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Yoshito had just come from a mission dealing with a small group of potential defectees running amok amongst random streets within Kirigakure and so he was tired. The group of hoodlums were talking about their version of the history of the Mist and what they wanted to do about it and it piqued Yoshito's interest. He was still fairly new to the village and so he did not know everything there was to know about it, he was told to read up when he and his family moved here and took asylum within the borders but at that time Yoshito was busy being a child and thus didn't follow the orders and regulations set to him by those who so graciously allowed him to take refuge within the lands. That was rude of him, but here he is now with the thirst for knowledge after hearing of the group's thoughts and ideas.

Here he was indeed, the young man stepped close enough to be able to see the library. On the outside, it looked like a normal building albeit a rather large one seemingly at least three stories high from the ground. The building itself was circular, topped by a dome of glass. There were stone statues of previous Mizukage's faces etched into the building's outer structure in no particular order. What a beautiful piece of artwork, whoever was the one that built this was on a whole other level of architecture.  The doors stood tall and mighty, they connected together with a handle on either door while the doors themselves stood at least ten or eleven feet tall of pure oak wood. Yoshito's hand moved forward with his palm first grasping one of the handles as he pulled it backward opening the door allowing his entrance into the fancy place of knowledge.

Upon the door opening, Yoshito's eyes would be filled with the visual of the village library for the first time. Such a beautiful place, everything was comprised of such a sleek metal, there was a staircase on either side of the entrance as soon as one walked into the place leading up to the second floor flawlessly. In the middle of the first floor there sat a rather large circle of metal encasing a blue aura that itself was encased by a much more sinister black like aura, could this be chakra trapped somehow for some reason? Just beyond the large ever moving metal object in the middle, there were large shelves standing to meet the platform that held the second floor so carefully, each shelf aligned with books all the way across. Yoshito had never seen such beauty inside one building before, the pristine library had taken Yoshito aback by the sheer work put into the place.

He started his search for knowledge of Kirigakure with the first floor at the most left of the shelves, he stood gracefully taking a book that was titled 'The Motherland' he began skimming the introduction to the book behind the cover but to his surprise, it didn't contain the history of the village. Yoshito turned away from the bookshelf walking slowly down the aisle of the first floor's bookshelves skimming the spines of each book as he strolled through for words such as 'History', 'Kirigakure', 'Great War', 'Bloody Mist', anything of the like that very may well have held the secrets to which he wished to learn of his newly found home village. However there must be something he missed, the keywords he searched for weren't showing themselves. Yoshito didn't stop so it was likely that he simply missed a book with a title that could have contained titles such as those he was looking for. Instead of using his time looking for such books more thoroughly he simply awaited Xiao's entrance into the library, he sat down with the book he grabbed first, 'The Motherland' and gave it a slight read with little concentration.

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Coming from his mission with the joker himself, Yoshito, the little spider had spent his time explaining the workings of Kirigakure or rather his basic understanding of it's roles. His true talent was always that of ancient history, history from far beyond this time but as it was he was content with learning modern history so too. As he made his way towards the library he thought on the defectives he had so recently felled with the aid of Yoshito or rather he aiding Yoshito. It was in his nature, after all, to be that of support to others not the hero of the story as many assumed he to be.

As he made his way into the library he mused over the recent histories that were unwinding in his own life, the moments and memories that he was undergoing as he had awoken into a new life, a new being that was no longer the young happy go lucky boy he saw but rather someone filled with optimism and yet an astounding amount of sarcasm so too. He was no longer a frail and frightened shinobi but one who opted instead to try and optimize every opportunity given to them to his utmost best ability. As he gazed at Yoshito from across the way he tried his best to eye the book he read, the motherland, it was a book he himself had not read but was still something to gauge his interest.

Sitting across from Yoshito, Xiao Guan folded his figners into an interlocking pattern as he gazed forward towards Yoshito "So...We make a good team" jested the little spider with a smirk plastered on his tired and yet unblemished face "Let me ask something, y'know, you got some good moves y', whatcha hoping to do with all that power anyway?"

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When the doors to the place of untapped knowledge had opened letting the sound of hammering rain filled the scene, Yoshito's eyes darted to the doors as he saw X join up in the library just as Yoshito had hoped for. He heard some of the things X was saying when they left their mission spot and assumed he knew about the history of the Land in the Mist and so he wanted to gauge the limits and also learn a thing or two about the village he was staying in. The boy motioned for X to join him with one hand up, bending at the knuckles a few times signalling for X to come to take a seat with him, the library wasn't all too full with people today most likely due to the weather so there wouldn't be much confusion on where to sit but Yoshi wanted to offer the seat anyways as a friendly gesture.

"Heh." Yoshi could only allow a slight scoff that was meant to be a chuckle accompanied by a smile cross his lips after listening to what X was saying about the two making a good team. It's true, the two had stopped a group of genin and a chunin leader from running amok within the streets and that was nothing to make light of in terms of accomplishments, but the real test would be how the two faired in something real like maybe the chunin exams that were bound to come any time now. Yoshi closed his book and the sound of the cover hitting the pages was only rivalled by that of the rain slamming down on windows nearby. Yoshito moved to put the book back in its original spot near the front just under the first set of staircases on the left. After that, the boy had resumed his sitting position across from X at the same table.

"Power? I wouldn't exactly call this power...Yoshito started in to respond at what X was saying most likely commenting on the boy's manipulation of ice he had previously done to stop the chunin coupled by the simple free form taijutsu. He looked X in his eyes with a serious face, then away from his face with his eyebrows curved upright thinking about what he had done versus what he could have done. Those kids could have all been dead easy, the two had them held down in fear and the chunin was just simply held down and could do nothing at the pair that had taken him down. "I'm not sure yet, I don't think I'm anything special though I saw your moves my man, that was some crazy on the fly thinking you did, holding that guy down so I could rush up and end him. Pretty slick." Yoshi quickly averted the conversation attention onto his partner, it was clear from the last engagement the two had that he either liked the attention or he was good at grabbing it and so he allowed the spotlight to have X in the middle of it.

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As he laughed, or rather chortled, the little spider ninja couldn't help but smile to the shinobi with the long sleeves. The two had managed to best an array of dissidants and had managed to do so without much bloodshed. Though Xiao wasn't one to boast or brag he was one to take pride in all components of the whole that was his person, a lesson he had learned from the lady of the web herself. He folded his hands into that of a thinking pose as he glanced into Yoshi's eyes awaiting his answer on power. Xiao had a tendency to lean towards being a little too quizzical when it came to others often wishing to observe everything they had to offer and 'absorbing' their story as it were to help better understand them. When it came to power though, as an Unmei, Xiao truly believed that the greater the power in turn bore a greater responsibility and had subconciously atleast been observing the words of those he encountered as well as their approaches to these power whether it be the cold ruthlessness of a hunter like Chigetsu masked with the title of profession or the loose attitudes of his senju tag partner Sachihiro a shinobi's relationship with their ability was something that truly marked who they were.

He admitted that his ability to manipulate ice was hardly a power, as a shinobi practitioner of medicine as well as one who had a deep historical understanding of the bloody mists relationships with clans - namely that of the massacre of the clan leaders not too long ago and the obsession with kekkai genkai Kirigakure No Sato seemed to have, that this was far from true. Any blood in the shinobi world was more valuable than any ryo in the world. He made a mental note of his aversion with the use of pleasantries something that the shinobi wore on his sleeve to indicate his unwillingness to share. That was interesting and worth noting in the eyes of the spider-nin. "Hey when you don't have any combat skills you gotta do what you gotta do" he said with a laugh and proceeded to shrug "I don't have any cool hidden abilities like most, y'know, so mud and scarfs work for me" he stated bending the truth somewhat. The truth was that he was currently uncovering his own bloodline and understanding what it meant to be a shinobi of the Unmei clan but when it came to sharing this information he was more of a trapdoor spider than that of a grand golden orb weaver.

The little shinobi rolled his neck somewhat as he decided to take the lead somewhat "Chuunin exams are coming up y'know, It sounds weird, sure, but are you prepared?" he asked quite bluntly. He was hoping he would get the hint that he was asking for a training partner but had left it open to ensure that the shinobi had the option to deny the request.


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Yoshito's eyes watched X speak about his own powers as Yoshi had just done in the same way, somewhat humble. The utilization of a clan or any sort of kekkei genkai was absent in the man's speech and that felt sort of odd to the young Yuki clan member, most shinobi these days were either a part of a bigger picture, that being a clan or a descendant from some special blood that runs in their veins. Yoshi allowed his elbows to bend, the apex of which would grace the table the two were sitting at. The young man's hands and fingers interlocked as he let his chin rest atop the back of his palms letting him to look at Xiao as he spoke.

The sound of rain plummeting against the walls and the windows around the walls thundered through the open area the two were in. Yoshi thought about X's question for a moment. Ready for the chuunin exams? How exactly could one get ready for such an event? The exams, as Yoshi had known them was just a place that people from all over would come to watch and judge the participants. That never sat well with the young man but apparently, that was acceptable to the ninja world. "No, at least I don't think so..." Yoshi began to speak as his arms fell to the table, "I've trained with someone named Kaito earlier and won but he said he was a medical ninja, one who hasn't had much time in the field so I really don't know if I'm ready for that yet." Yoshito let out a sigh of relief, finally being able to allow his feelings about his combat prowess. It was something he had pondered on for a while, his mother was a badass missing ninja from the Land of Rain and yet here Yoshito was not even confident in his own abilities as a shinobi, what a disappointment.

"Are you ready? Have you been training X?" Yoshi said inquisitively, not all shinobi would be ready for such an event and he hadn't known if X was ready himself or if he was simply asking Yoshito assuming he was entering. In fact, he hadn't even thought of the exams, it completely slipped his mind up to this point and it was better that way. But now with it on the forefront of his brain he felt the need to suddenly surpass his mother and father's abilities. His father was the stealthy one but his mother was the one who led the three of them on their running through the countries after Yoshito's birth. Still standing Yoshi reached back for his pouch which held a couple ninja tools and grabbed a kunai that laid dormant inside until now. With his kunai clutched, Yoshito would bring it high in the air and slamming down onto the table effectively stabbing the table with the kunai, "Let's get ready together!"

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The ramifications of being in a library meant that several assumptions were to be made about the patrons inside, that they were studious bodies or perhaps searching for answers. Xiao Guan, a recently awoken Unmei, had never been more sure of his quest for answers until this time. When it came down to understanding himself he was awakening into that of a different being, into something that may be viewed as neither man or spider but rather the hybrid he truly was and with that came the ferocity and brutal logic that came from the lessons on his birthrite from Haka Osada, the source of his affection and motivation. The types that hung out in libraries were boring to the bubbly and bouncing ball of energy that was the human-spider Xiao Guan and especially those who would drawl out the tedious and boring in place of actual action. He had no time for it, that was the work of Jounin and Administrators and he had enough tedium in his life that such dull activities often caused him to simply roll his eyes at their monotonous checks and measures.

Yoshi, being the frail boy he appeared to be, made Xiao Guan often feel at peace. The boy acted as if a calming ocean and actually encapsulated the ethos of Kirigakure quite well. Kirigakure was a place shrouded in mystery with an air of harmony about it and Yoshi tended to seem to reflect these qualities quite well. The new generation of Genin was something to stand in solidarity with, with every one he had met whether it Samuru the great wanderer, Sachihiro the future Hokage or the others who bore the weight of their villages it made Xiao knew he was on the cusp of something, something grand that was bubbling to the surface and every moment that passed meeting one of these new spices for the mixing pot of Kirigakure life had him feeling as if a new dawn was just on the horizen.

Was this truly the dawn of a new generation? Was Xiao involved? it was hard to truly tell.
The patter of rain held a rhythm that seemed to mirror the heartbeat of Xiao Guan. The little spider was, for lack of a better word, enthralled by the constant patter of the sound that gave comfort to all those who it blessed with it's presence. The liquid of life, the healing waters of Kirigakure. A fitting title for a village that stood in antithesis of the Village hidden in the leaf. A land of Fire and a land of Water existing as polar opposites both politically and historically.

Yoshi stated that he had trained with someone previously, Kaito, a name that Xiao Guan had not come across yet. Kaito. That was a name he made a mental note of, a rival doctor perhaps and somebody he would need to keep his eye on. As Yoshito spoke of how he wasn't prepared, how he was concerned of his own abilities and even these of Kaito, Xiao Guan tensed his eyebrows into that of a more furrowed brow. He had spent the last month or so surviving on his own on an island of cannibal spiders, slaying mercenaries left and right, watched the death of his own parents and to top it off accompanied a hunter in terrorist actions against those of rivals of kirigakure. 'Having not tested the field' was something that was very alien to the little spider-nin "Never heard of Kaito, gotta say. My Ma used to always say the one constant in all life's failings is the self, y'know" he stated as he began to spiral his finger on the table considering all that had happened. He meant his words, it was something he had learned from Haka not to be brutally honest but rather to say what one thought and to assume the worst but expect the best of all others. If people did not meet this mark, it wasn't an excuse to shame them but inability or inaction wasn't to be praised either, thus the best course of action in the mind of most Unmei was simply to speak the truth of all things.

'Are you ready? Have you been training X?' Yoshi stated curiously which caused Xiao to smile, not wanting to play all his cards at once he shrugged and scoffed "The only thing I'm good at is speaking, I'll probably be out by the first round but hey if you fail try try again" he jested as he leaned back on his chair somewhat with a smile plastered on his face his mind rushing with thoughts of the memories of recent events he had, of the moments of triumph and struggle and pain and hope that had been following him like a horrid thick stench on his coat. He was ready, in a sense, but mostly he wished to see how the others of his generation might fair. Observation was his specialty after all, it felt as if perhaps he would have faired better as a spy than a swordsmen if he was perfectly honest with himself.

As Yoshi brought forth the Kunai from his pouch he gazed directly at the sheen of the blade. Those weapons and pouches weren't really Xiao's style, he wasn't one for knives daggers and hurling traditional tools when a brick and a table would do the same trick. He'd much rather opt for a paper clip than a shuriken anyday. The little spider rubbed he jawline as he gazed upon the kunai perhaps somewhat subconoiusly thinking of the 'kill' spots in his body that could be used by Yoshi to strike him down. This sort of thinking was certainly going to do him better in the long run as the time of the exams came forward. As Yoshi slammed the kunai into the table Xiao rose an eyebrow. Taking a deep breathe he proceeded to smile to himself gently. So, He wants to train in a library huh. Okay. Xiao thought for a moment before thinking over what could possibly be the most 'odd' way to do things. He would give him something to work with. As Xiao leaned back on the table he placed his hands on the back of his head appearing as if not caring but actually placing his knees upon the bottom side of the table folded tightly together. "Sounds good to me. We should work out how we birth flow, y'know..." he stated as he then thrust his leg outward with a kick to the bottom side of the table causing the table to be lurched forward at the topside of the table closest to him causing the table to subsequently tilt forward towards Yoshi as it flipped "Before the tables are turned!" he quipped as the table would allow for a gap for Xiao Guan, being the small shinobi he was to slip under the table working as both a make-shift wooden shield but also as a makeshift weapon as he proceeded to lay on his shoulders now using his feet to propel the table forward at Yoshi and in one movement role backwards as his legs pistoned outwards into a back roll that would leave him in a pose facing Yoshi with a malicious smile and a pose with his fingers spread outward as he gazed at the fellow genin. He had been living far too close to the edge of a nightmare and so Xiao Guan would cut loose with this fight, really push himself and more importantly enjoy himself in the process he wouldn't stop till the ANBU or Shinobi Police arrived he decided then and there.


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'the one constant in all life's failings is the self, y'know' This is what Xiao would say in response to Yoshito's remark about thinking he wasn't ready for the chunin exams. One of the boy's eyebrows rose inquisitively as he thought about the statement for a moment. This could mean a number of things but the one thing that stuck out in his mind is that he was saying if one were to doubt themselves they would often end up losing their battle. And such a thing is true for the most part, although, on some rare occasions one's doubt could bring forth a great triumph to shock and awe those that stood to watch. X's finger moved in a circular motion on the hard wooden table that the two were once sitting at when he said those words as if he was pondering the words that escaped his lips. Yoshito looked on Xiao as he did this with his brow still raised, Yoshi smiled to his new friend that was acting rather strange in comparison to how he recently has been.

X leaned back in his chair speaking of failure in the exams, something Yoshito had been thinking a little about recently seeing as the sign-ups had just come out. Try, try and try again. Thoughts entered the boy's mind as X was acting a little more like himself now. The quick-witted shinobi that he did a mission with just before the two entered the library that caught Yoshito's eye in the first place. To that statement Yoshi simply smiled, teeth showing and nodded to his companion at the same time. There was a quick silence between the two only broken by the sound of rain tapping the windows that littered the walls that surrounded them.

More words slipped from X, something about birth flow, perhaps the boy meant both, meaning how their styles could work together melding into one super effective fighting style. Was he suggesting they be partners? Yoshito definitely was not opposed to this thoughts but these could simply be preconceived notions and the boy could just be assuming things based on what he was saying. Assuming was never good as a shinobi. Not much time was allotted to pondering these thoughts though because after X spoke of such things, he then quipped, 'until the tables are turned' with a holler. At that moment the table would suddenly fall on its side, the broad side would land toward Yoshi's direction meaning the legs were on Xiao's side. Did he think that Yoshi wanted to fight here in the library? The original intentions were to come here and have X point out a couple of books that could possibly show Yoshito the historical ways of Kirigakure, maybe share some stories that were fresh in Xiao's memory but clearly after Yoshito's rash actions and words about training and not being ready for the exams it would seem Xiao took a different meaning.

As the table fell forward at Yoshito the boy grabbed the handle of the kunai he plunged through the wood earlier halting the table's flipping motion. What he did would seem cool if that was all the Xiao was planning with this sudden action but sadly that wasn't the case. When Yoshito stopped the tables flip Xiao's legs came from underneath the gap between the top of the table and the floor to kick at Yoshito's shins. He wasn't prepared for such an event so he didn't have time to react. The swift ferocious movements of the man that once sat across from him came upon Yoshito's shins. He let out an anguished cry and the force of the kicking made Yoshi resort to falling backward. Using this momentum the boy would land in a similar pose as Xiao because if he didn't fall backward then the kicking surely would have injured his legs to the point of not being able to fight back.

"Hey X I didn't mean to train here I wanted stories and learn about history!"

Yoshito hollered back at Xiao knowing it would be useless to try and stop the fight now. The boy seemed to be in his element when he fought like this. Judging from the battle outside he preferred distraction and using that momentary lapse in attention to strike swiftly. Yoshito kept this in mind as the battle would go on.

"But if that's how we're gonna do then it can't be helped, let's get stronger yea?"

Yoshito said this as he jumped up and backward onto the railing of the second story with a flip. As the flip happened Yoshito would make a singular hand sign and smoke would encase Yoshito and when it dissipated, two copies of the boy appeared on either side of him. While the smoke enveloped him, however, he grabbed the clone to his left and switched places with him. Two copies stood next to Yoshito almost indistinguishable to the original. A smile crept across the boy's face and without words two versions of Yoshito would jump at X. The real Yoshito as well as a clone of himself. One clone would stay behind and weave a couple hand seals. The clone with Yoshito landed next to X with a lowered body and make a sweeping motion with his leg attempting to take Xiao off of his balance and knocking him over. At the same time, Yoshito would be above Xiao, using the momentum from the jump off the railing he would contort his torso downward with his leg extended to knock the boy's head to the ground. After the kick, Yoshito would land next to X, using his extended leg to catch his fall.

Just after the assault would happen the clone that stayed behind would envelop the entire library in a thick smoggy mist that hindered each person's ability to see even within close range. Yoshito's hands weaved two hand signs quickly in rapid succession after the attack he unleashed on Xiao allowing him some sort of vision within the mist that took hold of the inner workings of the library they stood in. With this I'll know where he is and be able to react if the need arises. Thoughts showered over Yoshito. Xiao may have been one to talk throughout a battle but Yoshito was not it would seem. Maybe if the time came where Yoshito felt the need to speak during a battle he could do so but now isn't one of those times. A flash of Xiao's face after his roll, in the beginning, would appear and disappear in Yoshito's mind as the mist encompassed the area. He means business, that smile was too heinous. I can't go easy but I don't want either of us to be hurt.

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As Yoshi maneuvered his eyes widening in anticipation, he was going to have some fun today, whether it meant he was going to throw down or get beaten down he would ensure that he made the dry environment burn up with the fires of battle - the true language of shinobi. Yoshi wanted history, okay, it was time for history with a kinesthetic addition, if he was going to have fun - then he was going to do it whilst being educational like Bob Ross with a rinnegan.

As the table stabilized, or tabilized, Xiao's eyebrow would raise as a smile would curl over his face across his pale high cheekboned gaunt cheeks from ear to ear. As Yoshito began to fall back from his strike the little shinobi began to breathe heavily, he was becoming excited, far too excited but at the same time this rush was what he lived for. As they both landed in their mirrored three-point stances Xiao Guan couldn't help but feel it was the begining of a beautiful match.

"Hey X I didn't mean to train here I wanted stories and learn about history!"
"Hey it's as I've always said, there's booksmarts and street smarts, so let's have the library get a whole new section baby!"

As Yoshi spoke Xiao Guan slowly manuevered his feet onto a stack of papers that had fallen from the tables jerking motion, placing them directly under the ball of his foot "You betcha...Say...Do you know who the god of shinobi is, huh?" he said softly as Yoshi proceeded to jump up and back onto a railing of the second story as Xiao looked up to him raising an eyebrow as he placed his foot directly upon one of the papers then with one swift motion proceeded to kick upwards causing the papers to flutter "Ding! Times up! Solstice. The Mizukage. Literally strongest one there is and has saved the villages butt countless times" Xiao Guan jested as Yoshi made his hand sign he would use the ruffling of paper and the smoke that would temporarily engulf Yoshito to roll swiftly behind one of the library desks, standing under it and pressing upwards causing a make-shift barricade to be made. "That goddess has saved our buns more than I can count, Hikou would be proud. Hikou's the guy I look up to, thirteenth Mizukage, the peace bringer, united the nation buuuuut" he trailed off insisting on giving his little history lesson as he sat behind his barricade unable to see the switch in the clones made at all nor the number, all he knew was that a jutsu was coming and he needed to move, and move quickly.

As he gazed over his barricade he saw the fluttering half-naked sleeved shinobis leaping towards him, grasping the drawer from cabinet Xiao Guan proceeded to lift it upward in a swift swing creating a makeshift shield as the clone landed proceeding to strike outward it's leg would collide with the make-shift wooden shield shattering it but giving Xiao Guan that momentary distraction to leap through the splintered shield and strike with the splintered side as a makeshift spiked-shield. "Uchiha got him! Burned up by the black flame! Oh you won't guess how many times we see THAT technique here!". Too focused on the clone Xiao Guan would miss the strike from above that caused the little spider to stand in shock as the foot connected with him causing him to stumble backwards with the strike, rolling across the floor and skidding to the side forcing himself to roll out of the way to the best of his ability. "By god...I'm seeing double...There's six of you!" Xiao stated, dusted and dirty from the strike but allowing his body time to ragdoll out of the way to the best of his ability.

As he gazed forward the familiar mist, the scent of it, that he had so often found when touring with Kirigakure shinobi could be found "Seriously? Hidden Mist Jutsu? Come on. Get something original going!" Xiao knew the one advantaged he had was that this mist was not 'clear' for the user but instead a mere fog that would allow him some time to manuever.  Standing across the lower section from Yoshito he had enough time to move, or to atleast start to move. As he began to think and think fast he did, moving as fast as he could as the mist began to flow outward he proceeded to tiger-roll once more behind another desk, this time attempting to take his shoes off as fast as he could whilst rolling, once landed and stabilized he would proceed to hurl the shoe towards Yoshito, then roll once more, throwing his other as he rolled northward atleast enough to create a divide between the two as he would attempt to flank the shinobi. "Right...Where was I..."

Xiao began to stealthily manuever his way around to the flank of the shinobi and grasping a book on the Mizukage Juro Xiao proceeded to spin the book in his hand before hurling it towards Yoshito's last known location "Right! History of Juro!" he would state manuevering once more as the book 'The History of Juro, Mizukage' would fly towards Yoshito's head. Xiao had a plan, to annoy the hell out of his enemies, but to ensure that each of his friends just like Yoshito knew what enemies would experience from the quipping whedonspawn that was Xiao Guan.


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Success! Yoshito's clone's attack failed but the downward pulverizing strike had connected. When Yoshito's heel connected with the top of Xiao's head the man fell aside skidding a bit far from the point of impact and when he got his footing is when the mist had rose and became visible within the library. A slight bit of mist would surely seep out onto the street underneath cracks of the front door or windows that may have been left open but that wouldn't matter much. The mist was so smoggy and thick that immediate vision was made impossible unless X had trained past the threshold or normal shinobi of their ranking. When he got his footing X jokingly stated that he could suddenly see six of Yoshito about the area and at this, the boy couldn't help but let out a small bit of laughter. He watched in the direction where X landed after the blow to the head not actually being able to see anything but the molecules in the mist allowed the boy vision of sorts.

The man quipped saying something about original jutsu he wished would be displayed in the battle. Yoshito's head lowered very slightly as one corner of his mouth rose in a half smile. Shrouded by mist, however, this action couldn't be seen. He could feel that the man was in the process of moving his location and he could feel a presence would stand in the way of the three. Yoshito's clone would be almost useless during this battle but without any words or physical commands the two clones jumped from their original positions to be on Yoshito's front and back simultaneously effectively creating a bodyguard clone wall of sorts. He knew something would be coming if X had been smart enough to take advantage of any normal shinobi using the Hidden Mist Jutsu. Plus feeling that he rolled behind what would seem like cover, Yoshi couldn't help but think that he was going to attempt some sort of attack.

He didn't notice it due to the many weaknesses of Yoshito's pseudo-sensory technique but as soon as it left the man's hand he realized that he had grabbed a projectile. He couldn't tell exactly what it was but he could feel that it had a strange type of shape, one that wouldn't cross Yoshito's mind as a normal ninja tool. As it flew through the air Yoshito's clone that stood before him would ready himself, he didn't know where it would land but he knew that he could do something in some form of defense for its caster. Before the first projectile would make its mark Yoshi could feel another movement, the man had done another roll or something of the same type of body movement but this time without any cover and just as before another projectile seemingly with the same size and dimensions was thrown in the general direction of Yoshito. The boy's chakra pulsed through his body as his feet and hands became encased in ice.

The clone that stood on either side of his body moved accordingly to stop the oncoming attack of projectiles. It certainly wasn't necessary to defend from these projectiles as they would make out to be shoes. He took off his own shoes and used them as weapons? Very creative. Thoughts came in and out of the boy's head quick like a whistle as he prepared for Xiao's next attack. He could feel that he had moved positions all the way around to what X would presume to be Yoshito's blind spot. Yoshito and his clone that stood behind him is now in front of him as he turned with Xiao's movements to not be caught off guard. Yoshito started moving toward the boy's location he couldn't feel any other projectile in the air yet but he knew that X was in that spot that once could be claimed as Yoshi's blind spot.

He never ceased his movements, even when something had left his location and thrown at Yoshito he moved and Yoshi followed, he could sense that the projectile had moved past his body and the sound of it ramming against a nearby table could be heard behind him. Yoshito's clone that ran in front of him would be the one meeting Xiao's body first. The clone would lower his shoulder attempting a devastating tackle to X before the real Yoshito would follow up in the immediate vicinity where X would attempt to dodge. Even if he wouldn't dodge and simply take the tackle, they ended up close enough to the edge of the room that the tackle would surely pin him to the wall. Yoshito would still come with ferocity, his hands encased in ice, his feet were also maximizing his speed faster than he normally could. Yoshi reared back and would lash outward to Xiao's location using his senses to pierce the veil of the mist that his clone once created.

This would surely end Xiao's onslaught but just in case there was still the actions of the third clone to take into account. As Yoshito and his clone that was in front of him ran forward, the one behind the original did the same. This one didn't have much chakra so there was little it could do but it intended to help its caster all the same. It followed behind Yoshito but not directly in front of him as his other clone had, this one would be off to the right diagonally behind Yoshito closer in position to the staircase they were edging close to. This clone would jump onto the railing as it had before when it was created thinking to scout the immediate area for the opponent after the attack Yoshito and the other clone had attempted. This was only a thought, however, the mist would cease this thought's actions. That would come to the clone only after it made its footing atop the rails. It reached down into its pouch and felt for a kunai, as soon as it had the handle it would be forced out of its previous home aiming to aid Yoshito in his attempts at victory.

"You shouldn't talk so much my man, it throws me off my game." The words poured from Yoshito's clone's mouth as he stood atop the ivory rail with the kunai in hand ready to strike at a moment's notice.

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Kneeling with his back firmly against the makeshift barricade of a desk he gave a cheeky grin, truly believing he might have a chance in hell. He was, essentially, a man who had lost everything that made him himself recently without a jutsu to his name after the training he underwent with Haka Osada, his adoptive mother and something of an aunt. He loved her truly, not in the way one might love a mother or a dear friend. He had an immense need to wish to please her, to ensure that he had done right by her and to ensure that within him she found an unmei that she might admire as opposed to fighting for the pure joy of it.  He was a passive in his approach to many things and the embodiment of the word whimsy as he spent a majority of his time dancing to and fro from web to web but as it was soon seen it  this much was true and by all intentions of the word kept that passive optimism in all he did.
His heart beat faster and faster still, was this what it felt like to enter combat? Was this what it felt like to fight? What a rush! Loving every moment the little spider couldn't help but think of the possibilities, what could he do, what couldn't he do. Well one thing was for sure he couldn't use jutsu due to his own failure in mastering the art and yet he was honing it slowly through the guidance of Verdandi, his sensei. She had made him quite acustom with the concept of ensuring each breath was accounted for, as one only gets so many in their short lifetime.

He couldn't see anything. Nothing. He was fighting utterly blind and was merely swinging at the mist at this point with his shoes and books, he new the vague direction of where Yoshi once was but admittedly it was very hard to fully comprehend where even Xiao Guan was as he rolled around becoming more and more disorientated over time. Spinning out of control and making it feel as though what he was doing was merely riding a rollercoaster of emotion or rather not emotion but that of spinning about on a chair until one is prone to throw up. The same inertia could be felt and Xiao decided it was probably best to stop rolling but he was in the midst of battle. What did that mean? Well it meant that Xiao Guan had to optimize his abilities. He had to atleast try. There was not talking his way of this situation as much as he wished he could. It was after all his greatest weapon next to ...surprise. That was it. That's all he was good at, so why not optimize on that but how to surprise a half naked pail shinobi with a set of triplets equally strong. He couldn't even see Yoshi moving, or Yoshi's clones for that matter and so opted for the next best thing, taking his flak jacket and removing it quickly he threw it across the room to scatter the sound to a distance. Hopping from one leg to the other as he swiftly removed his slacks and throwing them up in the air ensuring they would have a delayed landing and thus a delayed sound as he quickly made an extension of his hand, a web spiralling outward attaching to the roof as he quickly repelled upwards and above the clone trio ...but he was too slow. Without warning and with the position slightly higher the clone managed to land directly into Xiao's pelvis causing the little spider-nin to feel immense pain rush up his body as he fell backwards clutching his....rasengans. "Ah! Kyuubi!" he yelled out the closest thing to a swear he could muster in his own lawful good way.

As he had taken the face of the clone head on and fell backwards Yoshi would just scarcely scrape the shinobi pinning him downward against the wall. As the shoulder of Yoshi and Xiao connected Xiao produced two webs from each wrist behind that of Yosei as he was thrown backwards, the elastic webbing stretching and contorting. One pinned directly against the wall Xiao would chuckle as the two were close "Y'know, you should buy a guy dinner first before you get handsy" he quipped as the web met it's tension weight and the elastic caused Xiao and Yoshi to be propelled backwards towards the clone behind the real yoshi and into the bookshelf. Even if Yoshi would avoid this Xiao would still be sent flying across the room and land, perched a top the book shelf.

If the clone had managed to manuever over and Xiao was to watch it hit the railing he would simply continue in his actions regardless. Swiftly removing his shirt and piling books into it to make a makeshift club the little Spider leaped into the air flailing the book in his near naked state as the books weaved and manuevered in a circular arc "TAKE A LOOK...." he yelled out as the book-club would be thrown towards Yoshi's last known location "It's in a book!" as the little spider would use the books to spring offward and up into the air, using his wall-crawling ability to stick to the roof directly upwards.

As he landed there for a moment he would propel downward towards yoshi's last known location, blindly mind you with a HUGE change to miss as he would fly his arms spread "I'M THE READING RAINBOW!" the near naked shinobi shouted to Yoshi as he wondered just for a moment how the others in the library may have been thinking.


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The clone hit when Xiao tried to dodge, he was too slow. X's body limped overtop the clone's shoulder as he drug him along the with him. Yoshi was quick behind the clone, his hands were ready to strike swiftly. When Xiao landed and the clone's movements had stopped, the clone dispersed. It's body melted back into the water form it previously took falling into the ground they stood upon. Just as the clone's body reverted back into the water, Yoshito's hand came crashing through it striking Xiao. His opponent had taken his clothes off, Yoshi could notice this as they were so close that the mist didn't buffer eyesight. Yoshi's hand was going to strike Xiao's face but instead, it went off course and struck the boy's shoulder. Yoshi reared back to attempt at another slap. He hadn't noticed that Yoshi slung webs across the room tethering himself to a bookshelf across the room.

With that, when the webs reached their elastic limit, the web contracted heavily and swiftly. Xiao's near naked body would get tight on Yoshi's own body as the webs flung the two toward the bookshelf behind Yoshi. The speed they were flung backward brought Yoshi's hair flowing in front of his head. His back collided with the bookshelf that the webs attached to X. Yoshi's clone that was atop the railing across the room took the kunai he had in his hand and threw the metal blade through the thick mist, he knew where his creator and his opponent was. The noise of the wooden bookshelf crashing against the wall and Yoshi's body would slice through the misty buffer. There was no way of telling if the kunai would hit Xiao but if it hadn't, a weapon would be at the young Yuki clansman's use if he needed it.

A thunking just next to Yoshito's head could be heard as the basic ninja tool would plunge itself into the wooden bookshelf. That would be the last move the clone would take. He saluted his creator before melting away into water. Yoshi gave a smile and took hold of the handle of the kunai. The mist that the clone was holding would disperse slowly. Yoshi pulled the kunai from its hold of the wooden bookshelf and he drew it in front of his body. Yoshi looked around frantically for his opponent until his voice gave his position away. Yoshi looked up and watched as his arm threw a sack full of books his way. Wait, this wasn't a sack. The books were kept within the Xiao's shirt. As they were thrown at Yoshi's location he attempted to move his body in a dodge but it was useless. The bookshelf had taken a number on his body, bruising would most assuredly set in not long from now. Yoshi moved his torso with a considerable strength that allowed for the books to make a near miss on his ribs. The spines of the books would be felt grazing Yoshi's side. The boy let out a pained groan in reaction.

Yoshi's head shot upward as he groaned in pain and he noticed Xiao dropping down on him. Ass out. Yoshi's arm would shoot up stabbing at his opponent's side just before rolling out of the way of his body drop. No doubt Xiao would be feeling the effects of frostbite aching and tearing away at his fresh flesh replacing it with dead cells. With the most recent hit, Xiao's side would soon have the same effect if he doesn't attempt at a dodge or something of the sorts. After the roll, Yoshi would land on his knees attempting to look as shinobi as he possibly could. His kunai stood at the ready after the previous stab he took at his opponent. Yoshi's eyes would meet Xiao's own eyes as he looked intently. The mist cleared as Yoshi then looked around at the now cleared air. He could see what a mess he and Xiao made during his spar. Luckily anyone that was in the area cleared out right as the two started their bout.

"We made quite a mess my naked friend," Yoshi said lowering his head chuckling about uncontrollably. His back's bruises taking a toll on his body. The boy panted heavily as if all of his bodily actions just now caught up with him. "Maybe we should call it quits here huh?" Yoshi offered the two to call it a draw here. His body was tired, his mind was tired and he got what he came here for. X had indeed given him a lesson in more than one way. In the beginning of their fight, he had given him a little history lesson in the most recent areas of the village, as well as the spar being a lesson that Yoshi would have to think on. He would need to keep training if he stood any chance in the Chunin Exams.

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Sorry for delay, was just getting the run down on that thing we talked about. Sadly, I can't do it but hopefully this is fun

As one of the Yoshi's exploded into water Xiao's eyes widened, it was a surely strange sight to see but atleast he knew which one was the real Yoshi, just a shame that this knowledge was shortly lived and shortly helpful. Soon these thoughts came to an abrupt end as Yoshito's hand came crashing through said dispersed water clone towards Xiao in a deliberate strike causing him to stumble back somewhat. He was a little confused how someone could do that their own clone, Yoshi's sense of self confidence must have been either low enough or stable enough to just stab through himself whilst someone like Xiao would most likely mourn the occurance for days on end if he were to do just this. The naked, though wearing underwear to avoid the wrathful hammered words that may ban him from the library to ensure his 'shame' was hidden.The slaps all conencted in sequence, one after another, if Yoshi were a hyuga perhaps Xiao would be in more trouble than he was already feeling the pain of the chops - a rite of initiation in a fight, a connection as the reddened droplets began to sprang from his chest.

As the kunai flew across the room with both Xiao and Yoshito in turn, the whizzing whirring sound was ignored as Xiao's adrenaline reached its peak matching his heart beat which was racing faster than ever before. The little shinobi's heart raced, faster and faster, like an iron drum tumming again and again in a military chorus line. The tapping of steel, faster and faster, tapping faster than anything before as the adrenaline surged through him. Trying to think of how the functions of a clone could work, did they share vision? Memories? what exactly was shared? Were they sentient? It was hard too fully tell until he made his own but Xiao had a real distaste for such things, he was a doctor not a magician and thus all of his study opted to lean towards that. As for the kunai? It struck Xiao directly in the head, sticking there without his knowledge, not piercing his skull but merely gently sliding across the forehead and wedging into his flesh. As blood trickled down the little spiders head he began to try and force himself to focus totally unaware of the knife embedded in his head at the current time.

As flew forward down with his makeshift club of books, Xiao was delighted. I hit him? he thought for a moment landing with a grin, possibly from blood loss, possibly from lack of focus.
Unaware of the pain he felt as he was too focused on the prospect of actually doing something worth notice in the realms of combat - a rare site to be seen if you were Xiao or one who knew of him. Combat was not his strong suit, far from it, in fact the only thing he truly excelled at was speaking and even then as Joker launched the kunai upward, the additional kunai now still firmly stuck in Xiao's head the delighted shinobi attempted to come down on full force as the new kunai would proceed to strike his leg deeply embedding within it. It was here the pain started.

KYUUUUUUBIIIII DAMN IT he stated as he began to feel his head and leg begin to freeze over as the kunai was retracted from his leg causing it to swell with blood for a moment before freezing over into something of a blood-slushy substance "Dang dang it, Oh that's cold! COLD! Ah!" he began to shake his leg to the best of his ability before looking around swiftly for Yoshi as the mist began to clear searching for his opponent as he felt his body beggining to freeze over "G-get me a sweater or s-s-something my friend" he remarked shivering so.

"We made quite a mess my naked friend," Yoshi stated causing Xiao to look down. Dang it, he was right, he was rude lewd and nude right now and thus with a quick flick of the wrists Xiao proceeded to 'web' himself a primitive tunic without style or grace but purely for functionality. "Maybe we should call it quits here huh?" Yoshi offered the two to call it a draw here and Xiao graciously accepted "Yeah, I'm up for that...but...can you get me a blanket or something?" he remarked with a laugh.  The young Unmei walked forward to Yoshito and placed his hand on his shoulder "Don't worry....When the Chuunin Exams come, you're going to rock the house with the freezing techniques of yours. Just, when you do fight tell me. I want to bring a blanket." Xiao stated with a laugh "C'mon, lets get out of here" Xiao remarked as he made his way to the doors, trying to dodge past the angered looks of the librarians who proceeded to scream a slew of insults at the little shinobi as he passed by leaving Yoshito to deal with the repreccussions of his actions. The sneaky power of the Unmei at work.

"Come on..." he said looking back with a smile and a thumbs up "We got a lot of training to do, maybe Candy-Floss Sensei can help out." he posed for a moment....before falling to his knees, passing out from blood loss as he still had that kunai in his head and Xiao by all sense of the word...was an idiot.

[Joker won the fight, gib him chakras]
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Yoshito couldn't help but laugh with his new seemingly best friend. A hearty laugh indeed. Yoshi held his arm around Xiao's shoulders as he helped him up after he wove himself up some clothes. So that's what the spiders can do. What a silly thought, of course, they could do more. But with that thought, the boy made his leave with Xiao outside into the streets. A truly eccentric sight indeed. Two boys coming out of the library bruises and scuffs marking their body and one with clothes made of webbing. Wild.

"Candy floss sensei, who the fuck is that?" Yoshi said continuing to laugh with Xiao, "Maybe we should head to the hospital." Xiao fell to the ground confirming Yoshi's sentence. He would have to carry his friend to get help. So he picked Xiao's body up and slung him over his shoulder and with the whisp of the wind, the boy and his friend was off into the distance in the direction of the hospital. A big grin on his face he couldn't help but to think that maybe he was ready for the chunin exams. Either way, it would definitely be a fun one especially if he and Xiao were to battle together once again.


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