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Shinjo would walk along the road calmly as she would reach up her pale right hand to yawn. Man it was a drag being her. No funds for travel but every reason to go to Konoha. Of course most of the reasons meant any association she had with other villages was, well it was less than helpful. It had taken her sometime to make it this far though as she wasn't much for running. Not that she could run far anyway. That said the air was thicker here. Easier to breath. Konohagakure sure was a nice place. Green tree's as far as the eye could see and farms everywhere with warm weather. The day wasn't even overcast. It was humble and awesome at the same time. Shinjo supposed that only those without would recognize it though. Not that she was exactly suffering for her own life back home with her sister but out here she was just with what she was wearing. Her gear wasn't even on her what little she usually had. Just her and the clothes on her back. Brought a lot of appreciation for things. Perhaps the goal of sending her with nothing was for that reason? She would pick at that particular bone when she returned home.

For now she would cross along the road in dirty blue jeans pulled over the top of stained black sneakers. A faded leather belt holding her baggy pants up as she was also wearing a chest wrap and a white but baggy t shirt. Her baggy blue coat with the white fur trimmed hood pulled down for now hung loosely and open on her form with her hands now shoved into her pockets for warmth. It was warmer down here but with winter approaching it was still cold. She had managed her travel by switching from traveling caravan to traveling caravan. Never mentioning her specific origin but never pushed for it either. Her short but messy snow white hair made her look more like a boy but her black eyes with yellow iris kept most people uncomfortable and at bay. It worked for her anyway. She didn't care for idle conversation with nobodies. Still in hindsight it might have been easier for her to get in if she snuck in with a merchant train. Plenty of people to sneak in with. Going over the walls was a risk too because if anyone saw her there would be even more questions.

In the end she settled on playing dumb. She wanted to see this place anyway and there was a couple things here she needed before she could go home again. Go back to her sister. One of them was a commission she was certain would be done any day now from a master craftsman that was said to be only found in Konoha. The other was far more private. Still she would walk in the gates like she belonged there. Not paying any mind to the check in desk. She almost made it too before suddenly a chunnin stepped in front of her. Looking her in the eye a moment before holding out his hand. "Papers." Was all he would say. Typical shinobi in a shinobi outfit with his chunnin vest and headband on being insistent. Still Shinjo would act dumb and blink at him. "But I don't have any papers. I am just visiting to see the home of my ancestors. Is that really not okay?" The man would sigh and cross his arms. Clearly not amused by her. He would raise an eyebrow before stating in an irritated way. " Only two ways in here kid. Either you have papers or at least a genin vouches for you. Got neither of those? Than get away from my gate."


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Kennosuke had been out in the forest, clearing his mind for the the road ahead. He was wearing his normal haori and and pants with Rekka, his sword tucked into his sash and his horned headband sagging slightly on the right side of his forehead.. His left hand rested on the hilt of his sword and he looked rather haggard. Long days and nights were beginning to wear on him and it showed in his face and his slow walk. As he nears the gate, he sees what appears to be a boy attempting to enter Konoha but was being held up by one of the Guards. The guard was busy telling the person who appeared around his own age that there would be no entrance without papers or someone vouching for them. Under normal circumstances he would of just kept walking, but for some reason he walked up to the guard.

“There you are, thought you got lost back there but you ended up beating me.” He says in a someone cheerful voice. He pats Shinjo’s shoulder and chuckles, turning his attention to the guard. “Yeah sorry, They’re with me. I turned around to look for em, thinkin they got lost. Apparently that's not the case, Eh?” He shrugs and gently grabs Shinjo’s arm and leads her through the gate after the guard shakes his head and rolls his eyes. His grip on her arm, while not exactly hard, it was firm enough to let her know he had no intentions on letting her go right away. He walks with her till out of ear shot of the guard, before releasing her and sweeping his emerald eyes over her. It looked like a girl, but dressed like a boy. Either way, as not to be rude he returns his gaze to Shinjo’s face.

“Alright. Lets hear it. Who are you and what do you want in Konoha. If I don’t like what I hear we’re walking right back over to the guards and send you back on your way, yeah?” His voice was soft yet firm. He was serious, if he felt she was lying to him, he had every intention on taking her back, by force if necessary. While he looked relaxed, he was more than ready to defend himself if she were to attack.

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She was getting frustrated playing the victim but it had to be done to accomplish anything really. Her black and yellow eyes watched the shinobi as she considered his capabilities. A melee fighter by the look of him. Kunai on each hip likely meant he was a knife fighter specialist. Damn, at this range she was less than useless against that. Besides that making a scene trying to get in the gate eliminated any hope of staying under the radar she might have. It was just so much easier to shoot people than to actually try and bluff them. Still she was unarmed and hadn't used any jutsu. There was still no reason to suspect she was anything but an adventuring girl in over her head. She would pout a little as she considered her options. Make friends with a genin outside the wall? Damn that might take time. She didn't have any food or water on herself either so she would need to make some sort of shelter too and go scavenging or hunting. She really wasn't looking to spend a week in the wilderness. If it was for the mission though maybe she wouldn't be left with too much of an option.

What surprised her was a voice behind her claiming to have found someone. A hand on her shoulder made her head whip around to look him over. A thin boy with wild hair by the look of him. A genin? He didn't look like much at the moment but if this was going to be her ticket in. He continued to explain they had just gotten separated and she beat him here. While she wasn't a fan of being touched she would relent to it all the same. Forceful this one. Still if it got her passed that damned gate so be it. Still being yanked by her arm was hard to resist the urge to stop him in his tracks and show him she wasn't to be pulled around like a puppet. Her arm however was locked in his grip and if she overpowered him, well then he would know she was more than she claimed. So she winced as if he was hurting her and followed with a practiced stumble here and there. The gate guard letting them about their way it seemed. She would look back a moment but only enough to see no one was paying them any mind anymore.

Finally he would release her and look her over with all seriousness. He seemed to be mulling something over in his mind but instead she would just glare at him and rub her arm. It didn't actually hurt all that much but she had to play the part. Still he would ask her why she was in town. Demanding for a good enough reason before threatening to drag her right back to where he found her. Jeeze this one needed a chill pill. Still she would raise her right hand to tap under her right eye before speaking. "I was born of Inuzuka lineage obviously you brute. All I wanna do is see where I come from. Learn who I am. Instead I get stopped at the front door and then hauled around like luggage. That hurts my arm you know. Almost ripped it off!" She fumed before rubbing her arm again. Her black and yellow eyes looking around once more. Like a wolf looking at a cage. Man she hated enclosed spaces. Still she doubted she was about to be hauled back for something so simple. She really was born from an Inuzuka lineage. Some truth in the lie usually sold it better.


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He listened to her speak and studied her face, attempting to look for signs she was lying. Not that he was adept in catching people in lies, but he was at the very least going to try. As far as he could tell, she was either a decent liar or she was telling the truth, either way he didn’t have much reason to send her packing. But he nearly did after she started complaining about her arm. He helped her get into the Village and all she wanted to was complain? She looked frail, sure. But he wasn’t overtly rough with her and he would show her what rough was if she continued to press the issue.

“Whats your name..And where are you from?” He says after taking a moment to consider his options. He would get as much information as he could from her, just in case she here to do harm. “Far as your arm, you should be thanking me for getting you into the Village instead of complaining.” He smirks at her and looks around. He didn’t want anyone to question them, so he decided it was best if they
began walking again. He nods toward the street going further into the Village. “Perhaps we should keep walking, just so no one begins asking too many questions.” With that, he begins walking again. His left hand rested on the hilt of his sword while his right thumb was tucked into his sash. He loved walking these streets. The people, the smells, the buildings. He was proud to call this place home.

He still had questions for this girl, but regardless she was in the village now for better or worse. He would just have to make sure he reported her to his superiors, especially if she was a ninja from another Village. He would walk slowly through the streets, waiting for her answer and considering the what if’s if she was sent here for nefarious purposes. He was heading toward a small grassy park area near the gates. Somewhere a bit easier to talk to this girl without drawing too much attention to the two of them, but they had a little way to go before they got there. He had fallen silent, both waiting for her to speak and mildly lost in his own thoughts.


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Shinjo would rub her arm all the same. She listened as he mentioned wanting to know her name. She supposed that was fairly fair. Though he continued on to mention that she should be thankful for him letting her in and stop complaining. Well if that wasn't some sort of brutish attitude towards a girl she didn't know what was. Still she didn't care to follow up and argue with him for the insensitive nature he was displaying. Besides she was strong enough to take it. He was just a man...nothing to special right? She was strong after all so he could shove the attitude. That said she wasn't dumb either. She couldn't go shouting at him or punching him for being a bigot. All she could do was nod in response with a smile. She looked thankful at least even if she was still to spiteful to actually say anything of the sort. He was highly suspicious of an unarmed girl though. She supposed though her eyes could be throwing him off. They were extremely abnormal after all. With the black color and yellow centers. More like an animal than a person. Not that such a statement wasn't inaccurate. Her father was more animal than man after all.

Still before she could answer his suggestion that they keep moving made her raise an eyebrow. This wasn't some creep that wanted her alone in an alley was he? He sure seemed rough but not enough to do anything off-putting. Not that she would know for certain. It put her on edge but still. she would smile and tuck her hands behind her back. Walking where he let her. She noticed his hand on his sword but made no fuss over it. Not drawing any attention to the fact that she even in fact had noticed. Instead she would answer his questions without a care in the world. "I come from just north of the border. A little farm stead a ways from the main road. Papa always liked it there. He didn't like being surrounded by people. He named me Joann but I go by Jo. Are there many Inuzuka here still? Are they all reclusive?" She seemed ready to talk about her self and wasn't avoiding anything directly. Of course it was all a lie but she smiled all the same. Her eyes looking around at all the sights and smells as she smiled brightly. Enjoying the scenery.

Konoha really was a beautiful place. Peaceful in nature really. She could see how it was a dynasty of its own. It had taken its hits but it had dealt out far more than it had received. Far far more. That would one day be its downfall. Still her attention was dragged away just before they could get near the park by a stray dog. She would smile broader than ever as she would crouch down. Basically sitting on her ankles as she would coo in its direction. "aww who's a good puppers?!" The dog would run up and sniff her before licking at her hands as she began to pet its face. Enjoying the dog a moment as it leaned into the pets and seemed to absorb itself into the free pets. She was experienced with dogs and knew the best places on many of them. It didn't sense any hostility from her so it simply enjoyed the love it was being given. Still she would glance up at him as she realized he probably wanted to keep moving. Searching for any sign of hostility again. Opening up the next question with hope in her voice.

"Are there many animals like this just roaming your village?"


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