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It seemed that the young man had already ordered. The boy seemed to know he was being toyed with however, it didn’t seem to upset him. He was a curious sort and Aikiko was intrigued to the say the least. His expressionless demeanor continued through her monologue of questions, the young Uchiha rarely cared for her conversational partner if they were so boring as this young man was. It did seem that the mention of Mizuki had caught his attention, he was quick to show interest and ask about her. Then something happened she was prepared for but did not entirely expect, the young man used a very slight trick of ninjutsu. As soon as Aikiko processed what she saw she activated her sharingan. It was practically a reflex but generally made it clear that she wasn’t going to be surprised. Aikiko’s now crimson eyes would give her a warning if he attempted any further attempts to cast jutsu. Had she had her sword she’d have been across the table but thankfully for the purposes of diplomacy she had left that at home. While he wanted information from her, he wouldn’t even give her his name. Aikiko was somewhat insulted but bit her tongue – quite literally – and forced a smile and a chuckle at his rude response. The very least she could do, would be answer his question about the woman she’d met in this very tea shop a couple years before. Aikiko sipped at her tea, mulling over how to answer his question. As she was about to speak he gave her a bit of exciting information that sent her thoughts wild.

In her mind this was like an answer to prayer she’d never known she’d given. Aikiko’s mind filled with question after question about the man she’d so often found herself daydreaming about. Aikiko hoped to meet the man someday, and had been thinking about him ever since her encounter with his emissary. And that’s when she noticed a flaw in what he’d presented. Surely if he was the son of Hastur, he’d know his emissary. Aikiko grinned, and jumped to a wild conclusion that he should know she’d meant Mizuki. “Strange, you wish to know the woman I speak of but I’d figure the son of Hastur would know his own emissary. I of course speak of Raiu Mizuki, she came preaching your father’s greatness. Ever since her visit I’ve thought of your village. I wonder what life would be like if I’d serve such a great master. There is no leadership in Iwa, no real power. I hate it here none of my classmates ever tried, I was the only one who cared. Which is why I’m the best genin this village has seen in years. But every day there was whispers of defeats at the hands of the mysterious yellow men who served the Raikage, rumor has it the Mizukage lost her arm. Assuming you are who you say you are you should need no further information about your father’s emissary. Now tell me, what is he really like? Is he truly a god?” Aikiko was hanging on for a response, excited for the chance to learn about Hastur. While her sharingan was still active the serious expression would have given way to one of genuine excitement.

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Tasatsuke arched a single eyebrow as Aikiko so readily revealed her trump card, that she had manifested the Sharingan already. Tasatsuke understood why she had revealed her Kekkei Genkai so early, she viewed his quick display as a threat to the denizens of her home and reacted accordingly. That being said, Tasatsuke wouldn't reveal his Ranton affinity, he hadn't gained a deep enough understanding of the element to utilize it in an effective manner yet.

Tasatsuke allowed the edges lips curl upwards ever so slightly, it gave his placid face an odd hint of emotion. Slowly the grey haired boy lowered his two fingers back into his lap and leaned forward slightly to study Aikiko's Sharingan closer. It held a single tomoe, while Tasatsuke didn't know much of the Uchiha's clan Kekkei Genkai, he had been taught that the Sharingan in it's infantile phase only held a single tomoe. That being said, he wouldn't underestimate the power it lent it's wielder.

When Aikiko spoke Tasatsuke leaned back to his original position and listened in silence. Aikiko believed him to be Hastur's biological son, it was an unintended half-truth but one that would be dispelled when they arrived at Kumogakure. Before Tasatsuke could reply to Aikiko's questions, the waitress arrived and silently placed his ramen and tea on the table before him. His yellow eyes instantly turned to the woman, he smiled as he looked upwards at her.

"Thank you!" Tasatsuke stated, a false cheery tone entered his voice.

Tasatsuke watched as the woman bowed her head in a slight nod before she turned and walked away. Tasatsuke's smile and cheery disposition faded instantly, like a snake that had shed it's skin. His cold eyes fell back to Aikiko and then down to the table as he bowed his head slightly.

"Thank you Lord Jashin for this meal and may my hands be guided to serve your purposes. May your will be brought manifest through me." He thought, his lips moved wordlessly with each syllable as he thought them.

Finally, Tasatsuke rose his head again after his brief prayer to his dark god. He blew gently on his ramen as he stirred the noodles to allow them to cool a bit faster. He was purposefully silent as he did this, the priests had taught him to never be too eager to give out information and to choose each of his words carefully in situations like these.

"I am a genin." He replied to Aikiko's questioning of his lack of knowledge about Mizuki. "Father needn't inform me of his political intrigues, that is not what his will is in my life." He explained. "I am to be a weapon of his infinite power, an extension of his will in places he cannot reach." He continued. "I am to be the sword, he is to be the arm that guides me, that is my purpose."

It was a simple yet effective explanation. Tasatsuke remained silent and began to eat his ramen as Aikiko explained her disdain for the country of Iwagakure and the lack of ambition within the Shinobi here. While the smirk never broke his deadened face, internally Tasatsuke smirked at this, she had shown another piece of her hand. It was the questions about the Raikage that forced Tasatsuke to stop eating and lightly dab his lips with a white cloth that had been in his lap previously.

"The Raikage is a powerful man, one who is destined for great things but he is no god..." Tasatsuke explained. " least not yet he isn't." He continued. "As a man? Hastur is defined by his limitless ambition, he will bring the world beneath the banner of a single united empire and control it through his unlimited power." Tasatsuke stated. "Traits that are common place within the Shinobi of Kumogakure as well, laziness and stagnation is not accepted within our ranks. The only limiting factor in your life is yourself." He continued.

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The young man feigned interest as the waitress interrupted their conversation. Her exit from their presence was hastened by eye contact with a sharingan. This was why Aikiko hated to show her power to the rabble, they rarely appreciated its beauty. Her bias was confirmed by the woman's fear at the sight of a marvel such as the sharingan. It was no matter in the end though, her mind was still fixated on the Raikage. So much so in fact that she had forgotten about the sharingan being active up to this point. Her questions had been delivered without her even realizing what that it was still going. In fact the only time her mind had acknowledged it was the brief interruption. As her gaze returned to her meal partner she was about to deactivate the sharingan slightly embarrassed that she'd been so eager that she'd lost her cool. Instead she saw something curious, the boy had began some sort of mouthed prayer, had she not had the sharingan active it would have been much harder to read what he said. Even so, it was hard for the young lady to accept what she'd thought she'd seen him say. Jashin!?! she thought to herself. Why would someone worship a dead god? Today gets better and better every minute. Aikiko had thought that the last worshipers of Jashin had been stamped ages ago, to kill a god one must remove all who believe in him.

Aikiko finally deactivated the sharingan after his “prayer” and sipped at her tea. It did seem however to Aikiko that there was more he was hiding than her name. She was able to get from him that he like herself was a genin. Aikiko began to wonder if perhaps every Cloud ninja referred to Hastur as father and this was simply a strange tradition. The more he spoke the more likely it seemed. The things he said about being merely a weapon to serve his father's will rang true with many shinobi's feelings about their place beneath their respective Kage. It was not a bad attitude to have at all and the young lady was   somewhat impressed by his honorable outlook. Aikiko was hanging on every word once he began speaking of the Raikage's alleged godhood, "The Raikage is a powerful man, one who is destined for great things but he is no god.. at least not yet he isn't. As a man? Hastur is defined by his limitless ambition, he will bring the world beneath the banner of a single united empire and control it through his unlimited power. Traits that are common place within the Shinobi of Kumogakure as well, laziness and stagnation is not accepted within our ranks. The only limiting factor in your life is yourself." Aikiko had come to a decision thanks to his description of the real Raikage. One that was more believable than the tales she'd heard thus far. Aikiko had decided that she had to meet the man for herself. It was easy for her to justify leaving the Stone Village given the lack of leadership. She can disobey orders that can't be given. There is no Tsuchikage for her to inform of her travel so in her mind there was really nothing wrong with just taking a “vacation” as she told herself it would be. “I'm tired of hearing so many versions of this man. I'd like to meet him for myself. C-could you help with that?” Aikiko had a rare stutter showing truly how nervous she was for the outcome. Would her lack of confidence hurt her? She surely thought so as she sipped at her tea trying to hide the smile she could no longer contain.

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Tasatsuke watched the interest in Aikiko's grey eyes turn from interest in the topic to that of pure glee as Tasatsuke gave his opinion of the man. This was furthered by the smile that formed on her lips as he explained how Kumogakure's shinobi viewed their duties and pushed themselves to achieve more. It was, from what he understood, a stark contrast to Iwagakure if what Aikiko had said was true.

“I'm tired of hearing so many versions of this man. I'd like to meet him for myself. C-could you help with that?”

The question caught Tasatsuke off guard for merely a second. Could he get her an audience with the Raikage? Probably, an Uchiha defector would be valuable as an asset and as a weapon to be honed against Hastur's enemies. The real question was why should he? He didn't truly know this outsider nor her goals with getting that close to his kage. Not that he believed Aikiko was capable of even getting close to harming Hastur but more the idea that she could attempt that action and sully his standing within Kumogakure.

"I could." He replied. "But why should I allow someone I barely know to gain that level of access to my Kage?" He asked. "What would you do in my shoes? Would you allow a stranger that proximity to a man you respect as deeply as I do him?" He continued rhetorically. "No. Prove your loyalty to Kumogakure and the Raikage, earn your audience with him." He stated coldly. "If I allowed myself to do this for you, I wouldn't be helping your growth, I'd be hindering it. Become a kunoichi of the cloud worthy of Hastur's time and respect." He explained keeping his voice in a hushed tone throughout his responses.

While he hoped his reply didn't offend Aikiko, his goal wasn't to push her away but to give her a glimpse of how Kumogakure shinobi were molded beneath Hastur. They succeeded through their own talents and build impactful connections on their own or not at all.

"However, when we return I will mention your name and that Sharingan of yours to him in my report. If he chooses to see you, then that is at his discretion." Tasatsuke stated with a half smirk which starkly contrasted his emotionless eyes.

As soon as the words had left his mouth Tasatsuke lifted his cup of tea, sipped it silently, and gazed over the edge of the cup at his new acquaintance. He would give her a moment to process everything he had told her before speaking once more. He was about to give her an offer that he knew she wouldn't refuse.

"What do you say?" He whispered after he placed the cup back down. "Would you like to escape this country that wastes your talent? Would you care to travel back with me to Kumogakure?" He asked, extending his left hand as a physical sign of his offer.

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Aikiko's swift changes of demeanor often confused people. The young woman was sure this young man was no different. It was fun to catch people off guard for the young lady. Her eagerly awaited response was not perfect but still workable. Aikiko knew she could prove herself to the Raikage with ease. She was after all the best talent in her generation. It was time to prove it. However, the young man had imposed a fair question. What if she was an assassin? Aikiko could be hiding her power for all he knew. Of course she hadn't truly shown her strength to him, but neither had he to her; or at least she could reasonably assume it was so. Aikiko was finished with her tea by now and had already made eye contact with the waitress ushering her to bring them a check, Aikiko never allowed her guests to pay so there was only one delivered. To her delight the young man had added on a bit more, that he would at least put in a good word for her. A foot in the door was all the prodigious Uchiha youth needed. The raven haired young lady regarded his offer and outstretched hand, unsure whether she was able to be so spontaneous. It was unlike her but at the same time it felt the opportunity of a lifetime.

Considering it for a moment, the young lady closed her eyes in penance. When she opened them a few long seconds later she had a reached decision, one she was willing to pair with action. Taking the young man's hand she'd lead him out of the restaurant, “I accept but we must leave immediately, the gate guard shifts change soon and I can pretend to report, I'm never asked for my orders. My home is on the way, my servants always have bags backed for each member of the family in case we need to leave quickly I will ask for mine and collect my family's sword. The fools in that house are not deserving of such a blade. I will not dishonor the faith you have put in me. But I do have one more request. Tell my your name, I don't want to have to make a name for you, I always pick mean ones.” Aikiko walked at an accelerated pace, not even waiting for his answers the young woman was far too eager to get on the road with her new companion. Regardless of his willingness she'd grip hims hand and drag him along with a surprisingly strong grip for a young lady her size. Aikiko just knew that this journey was the start of her ascension to greatness. Upon her arrival, she'd go to her trusted tutor and personal servant, Ginki. The man would dutifully retrieve what she asked with great discretion so the pair could be on their way. Aikiko ensured the pair was stocked with traveling essentials sealed in scrolls, while the man retrieved her packed supplies she retrieved the sword she felt belonged rightfully to her.


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Tasatsuke watched as the waitress brought a single check to their table. A tinge of anxiety mixed with embarrassment was birthed within him as he watched Aikiko pay not only for her meal but his as well. That being said, Tasatsuke made no move to correct or stop her. Instead, he took it as a sign of her good will and remained silent.

Once his offer had been presented, Aikiko took a moment to mull over his offer but Tasatsuke could almost feel the tension in the air lift, he knew her answer before it ever came. That being said, once Aikiko opened her eyes Tasatsuke felt her hand grasp his own, the decision had been made. Tasatsuke allowed a pleasant smile to form on his lips and a small glimmer of joy to spark to life in his eyes for a moment. He was truly happy to have a traveling companion on his journey back to Kumogakure.

Aikiko explained that they had to leave immediately due to the changing of the gate guards quickly approaching. She also informed him of her need to gather some things at her family's estate. To all of which Tasatsuke simply nodded in agreement. However, it was when she asked for his name that Tasatsuke froze for a moment, he was unsure if he should be honest or simply lie.

"My name?" He asked rhetorically before giving a sigh. "My name is Tasatsuke." He replied. "So, perhaps it would be better if you came up with something else."

The boy knew full well what the core of his name meant, to murder or slaughter it was not a pleasant name in the slightest. This being said, it was something that the Church of Jashin had given him and wasn't something he was ashamed of. However, before he could say more Aikiko was dragging him out of the restaurant and into the street.

"Hey, hey hey!" Tasatsuke shouted barely being able to keep up with his companion. "We should probably stop somewhere so I can purchase a change of clothes." He continued. "I don't know how many people in that restaurant took interest in our conversation and would rather have a smooth trip home." Tasatsuke explained.

Tasatsuke was dragged quickly through the streets that were largely unfamiliar to him. He remained silent when she spoke with the gate guards who allowed them both to pass without hesitation or mistrust in her words. And after a few more minutes of feeling like his arm was going to be ripped off by the excited Uchiha girl, they arrived at her family's estate.

"So when are we goi-" Tasatsuke had started to ask about the change of clothes for him but his companion had already disappeared from view. "Well then..." He mumbled to himself "Forget about me I suppose." He continued under his breath.

Tasatsuke would slowly follow where he had assumed she had disappeared to. He had never been inside of an Uchiha manor and this one had spared no expense, he could tell that Aikiko had sat in the lap of luxury for quite some time. But, to the world he lived in, that was no uncommon especially for clans such as the Uchiha. Potent Kekkei Genkai often led to a more prestigious lifestyle with luxuries that more common shinobi could even dream of possessing.

Tasatsuke's feet would lead him to the front entrance but not into the manor itself, for some reason he couldn't bring himself to cross that thresh-hold. Instead, the young man would simply wait for his companion to emerge once more. Hopefully ready to continue on their travels back to his and soon enough Aikiko's new home as well.

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