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1 Adjunct Teacher: Academy. [D-Rank request] on Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:50 am

Ryuuketsu Uchiha


Mission name: Adjunct Teacher: Academy.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Teach academy students in one area of ninja knowledge.
Location: Iwagakure no Sato.
Reward: 150 ryo.

Mission Description: Thereís an academy instructor thatís out on a mission for today, act as a substitute and just teach them what you know best. †

Mission Details: What you teach doesnít have to be anything complex. There are bound to be troublemakers as well, deal with them without severely injuring them and continue your curriculum.

It wasn't too long ago since Kizmaru had turned in that request for foraging for food. He was a little disappointed that he didn't get to hunt anything and bring back meat like he wanted too since he would have gotten a little more for his troubles but in the end he found some wild vegetables which was still a pretty decent haul. Well, there was still some time and he wanted to do three missions before the day was done. He placed his hands into his pockets and made his way back to the request board for something else that was simple and easy to do. Upon reaching the mission board, he looked for something suitable for him to do. Something, quick and didn't require him to travel too far. While searching for the ideal quest choice, he stumbled upon one that he thought would be real easy to do and it was right here in the village. The description for it was, "thereís an academy instructor thatís out on a mission for today, act as a substitute and just teach them what you know best" as the the job in question. teaching some kids some basic tricks? Sounds simple enough. He decided this is the one he would take and took it off the board before heading in the direction of the Ninja academy. Making his way to the academy, Kizmaru started to unexpectedly whistle while making his way there. It was new for him but he enjoyed it.

It didn't take too long since the academy was close to the administration office in general so he got there rather quickly. The academy, it wasn't long since Kizmaru had been here himself and now he was about to go show some newbies the basics of jutsu. probably, have them self study most of the day. Pushing open the doors to the academy, Kizmaru walked down the the seemingly long corridors until he found the class he would be taking over today. Opening the sliding door, the kids were all out of there seats goofing off or playing with each other since they thought there wouldn't be an instructor for the day. Kizmaru cough and made an "Ahem" to notify them of his presence. The kids quiet down to take a look at Kizmaru before one of them remarked that he didn't look much older than the rest of them before some of the children in the back started to snicker. This got under Kizmaru's skin a little bit but he calmed himself and wrote it off as they didn't know any better. Kizmaru walked up to the podium and in a calm, well, as calm as Kizmaru could make himself without forcing it, but loud so the whole room could hear. Oddly enough, most of them went to their seats and waited for him to speak. Of course, there were some troubled kids that didn't want to obey but Kizmaru didn't have time for them. he assumed they'd either flunk, get held back or pass by some miracle and be the first ones to die out in the field. Either way, he continued.

Kizmaru started with the introduction of himself and why he was here in this class today. He had told them about how they needed a substitute instructor for the day. he continued to go on and on about why he was here until he literally couldn't think of what else to say. He was mostly killing time in hopes that the day would be over soon but it only served to shave off 10 minutes. Well, time for his plan B. WHO WANTS TO SEE JUTSU!?!?! Kizmaru yelled at the top of his lungs. A loud cheer was hear from the students, even the delinquents were excited to learn. Kizmaru led the class out to the academy grounds he was familiar with and began to demonstrate the various jutsu he's picked up over the course of the years. It wasn't many but it was still enough to impress the children younger than him. First, he started with the basic jutsu that they were suppose to be learning. He started with clone followed by Henge and lastly transformation. He also demonstrated he's great fireball jutsu as it was the easiest to control without it blowing up in his face or hurting any of the students. After demonstrating these jutsu, he explained to them that it took a lot of practice and all that other extra stuff he could remember. He was just regurgitating what his instruct told him and them bought. After that, the day went by quickly and it was time to leave. Kizmaru made his way out, waving at the children as they watched him go. He decided that wasn't as bad as he thought and went to collect his rewards.


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