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"Congratulations! You've been selected to participate in a covert, experimental training regimine to take place on xx, xx, xxxx! Should you choose to accept the offer, please proceed to the location marked on the map on the aforementioned date. Included with this invitation you will find a plain white mask. The mask provided must be worn at all times on the aforementioned date."

「Hidden deep within the forests of the Fire Country, far from any semblance of civilization, Takao sat atop the branch of a tree just shy of a clearing. It was nothing more than a ten meter break in the vast greenwood, illuminated by the mid-day sun that beamed down unhindered by sparse cloud cover. The forest was quiet, and on his perch upon the tree branch, he was quieter. The black cloak draped over his shoulders offered precious little camouflage in the dense forests of his homeland, yet worked swimmingly to ensure that no sound made beneath its fabric escaped to be heard.

He had reviewed the candidates carefully, read their files with scrutiny, examined their mission reports, and taken in every last morsel of knowledge there was to be learned. Those that had been selected were given a mask, a map to the location, and the instructions to wear the mask at all times when they arrived at the location on the day of the training exercise. In time, he expected they would arrive and gather as instructed, clinging to their identities. Perhaps they might arrive at the conclusion that this experimental training regime was intended to scout for potential Black Ops candidates, or maybe they would have their own assumptions, yet none could be correct. Takao had taken this opportunity to disguise the event for his own means, to determine who would make the ideal candidates for ROOT. Regardless, their assumptions or theories on the purpose behind the ordeal would be of little concern for them when the games began. Thus, he waited for their arrival, hidden amidst the canopy until the last of the participants had lined up as instructed.

When the last of the participants had finally arrived, Takao rose from his seated position within the dense forest canopy and disappeared from sight. He appeared before them in a flourish of foliage and stood tall as his cloak settled over his shoulders. Black eyes peered at the line of prospective candidates, hidden beneath the tinted visor of his helm. The polished mask resting comfortably on his visage did more than obscure his face; the word he spoke from beneath were distorted, metallic, and unrecognizable as his own.

“Welcome to the program, Shinobi!” He began, his arms raising from either side, carrying the fabric of his cloak with them. Beneath the fabric they might take notice of the Hidden Leaf Black Ops attire clinging to his form for the brief moment it was visible.

“As was mentioned in the letter, you all have been chosen for this experimental training regime. This program has been developed to help better prepare the youth for the realities of warfare, and to do so we have chosen the style of a game, so I will go ahead and explain the rules. The masks you wear are twofold in purpose. Their main intention is to hide your identity; should you lose your mask and your identity is discovered, your participation in the program is terminated.” Takao said. A wry smile built on his face as his explanation continued, twisting the corner of his mouth into his cheek.

“The second purpose is to act as points. You will all be pitted against one another in a battle to acquire the most masks. The individual at the end of the program with the most masks will win. You are given permission to use whatever means you deem necessary to accomplish this task. The areas of the surroundings are diverse in the advantages and disadvantages they bring, so I would suggest choosing your field of battle carefully-- and quickly. The program begins in five minutes.” With the last of the instructions given, Takao’s hand rose to his side in a stationary wave.

“Good luck!”」


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the forest
the river
the field
the valley


x2 weapons/items/pieces of armour up to A-Rank
commissioned full-body artwork of their character
x1 weapon/item/piece of armour up to A-Rank

x2 weapons/items/pieces of armour up to B-Rank
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x1 weapon/item/piece of armour up to B-Rank

x2 weapons/items/pieces of armour up to C-Rank



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Today was the day. Whatever this mysterious training exercise was, Kennosuke was as ready as he could be for it. He had trained and learned a few new Jutsu. The coming hours would determine if it was enough or not. Given the instructions of wearing a mask the entire time they were at the training exercise, Kennosuke had taken further steps to conceal his identity. He wore his hair down, a shaggy mane that framed the mask he wore, instead of partially pulled back In a pony tail. Instead of his normal clothing, he wore a long sleeve, form fitting black shirt and his hands were wrapped in white cloth. Rekka, his sword was tightly wrapped in black cloth wrappings to conceal the dragon scale pattern and instead of being worn on his waist, it was slung over his right shoulder. He wore his normal black shinobi pants and sandals, with his pouch of ninja tools on his right thigh.

The mask that he was given, he modified slightly to allow his breath jutsu to be used without interference and he took the liberty to paint a basic black design on it. He leaves the Kimura compound and slips out of Konoha undetected before moving through the trees toward the point marked on the map. He arrived with the others that were summoned to the training exercise, all of whom wore masks same as he. A tall man dressed in black appeared, explained the rules of the day. The masks were not only to conceal their identities, but also acted as points. The Shinobi who gathered the most masks, would win the day. What prize would be won, wasn’t stated, but Kennosuke was well prepared for the realities of war and looked forward to the coming battle with his fellow shinobi.

The proctor wished them all good luck and the shinobi scattered to the respective battlegrounds. Kennosuke lingered a moment, studying the man before him before shimmering and disappearing into the forest. He heads northwest, seeking to stay inside the dense forest. His talents would be best suited in the forest itself as it could help cover him while giving him many things to set ablaze to better control the battlefield.


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Here she was, Fang Cheng'e, currently known as Ess, standing among a bunch of humans in preparation for some big training exercise. She had filed her antlers down to little stumps for this. She guessed it was something to do with Black Ops, judging from the letter she got and thought it best to seem as human as possible for whatever she was being invited to participate in. Couldn't exactly get by unnoticed with antlers sticking out of her hair, never mind the green hair. She had spend the last afternoon making both as subtle as she could. Now, her antlers were but little stumps hidden in between strands of hair dyed black. In her opinion, it looked good. It was a stark contrast to her pale skin and emerald colored eyes.

No one really had a view of that, though. her face was currently covered by a mask. The hood of a black cloak was pulled up to cover her hair, pulled up into a bun. The dragon princess half listened to what the proctor was saying. She paid enough attention to get the gist of things while she in and out. At the moment, she was regretting letting her rabbits convince her not to draw all over her mask. They were right that it would have defeated the entire purpose of making her features more subtle. Speaking of them, she had left her servants at home and given them a bit of vacation time until this whole thing was over. Hopefully, it would last a couple of days.

One phrase brought her back to attention, though.

Preparing the youth for the realities of warfare.

Ess nearly burst out laughing. Sure, she looked young, but she was much older than all of the people here combined and then doubled. "Ha, youth," she said to no one in particular, shaking her head. If the people around her sent sideways glances, she would ignore them completely. "This dude, amiright?" She added, pointing at the proctor with her thumb.

The main takeaway from his words was simple enough, though. The goal was to keep her identity hidden while uncovering that of everyone else. It was simple enough. Even so, it put her at a significant disadvantage. She wouldn't be able to transform into her original form if she wanted to remain in the game, which meant her she was going to have to get creative with her strategy. "What to do, what to do..." she wondered out loud. Is this what it felt to be limited to being a human? It would be interesting to fight this way.

After the proctor wished them all good luck, he gave the final instructions - to choose where to go. The area was wide and offered a variety of options, but before that, Ess needed to call in a small favor. After she had what she needed, she would decide where to head out to. Hopefully, this would be as fun as she was imagining it would be.


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He was tired, so very tired. The young male had been power chaining missions for several days at this point; as soon as one was done, he would pick up another at the administration building and go from there. It was something to keep himself distracted; these nightmares that he had began suffering from as of late were starting to get the better of him. Keeping on task and distracted with a mission to occupy his time and thoughts seemed like the best way to keep them at bay, and it was proving to be very useful to the young man. But unfortunately, Shikei was very much human -- his status as a shinobi notwithstanding -- and there was still a time limit as to how long the young man could go without sleep. When the male decided that he was finally done with his mission chaining and needed to rest, he had attempted to stop, only to find himself lost in the grip of the beast that was the administration building. This beast was not one to trifle with; once it had you, it was reluctant to release you. Despite him no longer showing up to volunteer and take missions, he was continuously being assigned to them, even though he was still simply a hired sword, and only being notified that he had a new mission once he reported back with the old one. It went on for days, the better part of two weeks really, until he somehow convinced a random recently graduated genin to assume his appearance via the Transformation Technique and turn in his latest mission just so Shikei could slip away to get some respite.

Home was quiet as he slipped in through his window; he did not want to wake Granny with his tired feet trudging through the hallways at this time of the day. After undressing himself and throwing his gear onto the floor, Shikei dropped himself on top of his bed, vowing to shower when he woke up. He was tired as all hell, and as far as he knew, there was nothing that he was required to do at the moment. It would be best to get some rest…

~~Several hours later~~


A grunt was released from the bed, followed by the shuffling of linen and flesh. Blue eyes slowly opened to being assaulted by the sunlight filtering through the curtains. Pain assaulted his head as he tried to sit up. For a brief moment, the male wondered why was it so important that he remained alive if this was what waking up was going to feel like everyday.


What thing was she talking abou-- Oh.


A mad scramble ensued; the sudden energy influx was almost enough to scare him somewhat. It would seem that he had been noticed some what by someone higher up on the chain. He recalled the letter he had received and how he needed to wear his particular mask during the exercise. He also recalled wondering if this ‘covert, experimental training regimine’, as the letter stated, had something to do with ANBU.

Very well then.

After a quick shower, the male would gather up his gear and mask before heading out to the meeting place. He would slip his mask on along the way, allowing the strange material to settle on his face. It felt a bit weird, but he was willing to go along with it for the moment. As he arrived, the male would take note of several others who were there before him, most notably the one whom decided to mark his mask…

Well, just paint a target on yourself…

Those blue eyes, hidden behind the featureless mask, would carefully look about again. The young male would keep to himself, not bothering to speak to the other participants for the moment. There had to be a reason as to why they were given masks, after all. If one’s face was to be hidden, then perhaps it was to be expected that he was to not let on whom he was by any means?

As the last of the participants would arrive, something began to stir in the canopy. Shikei would turn his head heavenward to catch sight of Takao standing up within the canopy.

His eyes would look upon the figure of Takao, listening to him speak and taking careful note what was expected of him for this place. So, the masks were important in the exercise; they were to protect the identity of those who wore them, as well as acting as a point system for those who were participating. At those word, Shikei could not help but allow his gave to drift over to the one that he noticed had painted his mask.


While he himself was not planning to go and remove the mask of that particular persona, he would not pass up the chance should it present itself. This was a competition, after all...


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N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame

Today would be the day he had been planning for, a special day indeed. A few days prior he had received a notice detailing some kind of experimental training he had been selected for. Along with the notice a plain white mask accompanied the invitation with the instruction to wear it all times when arriving and during the training. A simple enough request although he wondered just what he would be up against. In the efforts to be best prepared for anything, he had developed several new jutsu intended to deal with most anything that could be thrown at him. Even with this in mind, he kept his options open as he knew preparation would only get him so far but adaptation in the field would be the key to success.

As he mused over just what he thought the training would inlcude, he got himself dressed quickly and prepared his weaponry for battle. As his final acts before leaving, he draped his Basotho blanket over himself and place the white mask upon his face to conceal his identity. He called to his pet mantis S'Yan to hop upon his shoulder and join him in the day's escapdes. Obeying the command, S'Yan crawled up his back and settled himself upon N'Jobu's left shoulder in his normal resting place. Ready to go, he sneakily left the Aburame compound through one of the less traveled rear exits to avoid drawing any suspicion to himself as he set off towards the meet up point. He would travel deep into the forests of the Land of Fire until he reached the rendezvous point where several others in white masks were already lying in wait. After a few moments, a figure emerged from hiding in the brush and began to speak, “Welcome to the program, Shinobi!” as they lifted their hand slightly revealing ANBU black ops attire underneath their cloak but only for a just a moment. The attire however was slightly different from the normal attire however and brought about a small sense of deja vu within as the ANBU from Suna wore a similar garb. "Is that the same one?" he contemplated to himself as he continued to listen.

“As was mentioned in the letter, you all have been chosen for this experimental training regime. This program has been developed to help better prepare the youth for the realities of warfare, and to do so we have chosen the style of a game, so I will go ahead and explain the rules. The masks you wear are twofold in purpose. Their main intention is to hide your identity; should you lose your mask and your identity is discovered, your participation in the program is terminated.”  Now with a better upstanding of the purpose and criticality of the masks, he whispered to S'Yan his intentions of how to proceed with the task at hand. "I'll lock them down, you remove the masks..." S'Yan nodded in agreement as the two continued to await the instructions of the masked figure. “The second purpose is to act as points. You will all be pitted against one another in a battle to acquire the most masks. The individual at the end of the program with the most masks will win. You are given permission to use whatever means you deem necessary to accomplish this task. The areas of the surroundings are diverse in the advantages and disadvantages they bring, so I would suggest choosing your field of battle carefully-- and quickly. The program begins in five minutes.”

With his mission in mind, he set off into the nearby area looking for an area best suited for his particular fighting style. He was somewhat familiar with the area so he decieded to head north west into the more wooded area compared to the meeting point. The lush forest and dense forestation would provide fantastic cover for S'Yan and his own insects allowing them a bit of an advantage. Without hesitation he set off sprinting towards his destination hoping to reach the area before anyone else so that he could set up an advantageous position within the forest. S'Yan let out a small battle cry as the pair headed off into a battle of wits and cunning in the maze of flora before them.

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Kisei wasn't exactly sure what to expect on something like this. Well, one could expect everything, but that was a little over the top for an experimental training exercise, but eh, who knows what was going to happen other than the one who brought us here. The Ushinatta blacksmith looked down on the mask he was assigned, it was a simple porcelain mask with no colors. 'That was probably a good thing, less to look at I suppose.' Kisei put it on with a sense of, strangeness. For his two or so years of serving as a ninja, it never occurred to him to hide his identity. Despite understanding the power one's identity had in a world of espionage and danger like this one. Carelessness or over-confidence on his part he guessed. Whatever the reason, perhaps it was time he started to take all this ninja stuff seriously. "No more smoke and umbrella tricks?" That ever lovely voice asked innocently. Kisei chuckled.

"Always umbrella tricks, my dear Ai." He smiled, picking up his newly improved weapon.

“But let’s save that as a surprise for them.”


When he arrived he was surprised that there were other people there, but why? It wasn’t like there were going to have a solo practice regime, just for one person, no, it was a much smarter idea to have more people to test. Though Kisei would find out just then why there was quite a number of people here.

The cloaked masked figure would go on to explain the exercise they were going to do. By their attire and the identifying logo of the black ops division on them, this would appear to be a recruitment practice of some kind. Welp, then that meant this wouldn’t be as easy as Kisei would have liked. Good then, a challenge. He hadn’t been as active as he would have liked recently and something like this sounds like it’s just what he needs. The objective of the game was to prevent your mask from getting stolen as well as hide your own identity. Though these seem like separate goals even if they are connected. ‘This is going to be a bit difficult for me, since nothing in my kit is meant for stealth, save for one.. I’ll have to take this carefully.’ Thankfully with the recent updates to my weapons I did have plenty of killing power to spare, as well as a good number of defensive abilities, so combat wouldn’t be too much of an issue unless he was an idiot. (History was not on his side in this regard.) However maybe this time will be different.

After they were dismissed, Kisei would immediately jump into the forest scene, but try and stay away from the noisy one screaming about. Confident ninja often had good reason to be, at least in his experience, so it was better to leave them be for now. The Ushinatta would jump up into the tree branches, looking around to make sure no one saw him or was chasing him right now. When he was certain that no one was around he pulled out his scroll and immediately unsealed the puppet hiding inside. The smoke cover providing the perfect opportunity to activate the stealth feature of the puppet. Giving the appearance he disappeared completely in the smoke as he hid within the skeletal puppet frame. As he looked around for his prey Kisei gently stroked the side of his mask, making sure it was still in place. As he felt the porcelain under his fingers he breathed with relief. Determination filled his very being. It was time to get serious.


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'Finally, a day which showed promise...‘

Sakamoto, was still as of yet a widely unknown ninja in the ranks of Konohagakure as he continued his ongoing training as a Ganin. Seldomly working with his squad, his unique position offered him some interesting privileges when it came to the subject of his identity. Widely considered a secret, Sakamoto's daily life as a ninja was not an easy one, Sakamoto couldn't talk to anyone within Konoha's ranks directly unless in the most secure of locations or unless a ninja of renown ordered it to be so. Otherwise, it was widely known that Sakamoto worked closely with the village of heaven, using a snow white pet ninneko as an intermediary to take messages for his missions, squad training, meetings etcetera. Valuing his privacy as well as his independence, the precautions he took too many would seem excessive and bordering paranoid. While in truth, it was simply the requests of an outsider looking in, attempting to capitalize on the advantage of anonymity. However, Sakamoto knew that this would not be a feature that would last long, amongst the hundreds of Genin in the city, few of which were Ninneko from his clan, once identified, it would be difficult to not gain a level of pseudo-fame from that point alone.

So, Sakamoto would stick to the shadows, his red sash like collar masked the Konoha hitiate that was kept in his possession while the mask that had been given to him from the messenger with the directions to the meeting point would be worn across his face reluctantly. Keeping to the brush as he moved across the roots of the gigantic trees, he would scour silently, skating across the ground with a swiftness in his step afforded to his kin. Sakamoto could see the moving shapes of others with similar masks, each of them appeared to be a ninja of some kind. There were a stark few that he was acutely aware of in Konoha, this having been his second outing outside of his training and personal outings he had taken recently. All the same, Sakamoto would plant his Paw-print seals across the earth as he went for the sake of security. On the base of a tree between two roots, under a bush, on top of a branch. Each location innocuous with the small black seals blending into the shade they afforded in the forest of death, and in a wide enough scope to afford the feline a safe path should things go awry.

Apon his arrival at the congregation, he could see a ninja, make and female of varying shapes and sizes, though none as dimorphic as him in comparison. Several of them seemed strange to the eye, many of them were a unique ninja of that he was certain. At the head of them, all was a man waiting for all to be in attendance. Sakamoto hid in the shadows nearby amongst several seedling ferns which would cowl over him in a wave low to the ground and at the rear of the group. While his hiding place would likely be obscured from the mass of the group, the operator of this exercise with a stray glance would likely have no trouble in sighting the feline through the beam of light which broke the canopy directly in front of him, acting as a light shield that based the world behind it into little more than still shadow... yet to the senses of someone as venerable as Takao, such a light screen would appear as little more than a coloured filter to the onyx black feline laying upon the warm earth in the distance, watching and listening to the assembly.

'and so his presentation began.'

When Sakamoto learned that this exercise was to be a stealth operation, he could not help but smile, no-one knew who he was here, though likely, he didn't know who anyone else was either. So he would not be able to proclaim the identity of any of the other competitors, likewise, however, they would not be able to do the same to him. And who would expect some random stray cat to be a key opponent in a test against the nation's ninja? While there were some assumptions that could be made, several of them would be a stretch if Sakamoto could simply keep his cool. Though, he found himself being attracted to Takao's words, smiling broader as he did so, hooked on the vernacular as he spoke. He liked this guy. He was blunt and seemed viciously cunning, he was testing them, but in a way that he seemed to be playing with them. He could remember using similar tactics to scout out men for himself. Sakamoto assumed quickly and correctly that this was to be an almost full-scale free-for-all. The intention is to eliminate as many opponents as possible by any means necessary.

As the address came to an end, Five minutes being given to prepare for the trial that was to come, Sakamoto was already gone, vanished from his place among the shrubs with little more than a soft rustle timed evenly with part of the warm Konoha winds that rolled through the forest. Trotting away at an even canter, Sakamoto would slink to freedom in the direction of one of the few places he knew well enough to set up his position. The forest itself.

As soon as he was far enough away to not hear a noise that the other Genin or Chunin could hear, Sakamoto would break out into a full speed sprint for the location. He would not have a big head-start, but it would be a head-start none the less. The longer he had to set up, the more powerful he would be as an opponent to anyone and everyone who dared to enter the area.

And so it started...


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