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Mitsuhude stood, alone on one of the more unfinished levels of the Tower of Heavenn his eyes bound by a black cloth. Many of the shinobi used this place as a training ground and now that he was here, he could understand why. As the tower rose up, it became less and less finished, allowing for many different types of areas to train in. He had set up rolled mats standing upright across the fairly open floor, targets for him to attack during his training. However he had set them up completely blindfolded, guided by Mitsuharu and hadn't the slightest on where any of the targets actually were. He only knew there was atleast one on the floor above them.

"Fifteen targets all together, Mitsuhide. Find and destroy the targets. Begin." Mitsuharu says quietly. Mitsuhide removes the blind fold and turns, the steel rasp of Ikazuchi being drawn sings out. He surges forward, Ikazuchi held low with his right hand. The first mat had been sliced in two before the blindfold hit the ground and me moves swiftly across the area, jumping over or sliding under obstacles to reach the targets he had blindly put out. With each target cut Mitsuharu counted it off. At thirteen, Mitsuhide pauses, his grey eyes scanning the area.

He spots the fourteenth through a hole in a wall and dashes toward it. As he nears the hole, he reverses his sword and dives through the hole, then rolls across the ground and slices through the mat in an upward diagonal slash. His eyes catch a red ribbon above him and he realizes its the last mat. Dashing straight toward a walk, he jumps and runs up that wall for a few steps before pushing off and leaping toward another wall, the idea being jumping between the two to the top. In theory it was a sound plan, however he was not as acrobatic as a ninja and about half way up his foot slipped. The slip through him face first into the wall. The hit dazed him slightly and as he began to fall his face was drug across the stone wall. As his body weight pulled him backwards he leveled out and plummeted toward the ground back first.

He lands with a resounding 'Oof' and Ikazuchi, his nodachi clatters across the ground. Mitsuharu hovers above him, grinning like a dumb fool. "Hey, i think you missed a step." The spirit says to him, trying not to laugh. Mitsuhide groans in response and simply lays there, sprawled out on the ground.


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