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Yukki would be walking around Kirigakure enjoying her time as a newly promoted Genin. The village would be covered in a thick mist that she enjoyed walking through, the mist gave the village a sense of mystery that she enjoyed. Constantly finding new places to enjoy, but she always ended back at the spot that she longed to be at, The training ground. "If i wan't to become a great Ninja i need to train!" She quietly boasted to herself. She then stretched her arms out wide before taking out three Kunai, aiming them all at a single point on a tree. She would throw them with decent accuracy most hitting the target while others just barely missed. Although these kunai didn't have speed they were accurate. She eventually got tired of doing this exercise before she started to sprint back and forth, not going at her max speed. Just trying to build up her stamina.

 Yukki eventually got bored of this as she then went to sit down to eat her lunch that she had packed for herself earlier that day. She sat down opening a small lunch box and looking at the contents inside, one small bowl of rice one pair of chopsticks and one small water canteen. Although this was not a lot it was enough for her.

After Yukki finished her lunch she sat up as she stretched her arms out and let out a soft yawn "I need to get more sleep, i'm so exhausted.." She would quickly think to herself before she walked back over to where she was training. She then took out a small tanto like blade before she attempted to put multiple slices into the tree as fast as she could. Quickly getting exhausted from doing this she stumbled backwards, falling down as she was out of breath. As she sat there she thought of all the things she was going to do once she became a Chuunin.

 "What is the first thing i'm going to do when i become a great ninja?" She asked herself this question a lot, she hoped one day to be remembered in history as one of the greats. Although she never had a solid answer to this question and never knowing if she would succeed or not just knowing that if she kept working towards it then she would become something one day.

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Gentle winds would flow through the village, adding turbulence to the coating of mist that hung down over the village. The sea breeze came in, adding texture to the various scents of Kirigakure with its tones of salt. The scent was characteristic to the island nation, giving it a charm that couldn’t be found in any other shinobi village. Deeply inhaling the air brought the flavor of Kiri into him, and Chigetsu would hold it in his lungs as long as he could before exhaling. It was a beautiful way to start the day. The sea breeze complimented the petrichor and other aromas that wafted around the city. Unkempt grass, freshly baked bread, wet concrete. This was the most wonderful way to start a day. Without a mission to devote himself too the day would be open for relaxation and enjoyment for Chigetsu. Gentle days like this brought out the beauty of Kirigakure. It had been why he decided for a walk around the village. With an expression of relaxed satisfaction had spent the morning meandering down the streets, observing every little site of note as if he were a tourist. There was no specific destination for him. It was the journey that was the pleasure, and the leisure involved. A few light anpan buns would be purchased from a street card for a handful of small coins, and would serve as a delicious company to his touring of the city.

He would pause when passing by the training grounds, his mouth filled with anpan. He had expected the sounds of combat to disturb his serenity, but there was near silence coming from the field. That was almost just as disturbing, especially considering how often it was used. His curiosity was drawn. The anpan would be swallowed down quickly, and he would lick his mouth clean of the red bean paste before venturing onwards. The training grounds were nearly empty now that he could see them, confirming the silence wasn’t just a trick of his mind. There was only one person who seemed to be using the field. Maybe because it was lunchtime? Still, it was incredibly odd. The little girl who seemed to be using the training field was rather odd too. She was tiny. Maybe a decade or so younger than him, but it was hard to tell. He managed to just come in as she slashed her tanto repeatedly into the tree, before falling backward out of breath. He couldn’t help but laugh after seeing it, especially after the question he overheard her asking herself. Already amused, Chigetsu would find himself walking over and approaching her.

“You’re the only one here? Did you scare everyone else away with your amazing ninja skills?” He would have a big smile on his face, still giggling a bit from her funny comment. His pink bangs would be brushed back slightly as he came up to her, and now that he would close he would take a closer look at her. With her size and age she couldn’t have been more than an academy student, or maybe Genin at the highest. “I saw you training and just wanted to point out that you won’t be fighting many trees as a ninja. You should probably try to find a real training partner instead~” It would be teasing. He couldn’t help it, and would laugh to himself again now.



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