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1 Meeting new faces. (Invite only) on Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:18 am



Kejido had decided for the moment to go an explore more of the academy. If nothing else it would hold his attention more. The mission was coming up and he needed to prepare himself mentally. He was going to be on the front line this time. Some would focus on training or resting at home. Maybe studying up on some new jutsu or coming up with tactics. However having grown up in a military family he knew premade plans go out the window at the first sign of combat. Once engaged its all on a blow by blow exchange and one must simply be able to adapt better than the enemy. At least that was what his grandfather had taught him. Even now their mission had been handed to their clan instead of the village as a right of passage. His passage. If he failed the results would be catastrophic. At this level he was being taught to realize there was more than his own life at stake. He understood that much. Still he had invited along his own insurance policy. A stronger individual than himself that if he began to fail would dominate the enemy. Yet somehow he felt the need to prove himself to her too.

He had chosen to wear his specialist uniform. It only had the one white stripe and a red, green and white stripe under it over his left breast but it was enough to indicate his rank. Additions having been stitched in since he had gone up within his clans ranks twice since last he was here. His uniform was pressed firmly with clean creases. Black in color with red shoulder pads and red stripes around his neck and wrists. A row of four copper buttons on each side of his shirt all buttoned up. His slacks were held up by a white belt with a copper seal with his clans symbol on it. Polished black boots and white gloves finished off the look. For some odd reason though he had a kunai in a white sheath on his left hip as if there for decorative purposes. Only the hilt sticking out. Of course he had three senbon up each sleeve but those were hidden. His headband was stitched into his left shoulder carefully marking him as an Iwa nin. In his uniform and with his posture he appeared to be very regal. Straight backed with a solid stride.

Of course that stride would carry him up a lone passage of stairs no one seemed to be bothering with as it didn't lead to any used classrooms. This particular room had been of interest to him since he found it though. The stairs would carry him up for some time until he reached the top of the highest tower. A place that no one used simply because it was a small room and other classrooms were far more accessible. He supposed at one point perhaps it held a daughter to a daimyo or someone who needed guarding. Even from the outside it would be difficult to get into as one would easily be seen scaling the blank wall. Still he would shift his hand to a good book he had found within and move over to the wide window sill. The window was closed of course and slightly fogged at the edges but it was still a nice view. Looking out across the bridge and water to the village and the mountains. He smiled to himself before opening the book and finding where he left off with the ribbon he used as a book mark.


2 Re: Meeting new faces. (Invite only) on Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:39 pm



It was bliss. The air, almost completely free of outside influences, had a crisp taste to it here. There was no scent of food wafting, nor was the mixed smell of sweat and perfume a thing here. All that hung in the air was silence and fresh air that filled ones lungs with every breath they took. The only human thing in the area was some old, ill maintained building which Jukei currently pressed his back to, his feet planted firmly in the dirt. He was outside this old building, which sat at the top of a long set of stairs, and enjoyed his separation from people. The evening sun warmed his skin and worked to relax his muscles. The breeze carried with it a cooling effect, but to call it a chill would be a lie. His eyes closed in relaxation and, for a moment, all was well in the world. That said, all good things must come to an end.

The silence was ruptured by the sound of steps entering the building that his back was against, and calm movement paced within the confines of those walls. There was no urgency in the movement, and it was likely that the person came here for the same reason Jukei himself did. As he sighed, he shifted his shoulders slightly. The loose fitting t-shirt he wore slid on his body, being caught by his skin and finding itself a new comfortable position to rest in. His sweat pants, made to hug him tightly at the ankles and waist but to also allow free movement, caught the breeze and pulled against his lower body. His shoes were a light material with solid soles that could protect against most natural hazards within reason. He was dressed for comfort, and not at all like the man whose back was turned to him, calmly reading a book.

Leaning into the glassless window, elbows resting on the sill, he took a quick mental note of what he could see on the man before him whose full attention was absorbed into his book. "Hell of a place to read," he began, figuring there was no proper way to announce ones presence and that it was best to just get it over with. "You seem like a fiction sort of guy, am I right?" His words came with a sort of lighthearted sound, as if running into an old acquaintance. If the man would choose to look at his visitor (though technically he was the one visiting, as Jukei was there first), he would see a curious look on the young mans face, as if he truly did wish to receive an answer to his question. The chances that the man knew of Jukei's presence before he spoke was minimal, seeing as how he had already been next to one of the windows outside and needed really only to turn around and lean in, minimal noise being made, and certainly nothing that didn't already sound made of nature. The man may even get the wrong idea, thinking Jukei some master of hiding his presence or appearing without warning, though that was not at all the case. Hopefully nothing melodramatic would occur, and a pleasant conversation could take place.

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3 Re: Meeting new faces. (Invite only) on Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:38 pm



Kejido was finding the book rather entertaining quickly enough. His view over the bridge had only been a momentary splurge of his to enjoy the view before settling into a peaceful reading session. Truthfully no one was there to witness it but he rather enjoyed a good novel over the presence of many of his fellow shinobi. Always droning on and on about growing stronger and learning new jutsu. Often shouting matches leading to pointless spars where little was learned just to prove your build was superior to the other guys. It was exhausting to watch time and time again. Really just finding some peace and silence from it all had seemed like little more than a dream. For now though he had found sanctuary within the novel depicting dragons and mages at war with an ancient race of underfolk with a very barbaric nature. Essentially the primal versus the cultured. It was an interesting read. The main character was a man with little magic outside of enchantments with his axe and yet he was the best suited for fighting them. Especially since most others were not designed for close quarters combat. It occurred to him how much it resonated with him due to his own close range specialty.

However having allowed himself to fall into a sense of security just because of a difficult to reach location had proven to be faulty thinking. His own attention was drawn entirely into chapter three when the hero was first beginning to discover a new power within himself when only the slightest of warning alerted him that anyone was there. The shifting of weight on old wood and stonework. It was subtle but it was there all the same. However that was too easily dismissed if not for the words that came after. It took an awful amount of composure to keep from jumping at the noise. Instead he was left with a sharp intake of breath and an instinctive senbon slipping from up his sleeve into his hand. Hidden there by the book itself. He knew his silver eyes would look wild if he turned too quickly and would not allow himself to show his dismay. Instead he would poise himself. Calmly turning his head to glance at the intruder with only a quick shift to check around for other threats. Giving away his surprise all the same and yet still appearing very regal in doing so.

He would turn and slide his bookmarker back into his page before snapping it shut with a push of his thumb to his hand. The crack of the book snapping perhaps a little loud due to his discomfort at being snuck up on. For he had not realized that he had been there all along. Instead he would keep the senbon hidden from this poorly dressed individual. A homeless man perhaps? Had he been living here? There was no sign of anyone residing there though he supposed it was a nice place to crash. He was clean too but there were baths available within the school. There was a sigh of discomfort as Kejido would look down to his own book before him as if now registering the friendly question. Speaking in a smooth voice though for once the smile was yet to appear that usually charmed so many others.

"I do enjoy the solitude of it truthfully. Rarely is there another here. Actually I thought this place was forgotten by others until now. As for what I read here, well I suppose fiction is an escape from reality as much as anything. Why not enjoy it? As an interesting side note though, whom might you be?"

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