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Kejido had been running his usual jog from time to time to keep in shape but once more it was time to take a break and go admire something new. Of course that meant stepping outside the village and looking around and about but that wasn't really an issue. There was a line of carts heading south which meant he could have an easy ride along for his protection services until he was ready to hop off. Still it took a few merchants to barter with before one of them just didn't mind the small inconvenience of giving someone a ride. He was clearly not a homeless man with his clean attire. Military by the look of him.

So either he was being extravagant with his lie or he was what he claimed to be. One just seemed more likely than the other. A little extra free muscle never hurt either. Still he would hop into the cart and ride along with a bored expression on his face. The smell of the horse strong in his nostrils as they finally set out. Of course he wasn't needed and the ride was a little boring and just barely faster than walking. So when he came across the stone bridge he figured an hour from the village was plenty. Hopping off there and taking pause to let the rest of the caravan pass. Moving onto the bridge himself once they were all finally gone.

He had chosen to wear his specialist uniform. It only had the one white stripe and a red, green and white stripe under it over his left breast but it was enough to indicate his rank. Additions having been stitched in since he had gone up within his clans ranks twice since last he was here. His uniform was pressed firmly with clean creases. Black in color with red shoulder pads and red stripes around his neck and wrists. A row of four copper buttons on each side of his shirt all buttoned up. His slacks were held up by a white belt with a copper seal with his clans symbol on it. Polished black boots and white gloves finished off the look.

For some odd reason though he had a kunai in a white sheath on his left hip as if there for decorative purposes. Only the hilt sticking out. Of course he had three senbon up each sleeve but those were hidden. His headband was stitched into his left shoulder carefully marking him as an Iwa nin. In his uniform and with his posture he appeared to be very regal. Straight backed with a solid stride.

It would take a minute but finally he would reach the middle of the bridge. Alone out there he would take a breath and listen to the roaring water just beneath the bridge under his feet. Looking out of the mist and to the rocky hills beyond. It was a nice sight if not a little cold. Idly he would lean on the stone guard on the side and cup his chin in his right hand. His left hand shifting to cup his right elbow which was leaning on the stone. Holding it in place with some comfort. It was nice to look at at least. Still, progress seemed painfully slow. As if the days just dragged on and on and he was gaining nothing in the meantime. It wasn't true of course. He had mastered a few genjutsu and a couple taijutsu even. Yet it felt like so little. He needed a distraction or something more. He needed motivation, progress.


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