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Memories Upon The Canvas [Closed/Takao] Senju_11

It was an impeccable morning for a stroll in Senju park, the largest woodland area within the village. The sun beat down with an uncanny warmth that managed to accentuate the orange and yellow hues within the leaves, creating a kaleidescope of colors which mixed and mingled upon the many paths and trails of the forest floor. There was a crisp feel to the air here. It was warm, it was peaceful, it was something close to what one would have expected the world to be like before the rise of mankind. It was all these characteristics and more which had drawn him here, the modest Genin currently strolling along the main path of the park, carrying an easel along with a small kit of painting supplies. The clinking sounds within his bag indicated the numerous colors and shades he had with him, even as the rough hewn bag indicated his poor upbringing. The blank expression, a look of contentment, was enough to show that he was at peace with himself. Perhaps it was the effect of the forest, he couldn't quite say for sure.

Down, down, along the winding path he went, watching the other park-goers as they enjoyed the final warm touches of fall before the grip of winter. The look of contentment on the young man's face fell somewhat as he saw the families eating their picnics along a clear-blue stream. The sight didn't make him bitter per se, it just... didn't quite meet what he was looking for. Instead, the simple Genin continued to walk along, head in the clouds, much like his element. Time seemed to drift away from him as he hummed his little tune and walked his little walk, at last stopping to look at a small trail that led off the main path down to where he knew the stream to be. Curious, he crossed the threshold and disappeared into the green thicket.

The sounds of the other park goers grew quieter and more distant, the only real sounds registering in his mind were his feet treading upon the gravel and the sound of his paint cans clinking together. When he emerged from the small forest trail, he felt a small smile at last break the unfeeling mold that his face had grown accustomed to. He stood at a small grassy bank on the edge of the stream, an old pine snaking up and over the water from the opposite bank to form a long horizontal branch which had likely been growing for hundreds of years. He liked this place, he liked the sounds that the water made and the sweet notes the air blew when it whispered through the leaves above him. He set down his painter's stool and put his easel in front of him, unfurling the large blank piece of canvas and placing it on its perch.

The boy let out a long sigh as he slumped into his seat, hands assuming their normal positions for painting. His left hand held the painting tray which he now filled with the differing colors he had brought with him, whilst the other held onto the brush he had. With both of these out of the way, he felt he could truly begin to relax. He felt as though he had been constantly moving since his graduation from the Ninja Academy, and now that he was a fully fledged Genin, spending some time to paint and simply reflect would help him decide what next to do. Painting always helped him think.

So, with a half-closed yet acute gleam to his eyes, he began to take in the scene in front of him, slowly attempting to transcribe it onto his canvas...



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「Black eyes watched the passersby with scrutiny as they strolled without a care through the park. A low groan of building frustration rumbled deep within his chest as he sunk deeper into the wooden bench, gradually sliding off his seat and ending up on the ground had it not been for his arms hooked over the back to slow his descent. The dog situated beside him underneath the bench, laid prone just to the left of his feet, began to stir and sat up at the signs of motion.

Boredom had quickly sunk in, and his animated reaction to such was certainly over-dramatic. Fuyuko was busy for the day, so the usual facet of his entertainment was gone. Beyond that, the choice for mission within the village was scarce outside of what amounted to menial labour. He was hardly the target audience for such assignments, thus he was left with a day to himself. Having spent the morning training, the remainder of the day had begun to drag on.

The weather, he remarked, was perfect. Ideal for his preference at least. Warm but not hot, with tinges of serenity carried in the occasional light breeze. As his gaze drifted skyward and lingered on the sparse cloud cover, his restless came to a head and he was finally spurred to his feet.

“C’mon Kaoru.” Takao grumbled hoarsely. As he stood, his grip on the lead attached to the dog’s collar fell lax yet it remained within his hand. Kaoru walked obediently at his side, his tongue lulled out to one side.

No longer content with melting into a puddle of uninterested misery, Takao ambled along the winding pathways without so much as a destination or goal in mind. His cup overfloweth with time and he was certainly not adverse to waste it however he could. A stroll in the park with his dog seemed like as good as any way to do so. Before long, their walk lead to a branching path away from the main walkway, and Takao unclasped the lead from Kaoru’s collar.

“Go on, get some runnin’ in.” Takao said, gesturing with his free hand. Eager to run, Kaoru took off down the trail, hyperactively stopping to sniff on every small scent that interested him.

Takao followed behind him with his hands freshly dug into the pockets of his pants, enjoying the silence that grew the further they strayed from the main pathway. His gaze wandered across the foliage and picturesque nature scenery more so than Kaoru, whom he trusted to remain nearby. The sound of running water replaced the noise of passersby and Takao’s eyes returned to the trail.

Kaoru had run ahead by the time Takao’s attention returned to him, and ardently approached the male seated at his easel, sniffing everything in sight including Yoshihiro, the paints he worked with, and the work itself.

“Hey, Kaoru, heel!” Takao called out as he trot closer. If unhindered, Kaoru would return to Takao’s side at his command.

“Sorry about him, he’s super friendly. I didn’t know anybody was down this way, that’s my bad.” He explained as his curious gaze drifted over to the painting. In typical fashion, Takao’s head tilted to the side.

“I hope he didn’t mess up your painting there.”」



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He dipped the tip of his brush into the small cup of water placed at his feet, doing so would help him capture some of the lighter colors of the changing seasons. The slow and steady stroke upon the canvas was strangely tranquil, putting him in a trance of sorts. The gentle lapping of the water from the stream nearby felt like it was covering his mind in a cool coating of water. He could hear the leaves rustling with in the breeze behind him, a cluster of red and yellow falling slowly to the ground as the seasons continued their eternal march. Their colors were caught somewhat in the large oak tree he was beginning to craft as the centerpiece of the painting, it's large aged trunk hanging over the water.

It was slowly starting to come together, bit by bit. With each arc of his brush upon the canvas, he could see the vestiges of what could be. The sensation reminded him a tad of those early senses of wonder when discovering his love of ninjutsu, in a way they were much the same. With each small movement of chakra or hand sign, the control over the elements could take shape, much as a painting could begin to form with only the simplest strokes of a brush. There may be only the first steps completed, but the final result could be imagined in one's mind, with that space in-between being the true challenge.

The boy hummed to himself before seeing something dash about in his peripheral vision. Pausing, he turned his head only to have it come face to face with a very curious and very personable dog. The sight startled Yoshihiro, who stumbled back off of his stool, back onto the grass. Sitting up just as quick, he looked at the creature with a curious gleam to his gaze. What was this creature doing here? The voice that followed the pet provided the answer. He could tell it was an older man by the tone of his voice. The Genin looked up from the dog to the approaching figure, eyes growing wide as saucers as he instantly recognized the stranger.

"Y-you're Takao Kimura!" the boy stammered out. Was this real? He had heard of the famed shinobi even before he had joined the Ninja Academy as an orphan. The placid demeanor that he was so often known for began to crumble apart, like a mask that now showed glimpses of the boyhood he had never been able to enjoy. Yoshihiro's felt his mouth going slack, his lips making a small 'O' shape as they watched the older man look at his painting. God, he was looking at his painting of all things! It must have been terrible! Furthermore, he was just sitting there on the ground looking like a dummy!

The boy scrambled up to his feet, dusting himself off as he looked to the man and his unassuming pet dog. "It's an honor to meet you, sir" he greeted, giving a small 45 degree angle bow before looking to meet the man's gaze with what restraint he could muster. A million questions were flooding his mind without any filter whatsoever, he had to stay cool! What would a cool person do? What would Takao say to Takao? "I'm Yoshihiro, Yoshihiro Joe" he greeted with a nervous smile. He walked over to the painting and looked at it, still unfinished. That realization brought a sudden idea to his mind as he looked up to his mancrush idol. "Would you... mind if I put you into my painting?" he asked somewhat sheepishly, looking over to the large oak tree with that branch that draped out over the lake. If Takao sat on it the light would hit him just right and, oh, oh yes, he could see it already in his mind.



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「Clicking his tongue lead Kaoru from Yoshihiro’s space to his side, where the silver-furred dog obediently sat next to his leg. In this marginal glade amidst one of Konoha’s thousand copses, an overwhelming sensation of serenity washed over him. For somebody who enjoyed enveloping himself in the peace of nature as much as Takao did, it was surely a special spot in the park, away from the bustle of people enjoying the paths more travelled.

As Takao’s attention arose from his dog and settled upon Yoshihiro, he noted the widening eyes, and his scarred eyebrow lifted slightly. When his name was spoken without an introduction from his part, the corner of his mouth rose ever so slightly-- not so much a smile as it was a faint twitch. Being recognized so easily wasn’t something he had gotten used to just yet. He, who had once prided himself on his anonymity and surely preferred it at the time over whatever made him recognizable now. Yet it wasn’t so bad; this recognition left a warm and fuzzy feeling in his chest. He had done something in his life that was worth the recognition of those whom he had never met. If nothing else, it was a new feeling that would take some time to be comfortable with. When Yoshihiro bowed, his lopsided smile finally appeared and one corner of his mouth was pulled up and into his cheek, waiting until after the introduction was given properly to speak his response.

“Yup, that’s me. Pleasure to meet’cha, Yoshihiro.” Takao said, his smile aslant but still appearing warm and friendly.

As they spoke, Kaoru shifted and wiggled excitedly, his tail wagging vigorously as he alternating between standing and sitting in his eager throes of vim, yet never once leaving Takao’s side. His black eyes watched as the shorter male turned and returned to his painting, examining it for only a moment before his attention was upon Takao once more, and a request was made.

“You want to put me in your painting?” He parroted. His musings were nearly instantaneous, and the small warm smile he wore grew exponentially into a wide, toothy grin.

“Hell yeah!” As eager as the dog at his side, Takao hastily trotted over to the front of the easel and located an ideal place to sit on a log.

“Can you put Kaoru in it too? C’mere boy!” He called out to the dog, who just as hastily tore across the forest floor to Takao’s side. Takao picked the dog up and cradled him in his arms, resting his weight on his leg with the dog’s legs comedically raised. His off-kilter wide and toothy grin shone brightly as he fell into a comfortable position upon the branch, which had seemed like the easiest place to remain still for a while.

“How’s this?” He asked, seeking confirmation that he had chosen an adequate spot to remain. Kaoru seemed wholly resigned to his fate, his tongue lulled out to one side and his attention shifting between Takao, Yoshihiro, and myriad of stimuli provided by the woods.」


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The Genin made a small clicking sound with his tongue, tilting his head sideways as he looked between the canvas and the dynamic duo sitting on the oak log. He could feel the pressure mounting within the back of his head. What if he messed up? What if Takao just picked it up and threw it into the stream and used fire jutsu to set the water on fire? Okay, maybe that second thing wouldn't happen, but the pressure was still there! Yoshihiro took a deep breath in and held it as he picked out a few shades to start making an outline of Takao and Karou. He just. Had to be. As still as possible.

"I don't want to keep you here all day. All I need is just a foundation for your bodies and I can fill in the rest with color. I think I should be okay" he said, looking up from the canvas to to duo sitting on the log giving their best 'graduation photo' faces. Another few strokes of the brush and he had the log drawn as well as Takao's legs. It was a bit slowgoing, but it wouldn't take too long thankfully. In the meantime, the Genin just couldn't resist keeping to himself, sheepishly poking his head around the canvas to look more directly at his childhood idol.

"So... is it true that you pee fire? Does it hurt?" he asked, curiosity dripping from his voice. Such a question, while juvenile, was always the talk of heated discussion during make-believe sessions with the other boys of the orphanage. He had to get some kind of filter going or else he was gonna look lame! Yoshihiro tried to mentally recover from his sudden question, hoping to not-so-subtley change the subject. "Do you... ever think about what it was like before you became Hokage? When you were a Genin?" he asked, his hand twitching a tad as he worked on outlining Takao's upper body. "What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to when you first graduated from the Academy?" he asked, anticipation raised as his self-insert was in all but name. "Do you ever get scared? You know, when you're out there doing your thing" he continued, the questions coming a bit more freely than maybe he should have let them come.

He bit his tongue then, not wanting to overwhelm the man as he sat there with his dog, very kindly agreeing to let Yoshihiro transcribe his appearance onto the canvas. He tried to focus on the painting, trying to focus on how the colors of the leaves would affect the appearance of the man and his dog. He was still not used to painting animals, so the befuddled appearance of Karou made it a tad challenging the first time around. "I know I feel afraid often. Is that bad? Do you need to not be afraid to be a strong shinobi?" he asked, trying to look at the painting instead of the man- yet acutely aware of any responses he might afford to give him.



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「”No worries, I have time to kill.” Takao said, exchanging a look with the dog he held so casually in his arms before shifting his attention back to Yoshihiro. His head tilted slightly as he watched the faint hints of movement behind the easel, completely unaware of what was truly being done behind the canvas. The interpretation of his visage was entirely at the mercy of the artist.

Try as he might, he couldn’t hold back the boisterous laughter that followed the look of confusion that crossed his face when the odd question was asked.

“Do I-- I mean, yeah, man. Totally.” He said as his laughter faded into a nasaly snicker. It was difficult for him to tell if Yoshihiro was being serious; he didn’t look exceptionally young, yet the question was something he would expect from a small child. Regardless of whether or not it was a legitimate question, playing along with the narrative was much more fun.

“It doesn’t hurt though. I’m a Kimura, yeah?”

Before he was finished with everything he had to say, Takao inhaled and turned, raising one hand from holding the dog to be held out at his opposite side at a safe distance. As he inhaled, a small plume of fire left his mouth and was subsequently caught in his hand, catching his skin alight as the chakra spread like liquid yet Takao seemed wholly unfazed.

“We can’t be hurt by our fire, so no pain-- See?” He said, moving the digits of his hand as he flames flickered erratically. Kaoru fidgeted for a brief moment before Takao’s arm around him tightened and he waved the flames off his hand, revealing his skin without so much as a burn.

The subject quickly changed to a new, more serious question, and the broad smile on Takao’s face gradually softened back into its previously warm, albeit lopsided mien.

“‘Course. I remember those days well.” Takao answered-- he couldn’t exactly say that he remembered them fondly, although the end of his tenure as a genin was more enjoyable than the earliest days. When Yoshihiro asked his next question, Takao fell silent in thought, and his gaze subconsciously shifted skyward.

“I don’t think I’d tell myself much. I’d just let things play out as they did. I don’t think I’d be the way I am now if I hadn’t struggled and had to work through the things I did or figure things out on my own. Maybe--” Takao said, his voice trailing off slightly.

“I might tell myself to take it easy sometimes, and let myself enjoy things more. Maybe remind myself to check the expiration dates on some food. But other than that, good or bad, I think I’d just let things happen.” He hadn’t quite worked out a totally honest answer to Yoshihiro, for he truly didn’t know what he would say to a younger version of himself. It was the worry that he would give himself the wrong advice, perhaps, that prevented him from an actual answer. He hadn’t turned out so bad, and he didn’t have a future version of himself giving him advice, so it all seemed to work out regardless.

The conversation progressed quickly from question to question, although Takao had little issue adjusting to the influx of inquiry. He had been working as a teacher for several years after all, and bright hopeful young minds were seldom starved of curiousity, or any semblance of a filter to prevent them from flooding him with questions.

“Depends on what I’m doing.” He answered briefly, taking a moment to inhale before he continued.

“When I was fighting in the Wind Country at the siege of Inabayama earlier this year, I was terrified. I was there to protect somebody, and every second that passed, I was scared out of my mind that I’d slip up and she’d get hurt.”

“Other times, I was scared that I wouldn’t be paying enough attention, and others would get hurt because I was being reckless. Takao said, peppering his recounting of Inabayama with broader strokes of honesty. His answer to the first question about fear ended there, and he listened to Yoshihiro’s confession to feeling fear often, which broad a wistful smile to his face.

“Fear is an important part of being a shinobi. It’s a natural indicator of danger, and it can be a motivator. You’d be a worse shinobi if you were fearless, ‘cause you just wouldn’t know fear-- you couldn’t determine when a situation was dangerous. But, a shinobi should be brave, though. Acting courageously in the face of fear is more admirable than not knowing fear.” Takao explained, the flavour of his voice having shifted from its jovial timbre into more dulcet tones.

“It’s okay to be afraid, but it isn’t okay to let your fear control you. Part of a shinobi’s job is to use fear like a tool. It should motivate you to do better, to be careful, and to be mindful of what you’re doing. I don’t think a shinobi can be strong without being afraid.”」


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The responses he got from the older man weren't... quite what he had been expecting. Yoshihiro figeted a tad on his stool as he heard Takao take his time in answering the scattered questions that the Geninn had lobbed at him freely. The laughter that had first greeted him caused the teen to sigh a bit, maybe asking him something so deep wasn't the best way to approach this. Still, knowing if the man could piss fire seemed like the question any boy growing up would want to know more about, he was content with the answer he eventually got.

The black haired youth poked his head form behind the canvas as Takao went on to explain the extent of his clan's ability to negate fire. The sight was still somewhat surreal to the boy, whose eyes went wide with shock and awe, "How old were you when you first did that?". His mouth formed an 'o' shape at the small display that the man maintained, only to let his face slip into a somewhat more placid look as he sat up straight on his stool, face concealed by the canvas once again. Painting fire was a lil too difficult for him as an amateur, so he'd probably just skip that part, plus it would throw off the color balance that he was striking with this piece. He had gotten up to the man's waistline and was slowly filling in an outline of his upper body. Going on to pain his arms would be the tricky part, especially with Karou- arms were always easy for him to get the wrong dimensions with. Still, the piece was coming together rather nicely. Truth be told, the whole thing felt like it was slipping into this sense of liquid time, with just the three of them next to the stream existing in a pocket of space and time separate from the outside world. It was fun, he enjoyed it.

It seemed that asking Takao to recall his early days was something that had caused him to reflect and think for a moment. Yoshihiro couldn't blame him, a man like him who had done so much as well as become Hokage certainly had many worn out paths they had tread upon in their life! To think that the older man was still relatively young though... It made Yoshihiro wonder what would await him given time and the inevitable rise of new conflicts. Thusly, when Takao spoke a bit on his early days as a Genin, it was strangely reassuring to Yoshihiro as he sat there painting the older man's form. It was natural to feel uncertain, to feel afraid- indeed, to hear that a man as powerful as Takao knew and understood the same fears that Yoshihiro had was a strangely encouraging feeling. It reminded him that no matter their difference in power, both of them feared the same things, and yearned for peace above all else. He couldn't explain the sensation, it made him feel more human almost, it brought a melancholy smile to his face as he kept painting.

"You have someone who you want to protect? Someone to fight to come home to at the end of the battle?" the teen asked, the concept felt foreign to him. He had always prided himself on being a self-made man. He was a clanless orphan, everything that he was, he had built with his two hands alone. Always alone. "I... I think I understand what you mean. If you did not have this person in your life, would you feel as though you could not find a reason to keep fighting?" he asked, diving a bit deeper on the subject. To have a reason to subject themselves to unthinkable violence and destruction, it took a steeled resolve, the kind of which that Yoshihiro couldn't fathom. He loved his village, his Konohagakure, it was his home, but even he could not compare to understand the strength and resolve a powerful man like Takao needed to be able to continue the fight.

Yoshihiro didn't realize he had stopped painting. The tumult of thoughts and questions in his mind distracting his hands from their work. He dipped his brush in the water again, cleansing it for a new color to be used. He'd try and finish the man's outline so he could work on the dog. Perhaps he was going to deep with these questions. Takao was a man whom Yoshihiro knew and had always looked up to, but he was still a stranger. He needed a more light question to uplift their mood... "So how do you talk to girls? How do I do it?" he asked abruptly. Hey, it was the first thing that had come to his mind, even if the realization of his subliminal thoughts bubbling up tot he surface brought a sudden crimson sheen to his cheeks. Ever since he had met that Hyuga girl on his last mission he had... been having those thoughts that every teen had to try and figure out at some point.



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「“To myself? Well...” Takao inquired. It was an odd question on the surface, yet given Takao’s upbringing, the question was an important nugget of clarification. Although his earliest memories were spent walking amidst his fire, he did not do so willingly at the time, nor did he enjoy it. A somber shadow was cast across his features for barely a fraction of a moment before it washed away.

“I think I was about six or seven, maybe.” The exact age was difficult to recall given how the memories of his youth blurred together, yet it was an accurate enough estimation for an honest answer.

Kaoru fidgeted again in Takao’s arm, causing him to adjust slightly. The constant motion that Takao’s body in, displaying his general restlessness, likely made him a rather difficult subject to accurately convey on canvas. His range of motion didn’t move too much though, he was conscious enough to make an honest attempt at sitting as still as his body would allow.

When Yoshihiro inquired about his ‘person’ to protect, his smile grew wistfully. His gaze shifted toward the ground as he mused over a new influx of thoughts before responding.

“I have a lot of people I want to protect.” He began.

“In that fight, it was one person in particular, but I want to protect everybody in the village too. They’re as much of my family as my relatives are, and I’d do anything for them.” Takao said, feeling the weight of the trinket he wore around his neck more as he spoke. The flamed symbol of the Will of Fire, likened to the old monument in the Konoha Cemetary, was his constant reminder of what his purpose in the village was.

“It’s the duty of those who can protect to defend those who cannot. That’s what shinobi are for.” As he spoke, he could feel the words of his father panging at the back of his head like a gong amidst a chorus of other voices. In his youth, the man had drilled his perverted image of shinobi into his son’s head. Tools for the village. Gears for the war machine. It was a subconscious belief that Takao was locked in eternal mental battle with; it was the classic war of two wolves.

Yoshihiro went on to inquire as to whether or not Takao’s will to fight would persist if he were to ever lose the person whom he had spoken of. That particular question brought him to a state of total silence. It was perhaps his greatest fear since his arrival in Kirigakure earlier in the year, and there was precious little he could do to dampen it. The mere thought of losing her in any capacity opened a pit in his stomach.

“I’m not sure.” He answered honestly.

“They’re unthinkable scenarios that you can’t really... prepare yourself for, no matter how much you’ve seen or experienced. I’m sure that I could keep going in some capacity... The people I want to protect are everything to me. Losing them scares me more than anything.” Fidgeting slightly, Takao felt tinges of discomfort course through his body as they discussed the matter. It was a good question, one he wished he had a better answer for, but ultimately that was not the case. It was unthinkable, after all.

Yoshihiro’s onslaught of questions changed gears and shifted away from the serious topic in favour of a more lighthearted one about girls. It was the kind of question a teen would ask their brother or their father, and it made him chuckle.

“Just treat them like people, man.” He said amidst his light fit of laughter. “Respect them like you would anybody else, be nice to ‘em. Don’t treat them like sacred objects just ‘cause you wanna get in their pants. They’re just people like you ‘n me, you know? Just as awkward, just as nervous.” Perhaps it wasn't the best advice, but it was the most common problem he could think of when it came to an inexperienced boy having trouble with girls. Curious as ever, Takao decided to push the inquiry.

"So, who's the girl?"」


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The teen slowly made small strokes as he began to color in Takao's hair, the flecks of black atop his head turning shades of brown due to the lighting of the scene. So far, Yoshihiro was somewhat proud about how this picture was coming out. Feeling oh so pleased with himself, the teen began to hum a tad as the older man started to let the Genin's words seep into him somewhat. They were rather personal questions, but for the Genin, those were the only ones that mattered really. The somewhat surprised reaction that the man gave was proof enough that the memory was a distant one, for as many born into clans of power, they began their relationship with their abilities at a young age. In that respect, Yoshihiro felt somewhat resentful, for he had no clan save for himself, the 'Joe' clan as he called it, always looking towards that new tommorow just around the corner and what it may bring.

Thusly, when Takao began to speak about his youth and his memories of learning to master Katon, Yoshihiro only gave a few hums of acknowledgement and approval. He had never been proficient in Katon, its combustive nature always felt to wild and difficult for him to control. Futon had always been his calling, for better and for worse, with his skill in Raiton being his next strongest trump card. Still, the young age at which the man had entered into the flame surprised the Genin. "That is very young, were you not afraid as a boy that the flames would harm you? Or did they feel like a part of you, even then in your infancy?" he asked, curious to understand the man's workings on a deeper level.

This question was rather brief though, as the next one seemed to draw the man's attention to more warm and comforting places. The wistful smile upon his face, the relaxed look of his brow, the leisurely gleam in his eyes- they all seemed the symptoms of love... Or mental deficiency, frankly they both seemed awfully similar to the cynical Genin. Yoshihiro snorted as he heard the man's response, it was a truthful one, even he could tell that much. Takao was a man of principle, at least, that was the sense that he conveyed to the youth who now sat across from him, painting his visage upon the canvas. Yet, it seemed to be those same principles that caused the man some sort of apprehension, as the wariness in his voice regarding a worst case scenario was very tangible to the teen. He couldn't begin to know what it would be like to endure such loss, such pain. True, being an orphan was painful, oh how he knew that too well, but to have known love as Takao had and to lose it- that... that was true pain.

Suddenly though, the tables were turned upon the teen, as Takao's sage'y big brother advice caught Yoshihiro off guard- despite having asked for it only minutes ago. The teen's face flushed with blood as he sat back on his stool, hiding his red face from the man by putting the canvas between them both. "T-that is none of your business!" he started, fiddling with the brush in his hand somewhat anxiously. Takao had given him good advice, certainly, but Yoshihiro was still rather uncertain when it came to this sort of thing. He brushed the rest of Karou and the man's body in, working on putting the finishing touches into the piece as a whole. "She's... She's a Hyuga" he admitted at last, after a brief period of silence.

"I dunno what to think, to be honest. The second sentence I said to her was that I thought her face looked really soft- do girls like being told that?" the teen asked, making a light clicking sound with his tongue. He sun above them both had reached its height in the midday, finally beginning to slowly begin its descent into the evening. The teen was almost done, maybe this is what he needed all along, something to help clear his mind. He arced his brush along the large log, working on filling in the rest of the canvas with a good background to match the two subjects of the painting.

"I can't be thinking about silly stuff like all that. I have enough problems to deal with as it is. The Chunin Exams are almost here, and I'm right on the cusp of deciding to compete or wait until the next year" he said, letting out a slow sigh as he sat up fully on his stool to inspect the piece. "Do I fight knowing that as a fresh graduate my physical and jutsu presence will be far less than my competitors, or do I wait for the next year and miss out on this opportunity?" he asked, somewhat rhetorically and somewhat to the older man.

After a moment, the teen poked his head out from around the canvas, gesturing to Takao. "It's finished, come take a look" he said, sitting back to inspect the final product.



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「”I was horrified by fire when I was young. It was my worst fear.” Takao answered, shifting his weight slightly to fall into a more comfortable position with Kaoru still in his arms. The warmth of his coddled dog bled into his own body that was akin to a heater itself. Even the cool autumn air wasn’t enough to chill him yet.

“I was an oddity, though. My sister handled her flames just fine, and my father did when he was younger too. I always thought the fire was supposed to hurt me so, whether it really did hurt me or not, I believed it did. Eventually my father just threw me into the flames and I got over it.” It was a simplified and watered down version of the story that was a little too heavy drop on a first meeting. His personal tragedies weren’t particularly something he was eager to converse about, thus he kept it relatively simple.

Takao’s scarred brow quirked upward when Yoshihiro offered opposition to his inquiry, and his lopsided smile returned in force, pulling the corner of his mouth well into his freckled cheek. The opposition faltered after a moment of silence and an answer, although vague, was given in response.

“Ahh, a Hyūga.” He said, nodding slowly. “They do tend to be quite beautiful, and strong too. I can see why you’d be interested.” Takao nodded knowingly. Yoshihiro continued to explain his first interaction with the girl, which brought another snicker to rumble in Takao’s chest.

“Well, Hyūga are typically quite regal. I’m sure she probably took it as a compliment, if a strange one. Girls usually love being complimented, especially on their appearance.” Drawing upon his own personal experience had lead to this rather broad observation. Fuyuko seemed to like it when he complimented her, and she was a girl, therefore it seemed logical to arrive at this assumption. Content, he mentally applauded himself.

“Don’t neglect your social life just because you’re a shinobi. I made that mistake when I was a teenager, and I’m seeing now what I was missing out on. A healthy balance is important, yeah?” He added, not wanting to fully dissuade him from either alternative. Focusing on his work and training as a shinobi was surely important, paramount even at this point in his life, but it was not the only thing required. Shinobi careers didn’t last forever, after all, and there was no reason to totally sacrifice a social life for it.

Shifting more, Takao’s restlessness might have become apparent to Yoshihiro. His black eyes trailed over to the canvas, watching the obscured movements from the opposite side as he continued to speak.

“But, I went through my first exams only a few months after I became a genin and I ended up being promoted straight to Tokujō, so there’s no reason not to join even if you don’t think you’re ready. You just might surprise yourself. Besides, sometimes you’re going to get thrown into situations you’re not ready for when you don’t have a choice. I think, win or lose, it would be a good learning experience.” He added.

Then, as he finished speaking, Yoshihiro’s head appeared from behind the canvas and invited him to see the finished project. Excitedly Takao sprung to his feet after releasing Kaoru and hurriedly strode over in the form of a light jog with Kaoru not far behind.

“Oh shit,” Takao commented as he rounded the canvas and examined the results of Yoshihiro’s hard work. “That looks awesome!” He added, moving his hand to give Yoshihiro a firm pat on the back.

“Check this out bud,” Takao said as he turned to Kaoru and gestured toward the painting.

“It looks just like us! Hey--” Turning back to Yoshihiro, Takao straightened his posture.

“Do you think you might be able to paint me and my girlfriend sometime? I think she’d love it.”」


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Yoshi thought over Takao's words of advice as the two looked at the final painting. It wasn't professional per se, but it still looked pretty darn good if he could say so himself. The picture of the man and his dog on the log was sublime, capturing the different colors of the fall leaves, hues of yellow and red cascading down onto them as well as the forest floor. The teen gave a content sigh, putting his supplies back down into his bag. The Chunin Exams would come here, but if Takao had joined espite being a Genin for less time than even Yoshi, than why couldn't the teen at least try to go into it with everything he had?

Takao had raised an interesting point after all, what did Yoshi have to lose? He wouldn't be killed (or so he hoped) nor would he be looked down upon if he lost, at least, he hoped not. "I'm an orphan" he stated as Takao looked over the painting, "I'm a one-man-clan, I've got nothing in life to lose" he added, tilting his head as he looked at the painting some more. "If you had nothing in life, but had one chance to seize the day and seize your future. Wouldn't you take it?" he asked, though both men already knew what such an answer would be.

It felt good to receive some form of recognition by the older man, the small pat on the back that he gave Yoshi causing the teen to sit up a tad straighter in pride. He didn't have the opportunity to show himself off, it was difficult to traverse the line between humility and self-deprecation, it was a task that Yoshi had difficulty doing. The boy could only manage a small nod in return to Takao's compliment then, "Yes, I guess it does look pretty solid" he stated, briefly closing his eyes as a long but slow sigh escaped his lips. For a moment, his mind heard nothing save for the sound of the running water nor the thumping of his own heart within his chest. He liked this feeling, the warmth of the sun, and the gratification of being complimented by one whom he admired as a teacher. When Yoshi opened his eyes again, the moment passed, and just like that, he was back in the real world.

The teen got up from his stool, putting his painting supplies into his bag as well as walking over to wash the brush heads in the water of the stream whilst Takao asked him to do another piece. Yoshi looked over his shoulder at the commission, unsure of what to make of it. He was naturally flattered that the man thought his art was good enough to be made a personal piece, but still he was nervous about making his paintings for other people. "If you want one, I'd be happy to do so. You'll have to pay though, being an orphan isn't cheap, nor is trying to make a living off of doing missions as a Genin" he explained, standing up and holding the dried painting under his free arm while he held the stool with the other. "I hope to see you again , either before or after the Exams. Until then, farewell. I trust you'll find me quite easily about town if you wish to have me paint, it takes a special skill to become a Hokage after all" Yoshi said, giving the man a small smile and bumping his chest against Takao's torso as a way of saying goodbye since both of his hands were full.

And with that, the modest Genin began walking back up the trail from which he had come, with a new painting and a new friend to call his own. He smiled a tad once he knew Takao was out of sight, it was a good day indeed.


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Memories Upon The Canvas [Closed/Takao] HeTMjxv

Takao’s smile softened as Yoshihiro mentioned his lack of parentage, which certainly explained his childlike curiousity in some aspects that were better suited for a father figure, or even an older sibling. When he went on to claim that he had nothing to lose, Takao wondered if he’d given the correct advice. He had long since deposed of such a mindset in his own psyche, and resolved that even when everything else had been taken from him, his Will of Fire would be what he fought for. It was certainly not unique to him, nor did all shinobi of the Hidden Leaf share in this ideal to the same extreme extent that he did, but he felt that it was important that the youth understand what exactly the Will of Fire meant.

“That’s a good way to look at it.” Takao said. He contemplated his next words thoroughly. More often than he would like to admit, Takao spoke recklessly on the advice he gave, and usually spoke purely on what had worked for him or what he personally believed in. In many ways, he was a special case, and the things that worked for him were not so easily replicated in others, yet he provided them such advice regardless. He wished to see Yoshihiro succeed especially, and thus his words were chosen carefully.

“Right now, you and your generation are the future of the village. But someday, when you’re older and stronger and people like me are gone, there will be a new generation that takes your place and it’ll be your turn to ensure the future of the village. So you do have something in life.” It was hard to tell if the time for advice had come and gone, yet Takao spoke regardless, eager to have his view on the matter heard.

“You have the responsibility to get strong now, so that you can protect this cycle when I’m gone. I can trust you with that, yeah?” Takao said, half-asking his rhetorical question. Firmly patting Yoshihiro on the back, he nodded.

A laugh caught in Takao’s throat as Yoshihiro requested payment, and he nodded again in response. It was a fair request that he be paid for such services, and Takao was not so obnoxiously frugal that he would deny him that right.

“Of course. I can’t expect to get something like that for free. You help me up with that, and I’ll hook you up.”

As Yoshihiro spoke, Takao clasped the lead around Kaoru’s collar and held it loose at his side. It was more of a formality than anything really, the dog was near-perfectly trained by the Inuzuka girl from Takao’s genin squad after all. He would walk by Takao’s side regardless of the tether in his hand.

After bumping chests with Yoshihiro, Takao smiled and lifted his other hand to wave, and called out to him before he departed.

“If I don’t see you beforehand, good luck in the exams! I’ll be watching from the sidelines!” His wide, toothy grin softened as his hand lowered to his side. They were fast approaching now, and before long, the genin would all be scrambling to prepare. He did not doubt that a plethora of the participants believed that they had more time than they did in reality, and would be left doing their best to finish their preparations, Yoshihiro included.

With their goodbyes given, Takao lead Kaoru back up the small path to the main road and the pair returned to their walk, eager to kill more time in the day before he could return home with Fuyuko. The day's events were beginning to stack up into an interesting story that he was excited to tell to her.


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