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Mission Details:
Mission name: Kiri Home Maintenance
Mission rank: D-Rank, Repeatable
Objective: Help a villager around do chores/repairs around their home
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The mission is to go to the client's home and conduct whatever repairs/handiwork that they ask; this can range from plumbing to roof repair to heavy lifting to painting the house, etc. etc.
Mission details: Usually, the villager expects you to do much more than stated. For example, a villager will ask you to clean the house...and by that, they mean vacuum the entirety of it, wash the windows, apply a new coat of paint to the outside, and fix the roof. Many villagers are in need of different kinds of home help, so this mission is repeatable.

It was most likely the last day Fuyuko would do a mission for the village for a while. Everything else she had to do was finished up and soon, real soon she would be ready to leave the village for a while. Not to leave it behind forever, but more like a vacation. Mostly it was to accompany Takao back to the leaf and learn more about the culture there. But what was also very important was that she would still be able to spend time with him.

So she headed out over to the administration building to check the missions that were available. There wasn’t all that much available. There was one particular mission however that she was interested in doing. It was one where she would have to help a senior villager out with some chores around the house. It sounded like an easy enough mission and one that wouldn’t require her to do things against her will, such as, but not limited to killing. She took the mission and headed over to the address that was listed on the mission.

Upon arrival Fuyuko greeted the elder and went inside. As soon as she stepped into the house she was in for quite the surprise. It was a mess inside. Describing it as a mess was actually putting it nicely, it was just disgusting. The list with instructions was promptly handed over to her and Fuyuko was also baffled by the long list of tasks that she would have to perform. It was at this point that she recalled. She had at one point or another overheard a conversation between a group of fresh genin, talking about an elder person and how it took them the entire day to do a list of chores in a house that was too disgusting too imagine. It must have been this house that they talked  was the conclusion that Fuyuko came to.

Leaving out a small sigh Fuyuko looked at the list of things that would need to be done and would just start to get to them. Complaining about the long list of tasks she would need to do wasn’t going to make the tasks any easier. In fact she’d only be stuck in the house for longer, on top of that, she would’ve failed a mission.

Without further ado she started to search through the piles and piles of things. Searching and organizing them in the requested categories. Stuff that would need to be saved, thrown away or given away to a homeless shelter. The strangest things would pass by her hands but at no point did she question them. All she had to do was keep the pace up. Keep splitting the goods into the requested categories and get it over with, because that was the only way she would get herself out of this situation. When she was about halfway with searching through the things she came up with a brilliant idea. With the simple weave of a singular hand seal two more Fuyuko’s appeared in the room and started to help her with the chores. The pace at which the mountain of trash was searched through increased rapidly.

When that was done, one of the clones was going to take all the piles of garbage outside, so that they could be thrown away when she was done with the rest of the chores. Another one of the clones started to do some of the laundry, because that was its own entire beast as well. The laundry had also become its own messy pile, colored clothes were put together with white clothing, fabrics that couldn’t be washed together were also all over the place. At the same time the real Fuyuko had started to dust all over the house. Now that all the junk had made way and you could actually see the floor again it became quite apparent that it was well in need of some cleaning. When the cleaning was done, the three of them would meet up again and start to move all the things that were supposed to stay in the house to their rightful place. When that was done the house started to look nice and tidy again.

With the major tasks out of the way, the three of them quickly finished off the smaller ones separately again. Making quick work of them and disbanding when they would’ve finished their parts. When both clones had finished their sides and Fuyuko had finished hers as well. She told the elderly lady that everything was done and wished her a delightful day. And so Fuyuko headed to home way more exhausted than she had initially expected.



750/750 Mission

40 wc discarded


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