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Mission name: Adjunct Teacher: Academy.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Teach academy students in one area of ninja knowledge.
Location: Iwagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 ryo.

Mission Description: There’s an academy instructor that’s out on a mission for today, act as a substitute and just teach them what you know best.  

Mission Details: What you teach doesn’t have to be anything complex. There are bound to be troublemakers as well, deal with them without severely injuring them and continue your curriculum.

Aikiko had been given yet another embarrassing mission beneath her clan’s status and station. At least this time it was a nod to her incredible skill in one area: Genjutsu. Of the many arts she practiced in the academy she was a most notable standout in the illusory arts. Her ability to use her chakra to affect people’s senses and minds was without comparison among the other students in her year. Many were painfully aware thanks to her tendency to use her skill to torment those she deemed beneath her. Which just so happened to commonly mean anyone unlucky enough to be in her sight. Aikiko was dressed in layers, with a hooded jacket. It had been a couple years since she’d graduated the academy and she was a much different young lady now: colder, more judgmental. The lack of leadership in Iwagakure had made her antsy and she commonly ignored summons completely with little to no repercussion. No one dared opposed her family in the weakened stone village. Aikiko was a spoiled brat by this point who only did what she wanted with no input. The fact that she had even accepted the summons to the academy was pure chance. Aikiko asked her servants to prepare her a lunch and breakfast. The toast and eggs did not go to waste today, Aikiko savored every bite she took without word. A silent reception was always welcome in the Uchiha household of Iwagakure, silence meant satisfaction. A lunch was prepared as well for the raven haired young lady but she had changed her mind without telling anyone leaving the food behind and electing to purchase lunch at a tea shop later.

Aikiko arrived precisely when she was supposed to. If she did show up it was always perfectly on time, a habit that by now was well known. When she slid open the door to the classroom the children that recognized her fell immediately silent. A wave of hushed fear washed over the class with the menacing presence of the Uchiha heiress. Her family’s sword was off center on the small of her back able to be drawn at any time. Aikiko had no clothing identifying her as a person of authority as it was not needed; the aura of her ominous presence was enough to tell everyone in the room that it was so. Aikiko had no expression, her neutral almost apathetic manner was enough to unsettle every single child in the room. “Today, you will learn about the most subtle and varied shinobi art, genjutsu. By the time I was your age I had no equal among my peers. If that were the case among any of you I’d know your name as my elders know mine. You are blessed to have me here today. Think twice before you ask any stupid questions or you will earn yourself a hands-on lesson as well. You will address me as Aikiko-senpai is that clear?” The class nodded as Aikiko wrote her name on the board in hiragana for the class to see. “There are two major categories of genjutsu. Internal and external. An internal genjutsu works by disrupting the victims chakra network causing hallucinations among many other sinister effects. An external genjutsu works by using chakra to change details in the environment or to mimic other sensory effects in order to fool your opponent. I have mastered jutsu of both category and can explain some of their advantages. Internal genjutsu can be much harder to detect thanks to their ability to lie dormant for a time before actually showing their true purpose. External genjutsu are much easier to use because they don’t require you to assert your will over your opponent this however can make them more obviously fake because they appear out of thin air. It takes intelligence and subtlety to use the art of genjutsu effectively. Like all things in our world to master the art you must take care to practice it until it is simply another extension of your own mind.”

Aikiko heard a slight snore from the back of the class and threw a shuriken aimed to just miss the slumbering fool who dared disrupt her lesson. The sound of it sinking into the wood near his ear had the boy shooting up in terror and screaming out in surprise. To the boy the shuriken next to him would be a demonic visage of himself whispering in his ear urging him to stay awake under threat of the horrible things Aikiko-senpai would do to him if he fell asleep again. Aikiko grinned knowing that the boy would be terrified of her for life. A terrified servant was often times an obedient one. With the interruption dealt with Aikiko would return to her lesson “Genjutsu can be the most useful tool and it can also be a useless one. If used carelessly it will lead to your tricks being found out and you will be targeted first. Genjutsu is a sinister art and its practitioners are oft targeted for their talents.” A child had dared toss a paper airplane in her classroom and it had caught a draft and was headed for the back of Aikiko’s head as the young woman faced away from the class. The young lady drew her blade and sliced in half sending it to either side of her and into the board. Her sharingan was active as she turned around, the eerie silence once more took over the class as they all avoided eye contact with the demonic copy wheel eyes in her head.

Aikiko returned the blade to its scabbard and turned back to the board and continued the lesson making it seem as if the mischief was a necessary portion of her lesson in order to make her point, “And that is why it is necessary for its students to have a perfect picture of their surroundings at all times. In order to make illusions work you must know what is going on around you or they will seem fake. The best illusions are the ones they know are there but cannot escape. These are generally only heard of in legend. Many of these legendary techniques belong to my clan. That is why they have sent me. I can prepare you better than anyone else they have now. The war has them spread thin and with weak leadership. I could not keep my honor intact should I have declined the opportunity to prepare tomorrow’s soldiers for what they might face. Our clan is widespread now. Many of us are throughout the world and it should be known that we are without equal in genjutsu. Have any of you been taught how to escape a genjutsu?” Aikiko knew it was unlikely and her fears were confirmed when all of them shook their head no.

Aikiko nodded then pointed to the young man she had first put under a genjutsu, “You will learn first. I promised a hands-on training for anyone dumb enough to interrupt me and this is your lesson. You surely know the basics of chakra if I’m your teacher and given your age it would be wiser you leave now if you don’t know what I mean.” The boy didn’t move meaning she was correct, if he didn’t know what she asked he’d have left in terror never to return to the academy again. “Focus all of your chakra inward. Focus on your tenketsu and prepare to overload your system with your own chakra. This is the most basic defense against genjutsu. It will be a strain on your chakra but at least you are not going to be fighting against the illusory threats blind. Now try it yourself. You will know if it worked.” The boy brought his hands together in a meditative pose and looked to be focusing. Aikiko’s sharingan could see the chakra gathering in him. “Good. Now release it all into your system.” Aikiko could see the boys chakra network return to its normal flow as he had dispersed the hellish illusion that she had placed him under. The boy let out a sigh of relief. “Sora you may leave. As for the rest of you; it is now your turn to try it out.” After the boy scrambled out clearly surprised that Aikiko knew his name already, Aikiko would make a half dragon hand sign and send out a wave of chakra which would make them all feel far too warm. “You are all lucky enough to already know that you are placed under my genjutsu. You are still unlucky however in that you will now have to escape it. Good luck. I will be waiting outside. Don’t bother coming out if you having escaped I’ll know if you haven’t.” Aikiko would waste no time in leaving for her home after capturing the room under her spell, knowing that they’d all do as they’re told she did not wait for them and simply went home.


1,524 words.

Word Usage:

  • D rank Mission: 750/750 Taking payment in form of D rank jutsu.
  • C rank Katon Genjutsu "Heatwave" Training: 700/700.
  • Strength E > E-1: 68/68

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