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Fuyuko had been reading up about summoning companions and how they can help you with all kinds of tasks. How the ninken from the Hatake clan were exceptionally well at tracking down people through their scent. Even if the scent trail was already days old. How the 5th Hokage was capable of summoning a slug, while it's battle capabilities were not that amazing, it's healing prowess was unmatched. Or how both the 4th and 7th Hokage were capable of summoning toads whom all had different kinds of abilities. Requesting stories about the summoning technique from Konoha had turned out to be a very good choice. Besides it being an interesting read it made her really curious what kind of summons she would be able to summon herself. There were all kind of cool animals she wouldn't mind to have a contract with. Would it potentially be a toad? While the toads themselves are okay, the history they have behind them is amazing and very significant. Maybe she would be able to summon eagles and soar through the skies on the back of one of them. Or perhaps it would be dolphins, elegant and smart creatures capable of many feats underwater. There was only really one way to find however and that was summon one of them.

So she spend the rest of the morning studying the intricacies of the summoning technique. The order of the seals that would need to be weaved together with how much chakra she would need to use to be able to summon something from the other world. Having spend ample time to prepare herself to use the technique it was finally time to do so. Fuyuko took a deep breath before biting on her right thumb and drawing a little bit of blood. Smearing the blood across the palm of her left hand before she would perform the necessary hand seals. When the last seal finished she lowered herself towards the ground and placed her left hand on the ground. A seal got spread out from underneath her palm signifying that the technique had at least worked so far. It put a smile on her face as a cloud of smoke appeared in front of her eyes obstructing all her vision. When the cloud of smoke disappeared the environment had completely changed. She was now outside in a field with a lot of flora and fauna blooming in every direction. She was no longer surrounded by the walls of her house, no she was now outside, surrounded by nature, but where? Was she in wilderness of Mizu no Kuni? No that wasn't right, the flora and fauna that grew her looked nothing like anything she had seen in all her years spend on the island. But where was she then? She wasn't going to find out by just standing around, it was time to go explore and find out what's going on.

The speed at which Fuyuko was walking could only be described as really slow. Looking left and right everywhere, not like a scared animal that’s checking its surroundings for potential predators, but with a face that was in awe. The feeling that the atmosphere was giving her just resonated very well with the core of her being. Despite being a completely unfamiliar area she couldn’t help but feel like she was still in the lands of the mist. While visually it was very different from what the land of the mist looked like, the feeling, the vibe of the area was just so surreal. If anything she felt even more connected to the lands around her here than when she was surrounded by the walls of her home. This, this felt like her real home. It was a very vague feeling and if she would have to describe it to someone she was sure she wasn’t able to put it to words. It was just something you just had to experience, it was an experience that she just could put into words.

She slowly strolled through the high grass stopping at every new flower that she had never seen before. Smelling the fragrance of the flower, gently holding the the petals between her hands as she did so. While every new scent was completely unfamiliar to her at the same time they were oh so familiar. The sensation was very weird, but it wasn’t unpleasant. If anything it made her feel better with every passing second. Like her worries that she had been dealing with over the course of the last few weeks were just slowly fading away. While she wasn’t necessarily sleepy or in need of sleep, she couldn’t help but wanting to sleep. There was just this feeling inside of her that was telling her it would be the best sleep she would have had ever or at least in quite some time. And so she went to a nearby tree and sit down next to it and lean against it. The happy sounds of the forest humming a certain tune as if it was singing her a lullaby. Slowly but surely she could feel her eyelids grow heavier and heavier until the point where she couldn't keep them open anymore. Her mind easing into the world of dreams, and so Fuyuko slept like a baby in an unfamiliar place that felt like home.

So time passed by around Fuyuko without her realizing anything happening in her surroundings. Many forest critters came by to say their hello. Their curiosity peaked by the ‘strange’ creature that had found its way in their land. A being that was nothing like what was naturally found in the area had suddenly made its appearance. But all of them did so from their own comfortable distance. What if it was dangerous after all? It was foolish to approach something so foreign without being at least a little bit careful about it. At least that’s what one would assume. That was the normal course of action, but not for this particular creature. They appeared to be one for adventure and seeking out mysteries. Unfazed by the possible dangers that things could hold.

A warm, course feeling was felt all over Fuyuko’s cheek. A feeling that abruptly woke her up from her deep sweet slumber. A groggy voice making all kinds of protesting noises of not wanting to be woken up. Before she would eventually give into the feeling of unease as her brain started making connections. Why was she feeling what she was feeling? Her eyes shot open and scanning around immediately. Within a fraction of a second spotting the assailant. It was an adorable cute fox. An unusual fur coat that shined a bright blonde golden color under the light of the sun. Without thinking about it, words started to slip from her lips. “Aww, aren’t you beautiful one.” Her eyes no longer expressing a possible state of danger but instead showing excitement. Just like the words that left her mouth, her hand beckoned for the fox to come closer. The fox didn’t give a reply that Fuyuko had expected and it made her jaw drop a little bit. It spoke. “Hello stranger, who are you?” Fuyuko was caught off guard by the talking fox which prompted another piece of dialogue from the fox. “Is this not the right language I’m speaking? Do you even understand me?” The fox had a slightly puzzled look on their face.

Fuyuko shook her head violently to free herself from her dazed state of mind. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was just caught by surprise. I had not expected for you to talk back to me. It… it was just a little strange. My apologies.” She said as she bowed, her hands on the ground and her head bent towards it. It resulted in the fox starting to laugh. “You’re a weird one aren’t ya?” They managed to utter out through their laughter. Fuyuko started to feel a little bit silly and maybe there was a dash of ridiculed in there as well. However she wasn’t rubbed in the wrong way. Thinking about it her actions could be perceived as weird and out of the ordinary. She was after all going extremely formal about her reactions and while some people appreciated that gesture, for other it was completely unrequired. If the fox were to be categorized they were most likely in the latter group and so Fuyuko would adjust her mannerism accordingly, or at least as far as she could. It was in her own nature after all to be well mannered.

“Well to get back to your original question…” she started as she tried to talk through the fox’ laughter. “I’m Miki, Fuyuko and who are you?” The fox’ laughter quickly seized as a conversation started to form between the two of them. “I’m Abe Asuna, second daughter and third child of the Kaizansen family.” The way they addressed themselves made Fuyuko question her earlier ‘confirmed’ trail of thought, maybe they were the former group? There was only really one way to find out. “So does that mean you’re like… a princess or something?” Fuyuko asked with a slightly puzzled tone in her voice. Was that even possible for animals to have such an hierarchy? She was sure she was about to find out the answer to that question. “I suppose I am? But who cares for those kind of things, right?” The fox replied quickly. Fuyuko was taken a little a back by the nature of the fox. She had not met anyone or expected someone from royal descent that behaved as laid back as this ‘person’.

The situation was developing in a way that Fuyuko couldn’t really wrap her head around. So Fuyuko just asked a question that would keep the conversation moving. “So what are you doing out here?” “I’m just wandering about, I’m not really one to sit in one place. I’m much rather on the move constantly, explore and things like that. Although I’ve seen these woods a thousand times already…” the fox replied, sounding like they were sighing. “What are you doing here, alone?”

Fuyuko got the question she asked in return and it was to be expected, it was only a given that they were going to ask the same thing. “Well… I’m not from here, as you can probably tell. I’m here because I used the summoning technique, it ended up teleporting me to the land of the animal I have the closest connection to. So I suppose that would be you then… foxes. At least that is if this land belongs to you…” Fuyuko looked at Abe a little puzzled hoping that it would extract an answer out of them. “Well, you guessed right. You’re indeed in the land of the foxes, to be more precise in one of the three major regions.” Before the fox could continue their explanation quickly promptly interrupted them. “What do you mean three major regions? Are you saying the region or country isn’t united?” “That would indeed be correct, we… don’t really get along too well and so have separated the land according to each families’ influence at the time. No fox of any family dares cross the ‘border’ of which they don’t belong to. So I suppose that somewhat makes you one of us now, that is… if you want to be.”

The conversation had taken an unexpected turn and it left her in a predicament. She didn’t know enough of the ‘person’ she was talking to to know how they were going to respond to the various things she could possibly say. Further she had also gotten extremely curious as to why the factions did not interact with each other or why they had split up in the first place. There was obviously a reason for it, but what was the reason, a fued or maybe something else? There was at least one way to find out more about it all and that was follow them to their home, palace, or whatever place they lived. She was sure she could find out more if she followed them to their place. “Well I’m not so certain about being one of you, but I’ll accompany you to your place if you want that and we can explore that option.” Fuyuko replied. Without further ado the two of them started walking. The fox leading the way and Fuyuko following in her footsteps through the mesmerizing forrest.

After having walked for quite a bit the two of them reached a palace. A palace that’s well suited for royalty as Fuyuko knew it. Which was quite the surprise to her, how could foxes build such a thing? It left her a little bit perplexed, but she didn’t question it. She just simply admired the beauty of it and that they were able to create such a thing. There was probably some secret or trick behind it, but she didn’t really care, she was just filled with admiration. The two of them walked through the gates and onto the terrain. Walking underneath the roofed pathway that led to the main entrance. On either side was a beautiful garden with even more new flowers that she had never experienced before. Regardless of what would be the result of this journey, it was well worth her time she thought. Able to explore all these new things was a real treat for her explorative cravings.

Eventually the two of them would walk inside the palace. The interior was even more impressive than the exterior. It was so huge and decorated with the softest silk and prettiest marble. Inside were a bunch more foxes, they all greeted Abe but seemed to not pay too much attention to herself. Fuyuko didn’t give it too much thought and simply just kept following Abe around. She was given a tour through the place.

At some point during the tour Fuyuko looked out one of the many windows into one of the several courtyards that were surrounding the place. There she saw something she had not expected. At first glance it looked like another person like herself, there was someone standing on two legs among a set of statues. She stopped walking and just stared at the person, absorbing in the beauty of the person. Long orange-ish hair tied into a loose ponytail, wearing a pink kimono with a flower pattern which had an even softer shade of pink. The seathe of a weapon on the left side of her body kept in place by the sash that kept the dress together as well. Fuyuko couldn’t help but just be mesmerized by the sight. Her thoughts interrupted when Abe started talking to her again. “Oh I see you’ve taken a liking to my sister.” “Yes…” Fuyuko replied with properly registering what was said. “WAIT! Your sister?!?” she followed it up with when she realized what was said. “But they’re human no? And you’re a fox?” Her facial expression clearly showing her confusion on the matter.

Abe didn’t speak anymore words, they simply closed their eyes for a second, before a transformation took place. Slowly raising herself from the ground, going from all fours to standing on just two legs like herself. Going from a full fox to something more alike to that of a human, but some fox features were still clearly present. They still had ears like a fox and their tail hadn’t disappeared either. “H-how di-” Fuyuko’s sentence was cut short because Abe already knew what question was going to be asked. “Ninjutsu. That’s how. Long, long ago we learned a technique from someone that allowed us to take the shape of a human. Initially we didn’t see the merit of it, however the human figure is more useful for combat and although we haven’t really had war in a long time, we still practice in this form.” Was the explanation Abe gave her. Fuyuko looked back out into the courtyard to observe Abe’s older sister. They had seated themselves in front of the statues and appeared to be meditating.

“Kuzunoha has taking it to the point where she actually performs her human form over her foxes. She prefers to be ready for battle, not wanting to be caught off guard and having to wait to fight at full capacity when the transformation technique has finished. Let's go to her.”

Fuyuko again followed Abe’s footsteps without complaint. They made their way out into the courtyard and Kuzunoha was still seated in front of the statues. Now that Fuyuko wasn’t mesmerized by her beauty anymore she could tell they too still had some of the fox features left. While she could clearly see the ears of a fox still attached to her head, there was no sign of a tail, however that was most likely just covered up by the kimono. “Hai Sis! How are you doing?” Abe yelled out. Kuzunoha didn’t look up towards them and just replied with a stern voice. “You know very well that I do not wish to be disturbed when I’m meditating, Abe Asuna.” “Ah don’t sweat it sis, you should loosen up sometime. Live a bit and not stay only within these walls.” Was it a nerve that was hit or something else, but Abe had managed to get Kuzunoha to turn around and faced them. Her facial expression was definitely that of someone that wasn’t amused. They seemed ready to give Abe a scolding right then and there, until the two of them made eye contact. At which point Kuzunoha’s expression rapidly changed. Their face going from stern to gentle in a split second, but a quick glare was still thrown into Abe’s direction.

“Hello, pleased to meet you. I am Kaizansen Kuzunoha, eldest of the Kaizansen and heiress to the family.” she said in a royal way and finishing it off with a deep bow. Fuyuko was slightly caught off guard by the stark difference between the sisters, which was apparent in her reply. “I uuhhh… I’m Miki Fuyuko, the pleasure is all mine.” with a bow in return to that of Kuzunoha. “What brings you to our home?” “Uhm well… I’m not sure if you are familiar with the summoning technique, it’s basically a technique where you summon a creature with whom you have a contract. If you do not have a contract signed then you will instead be teleported to the land of the animal you are related to the closest. For me that appears to be the land of the foxes. I got teleported into the middle of a the forest and was just amazed by its beauty. I just wandered around for a bit until the forest sort of beckoned me to sleep. So I leaned up against a tree and slept underneath its protection. That was when I met Abe Asuna, we conversed a little bit before they took me here. Now we are in the here and now. So I suppose what brings me here is getting a contract that binds me to the foxes of this land. Or perhaps just the foxes from your house.”

Kuzunoha gave glances back and forth between herself and Abe. Fuyuko was unsure what was going on through the heiress’ mind, but it was obvious that they were thinking about the information that was given to them. Processing it and coming up with an answer. “Seat yourselfs.” was all that rolled off of Kuzunoha’s tongue. Fuyuko wanted to speak up and ask why, but as soon as sound started to slip out of her mouth Abe had placed her hand on her shoulder and pushed on it hard. Fuyuko was caught off guard by the strength in the foxes strength and if her knee hadn’t given in instinctively she was sure her shoulder would have ended up broken.

And so the three of them were seated on the ground in the courtyard. Silence had befallen on the group to the point where the only thing making a sound was the soft blowing wind which carried the sounds of the forests which surrounded the palace. It probably would’ve been a surreal and relaxing moment if Fuyuko wasn’t so anxious about what could potentially happen. If Abe was this strong, how much stronger would her older sister be then? It was one of the many thoughts that was running through her mind. Time slowly ticked away which seemed to be like an eternity, due to her unnervous feelings.

Then she spotted some changes that were happening to Kuzunoha. Although they weren’t big, they were mostly subtle, they were definitely noticeable. The color around her eyes changed as if they were make-up. A teal colour appeared on their eyelids and extending outwards towards their temple. Whisker like markings also appeared on their cheeks. Fuyuko was very intrigued by what was about to happen. Was it a sort of technique that Kuzunoha was channeling? Fuyuko had to do her best to constrain her curiosity, because she was sure she would get scolded if she were to speak up now. The silence continued among the group. For Fuyuko it felt like it was getting sharper and sharper as each second passed by. As if she would be sliced up if the moved even the slightest of inches.

Eventually the silence would be broken by Kuzunoha. “I approve.” was all that was said before a sort of silence befall on them again. “Appro-” fuyuko got cut off by Kuzunoha who now looked at her in the eyes, but her markings had disappeared. “I approve of a contract being made between yourself and our family. Go inside the palace and have it arranged. Now leave me and my training alone.” Abe rose from her seated position bowed and headed back towards the palace without saying a word. Fuyuko was left a little dumbfounded, Abe was so noisy before and now she was silent and respectful of what Kuzunoha said. Her face turned towards Kuzunoha, a stare from her sent Fuyuko quickly onto her feet and into a bow before running after Abe into the palace.

“What was that, Abe?” Fuyuko asked the moment the doors to the courtyard closed behind them. “Do you mean the markings that appeared on my sisters face? That is called ‘Sage Mode’, it happens when someone meditates and gathers in nature chakra and mixes it with their own spiritual and physical chakra. It can do all kinds of things, it can also be used to help judge someone's character. Tell the type of person they are and such. That’s what she did, without speaking words she judged the person you are. For my sister to say you’re worthy is a quite the surprise to me. It really takes a specific type of person. Apparently you fit the requirements my sister sets on contract holders. If I recall correctly, you’re the first person to be allowed to have a contract with us since the first person that did so in the families history. Which, says a lot about you.” She explained as the two of them moved through the enormous building.

The pair would eventually reach a room, the door swung open and as they entered it appeared to be the library of the place. They walked towards a certain section where a big scroll was laying rolled up on a pedestal. As Abe was revealing the contents of the scroll she gave some instructions as well. “First of all, make sure you want to be bound to us. It’s irreversible and you’ll be bound to us forever. Secondly the contract is made with blood. I’ll have to make a cut in your non dominant hand so you can cover your dominant hand with the blood, after having placed your handprint on the scroll, you will then write your name above it in blood as well. So are you ready?” A determined expression was plastered on Fuyuko’s face as she agreed to the procedure. And with that Fuyuko had made a contract with the Kaizansen family, one of the three major royal fox families.

When that was done, Fuyuko quickly ran off to the place they had just come from. Kuzunoha was still seated in front of the statues. Fuyuko walked up to her and sat down behind her without speaking a word. “What are you doing here?” Kuzunoha asked softly. “I’m joining you on your training, I wish to learn what you did.” she replied honestly with a determined voice. “Oh is that so?” Kuzunoha’s voice sounded a tad surprised, but intrigued as well. “It’s going to be rigorous, and you might fail, it’s not meant for everyone. You could even die from it, are you sure you’re up for it?” Dying from it, huh? Fuyuko thought. She gave it a couple of seconds to think over it. That bit was something she hadn’t expected after all, but in the end she decided to go through with it anyway. She was confident in her own ability. “I’ll be in your care.” she said as she bowed to Kuzunoha. And so her training in Senjutsu had started.


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