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1 A Night to Remember [Sero/Invite] on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:47 am



The night was quiet and the air was calm. The land of waves welcomed the coming rain clouds as the Senju made preparations for his camping night. He hadn’t been in the country long, but was slowly acclimating to its constant humidity. Having rarely left the city, he figured it would be best to travel the wilderness. Seeing as he was a shinobi, he decided that he’d be able to fend for himself against any animals or bandits that would otherwise decide to interrupt his walk. He packed a small bag with a few necessities, a few blankets, a small tent, his botany journal, a change of clothing, water and a few meals. He had planned perhaps camping one night before he would head back to Kirigakure. He had always enjoyed exploring the wilderness back home in Konoha and a hike would seem fitting for the time that he’d be in the Land of Waves.

As he exited the cities gates and into the marshlands he took a deep breath and took in the sounds and sights of nature. He picked a few local flowers near the entrance and neatly placed them inside his journal where he would make notes of their color, texture and perhaps some of its uses. As he walked down the paths leading closer into the wilds he would gently place his hand on the marsh trees, rubbing the residue between his fingers as if to evaluate and compare it to the trees of Konoha.

A trek not easy to the average person, maneuvering through the abundant and scattered puddles laid throughout the wilderness was an easy task to those who had practiced the basics of ninja training. Utilizing chakra flow and taijutsu basics he freely journeyed throughout the wilderness once he steered off the common path and amongst the trees and waters. Jumping from vine to vine, skidding from puddle to puddle. He couldn’t help but smile at the freedom he found himself in this small trip.

The young Senju landed himself in a clearing by a lake. Just far enough from the city to go unbothered by any folk looking for a talk. A first for the boy as he was usually the first to make an introduction. However these next few day he would see to finding peace and quiet for himself. He set up a small area just by the lakes shore, setting up his tent alongside a flattened blanket. A picnic basket to go along with it and finally found time for a quick breather. Looking up at the stars in the cold night, finding tranquility in his solitude.

As the night drew colder, he finished up his first meal and proceeded onto his training. He had decided on finding the time in creating a wood technique. Up until now he merely created small sprouts from his body or the earth. Providing no real combat versatility and was simply for show. He got into a meditative position facing the lake and began with long controlled breaths. As he focused and molded his chakra he inadvertently created a significant patch of blooming vibrant flowers around his persons. The plants slowly rising up and down, in tandem with his breaths. Bearing no mind to the coming cold.


Chakra 250/250:

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater.

2 Re: A Night to Remember [Sero/Invite] on Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:12 pm



As the sun set behind the treeline the heavy cloud cover already made the land dark as if night had come. The sky above rumbled with thunder that threatened to release its torrent of rain upon the heads of those below. For those born of Kiri this was nothing new. The rain came and would fill the swamps over and over again. However one boy sat in a clearing by a lake far from the village deep into the wilds. Creatures that ventured to this side of the lake would trail him. Searching for answers as to what he was. After all those born of man did not venture here. Not to this lake. The creatures would come to this side of it though because they did not know to fear what was deep within those waters. The island that all who knew of it would not dare go near. Aside from those who risked life and soul for power. The haunted island of the arachnids. No one had warned this one though of what lurked there. For it was home to a beast. The guardian of the village and a specter. Some said it was more ghost than man. A spirit of vengeance.

Some of the braver animals would draw nearer the boy though. Sniffing at the ground and the air to make what they would of him. He seemed like a part of nature and yet looked like all men did. It was an oddity to say the least. Soon he would find himself fairly surrounded by easily spotted assorted animals. However as the sun would finally set and darkness would begin to reign they would as one turn to look to the lake. A thick mist flowing from the unseen shoreline of the island. Their ears would flatten and their tails would tuck before they wined. As if fleeing a forest fire every animal that could be seen would turn and flee from this approaching mist. Fearing it enough to blindly run anywhere but here. The water would seem to foam here and there where the mist curled as it reached forward. Sliding across the shore as anything living that could not flee would begin to wilt away. The bark on the tree's would bubble slightly as the grass and flowers would wilt away. The cold was gone now but replaced with an unnatural warmth. As if the sun were shining clearly again.

The mist itself would circle the clearing until only the edge of the lake and the clearing itself would appear visible. It was then that this senju would sense it. A warning bell in his mind that screamed it was being hunted. A voice that begged him to flee this place as the hairs on his neck and arms would easily raise if they normally would to this new danger. From all around him he would sense a beast as if he could feel its hunger. Could sense its need to feast upon him. It was everywhere but it was unseen at the same time. Only the sizzle of steaming water would be heard to draw his full attention to the shore. A pale form in grey robes with white fur over his right shoulder would step forth and even this boy would know that running would be futile. Anyone could feel that this thing was beyond man. Yet it had the face of one. Long white hair settled around his shoulders with a katana on his left hip. The symbol of the Osada clan prominent on the bottom of the handle wrapped in white silk. His bare feet would touch the ground as it burned beneath them. Out of all that though one thing was standing out about him. His grey eyes held no life in them. Empty voids with no color like that of a long dead man would shift to look to the mystery boy. His voice would shift from between pale lips as if it did not belong to him. He was but a puppet transferring the words from somewhere else surely for they held no sense of emotion or humanity.

"I have never seen one with power over nature before. I can take away life from the land but I can not grant it. I wish to know who you are. Answer me boy and I shall tell you my name as well."




Missions:| D: 2 | C: 0 | B: 3 | A: 3| S: 2 | SS: 0
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3 Re: A Night to Remember [Sero/Invite] on Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:10 am



For the few moments, the boy was in a trance. Making peace with the nature around him, he enjoyed the brief company of the wildlife. The wind blew around him as a few deer gathered around him taking turns inspecting his foreign scent. He felt ants crawl up and down his legs, although violent in nature, among this boy he was but a harmless tree in the middle of these lands. As the night crew cooler, the animals in his company seemed to grow weary. Something about the coming winds had them unsteady, they growled and hummed communicating their uneasiness at this boy. As if to protect one of their own. However this aura was far greater than had been anticipated and the wildlife hastily scampered off, finding defeat in their efforts.
A mist immediately taking over the clearing, and blanketing the boy. The waters bubbling from the oncoming presence. The flora that had surround the wondrous lake had now ceased to bear life, leaving a black wilted wring that encircled the mass of water.


A soft but convincing tone ran through his mind. The night’s cold was suddenly brought to a halt. The Senju bearing no mind to the unnatural changes in warmth but rather what threw him out of his trance was an unwelcome, nearly overwhelming aura. The boy was thrown into a panic as he immediately got up, not knowing what was coming over him. He looked across the lake and met eyes with what could be described as a demon.


The thought flashed at the boy once again. Barely standing, the boy’s heart was racing. He was paralyzed with fear. The flowers that had been surrounding him had quickly wilted away, reacting to his now unsteady chakra. Dread overcoming his ability to act rationally, the boy shakenly reached for his kunai, as if acting on this would bear some meaning in the survival of this encounter. Barely able to think, he mustered up some reason in his conscience, as to what this creature’s purpose was. It approached with no intent of harming him. His nerves sparked in opposition as he forcefully clenched his fists, resisting the urge to draw his weapon. Leaving him in a tense but firm position. A subtle array of sprigs and leaves rippled from his body in conjuction with the chilled goosebumps and surged from the back of his head down to the bottom of his feet.


What was he doing? Why stay and fight? His natural instinct disputed with his actions. There was no point in running. There was no point in fighting. He was at this thing’s mercy. There was nothing he could read from its expression. Its actions seemed almost mechanical, as if imitating something human, as if to convince him it was okay to answer. There was no comfort in its oration.


For a brief moment of clarity, the boy was able to gather just a few words, and in a habitually kind and calm manner, he answered.

“I am Sachihiro. It is a pleasure to meet you,” barely keeping his composure between heavy, controlled breaths. He dared not give away his clan name.


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