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It was midday and the Senju had found himself lounging around his house, not know what to do. He had just tended to his garden and he wouldn’t need to again until the late afternoon. Having just graduated, he no longer had to study or learn the jutsus need to pass the academy classes. He had no clear objectives and felt a little discouraged.
“I can’t just stay in my room all day…” the boy thought to himself, lying on his bed simply throwing a ball up and down
“But what else could I possibly d-“just as quickly as he had paused, he couldn’t help but strike his forehead at such an obvious thought “TRAINING” he shouted from his room “How could I be so clueless!” the boy jolted up “It’s literally all we ever talked about doing as graduates!” now hastily putting on his shinobi attire he bolts out the door.
Although simple in theory, he knew the process of training would be a long and strenuous task. He had just become a Genin, so he was aware that skill-wise he was at the bottom of the ladder. He’d have to hone his abilities through scheduled training sessions, but where to start? Jogging through Konoha, he started feeling the heat of the labor and looked down at his legs.
“Well, I guess that’s a start” and thus commenced his speed and endurance training. He looked back up, gathered his resolve and began going into a full sprint.
He knew he wasn’t the fastest or the most agile student at the academy. However, what he lacked in speed he made up for in his endurance, I trait popular among his clan members. He may not have the short meter races, but given enough distance, he’d outrun virtually every kid in the neighborhood. Which is where he had found himself at the moment. He may not have run, but he had definitely gotten and found himself at Konoha’s city gates. Here he took the chance to catch his breath before he decided to run a few more laps along Konoha’s recreational districts and neighborhoods, waving along at a few folk passing by. This went for the rest of the afternoon, taking breaks only when necessary and stopping by local shops only to purchase a snack or rehydrate.
Exhausted, the Senju finally returned home after long day of exercising. He wasn’t used to it, practically dragging himself to his kitchen he figured he’d make himself a meal as way to finish his training. He fired up the stove and prepared the pan.
“Eggs, bacon, fish, rice. Spinach? Yeah, that sounds about right” he knew some things about healthy eating habits, his mother spoke extensively about it. “You are what you eat!” he laughed “a jumble of protein and carbs” as he started frying his fish and cooking his bacon. He prepped his rice cooker and placed a bountiful bed of spinach onto his plate. Once the cooking was done he took seat and enjoyed his hearty meal.
“Man, this much more enjoyable after a full day of training.” he thought as he scarfed down his plate. He put up his plate and washed them off. He looked out the window and saw the twilight skies reflecting off his family garden. “Ohhhhhh” he groaned as he came to he realization “I need to tend the plants”
For once, Sachihiro was not looking forward to tending after them. It’s not that he didn’t want to it was that he was just too tired. He forcefully starting moving his twitchy muscles to the door leading to the garden. Practically dragging himself to the door knob and crawling to his little plot of land located at the far corner of his backyard. Carrying with him his water pail, bug repellent and nutrient wash, he was prepared to fulfill his duty as a flora caretaker. A process that normally took no longer than fifteen minutes was now painfully stretched to an hour, mostly due to him lying on the floor and taking short naps before forcing himself awake. “Goodnight little ones” he said after finally tending to the last plant. “I’ll see you in the-“ he lets out a long yawn “morning” and thus completed his first day of training.
The Following day, he awoke suddenly to a series of soft but quick and intrusive slaps to the face. “Wake up!” a familiar voice called to which he simply reacted to by smiling and turning to his side “Sachi…. WAKE UP” WHAM. The soft slaps had now become heavily swung full palmed slaps. “AH” screamed.
“You’re finally awake! Why’d you sleep out here? You know there’s a much more comfortable place to sleep? It’s called a bed” it was his older cousin Hachi. No more than two years apart, they had grown up like brothers. Always visiting, playing around and having each other’s back. In fact, he was the one who convinced him to join the academy and become a Genin.
“Ow…” Sachihiro got up “You didn’t have to slap me that hard” and made his way back to his house
“Sorry… I just thought it’d be funny” Hachi said as he picked the leaves and grass of his cousins hair and clothing “Also… you smell”
“Yeah. I might have gone overboard with the whole training thing”
“Ha! Training? What’d you do?”
“I ran laps around town” he shrugged “Just figured that it was the most natural and easiest thing to do y’know?”
“Well I can see you definitely commited” he laughed “y’know what. I’ll help you out!”
“Yeah! I’ll provide moral support. Senjus’ gotta look out for each other. Hell, I’ll even cook you some meals. I won’t tag along, considering I’ve got to help the old man around the house but if you need to, don’t mind crashing at my place”
“Thanks” he said fondly “But this is something I’m going to be doing the rest of my life you know?”
“So be it. Just let me know and I’ll set up a a place and time”
“How about tomorrow?”
“Perfect. I’ll meet you here at your place with everything we’re gonna need”
“Haha! Alright!” an elated Sachihiro, now ready for the days to come proceeded that same day to do his daily routine of tending to his plants, helping around the village and seeing to developing a new jutsu of his.
Day 1 - The Real Training begins
“Okay, here we go” the boy repeated to himself several times. He met up with is cousin just a few minutes ago and they were walking down the streets “So what’s the plan?”
“You’re gonna swimming some laps at the pool for the next week” Hachi replied “You can work out and barely break a sweat”
“Alright!” Sachihiro jumped up in excitement.
Once they arrived at the local pool, the boy immediately got into their swimware and commenced Sachihiro’s Ninja Training Day 1. Having just recovered from his exercise from the other day, he felt a little cramped. However thanks to his stamina, he was able to recover quicker than most shinobi. He swam a few leisure laps, pacing himself thanks to the guidance of his cousin until eventually going into a freestyle. Knowing not to overexert himself, he called it a day after a full 3 hours of his training regime and returned home.
This went on for the next few weeks following a tight a tight fitness schedule. Although strict, Hachi was kind enough to fit in “Tend to garden” between the hours. He understood the importance of keeping things light from time to time and made sure not to overwork his younger cousin’s body. When given the chance, Sachihiro even found new recipes to try out, finding that a high carb high protein diet would fit very well with the amount of calories he ended up burning during these training exercises.
As the weeks progressed he started noticing the progress he had been making. His body was able to last longer under high stress, significantly toughening up. Along with this, he found himself being able to move much faster than he used to during his academy days. He knew he was barely scratching the surface of his capabilities, but this was a good start.
“I should think of training outside of the village” he thought in the privacy of his room “perhaps it would be better if I trained outside the village” and looked out his window “Maybe in the hill where mother used to have walk with me”
“Hey c’mon man!” Hachi called to him from outside “Training never stops! So neither should you!”
Sachihiro smiled “thoughts for another day” he thought and turned to his “but I’ve got to train for the missions to come.
WC: 1,507
Train Speed and Endurance to D
Speed E ->D
Endurance E ->D

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