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Mission name: The Yellow God: Birth of the Bloody Cloud
Mission rank: C
Objective: Prove your worth to Hastur or die.
Location: The Skyforge.
Reward: 300 Ryo and 1 EP
Mission Description: Hastur has summoned a select few to the Skyforge in order to inaugurate a most insidious tradition.
Development References: Rise of Hastur.
Mission Details: The participants in this mission are to fight to the death with another genin. The genin have D-3 stats across the board and a C rank katana capable of cuts 1.5 inches deep as well as access to non-elemental and raiton library ninjutsu up to C rank.

Tasatsuke had told Aikiko that if she wanted to impress Hastur to show up at the Skyforge at midnight on the equinox. There was some sort of test he was holding and Tasatsuke had secured a spot for her by talking to the Raikage like he’d said he would. Aikiko had heard rumours on the nature of the test but didn’t fully believe them. Tasatsuke had told her it was the sharingan that had gotten his interest. Her bloodline commonly bought her passage in high places thanks to its mythical nature among the visual prowesses. Aikiko was truly the gem of her village it was a shame for them they’d lost her. Aikiko had chosen duty to her clan over all else in her life and in her mind this was the greatest way to bring it exaltation. To serve the god-king who sook to rule the world would bring her power she couldn’t even conceive. Above all else however she wished to learn what she could from her forebearers. There was surely more to being an Uchiha than what everyone knew that’s why they were the subject of myths. There were tales of Uchiha who had achieved levels near that of the Sage of the Six Paths. But that was in an era of strife and war where power begot power in a series of constant struggles with forces among the villages and from without them. If she helped serve this man who saw himself a god perhaps they could usher in a new golden age of shinobi power. One gained through the struggles of war.

Aikiko was kneeling with her sword on her lap. Living in the Hidden Cloud was an adjustment thus far. It was however, a welcome one everything she did now was ok her own and she enjoyed it. She could live ass silent and lonely as she desired. Aikiko wasn’t sure if she could truly call the weapon an extension of herself yet but it was more than a weapon. Aikiko couldn’t help but feel nervous for some reason this was unlike her normally calm, calculating demeanor. The raven haired Uchiha girl had been waiting for this moment her whole life but she hadn’t realized it until just recently. This was her ticket to not only power but glory. She was always successful and as such felt no fear for what she was to face. No, her nerves stemmed from someplace different. The thoughts of her new and only friend, Tasatsuke had been what had plagued her. She hoped that whatever this test was it didn't end with him at the end of her sword. The rumours surrounding her upcoming test had her nervous, it was supposedly to be a fight to the death to determine who was worthy of the title of Chunin. Aikiko thought nothing of the rumours surely it was meant to scare the children and nothing more. There’s no way the Raikage would actually have them kill each other, right?

Aikiko was no stranger to death at this point in her life. She first killed at the age of 13 when she was on a mission to quell some banditry with Kejido Heishi. Whoever her opponent was they would be easily felled by her blade. Aikiko was a generational talent of the most prestigious clan in the world it would be no problem for her to cut down a genin. The sharingan alone was enough to defeat them. If Aikiko wanted to be precisely on time without rushing she’d have to leave now. The teen was dressed in a sweater and tight black pants beneath the sweater was a tanktop but the chilly night made her attire perfect. The young lady made her way to the Skyforge where she’d await her destiny. Any who came would be greeted by the uncaring grey eyes and a pleasant hello.

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Mitsuru was busy whipping off the excess blood of their sister's face. The adorable munchkin got too excited tonight during the ritual and soaked herself in blood. Mitsuru was a little annoyed at the mess she made but her beaming smile was enough to placate those desires to punish. She was coming along so well for not having been born in the cult of jashin and Mitsuru could not claim to be the perfect practitioner of the noble art of death, they managed with what they could. As this was the night of the fall equinox, the powers of the world were quite powerful and it would have almost sacrilegious not to honor lord and lady jashin and have a good healthy sacrifice to thank them for their blessings and honors. This was also the first ritual Alice was able to fully participate in so it was extra special. Since Alice was born, Mitsuru has been keeping a careful eye on her to see whether or not she would be useful as a pawn or weapon. Somewhere along the way she wormed her way into Mitsuru's tainted heart and become like an actual sibling. Mitsuru was sure they would never risk life or limb for her but they enjoyed her company the most out of everyone and loved her in their own way. It was easy to be alone with her and spend a copious amount of time with her, reinforcing the image of a doting caring older sibling. Teaching her about Jashin was however much harder than their other tasks as children had less to hide and to hide anything in a ninja village was a momentous task to undertake but they managed all the same.

However looking at the time, Mitsuru knew they needed to attend to more pressing matters. Once they successfully cleaned Alice up and got her dressed into bloodless clothing, they pat her on the head. "Imotou, I have some pressing matters to attend to tonight. So we will finish cleaning up as fast as we can. It is not much left since I made sure we routinely cleaning during the process so it would be easier on the both of us.  Do not worry about the corpse disposal part of it. This cave belongs to a pack of dire wolves who will be back within the next hour or two so they will feast of the offering."

After a few more minutes they had finished cleaning what they could and packed up their belongings. As they reached the village gates, they could hear the ominous howl of wolves, making the pair smile as the gift they left for them. When they reached the outside of their house, Alice decided to be a little stubborn and cling to Mitsuru. "Mitu, where are you going to do? Why can't we celebrate a little longer? Why are you leaving"

Mitsuru smiled, amused by this display and removed Alice from their person "Jashin has sent a test of devotion to me. I know they will want me to see it through fully. It is a test and I am not sure what kind of test it will be. I know simply that it is something I must do. Remember what I've always said. Whatever happens, happens. I know that Jashin will do whatever they think is right and if I prove unworthy, I hope at the very least I die a good death. Now head inside and I will see you tomorrow" Then they left Alice to go inside whilst they headed to there destination.

Upon arrival, Mitsuru saw a young woman, at least younger than they were, waiting on the opposite side of the field from what appeared to be Genin. The usual hustle and bustle they associated with the forge were absent as it was eerily quiet and emptied of life. Hatsur was probably nearby or something and would come out when he deemed he would. As Mitsuru observed the female, they desired that it was good to see the playing field as they were going into this operation blind. Mitsuru gave the woman a soft smile, one with practiced warmth and held themselves in the way many saw healers, weaker, quieter, less confident but also warm and inviting, as if accepting their weakness and using it to advertise no harm would come to those assiociated with them "Hello Miss...? We have not met before. I am Hayashida, Mitsuru. I take it you have come for this test as well?"


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Tasatsuke had received an invitation to the ritual combat for his service to the Hidden Cloud. It was a test of his abilities as a growing shinobi beneath Hastur's reign, it was designed to determine if he was strong enough to continue this service or merely be a stepping stone for another more worth warrior. Tasatsuke squirmed about nervously, he understood what this test entailed and he had never truly made a sacrifice for Jashin, the cult had kept him "pure".

The cultists had instead intended for Tasatsuke's first sacrifice to be one of impact that would teach the young boy an important lesson. It seemed that today was the day Tasatsuke would be given that decisive instruction from his Lord. As such, the young boy knelt in his small living quarters and gave a silent prayer to Jashin, he asked the deity to watch over his battle and to give him or make him a worthy sacrifice in his name. With that, Tasatsuke returned to his feet and strode out of his home, the Jashinist's temple, and towards the Skyforge to take part in his first true testing.

When Tasatsuke arrived he noticed several familiar faces. Some were those of his siblings that he had been raised alongside, others were "friends" he had made within the village, but others he did not recognize entirely. His yellow eyes danced about the different faces until they fell to Aikiko. Tasatsuke rose a single hand and waved at her, his face remaining expressionless and blank as he greeted his traveling companion from across the room.

Even as Tasatsuke waved to Aikiko he silently prayed to Jashin that he wouldn't have to face her. He had a feeling that her access to the Sharingan alongside of her natural prowess would result in his immediate death by her hand. Instead, Tasatsuke began to look at the other genin present and wondered how many of them also were far beyond his level of power but quickly admonished these thoughts. He understood that his fate was no longer in his hands, instead whatever happened next would be exactly as Lord Jashin intended.

That being said, Tasatsuke still inspected his potential opponents and the weapons they had armed themselves with. Tasatsuke had come with no armor, no weapons, and limited understanding of jutsu. Many of the Genin here had brought a Katana and likely a decent knowledge of various jutsu techniques. This put Tasatsuke at an inherent disadvantage, one that he was beginning to understand.

A touch of anxiety swelled up within his chest again, despite his earlier prayers and his religious understanding. The fingers on his left hand danced frantically on his leg, they tapped a nervous rhythm as his right hand lightly pulled on the high neck of his sweater. Tasatsuke let out a small yet tense breath in attempt to exorcise the negative energy from his body. At first, it didn't seem like it worked but slowly, that fear subsided and Tasatsuke felt at peace once more.

Soon, Hastur would arrive and greet his chosen competitors. Soon Tasatsuke would be paired against his opponent. Soon Jashin would receive his sacrifices and view Kumogakure with favor in the coming war. Tasatsuke just hoped that he would be a part of the coming conflicts.

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'Ritual Combat huh?‘

Hastur seemed surprised and bemused at the idea, it seemed that several of his pet ninja had deemed it appropriate to hold a showing of some kind in order to honor him. The news bought a smile to his face, how could he decline an invitation of his people begging to shower him with accolades? What kind of an emperor would he truly be? The Genin of his nation seemed to be preparing something large, for the rest of the day preceding the event Hastur had been teeming with excitement, far more than usual, a latent smile stretched across his face as he lounged upon his gilded throne. Until sure enough the time came for him to make his way to the site of the festival of blood. Two of the Immortal order came to him with the news about the location, gathering little, Hastur would stand, walking his way to the location through the noble streets of his magnanimous nation.

People would bow at his passing, kneeling in his presence as he would expect nothing less, showering him with accolades while those he had rescued from the nation of Sand would prostrate themselves before the lightning Emperor's feet. His eyes would roll over them, sighting a woman amongst the crowd and taking the detour from his march to approach her. Leaning down, taking her by the hand and inviting her to be by his side through the coming events. He didn't wish to experience this offering alone, and so, the citizen in hand, like picking a favored treasure trove, he would, hand in hand, move with her in the direction of the festivities. As members of the golden dawn, flocking with his movement would skillfully and in perfect pace of their Kage and his mistress, cut and replace the attire of the peasant woman with that of glistening silks. Donning her with an exquisite dagger and attire befitting that of a warrior princess far beyond her ordinary station as if she walked down an assembly line.

Upon their arrival, Hastur would allow the woman to take a seat beside him and his throne, offering her his goblet as she would cup the golden vessel in both hands, lapping at the ambrosia within with stifled gratitude. The skyforge had been decked with decorum befitting that of an offering, it seemed that the priesthood had been busy to put something like this together without his notice. the Raikage would approach to look upon those who had come, many Genin seemed to have accumulated in order to please him with this performance. Though, even in his excitement, the black thunder which resonated around him would leap from his pupils, cascading in licks of black-light across his body, causing a yelp to escape from the woman at his side. Glancing in her direction, he would inquire as to her experience thus far, met once again with stiffled and embarassed thanks to him, pleasing him greatly as he would take his hand from hers, pressing them to the sides of his seating and pushing himself to rise, hoping to address the group.

"My noble ninja, I will speak unto you, as though a father addressing his children. For you are all indeed children to me. It warms my heart to be so well loved that you would toil to see my mirth. Your gifts, your grace and your skill are to be well received by me this evening. Know that my love, and my favor are yours until the end of time! No father, could be so blessed as to have you all."

Hastur would end, awaiting one of them to address him in kind, hoping to regail him with the intentions and describe what exactly was being offered to him this day. Hastur was not blind, he could see that the Genin were ready for battle, he could see that the skyforge was set up to be an arena of sorts, but he had not been informed of the nature of the event to pass...

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