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Kalpo was on his way to the docks. Testing is ninja skills he was he was jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He was kinda moving slower then he had hoped he had never been to the docks before. So he was being sure not to miss the entrance to the docks. So he jumped down from the rooftops and started to walk on the street. The first person he saw he asked,"Where the docks where". The man replied, "that it was up the street and that the fourth left and its at the end of that street. As fast as he could he ran up the the fourth left as he turned the corner he shoulder checked A drunk and fell over. When Kalpo got back to his feet he told the the drunk, "that he was sorry for running in to him i wasn't paying attention where he was going". The drunk got very mad at Kalpo and swung the bottle at Kalpo. Kalpo with out thinking moved to the right and grabbed the the drunks arm and said, "I am a leaf village shinobi and i dont have time for this". with that said he took off on a dead sprint to the docks.

When Kalpo arrived at the docks he lit a cigarette. and started to look for the empty dock while he was walking threw the docks he passed a little crack between two buildings. He noticed that there was 3 men in there and the biggest one had the one that looked like a worker up against the wall. He ran at them and just before he got to them he pushed chakra into his feet. Then Kalpo jumped the opposite wall the jumped off of that wall that wall and kicked the bigger guy in the head. The man fell strait to the ground and his partner shocked tried to attack Kalpo. He conected to Kalpos face. Kalpo looked up at him and grabbed him by the neck and slamed him into the ground. Then Kalpo looked at the man that worked at the docks and asked him about this boat and he would take him to the boat.
The man a agreed to take him to the boat.

When Kalpo got to the dock where the boat was it was just arriving. once fully docked Kalpo boarded the the boat. He walked up to Captain Yusuke and introduced himself and if he needed help. Captain Yusuke said "Yes i do im a man short. Can you help my men unload this boat". Kalpo agreed to helping the captains men unloading the boat. Kalpo then walked bellow deck and started help unload the boat and was almost done on his way back to the boat when he hears a noise behind him. He looks back and it was the men from earlier and they had someone with them. Kalpo knew he had to get them away from the boat. So he channels his chakra into his feet and runs up the wall of the building he was loading stuff into when he gets to the top that new guy was all ready there. Kalpo quickly pulled a kunai from his the pouch on his belt. Then he charged at the man. When the man the man dodged Kalpos attack. Kalpo stumbled. the man then went to hit Kalpo in the back. Kalpo in a with out thinking grabbed the mans ankle and pulled on it. the man hit the ground hard. The man tried to get up when Kalpo jumped on top of him and pinned him down channeled his chakra into his hand and punched him in the face. The man is now unconscious Kalpo picked him up and jumped off the building. Kalpo threw the man at his allies. Then Kelpo told them, "leave now or you will end up like your friend." They scooped up there friend and left. Kalpo then continued to unload the boat when he is finished unloading the boat he tells the captain of the bandits the captain says, and you rare sure it is only your first day as a shinobi because you handled that very well." Kalpo thells him he just became a shinobi earlier today. Kelpo asks the captain if he can smoke in his presents the captain said, "of course you can and may i have one." Kalpo grabs one of then and hands one to the captain he lights his and then the captains. Kalpo then asks the captian is he likes jokes the captian says,"of course i do." Kalpo tells this joke, "there are three brothers Krap, Manners, and Shut-up. So Krap falls over and Manners tries to help him up and shut up takes off down the road he gets stoped by a police shinobi and the police shinobi askes him his name he replies Shut-up the police shinobi says ill ask you one more time Shut-up replied again with Shut-up the police shinobi askes him where is manners are shut up says at home picking up Krap." The captain laughs really hard and says thats a good joke. Then Kalpo replied its getting late though i better get going and he leaves


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