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Mission name: Supply Run.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Bring the supplies to the army training camp in Konohagakure.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Mission description: The army training camp located on the western side of Konohagakure is running war games and needs somebody to do a supply run for them. Pick up the supplies from the administration building and take them to the Army Training Camp as quickly as possible.
Mission Details: There is fresh ice cream (a treat for one of the officers) in the order, if you don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and you'll have a very sad officer on your hands. If you make it with the ice cream, you may even get to eat a scoop.

“Sweet! My first mission!”

The young Senju thought. Walking down the streets of Konoha with his mission’s statement in his hands, he made his way to the Administrations building where he was greeted by a staff member who kindly shook his hand.

“So, this is your first mission. Glad you made it this one” sparing no time, the staff member quickly straps onto him a relatively heavy back pack “You’ll be taking these to the Army Training west of here. They’re army supplies so be careful not to lose them. Oh, and one of them told me to give you this” they reach into their pocket and bring out a folded note and hands it to him. Before he even has the chance to open it, they pat him on the shoulders “You can read it on the way. Now go!” with a blatant shove, the boy was on his way.

Without a moment’s notice he barges through the exit, nearly bumping into people just making their way followed by an angry retort from one them.
“Sorry!” the boy cried.
No time to stay and apologize he merely looked back and clasped his hands apologetically without stopping. I’m sorry sir, but there’s something I got to do at the moment. Formal apologies can be done later.
As he made way down the many steps to street levels he began unfolding the note maybe some kind of special instructions he thought. To his surprise, it was quite the opposite.

In scratchy rushed writing, it read
While on your way from the administration building, please stop by Kurimaru’s Ice Cream Shop. I would like the King Kanoha Coconut. I left the exact amount of money inside, so don’t worry about paying yourself. Many thanks!

Really? He pondered the idea of being asked but just as he looked up, there it was. He hesitated on making his way over, but if they expected him to take a detour, he might as well. He slowed down and entered the little ice cream shop.
There he was greeted by a short sweet lady in a white apron decorated in warm welcoming colors.
“Welcome! Interested in anything or just looking around?”
“Um…” he replied as he takes off the supply back pack “Do you have the-“he looked at the note again “King. Kanoha. Coconut?”
“Yes we do! Would you like one? We have samples in case you want something else”
“I’m okay. I think that’ll be all.”
“Okay, I’ll be with you in just a moment.”
The lady quickly got her supplies and started building what would be the King Kanoha Coconut. Quickly and efficiently she started digging into the buckets of ice creams and placing them into a large bowl labeled “The King”

Sachihiro takes the money out of the note and patiently waits by the counter and takes a quick glance of the place. He found himself nodding his head to the little melodies playing from the speakers.
“Nice music” he commented
“Right?” she replied “honestly, I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. It’s a nice melody! If there were any other music I swear I’d go mad!”
The boy chuckled
They talk the entire process of the lady building the ice cream. She tells him her name is Hatsuko and hands him his order.
“My name's Sachihiro. It was a pleasure to meet you” he hands Hatsuko the money, recovers the back pack from the ground waves her goodbye. What a nice lady. Maybe I should stop by again with my cousins. Seems like a nice place.
Once he exited, he immediately stops and looks at the ice cream. A large heap of a mess. It was safe to assume that it was nearly every topping topped with an overwhelming amount of chocolate syrup.
More like the King Carbohydrate he thought and giggled to himself alright, no time to laugh at your own joke. Back to the mission and quickly but carefully jolted in the direction of the camp.

Well at least it’s ice cream. More incentive to move fast Sachihiro, without trouble, moved around the narrow streets avoiding any folks in the way and keeping a careful eye on both the ice cream and the supply pack. He finally turns the corner and sees the doorways into the camp There it is!

However, at the entrance he noticed a man coming from the behind the doors. One of the army officers. Having no experience with deliveries he figured he’d ask this man to direct him to a place he could drop this off.

“Hey!” the officer shouted at him once he noticed the boy jogging towards him “You got it! I’ll take it form here.”

“Hi I’m Sachihiro” he replied as he started nearing the him. “Where can I place this?” he presented the ice cream as the officer took the back pack and placed it on his persons.

“Oh, that’s mine too” the officer chuckled “Hold on to it for a minute while I turn this in. You can have a seat over here” and directs the boy to a nearby bench to which he obliges.

Not long after the officer comes back out “Alright kid, mission accomplished! I see you spared no time.” And points at the ice cream “It’s barely melted”

“Haha… yeah”

“Well, luckily I’m on my break. I don’t know if you noticed but that letter was kind of last minute. Kinda saw that the delivery was scheduled around my shift change so I just decided to find the chance. Honestly, I’m a sucker for ice cream. I was hoping if you had the time we could share it. It’s definitely a lot for one person” the officer chuckled and took out two spoons.
They introduce each other and commence on taking the challenge of finishing the heap of ice cream before Goro, the officer, had to be back for his shift. They talk the entire time eating and exchanging stories on their experience as students in the Academy. Although they couldn’t finish what only those of the Akimichi would dare take on, they found themselves enjoying the conversation more than the ice cream.

“It was nice meeting you Sachihiro” Goro said with a burp “that’s a lot of ice cream” and rubbed his belly “I hope to see you again. And hey, maybe you’ll treat me to some ramen next time”

“You count on that!” Sachihiro replied. The two shake hands and part ways.

He lets out a deep breath as he starts making his way back to the administration’s office as he comes to the realization that that ice cream wasn’t that good

His first mission. Although there are many more to come, he knew that some won’t be coming as easily or as rewarding as these. Until then, he was going to enjoy this calm before the storms.

WC: 1176 (750 + 426)
Ryo: 250 (150 + 100)

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