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ROOT Camp, the forest. I9H8JQY

The Forest is located northwest of the original meeting point, and consists of traditionally dense Fire Country forests. Trees several meters in diameter and several dozen meters tall dominate this battlefield, with wide branches supporting the thick canopy that lets precious little light reach the forest floor. Lush foliage casts a blanket of green across the forest that almost feels disorienting in size. The sheer size coupled with the dense plantlife allows for ample amounts of stealth for the more tactically inclined, leaving the more forward-minded combatants at a disadvantage.

Mission name: ROOT Camp: Hidden Identity.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Keep your identity hidden for the duration of ROOT Camp.
Location: Hi no Kuni, Konohagakure, ROOT Camp.
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission Description: For the duration of the Advanced Placement Training Exercise, the participating shinobi are required to maintain complete anonymity. If their identity is discovered before the conclusion of the training exercise, this mission is a failure.
Mission Details: Keep your identity hidden for the duration of ROOT Camp. If another player learns your name or retrieves your mask, you fail. This mission can only be taken during the ROOT Camp thread.

Mission name: ROOT Camp: Discovered Identity.
Mission rank: C.
Objective: Learn the identity of another participant in ROOT Camp.
Location: Hi no Kuni, Konohagakure, ROOT Camp.
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission Description: For the duration of the Advanced Placement Training Exercise, the participating shinobi are required to maintain complete anonymity. If their identity is discovered before the conclusion of the training exercise. Additionally, they are tasked with learning the identity of at least one other participant.
Mission Details: Learn the identity of at least one other player before ROOT Camp concludes. Conditions for discovering an identity is either learning their name or retrieving their mask. This mission can only be taken during the ROOT Camp thread.

Have fun!

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'Let the games begin!‘

Panting Sakamoto would have seemed to get ahead of the herd so to speak, there wasn't a clearing in the forest in sight as Sakamoto would pick a place in the forest that was familiar, a nice scattering of several large trees combined with many bushes and palms underneath them. Perfect foliage for a small creature like himself or a rabbit. Sites and burrows scattered the landscape where wildlife was known by him to life, small foxholes, as well as burrows in trees and in the earth, reflected the beautiful panoramic ecosystem that existed within Konohagakure no sato. Sakamoto would not have much time, focusing he would rapidly pick a location, plating a single pawprint seal on the ground in the centre of an area between two trees and kicking some leaves over it, he would activate one of his jutsu, causing just shy of a dozen replications of himself to appear around him as he activated his 'Duplicat' technique. Each of them fanning out in a different direction, together with the use of the art of the pawprint seal, they would be able to blanket the area in blank fuuinjutsu seals to await the dastardly cat's techniques at a harrowing pace. The empty seals, being empty, would have no chakra for sensory type ninja to sense, but would certainly serve as a means to attack enemies should they breach the wall or attempt to leap past them.

With each darting up a tree from branch to branch, planting 2 seals on the lowest and most accessible branches three meters or so from the trunk before moving to the next tree and beginning to spiral outwards from the seal on the ground covering the lower levels of as many trees as possible, only missing those so small as they would not be able to support the standing weight of a human.

It took no more than 5 seconds to jump to a tree, plant two seals before jumping to the next for each of the many variants of Sakamoto, though Sakamoto was beginning to tire at the hastiness of it all. The longer an opponent took to arrive however, the longer he had to increase the width of his net in the forest that surrounded them. Should he be given a minute, he would have a section almost on fifty meters in radii to call his own. In fifteen minutes that would have expanded to about three hundred meters in radii. In an hour, he would have all but completely dominated a massive portion of the forest with his pawprint seals of about 500m, tagging the 2 lowest core branches of every tree he could get his nasty paws on. All that was left was to lure enemies to his location. So, one of his duplicats taking several shuriken, Sakamoto would have his nifty clone hang them from trees via vines where they could be in the direct line of sunlight. The light spin of the shuriken casued by the wind would reflect the light out as they span in the breeze, casting rays of light out into the otherwise dark forests at odd angles. There would be no way a ninja would not recognize the sight of the sun hitting steel, and it would surely arouse the suspicion that an opponent lay in waiting in this direction.

Sure, it was a trap, of that there was no doubt, Sakamoto wasn't stupid. He knew that the ninja of konoha was not either, however, these were the ninja of Konohagakure no Sato, the land of fire and passion. Each of them were the kind of ninja that relished a challenge, who rose to meet adversity and were willing to overcome any threat to themselves or those they cared about. Generally speaking, Sakamoto would have liked to have some living bait to ensure his victory and bringing an opponent into the centre of his web... For a moment he wished one of his former companions were here, Di or even the Senju woman he had met. Each of them would have likely approved of this plan, but as the cat found himself thinking about those ninja in a friendly light, he caught himself, shaking his head at the sentimental distraction with almost a sense of revolt. So, his duplicats would spread out, each of them taking the high ground across the branches of trees around the median of his area from the centre depending on how much time the petite leonid had to perform his set-up. Taking positions with Sakamoto in the centre hiding underneath a large fern bush, much like he had at the meeting while keeping his eyes and ears peeled for a ninja who would approach. Each of the duplicats having tied the scarf across their faces to hide their masks.

What the hell is wrong with me?. Sakamoto thought in an instant, discarding the thoughts of old allies not present here.

'It was at that moment, he though he heard something...'

chakra 235:
Name: Nekojutsu: Tegaki kigō | 猫遁: 手書き記号 - Cat Style: Art of Pawprint Seal
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Specialty: Fuinjutsu / Ninjutsu
Duration: Passive
Cooldown: N/A
Description: [-10 chakra permanently]
Due to Sakamoto's unique physiology, he has devised an equally unique method for preparing his sealing formula for his Jutsu. By using this method, he can place empty shells of a generic Fuuinjutsu symbol resembling his paw-print on any surface, imbued with a trace amount of his own chakra with a tap of his paw to await its activation. Any of Sakamoto's Fuinjutsu techniques or 'Cat Style' Techniques can be activated from these pawprint seals remotely at the cost of -5 additional chakra by first using the applications of ninjutsu to first fill the empty vessel of a seal with the intended technique and then releasing the jutsu rapidly. Ninja who also know this technique may utilize or hijack these empty seals, making it a potential double-edged sword.

Name: Jūfuku Gijutsu: Neko | ネコ重複技術 - Duplicat Technique
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive / Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Ninjutsu / Fuinjutsu
Duration: 4 Posts
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Description: Sakamoto prepares his chakra in his throat for a moment before letting out a single meow as the visual effect of an intricate pawprint seal flashes underneath him. After activation Sakamoto forms 10 Duplicats, clones that look similar to Sakamoto save for their varying different colored scarves but have no chakra or chakra natures meaning they can't exist longer than 4 posts, but can travel as far as the user wishes. The Duplicats have -4 tiers in their stats compared to their user and any equipment they would carry and cap at C rank in both rank and damage. Also, although they have access to all the user's jutsu like a shadow clone, they have no chakra in which to use their master's active abilities. Duplicates can be dispersed at any time so long as they can be sensed by the user in some form. Should a Duplicat be dispersed or destroyed, it leaves a 'Pawprint Seal' on either the object that killed it, or a surface it was in contact with or over as it vanished.


ROOT Camp, the forest. 682cf105fce37660cfb5ea2dd6fbd9f5
Jutsu Reg ItemsStats

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Kisei was moving from tree to tree slowly, watching out for other potential enemies as he jumped from branch to branch. Silent and invisible thanks to his puppet's special composition. 'Now if only I had a RADAR or SONAR system installed .' he thought. Though he'd have to settle for what he had at this moment and focus on what he could do. The opponents that he had to deal with he had no idea what their skills were, so incapacitating them will be difficult. It may even be impossible. Not knowing his opponent's strength.. quite a terrifying thing to deal with. Not to say that aKisei was ill-prepared, but history has a tendency to repeat itself. Kisei wanted to do better than repeating the same mistakes. Hopefully he’ll be able to improve, even if just a little bit, in this practice regiment. The deeper reasons for his need to improve lingered in the back of his mind, but he knew them well by now.


Kisei hummed. Up ahead he saw a small cat wearing a pink scarf run hopping through the trees,  His first instinct was attack it but with his better judgement simply silently jumped onto a higher branch while it was still a few trees away, avoiding the creature altogether. Still cloaked and silent, the creature remained oblivious to Kisei’s presence, jumping a few more branches out, maybe, Kisei didn’t pay much attention. Instead focused on what was left in their wake. With the daylight illuminating, what would otherwise be the shadowy forest, the black spots they left behind. ‘It seemed reminiscent of what you’d expect of sealing users, but really, a cat knowing sealing jutsu? A ninja cat maybe, but it could also be ink or something similar. I better watch out for other cats just in case.‘ Kisei thought cautiously, as he jumped in the opposite direction of the cat that passed by him seconds earlier he noticed strange light flashing him ahead. Hopping a few tree branches forward, dodging out of way of the trail of pawprints left behind by the mysterious cat, he discovered that they were metal shuriken hung on vines. An uneasy feeling settled in his gut at the realization of what he had just stumbled upon. “A trap?” The Ushinatta nervously whispered. The sound silenced by the puppet carapice. His hand gripped on fabric of his hood, wanting to pull it over his head but realizing that it would cut out some of his side vision. Instead his hand reached for the pinwheel hanging by cloth straps on his back, the bladed fan pointed down, while the cold feel of steel verifying that it was still tightly held in place there.  His other hand holding a firm grip on the handle of his signature umbrella. He would have to tread carefully from this point out.

Going around the hung shuriken, making sure his puppet didn’t scratch against the metal ninja tool, he walked precisely into what he assumed was a trap.

Soon he’d come across an open clearing surrounded by trees. The kicker, the entire place was covered in pawprints. At this point all the branches were too heavily covered in pawprints to avoid, so instead he walked perpendicular to the trunk of the tree, looking like a branch right above the branch, if you could see him. In the center of the open space were a couple of thick fern bushes, obviously suspicious… To test his hypothesis Kisei would direct two of the horns on the top of his puppet’s head to impale the pawprinted branch right below his right side. The sound of wood being snapped by steel in such silence being a good way to expose the less experienced ninja. snap! The hulking branch lacking any support, fell to the group with a thud. Dozen of leafs scratching around. Kisei pushed off the trunk he stood on, his puppet cloaking both of them, and connected to another tree. Perhaps twenty meters off the ground, fifteen or so meters away from the center of the clearing. Sticking the landing perfectly, he'd wait to see if there were any changes around him.


Jutsu Used:

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater. 

Name: Puppet Technique (Kugutsu no Jutsu ~ 傀儡の術)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 30m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: -5 per post
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Use of this technique on puppets is only available to those with the Kugutsu specialty. However, people without skill in Puppetry can still generate chakra strings to control weapons they have the specializations to wield, within 30m. This consists of whipping them around like a flail or yo-yo, or controlling their path of travel when thrown. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by any D rank technique that causes blunt force, cutting, or piercing damage.

This technique cannot control living people; it can only control corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker.

Focused control*

Items Used:

Name: Guardian: Anti Singular Target Eradication Repulsor 
Rank: B
Primary Use: Offense
Description: The Guardian Anti Single Target Eradication Repulsor, (but simply Guardian for short), is a modified take on the originals Kisei saw in his home world. Those had more strobes, maws, teeth and eyes but Kisei thought that was too... Extra.. so he streamlined the look. The Guardian consists of a skull of some type of aninal, a massive maw holding tweleve teeth up and tweleve teeth down, with horn like protrusions on either side. On top of the head of the Guardian are three horns. Two on either side and on straight down the middle, although the middle horn is mostly just pointed like that. It was also designed to mostly be hollow, meaning that, like a normal skull it has a cavity in the back. 
"Proceed if you want spoilers":

ROOT Camp, the forest. Flat,800x800,075,f.u1
Other Example:
ROOT Camp, the forest. Gaster_blaster_3d_model_by_pipann-d9n3egk
Modifications and Weapons: 

Name: Chakra Emitter Wave Blaster
Type of Item: Chakra Tech (Puppet) Mod | Chakra Tech Cannon
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Ability/Function: Utilizing the charge system, this cannon will be able to fire one blast.

These blasts are three meters in diameter, can pierce 3.5 inches into a target and move at 40m/s up to 20 meters. Natural terrain however is pierced through with ease. A good thing to note however is that these blasts are beam like attacks, and won’t stop until they reach the end of their range or a target that is capable of canceling it out. 
Appearance: Located in the back of the mouth, this cannon can extend just behind the teeth and allows it to fire it's blast past the puppet.
History: The main function and offense of this puppet.

Name: Shield Type β - Aegis Ward
Type of Item: Puppet Mod 
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: Instead of being made to reflect chakra based attacks or possess some immunity to them, this puppet has a number of inlaid wires and receivers that are specifically designed to absorb chakra not directly flowed into it through specific locations (only known to the builder). Jutsu of A-rank or lower when making contact with this puppet are nullified as the chakra keeping it together is extracted into the puppet. Whenever this happens, the Chakra Emitter Wave Blaster gains charges based on the rank of the jutsu. S-rank jutsu and higher completely ignore this mod's abilities. 

  • E rank jutsu provide 1/2, but do not send this ability into cooldown. However it can only absorb on per post.

  • D and C-rank jutsu rank jutsu provide 1 charge, and put a one post cooldown on this item.

  • B rank jutsu give 2 charges, two post cooldown.

  • A rank jutsu give three charges, three post cooldown.

Jutsu that Kisei channels through this mod, will not send it into cooldown, and won't be absorbed. 

History: Kisei is already hard pressed for chakra with all the tech he has to keep up with, so any function that lowers the cost on himself is welcome.

Name: Stealth Skele
Type of Item: Puppet Mod | Chassis Modification
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: N/A
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: The exoskeleton of this puppet was crafted in a sound dulling, light refracting material that can turn invisible and dull any sound it makes. 
Making it impossible to detect with sight or sound while this ability is active. It takes A-0 perception or B-rank sensory jutsu to locate this puppet while stealthed. Kisei can turn off and one this function at will. Additionally because of this puppet 's strange shape, any who are able to hide inside of it, within the space of the cranial cavity, will benefit from being hidden by this mod. Can switch between on and off only once per post.
History: While looking into the repertoire of his puppet Kisei felt that adding a stealth function to increase it's versatility.

Name: Storage Compartment
Type of Item: Energy Battery
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: Non-aligned
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: Coupled directly with the Aegis mod, there are energy storage units built inside of this puppet that store the energy gathered by the Aegis mod. It is capable of redirecting this power within these batteries to activate energy based weapons and items equipped to this puppet, costing one charge to do so. This mod can hold up to 20 charges.
History: For every method to extract energy, there must be a method to contain it.

Name: Chains Type Tau - "Restriction Straight"
Type of Item: Chassis Mod
Rank: B
Elemental Alignment: Non-Aligned
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: Underneath the twenty four teeth and the four spikes protruding out from the head and sides of the mouth lies a system of thin carbon steel chains. Allowing Kisei to detach any of these teeth or spikes from the main body and be controlled by Kisei with the same jutsu he is using to control the puppet. The chains are capable of moving at any length so long as these chains don't move out of a fifteen meter radius around the puppet. These chains can move at 30m/s. Lastly, this mod also benefits from any of the other mods equipped to this puppet such as the Aegis Ward Mod. It takes B-2 strength to break out of it in one post and B-3 strength or higher to break out of within the same post. Those below B-1 strength are unable to break out of these chains.
Appearance: Thin flexible chains, lined with blue pulsing lines that seem alive with energy.
History: Puppets are every Ushinatta's dream come true, the shear number of things that you can fill them with allow for the greatest potiential for Chakra Tech to be achieved there. So he stuffed chains and installed them into the chassis of the puppet.


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