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YamI Maru

YamI Maru

With Root camp just around the corner, Yami needed to train extra hard for this upcoming event. He didn't really know if there would be any combat, but it was always good to toughen up before the main event. The feline looked at the plain white mask hanging on his bedroom wall, a reminder of the big day that was slowly beginning to approach. Getting out of his small pillow bed, standing on his hind legs to stroll over to his small dresser to wrap his yellow bandana around his neck, then put on his black mask over his head, and then his ninja tool belt. With that, he felt ready to conquer the world already. The feline looked over at the poster of a manga gentleman thief he kept over his pillow bed, then exited his room to head to the training area.


Without a sensei, nor any guidance it looked like the Ninneko had to work extra hard in order to toughen up in this competitive race to the top. Yami decided to work on everything he could think of that he wasn't too good at. The first part of his training was to sit down, close his eyes, and just listen to his surroundings. His ears twitched since his hearing was rather sensitive which was one of many benefits of being a feline. If he was able to recognize what kind of sounds were normal and what kind of sounds gave him a bad feeling, then maybe his the time of his reaction would be a lot better. So he sat there, mostly listening in on conversation that he found interesting. The ones with determined students speaking about being the best and how they would become the next Hokage were the most interesting conversations to listen to. Why? Because that meant it was more competition for him, which also meant that it was also gonna be difficult for this feline to rise to the top but as a shinobi he was up for the challenge. Yami was pretty much sitting there in the grass looking as if he was meditating for a long time until he got bored which was about a hour and a second if he was keeping count. He believe it was enough ear hustling for right now so Yami decided to work on his endurance.

Since he was pretty fast, he could easily do a 5 minute mile run but he needed to see how far he could go before he tried out so he decided to see if he how long could he run around the training grounds before he tires out. Guess he'll find out, Yami getting on all fours readied himself…. Then bolted, going in for a full sprint around the training grounds, it wasn't hard for him to clear a mile run so he kept going until he got to his second mile, of course that wasn't enough for him so he cleared a third mile run. Unfortunately, by this time he was pretty tired so tired that on the first lap of his forth mile sprint he started jogging, then on his second lap he started walking before finally needing to rest. Panting, pretty exhausted, Yami laid out on the dirt road. “Well gotta start somewhere.” the feline said to himself. If running four miles was hard, what would be in store once the root actually calls him in. He knew that although he was pretty determined right now, he still had a long way to go before he got where he needed to be. Guess he had no choice but to train like hell everyday to prove himself, Top Cat.


Speed : D-Rank→D1
Endurance : E-Rank→E1
Perception : E-Rank→E1
Reaction Time : E-Rank→E1

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