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In contrast to his arrival, guided by a relative under the wing of his father, who orchestrated the path to the Land of Water on his behalf, Kirei's departure came under cover of sterling moonlight. The smile which had greeted Kirigakure had been wiped clean, and the Uchiha had a stoic grimace upon his lips as the Sharingan scanned through rooftops, finding the cool glow of Hidden Mist shinobi and identifying where he could slip, like vapor, unseen, into the night. Kirei's feed had fallen silently, navigating pagodas with practiced, effortless strokes of movement that painted his serrated calligraphy of shadow and crimson atop the city's outer wall, where he found purchase and had stared out into the vast scape of Kirigakure's domain. He had taken for himself one final look at the peculiar nation which had inadvertently taught him what it meant to be a shinobi, through the Mist's interpretation of justice and war, Kirei had found his ninja way, and it meant never allowing his homeland to forsake the path of redemption.

Utilizing his connections with the village ANBU for the last time, Kirei had chosen his path ashore would come via the port which once had ferried him to Kaminari no Kuni, where he, Mokuzai and Fuyuko had undertaken the Mist's directive and fulfilled their mission with bloodshed. The Uchiha still remembered his departing words and the journey home with Fuyuko, where the pair had spoken of shinobi and their bond of chakra, and Kirei had expressed for the first time his desire to see the world as family and spread the Will of Fire until it roared across the world, a raging inferno of hope. It had been no great endeavor to secure his passage toward Konoha, and when the warm evening air rolled from Fire Country's shoreline and caressed his cheeks, the Uchiha felt finally at home, and more at peace than he had been in the long year away from his homeland. Having long since shipped the bulk of his belongings back to the Uchiha compound, all that remained was for the teen to undertake a final pilgrimage across the native woodland, scaling the trees with ease and bounding through the canopy, lush with bright emerald which shimmered even in the darkness. Such a traversal, poised tiptoes dancing from branch to branch, hands clasping and whirling his momentum swinging through the forest from perch to perch without missing a beat came more naturally to the Uchiha than anything he had done in the Land of Water, and the rush of wind and foliage as he spun toward the dirt gave him reason to breathe deep and sigh contentedly.

No amount of nostalgic tree climbing could prepare Kirei for the moment that he finally laid eyes upon his home again, and saw it for the first time through the lens of his matured Sharingan. Surrounded by protective walls, the Hidden Leaf called out to its son with welcoming city streets, and Kirei descended upon them from above, scaling the walls and fading from light as he found his footing with his hands forming the shape of a seal allowing him to sink into the long shadows provided by clear evening moonlight. Between the patrols, as seamlessly as he had undertaken his exodus of Kirigakure, so was his infiltration of the Hidden Leaf, and even through long months alone, memorizing routes and buildings in a foreign land, Kirei still navigated Konoha without delay, twisting through hidden alleyways to cut short roads toward the Uchiha compound. Familiar faces watched from above, the Hokage monument alone was able to perceive the sensory-nin's movements with its omnipresent gaze, but Kirei knew he need not fear reprisal from ancestors such as those, or the numerous individuals who graced the museum atop its peak. The Uchiha stopped, rising from the ground and letting his cloak of darkness drain away, thankful to be home.


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