission Debrief:

Mission complete.
WC: 1548/1500
Payment: 1 C rank Jutsu

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