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1 Jiengen [Revamp] on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:17 am




Clan Name: 自変幻 | Jiengen - Oneself Through Phantasmagoria
Location: Scattered
Specialization: Senjutsu
Elements: None

Clan History: Jiengen is not the name one would use to describe a clan. No, it is rarely even referenced to grant certainty to the abilities these people might have. The annals of time have grasped but one of such persons, even this lost but to the oldest of historians' collections. Anecdotal at best, the only case of a person of such a quirk gathers dust yet.

追悼世 - Tsuitō Yo, born in the time where the shinobi countries' tensions run deep. Such were the cirumstances of the world during his childhood: family leaving never to return, friends and their own kin moving away. There was some sort of change, there, in Yo. Before his thirteenth year, he had realized that there was nothing more to be had in the world, as he was. All of his friends, they were ninja, or training to be so. He was but a civilian, working to get by, pay his own rent, and he was a frail man. A plain tale, to be frank, and ultimately he was but another person in the world. The five great countries didn't think him of much import. And certainly not the Kage or Council of his native Kumogakure. A humble shopkeep, nothing more. Not a lowly one at that, but there was nothing to remark about Yo, the one who had thus far just been scraping together his own living.

He lived alone, in the attic of the shop he ran. He had to, as there was no affordable space for him to rent. A well-kept place if only due to its status as living quarters. Yet, so silent, so devoid of life despite there being someone very much alive inside.

The First Shinobi World War. Massacre could not begin to summate some of the things he saw from his shop. His own memoirs failed to recount his experiences, which was most likely for the best in regards to his own sanity. However, his own house and shop was never targeted, for reasons yet unknown to him. Yet, he also never ventured outside for fear of those same happenings that he had witnessed from inside. He had food and water, so there was really very little reason to do so, given the danger that presented itself at regular intervals.

Had he left, he would have known: his own house was 'haunted', and no one thought that he was inside any more. That he was killed in the various ambushes and street attacks that ravaged his outskirts-village in the Lightning Country. However, would it be inaccurate to say that his spirit was lingering around the area? Yōkai, wild animals, or simply dancing shadows. They all strayed not from the perimeter of his yard, yet what person in their right mind would set foot in the place?

He saw them not. Even looking outside. Even goingoutside on the rare occasion, when he mustered the courage to leave the confines of his shop he no longer felt like he needed any protection. A curious man, this, that brought his imagination to life. And defying expectation, he was alive! The world around him seemed so new, a sight to be enjoyed as the wide eyes of a child might take in. Seclusion in him bred a fondness for the world that he had not felt for much of anything since his own youth. And not for awhile had he felt pleasure in talking with these people, who he felt now he could call 'neighbor'.

It was in the midst of this conflict that he found his place in the village. Without a place to hide, the people were vulnerable, just as if they had no protectors at all. The spirits that once roamed only the realm of his mind had free reign of this little town. He cared little, for the time being, of the Hidden Village or of the Lightning Country; he was able to contribute to, and to influence the world around him.

Thus closed his tale, but he was not truly unique in any way, only applying Genjutsu to this ability. And lo, even without an heir or secret scrolls, some might realize the truth he did. They might taste the freedom the world offers through simply living in it, as Yo himself only wished. However, one like Yo might only surface in a place where the strong are not common and a weak person might develop the will to influence reality.
Members: Tsuitō Yo, Zouo Honnari

Kekkei Genkai Name: 空想 | Kūsō - The Daydream
Kekkei Genkai Description: A Jiengen's Senjutsu works much differently to what most know, and as such they are not restricted to animals in what their Senjutsu embodies; they often use abstract concepts as the basis for their Sage Modes.

A Jiengen naturally extends their mental and physical energy into the area around them, and takes in nature energy to fuel their body. Unless they will it otherwise, they and their techniques cannot be sensed by jutsu derived from Sage Mode sensory that are lower in rank than their ninja rank. Sage Mode itself counts as sensory at the rank it is apped at, with the 'default' sage mode counting as A-rank.

A Jiengen can make jutsu that have any point within the radius of their Daydream as its origin for no penalty, however they cannot mold chakra so close to other living sources containing a chakra pool due to natural interference. Thus jutsu cannot be cast within a 3 meter radius of living or organic beings with a chakra pool through this method. Clones are exceptions to this, due to being constructed of pure chakra.

The radius-range of their Daydream is as follows.

  • D-rank: 5m

  • C-rank: 10m

  • B-rank: 15m

  • A-rank: 20m

  • S-rank: 25m

  • SS-rank: 50m

The radius of the daydream is, at max, to one rank above their ninja rank and the senjutsu they use. (An S-rank Jiengen with SS-rank senjutsu will utilize the highest radius for their Daydream.) However if they so desire the Jiengen can use a lower radius at their leisure.

Subjective Reality:

Being such frail humans, Jiengen often have little means to effect change in the conventional sense. They have since, due to this, developed the ability to affect the world around them through force of will.

As experts of energy manipulation with their constant interchange of nature, spiritual, and physical chakra they’re more experienced in regenerating chakra. Having it flow through them freely than directly into their bodies. A Jiengen will passively regenerate senjutsu chakra equal to half of what senjutsu mediation will provide for them every post, rounding up to the nearest five, while in sage mode.

Despite their intrinsic understanding of all these forces as a group, they aren't very good at molding these forces individually. Meaning that all techniques without an senjutsu aspect lose the ability to possess a maximum attribute. However this weakness highlights their power when all of these forces work in harmony; techniques using senjutsu don't suffer this weakness, instead, they receive and additional maximum effect or ability.

Unlocked Potiential:
Though they start off as something that should not be even compared to ninja, a Jiengen can grow beyond their limitations to become something great. At character creation, if they take a Major Positive special characteristic they balance it with one negative instead of two. All Jiegen can unlock senjutsu with a decreased word count; only requiring 3500 words. As the training and determination to better themselves, despite their flaws and curses, begins to unlock the Daydream.

Should their other specializations be trained to S-rank, a Jiengen may learn their fourth specialization at a ninja rank of B.

Their third and fourth Specializations may reach SS-rank; B-rank Quaternary specializations may be trained to A at 6000 words, from A to S at 7000, and from S to SS at 8000.


  • Each one of the Jiengen are born less physically capable than others, and there seems to be no cure for their ails, which is the main reason they end up awakening the Daydream. They must start with the Atrophy SC below, and must take it without balancing it. They must also take one of the follow: Frail, Fatigued, Born Ill, Hemophilia (only if male), Lame, Blind, Deaf, Numb, Pharmacophobia; Without balancing it.


[b]Name:[/b] Atrophy
[b]Type:[/b] Negative (Active)
[b]Description:[/b] This person naturally possesses weaker muscles than other ninja. Their speed functions at -4 tiers below their listed stats. While their strength stat acts at -8 tiers; functioning at 2 ranks below listed stats. Additionally, maintaining their maximum speed or strength for more than three posts causes a -1 to RT and Perception that lasts 2 posts after the exertion ends. For each post after the first that the exertion continues, the stat debuff increases by 1 tier and lasts 1 more post.

  • As a part of their physical atrophy, their chakra networks are not as flexible as most normal ninja. Meaning that they may only learn 2 elements.

  • Due to internalizing more Nature Energy rather than sharing it as they are used to, a Jiengen has to "warm up" so to speak, to activate sage mode. They must meditate for 1 post before sage mode is activated.

  • A Jiengen's chakra is spread throughout an area, rather than being stored entirely in their body. Thus, anywhere within the maximum range of their Daydream can be detected by a chakra sensor as having a higher concentration of ambient chakra than normal. (Higher concentrations, such as other people or the beginnings of a jutsu, can be sensed easily through this.) While the Jiengen cannot be sensed inside this area per se, due to having an equal amount of chakra as that area, they are at its center and it moves with them, making it easy for a sensor to detect where they are as long as they discern this fact. Due to the obvious anomaly the daydream creates in the surrounding area, jutsu that sense chakra will be able to sense it 20 meters beyond their jutsu's normal range. All other non-senjutsu sensory jutsu won't directly pick up the daydream but will experience a minor degree of feed back that can be described as 'off', revealing that what they are sensing is more than just.

  • Non-senjutsu, or sage art, techniques are unable to have a maximum in any value.

  • While a Jiengen's physical disabilities are their most crippling aspect, due to their bodily weaknesses their chakra network is also not as strongly developed as most are. With each Jiengen having a -20 to their chakra pool.

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2 Re: Jiengen [Revamp] on Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:44 pm



- With the guideline update Senjutsu is no longer bound to animals anyway and everyone can use abstract concepts.

- Seeing as full Sage Mode is now at A-rank, I'd assume the passive sensory it gives is also A-rank. Further it's possible to apply for imperfect Sage Modes which only grant partial power of the full form and they would interact at their own rank they are apped as. So saying "(Sage Mode itself counts as B-rank sensory.)"

- The range restriction shouldn't just be for humans only. It should be what it was before everything that has a chakra pool.

- Remove the redundant space between the radius ranges.

Second spoiler;
- You can't get an entire classification of jutsu as a rank higher. At best you can get Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Katon/Raiton (as examples). However I'd like you to just not put this in, because it's lame and lazy and the clan is already kinda overloaded.

- "(This also applies to the Sage Mode ‘jutsu’ so long as the passive effect does not include a directly offensive element to it.)" what do you mean? Do you mean the passive effect you get when entering Sage Mode?

- "Additionally, when/if they take a Major Positive special characteristic and balance it with one negative instead of two." move this is the Unlocked Potential* spoiler, doesn't make sense to put it randomly in here.

- Second paragraph, no. You're not going to get passive regeneration. You can however have a lowered maintenance cost.

- I'm okay with the third paragraph if you remove that defensive value still retain a max value.

Third spoiler;
- "All Jiegen can unlock senjutsu at as soon Genin with a decreased word count; only requiring 2500 words to unlock with no ryo cost, assuming they have trained both their primary and secondary to A-rank at the very least." With the updated guidelines one can learn Senjutsu at D-rank anyway. You might want to rewrite this as they can learn Senjutsu as a third specialization at D-rank. However if that's the case I won't allow it to have a reduced wc cost. If you want that then it has to be as a secondary or primary specialization.

For the Drawbacks;
- Atrophy, clean up the wording a little bit. I'm mostly confused about this (same for strength) "Their speed functions at -4 tiers, capped at 1 rank below, their listed stats." What does the "capped at 1 rank below mean?"

- "Entering Sage Mode requires a bit more effort, due to internalizing more Nature Energy rather than sharing it as they are used to. They must meditate for 1 post, as per the Senjutsu guidelines, gaining no chakra, to enter Sage Mode, even those applied for as jutsu." - Senjutsu is just activated. There is no meditation needed. So you'll have to rephrase this.

- "A Jiengen's chakra is spread throughout an area, rather than being stored entirely in their body. Thus, anywhere within the maximum range of their Daydream can be detected by a chakra sensor as having a higher concentration of ambient chakra than normal. (Higher concentrations, such as other people or the beginnings of a jutsu, can be sensed easily through this.) While the Jiengen cannot be sensed inside this area." This is more of a positive than a negative.

- "Non-senjutsu, or sage art, techniques are unable to have a maximum in any value." Contradicts what you said earlier in the KKG about defensives still having max values.

All in all, the clan is overloaded on the positive side. It has a lot of good things, but very little negative. Most of the negative things are just word count things and even those are minor.


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3 Re: Jiengen [Revamp] on Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:38 pm




Made most of the changes. However addressing the second paragraph portion of the thing. This already effectively cuts down on the maintenance cost for Sage mode. But if you're looking for a reduced cost, sure. Just reaffirm.

For the part looking at the Sage mode. "(This also applies to the Sage Mode ‘jutsu’ so long as the passive effect does not include a directly offensive element to it.)" what do you mean? Do you mean the passive effect you get when entering Sage Mode? That was to allow Jiengen to learn sage mode earlier, seeing as a lot of their kit relies on Senjutsu.

Also the reduced WC to learn Senjutsu, is just to learn it. So right after unlocking it and bringing it to D-rank they follow the rest of the guidelines. So, why is is unacceptable to have them learn it a bit faster? (Upped WC requirement to 3500)


First: It meant that it functions at -4 tiers of the listed stats as shown on the sidebar. Hopefully its more clear now.

Second: Rephrased it to include a meditation period to enter any sage mode.

Third: So now their Daydream can be sensed by all sensory jutsu by a degree.

Four: Rectified

Added a new drawback


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