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Generally speaking, Konohagakure had a relatively weak night life. Most people would retire into the comfort of their own homes to discuss the happenings of the day, have dinner with their families, or perhaps just relax on their own in preparation for what the next day had to offer. There were, however, pockets of more vile people getting up to less than legal things when night fell upon Konohagakure. Small dens of sin and debauchery were scattered throughout the village, most of them in the regions most stricken with poverty. It is within one of those dens that the tale of Ting and her story as a shinobi begins.

A frail looking young woman with beautiful pastel blue hair would shake nervously as she pushed open the door to a familiar place. Men and women from all walks of life were placed all around the room, some laughing and others in deep conversation as they periodically indulged in mind altering things. That young woman herself had come empty handed in search of snow in the middle of fall.

A man in stained clothes with a few missing teeth would notice her entry to the den and leave his little corner to confront her. “So, do ya have it this time? We talked about this before, you know I can’t have you in ‘ere freeloading all the time. This isn’t a charity.

Ting’s mind was not on him, his words seeming to fall upon a husk as she somewhat dissociated. She knew she was supposed to have brought money or product tonight. She knew she had been threatened early on that week for doing this exact thing. She couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that her landlord had finally locked up her door and left her things outside it. Or the fact that she hadn’t eaten a meal in a few days. And the withdrawal. The nausea and profuse sweating she would get hit with constantly as she sought out another line.

Ting truly had nothing to say to the man who sought to shove her out of his shitty house and back onto the streets. When he felt his hands upon her shoulder and the harsh shove, something reflexive seemed to take hold, something beyond her as a drug addicted, homeless civilian. It was that shinobi training she had spent the last few years neglecting. Her left hand would fly forward in an upward angled open palm aimed directly for the man’s nose, cracking it severely and sending him to the ground.

She could manage nothing other than an anguished cry as she tried to gather thoughts that would not stop racing, and before she could react she had dozens of angry denizens upon her, striking her and spitting at her as they shoved her through the door back into the streets. Within a few minutes of sobbing into her hands she would walk with fatigue along the lamplit market district. Every few blocks she would find herself doubled over, dry-heaving onto the sidewalk.

Finally, the blue-haired snow angel would slide down the side of a brick storefront and pass out in exhaustion.


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「Night had befallen the Hidden Leaf and cast a blanket of darkness over the orange hues of evening, drowning the warm light in cool blue tones. The streets were quiet as ever; seldom did he pass another living person on his nightly stroll home, sans the occassional shinobi who patrolled the streets of roaming civilian that remained out and about for some reason or another. It was a pleasant reality that the Hidden Leaf’s night life was as quiet and uneventful as it was, and it certainly fit his preference. He was far from a party animal, after all.

Kaoru, the silver-furred dog that Takao walked next to, tugged lightly on the lead in his hand. His black-eyed gaze shifted from their lazed forward glance and settled upon the canine as it urged Takao down a different street.

“Not that way, bud, the markets are closed for the night.” He said aloud to the dog, who whined in response.

“C’mon, it’s late and Fuyu’s probably back by now too. I wanna spend time with her.” Takao continued. Kaoru’s ears perked at her name, but he continued to lightly tug on the lead. Something down the road had certainly caught his interest.

“Ugh. Fine.”

“You’re such a dick.” Finally relenting, Takao turned and began down the street that Kaoru had so insistently chosen as their detour. A low grumble built in his throat as they walked, displeased that he would spend even more time away from his girlfriend but unable to dissuade the pang of curiousity ringing in the back of his head. Kaoru rarely displayed such insistence, and he trusted the canine’s instincts. Down the street they went, Kaoru’s ears perked and his nose fervently sniffing across the ground as they walked.

As they round the corner, Takao’s attention was caught by a head of blue hair and a body slumped against a wall. His brows furrowed and it became clear to him what had caught Kaoru’s attention. He hurried to her side as Kaoru did the same, lingering nearby and sniffing but not interfering as Takao checked her pulse. Although he was far from a medical shinobi, he was raised in a household with women who pride themselves on their medical prowess, and thus was more than adequately versed in the art of basic first aid. He felt her pulse, checked to see if she was responsive, and lifted her unconscious form when she wasn’t. Kaoru’s lead was dropped, but the well-trained dog was conscious enough to grab it in his mouth and follow close behind Takao as he carried her off.

“I found her passed out like that near the market district-- or, well, Kaoru found her,” Takao said, his eyes narrowed and brows furrowed under the fluorescent lights as he watched his mother work on the blue-haired girl in the hospital bed, briefly averting his gaze to the dog who laid next to him on the floor.

“Mm... “ Takana hummed lowly in response as she prepared the girl’s arm for an IV.

“I didn’t find whoever did that to her either.” The grumble in his voice made it clear that her roughed up state didn’t sit well with him.

“Since she’s unconscious at the moment, we won’t know what she has in her system until the tests come back, and we can’t do a kit without her permission, but I think it would be safe to assume that it’s…” Takana began, her voice trailing off as she slid a needle into the girl’s arm.

“Oh, speak of the devil, I think she’s waking up!” She said, her trailing voice interrupted by the realization. Takao pushed off of his leaned position on the far wall and approached the end of the bed.

“Don’t push yourself, sweetheart, just lay back and rest. You’re safe in the hospital.” Takana explained to the girl when she deemed her level of consciousness adequate for an explanation.

“Takao, dear, will you stay and keep an eye on her for a moment? I need to go and fetch some things, I’ll be gone for just a minute.”

“Course,” Takao responded as his mother stood and excused herself from the room. He took his mother’s place on the chair beside the bed and reclined against the back, folding one leg over the other, and turning slightly toward the girl.

“I’m Takao Kimura.” He said after a moment of silence. “What’s your name?”」



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Ting would remember almost nothing of the night passed. Her mind was a swamp, and as she seemed to raise her head out of the disgusting, thick muck she had sunken into for the last several hours, she was greeted by intense light a slight sting in her arm. She was far too weak to jerk away from the source of pain, and could only just squint to keep away the bright fluorescent lighting of the room she was in.

Where am I?

A man and a woman each stood by, coming into focus rather slowly. As more and more became clear, so did the sensations coursing throughout her body. Those sensations being nausea and pain. Without a point of reference as to what had occurred the night before, Ting was working with limited perspective. She knew she was in a hospital. She recognized the woman before her as a medical professional the academy had been given a demonstration from years ago. She was flooded with an immense shame as she realized she was being spoken to, and decided to respond politely despite the agony in her head.

“I am Ting. I imagine you might know how I managed to get myself into the hospital, Mr. Kimura?” She would say this with her usual dose of lighthearedness in the midst of a situation which might have seemed a little more grim to those who surrounded her. It was a genuine question. She very well may never recall the events of this night in particular, and it would remain unpleasant for much of her future.

“How much trouble do you imagine someone like me would be in? Shirking their duties as a shinobi to...” Her voice would trail off as she began to wonder just how much this hospitalization would reveal about her life of irresponsibility. Her eyes would dart over to the needle in her arm and the drip it was connected to. She would have an incredibly hard time concentrating as her withdrawal continued to wreak its havoc upon her. Cravings were through the roof. She was at the height of it. The worst part.

“Would it be possible for me to have some water, please?” Ting would ask with a tentative voice toward, directed at the woman in the room. For the young blue-haired woman, this was a waking nightmare. She had not been faced with the consequences of her lifestyle until just recently. It was likely that bloodwork had already been done. This establishment in particular would know fully well what she had been into.

There was no way she could think of to ask the man in the room to look away. He was tall and toned, his hair black and his face as serious as sin. No amount of analyzing her situation and taking deep breaths would have been able to stop the inevitable doom that was her break down into sobbing. She held her left forearm across her eyes as she clenched the soft hospital bed with all her might. She didn’t want to be seen crying, which is why she tried her best to avert herself from Takao, even though the low woeful sobs gave it all away.

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「Takao’s eyes, cold and black as coal, watched Ting with unwavering scrutiny. His gaze was not harsh, nor was it soft, but something in between. Stern, not unlike a austere yet concerned father. The situation had him deep in thought, considering his options and how to best proceed. The boot-clad foot resting on the floor bounced incessently while his arms folded, opting for a moment of silence before he replied.

“I found you unconscious and brought you here.” He said simply, considering what details might have been appropriate to convey without all the details present. If more had happened to her while she was out than she knew of, it would hardly do the girl good to speak frivolously.

Within minutes of departing from the hospital room, Takao’s mother returned mere seconds after Ting’s question with a tray in her hands and a folder tucked under her arm. Upon the tray, a small pitcher of water and cup sat beside a plate of sliced oranges and apples.

“Here you go, dear. These should help.” Takana said with a warm, gentle smile as she placed the tray on the overbed table and slid it within reach, pouring water from the pitcher before setting it on the bedside table rather than the tray. “If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask, okay?”

Takana moved closer to Takao and leaned down, her words professionally inaudible to Ting but crystal clear to her son. The folder tucked under her arm was brought into her hands and opened, and its contents quietly discussed. As Takana spoke, Takao’s eyebrows knit together further and further. His gaze wandered from the paper to the girl and back again, shifting up and down its contents in close examination.

When their quiet discussion was over, Takana excused herself again at Takao’s request, and the two of them were left alone once more. As silence befell them, he took a moment to collect his jumbled thoughts before responding to her question.

“You’re not in trouble. Nothing that happened tonight needs to leave this room, and nothing the hospital learned can be used against you.” Takao said as his arms unraveled and his elbows rested over his knees. Morbid curiousity knocked at the back of his head over and over, urging questions into conscious thought that would surely be inappropriate given the circumstances. The sympathetic thing to do would be to let her rest, but he just couldn’t leave it be. As his lips parted and the first vibration of a word caught in his throat, her sobbing brought him to pause.

“You’re safe now. All you need to worry about right now is resting and getting better.” His voice, previously as stern as the look in his eyes, softened considerably as he leaned closer to the bed.

“If you’re feeling up for it, I had a few questions about what happened.” Pressing the matter still didn’t seem appropriate, but seeing her sob was enough to urge him on. His Konohagakure would not allow for this to stand.

“Do you remember anything about the people who hurt you? Names, faces… anything that might help me identify them.”」


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Ting would manage away her tears in order to speak with Takao as he stood somewhat close at hand and spoke with what the young woman would presume was a gentle tread around any sensitive material around what had unfolded earlier that night. At this point in time, not even Ting was aware of anything more than being roughed up and shoved into the street. The rest was a blur. She had only a vague idea of what had lead to the chain of events that left her unconscious on the side of the street.

Just as she had prepared to ask something of Takao, the woman returned to the room with a tray of fruit, apple and orange slices. Next to that plate of fruit was an empty cup which she would fill with water from a pitcher.

Thank you, miss.” She would say, not yet gathering the hard working woman’s name just yet, but recognizing a good person when she saw one in action. With a small bite of apple and a long drink of the water, her hunger and thirst would dissipate leaving her more aware of the specific pain across her body. Some of that pain localized and focused in places she would have rather not mentioned to anyone, let alone the people helping her.

The kind woman would discreetly exchange some information she seemed to be reading from a file to Takao at the other side of the room. This caused Tinf’s heart to sink a little as she pretended not to mind, taking an orange slice into her mouth and biting off half in a modest and gentle manner. She was able to choke back any further sobbing and pelt to Takao with sincerity.

The night itself is mostly a blur. I made my way to a regular spot, but with empty pockets and nothing to contribute. I was met with anger and shoved from the door. I did manage to break the main dealers nose before I was whisked away into the streets.” She would flash a smile to indicate that she was happy to have done so.

I am no good with drawing, and most do not give proper identities in little holes like that one. I do know exactly where and when they gather, though.” She would want to come along if Takao intended to pay some justice to those vagrants. She wanted to see them pay.

Once again, the nurse would enter the room except this time she would whisper to Ting, the result of which was a descent back into pained sobbing and a nod of agreement. Takana would look with a grim expression at Takao before pulling the wrap around curtain to obscure view of the bed and administering a rape kit on Ting. The results were already plain to see, but the kit would prevent pregnancy and the contraction of any sexually transmitted diseases.

When the curtain opened back up a near expressionless Ting would look over to Takao and into his eyes directly.

You must let me come with you.

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「Takao had resolved to settle this matter tonight, by himself, with his own hands. The name of his village would not be sullied by the deplorable actions of society’s most heinous dregs. It curdled his blood and left him white-knuckled with frustration. He was eager to act, could feel the twitches of his muscles urging him to stand and move, but doing so would be futile. He could turn over every den of debauchery within Konohagakure in a night and be no closer to the people he sought.

Festering with his growing rage, Takao’s attention was grabbed by Ting as she spoke. She didn’t seem to remember what happened, for better or for worse, although she did know who did it to her. He wasn’t entirely sure if that made the situation better or not. When Takana entered the room with her assistant, Takao stood from the chair and headed to linger near the door, giving them the space and privacy to do what needed to be done. He stood with his shoulder against the threshold, arms crossed and leg bouncing anxiously.

Before much time at all had come to pass, the curtain was pulled open and Takana emerged looking sombre with her assistant. The pair exchanged more professionally inaudible words at the door before both Takao’s mother and her assistant departed from the hospital room, and Takao was left along with Ting once more, allowing her to voice her request. His expression hardly wavered in the slightest as he moved toward the chair he had sat upon and retrieved the jacket draped over its back, holding it out to her.

“Here.” He said.

“It’s cold out.”

It was wholly irresponsible, downright reckless, yet the right thing to do in his head. It was a matter of personal justice, and he would be woefully hypocritical if he claimed any vice with vigilantism. He was, after all, the very embodiment of such activism.

“Do not engage them.” Takao said as he fastened the lower shell of his mask around his neck. He turned to the building from the alley in which they had paused at and closed his eyes. Chakra leaked from tenketsu and drowned his orbs, washing away the onyx hues and replacing them with a fiery iris and slitted pupil. The occupants within the building were revealed to him plain as day, and he memorized every small detail that his clan’s eye revealed. The glossy black visor was pulled over his face, obscuring his features entirely.

“I’ll handle the fighting.” His voice, shrouded by the mask, emitted a metallic distorted tone underneath his tones. He had decided that those within this den of sin would not come peacefully, nor would they be given the option to.

Takao approached the door and the man who stood beside it. No words left his lips as the man addressed Takao, demanding to know who he was. Takao’s arm swung forward in a blur and his clenched fist smashed into the jaw of the man with such force that upon contact, the air suddenly forced outward between his knuckles and the man’s skin sounded like a gunshot. He fell limp to the ground afterwards-- not dead, and not getting back up.

He turned to the door next and took a step back. His right foot rose and slammed into the wooden surface nearest to the knob. It did not swing open but rather shattered under the might of his strike, reduced to splinters and debris.

Within the first room of the den, there was a large table sitting in the middle of the dimly lit foyer. An archway to the left lead to the next room over, and a curtain obscured another doorway on the farthest wall. Furniture scattered the room, most of it in tatters but some of it useable yet. Five sat at the table in front of him, two lingered near the wall to his right, several more were scattered throughout the room on his left, and more yet remained beyond the curtain.

He stepped inside just as the men at the table shot from their chairs, their attention pulled away from their powdered sin and scattered cards. His right foot rose again and slammed into the edge of the table, kicking it across the floor and into the two men at the farthest end, forcing them against the wall.

Two of the three that remained at the table armed themselves with iron pipes whilst the third drew a blade from his side. The two farthest to his right against the wall engaged first, one swinging straight for his face while the other shuffled to his side and launched a sweeping strike when the opportunity arose. Takao had acted just as his arm cocked back for the punch and thrust his left hand forward, catching his limb at the joint. He bent the arm as he ducked under the sweeping punch and forced it against the man’s back, then lifted his foot and slammed it square into the bound man’s spine. The damage done directly from the strike was negligible, but his head being forced through the plaster wall rendered him unconscious.

The three men from the table took their chance to attack while Takao’s back was turned, but such an opportunity proved fruitless. The katana-wielding assailant swung with broad strokes, his form acceptable but his choice of movement poor for the space. Takao’s footwork carried him against the wall to the right of the door, where the two men had previously stood, and waited until his back was against the wall itself. The man swung his blade diagonally from top right to bottom left just as Takao’s arm shot forward, catching him by the collar of his shirt. The blade swiped against the plaster and bounced off as Takao spun on his heels and braced the man’s torso with his back while pulling his arm down, smashing his face into the wall. Blood poured from his freshly shattered nostrils, staining the peeling wallpaper and dripping onto Takao’s clothing as his left leg rose and slammed into his chest. He was sent tumbling into the next nearest assailant, one of the two pipe-wielding aggressors, which put both of them on the ground.

Despite their shouting, hollering, and incessant stream of profanity and expletives, Takao hadn’t spoken a word yet. The last of the armed attackers swung his pipe with a broad, heavy stroke, and found his limb caught midway by Takao’s forearm between the joint of his elbow. The masked shinobi coiled his arm around the pipe-wielding man’s and bound it, gradually bending the joint backward until it popped out of place, garnering a scream of pain from him in response. Takao used this bound arm to manipulate him further, throwing him onto the table and sliding him into the two that had been pinned earlier and began to escape.

In the commotion, the men in the other room emerged to investigate. One in particular sported bandages around his nose and Takao’s eyes furrowed behind his mask. Grabbing the edge of the table, Takao pulled it from the wall and swung his leg forward, kicking it with such force that it flew toward the archway. The man whose nose was bound in bandages, being the first through the archway, was able to evade the makeshift projectile. The others behind him were not so lucky. As the man ducked and rolled out of the way, Takao was caught off guard by the pipe-wielding man whom he had knocked over earlier, now armed with the previous assailant’s katana. Swinging wildly, the chipped blade sliced through the fabric of his pant leg and scratched the outermost layer of skin. Takao backpedalled as the man rose to his feet and continued his onslaught of wild attacks. While Takao was occupied, the man with the bandages stole away from the main foyer and ducked through the curtains of the far wall, hastily working on his escape.」


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Ting had made the decision to pull on her jeans right under the hospital gown, wearing Takao’s jacket on top of it all. She was dressed as though she had made a grand escape from a mental health facility or something of that sort. It was no matter to her, however. The blood that seemed to boil in her would radiate through her arms and legs, she was heavily animated and ready to take action. Nothing of the bruises or withdrawal had any effect in hindering her as she followed close behind Tako. The man had opted to take a much more discreet visage, dawning a black mask just as they were preparing to enter.

I will not get in your way.” This was the most she could promise him after he requested that she allow him to handle all of the fighting. The anger and frustration which had built within her over the last several hours was much more than she alone could ha e contained. It flowed through her muscles, through her fists and through her legs. It wanted an avenue to escape.

Just before the first few instances of the calculated chaos which would unravel shortly, Ting would notice the fiery looking eyes which overtook Takao’s normally very dark ones. She had no idea exactly what it was, but the way he looked at the den before them, she could only assume it was a Dojutsu of some sort. She would make a mental note to inquire later on when the circumstances were not so steep.

The might displayed by Takao in only the first few moments of the assault on that den would leave Ting in awe and admiration. Watching his fist lash out like an unstoppable cannon, dispatching the doorman and obliterating the door with was inspiring. These were the sorts of moments that help shinobi realize why they have chosen to focus on the things they did during academy.

Ting would enter the room with behind Takao, moving off to the side in a way that he need not worry about her safety and had all of the space he needed to attack without regard for her. As he used the environment to his advantage, slamming tables into the denizens of that pit of filth, Ting used the chaos to scan around the room with her eyes, searching for an already broken nose.

While she searched, she noticed someone attempting to get a drop on the preoccupied Takao, and though she more than suspected that he was a capable shinobi and would have handled it, she was never fond of the idea of allowing him to be the sole combatant here.

Ting would grab the man who attempted to strike the focused shinobi. Her hand would go over the entirety of his face as she pulled with all of her might and swept his legs out from beneath him, slamming him onto the ground. It would take only a few additional jabs to his jaw to render him unconscious, and that’s just what Ting would do. This was not the man she was looking for, so his pain needn’t have been extravagant.

With raw might, Takao had dispatched so many already, slamming heads through plaster, delivering knockout Taijutsu maneuvers as a true professional. Ting hadn’t known initially that she had been in the presence of such a powerful shinobi. It was a bit of light in the dark, that such a unit of power had been concerned enough to sweep her away from that street corner in the first place.

Though incredibly skilled and able to handle himself well, the low and rat-like methods of the street thugs meant he had to expect and be ready for strikes at his six, despite Ting trying her best to lookout for him, she was only a genin. From the other room a few more opponents would enter the fray, one of which bearing the bandages of a broken nose. It was the him.

Both Takao and Ting noticed at around the same time, but once Takao’s attempted takedown at range failed, the target seemed to understand he had to leave in order to survive. Takao has to turn away to handle the assault from behind. It seemed for but a moment that they had lost him, or that his escape was inevitable.

He is mine.” a sinewy cover of muscle fiber would envelope Ting’s arms and legs, the fleshy red coloration made her look like some sort skinless anatomy model of the muscular system. She would launch across the room at high speed, at least quite high for the likes of a genin. She would catch up to the fleeing rapist in only a fraction of a second, at which point she would cock back her left fist, still carrying the momentum from her dash, and slam it into the back of his neck. This strike would send him careening into the opposite wall of the main foyer which he sought to escape through. The muscles upon her arms would retract after that strike.

The man would try to stand himself back up, dazed from the impact with the wall which had likely concussed him. Ting would wait just long enough for him to focus on her face before she twirled around, delivering an empowered roundhouse kick to the side of his head. The muscles on her legs would retract immediately after this, several of the target’s teeth would scatter across the room.

Resolved to his fate, the slumped man against the wall would spit out the blood that had filled his mouth from the loss of his teeth, and then he would flash a smile at her. It was that sinister sort of smile that you simply knew was of only evil and cruelty.

I suppose this is the price you pay for a virgin, then.” Those words slammed into Ting’s mind with a gargantuan force. That would signify the moment that all went white for her consciously.

She would grab his short, scrappy hair at the top of his head and bring her right knee across his jaw with all the force she could muster. While he was dazed further, she would grab his arm and bend it against the joint, giving it a straight jab which dislocated it from the socket. She would repeat that with the other arm, leaving him unable to defend himself.

Her body was under the effects of her soft physique  modification, so even as a few additional vagrants entered the room to strike her with pipes and attempt to get her away from him, she simply did not react to their strikes. She was entirely absent from her mind as she pulled the man’s jeans and boxers to his ankles and looked up into his face as she stomped down on the bits that were revealed. Over. And over. And over. She would not cease until someone was able to drag her from the room and snap her out of her state.

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「The rush of adrenaline that washed over him made the hair on his arms and neck stand on end. He lived for this. Even though it was a one-sided battle, one skilled combatant pitting himself against droves of individuals who paled in comparison, it still pumped his blood in the same way that high-stakes fights did. Perhaps part of this thrill could have been attributed to going in with blood already boiling, but the exact source hardly mattered in the slightest. What did matter was that the esteemed Hidden Leaf would be rid of filth that worked tirelessly to sully her good name.

He watched with furrowed eyebrows behind his mirrored mask as Ting subdued one of the aggressors, beating him unconscious on the ground. Her methods seemed practiced; the sweep of the leg demonstrated an understanding of the artistry he boasted mastery over, yet the raw strength behind her blows was lacking. Technical knowledge in excess, physical ability was lacking. He made a mental note as he observed, and offered her a faint nod in recognition of her contribution to the beatdown.

The thuggery in the foyer had been swiftly dealt with. They writhed on the ground, and those that didn’t lay motionless as they wavered in and out of consciousness. Takao’s heavy footsteps carried him into the next room by the archway-- the one who had ran would not escape his eyes before he had dealt with those that remained. In the barely lit darkness of the adjacent room, loud cracks of Takao’s fist connecting with skulls and hollow thuds of unconscious bodies hitting the floor created a symphony of justice, and it was mere seconds before he stepped back into the foyer.

“He is mine,” she said, claiming quarry on the one whom had violated her mere hours prior. Takao respected her right for personal justice and stepped aside, allowing her to pursue. She burst from the ground, her limbs shrouded in muscle for a brief moment to allow her to traverse the distance between the single fleeing remnant. From the background he observed her descent upon him, beginning with the fist that found its way into the back of his neck and progressing into a kick that sent teeth flying, a knee that knocked more loose, and a jab that left his arm unusable. From there, it progressed into blind barbarism spurred on his words. He watched for a moment without flinching, letting her burn the candle of her anger onto the man’s battered body for what had surely felt like an eternity to him, yet not long at all in reality.

The few remaining stragglers were dealt with just like those that had come before. Fists swift and loud like gunshots left them lying on the ground, writhing and stiff.

When Takao had felt that she had done enough, and the pain the man felt was no longer adequate retribution, he stepped in and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her off to the side.

“Enough.” He said bluntly, only releasing her when she was sure she would not immediately launch into another assault.

Takao turned and approached the man whom she had brutalized. With his cold gaze lingering behind the mirrored shell, he crouched and stared the man in his dazed eyes, and ensured that he saw his reflection in the mask. Takao turned his head as his right hand rose, and the knuckles of his fist placed against the man’s temple.

“This is trash. It betrayed the Leaf and everything she stands for.” He said, looking to Ting.

“We don’t dwell on trash. We don’t give it the time or attention it isn’t worth.” As he spoke, his fist twitched upward, and the mechanical slide of Muninn swung the blade forth from its housing against his forearm. It speared the man’s head, slicing effortlessly through skin and bone, and emerged from the other side.

“We get rid of it.”

He waited until he felt the last twitch of life leave the body before he pulled the blade free, cleaned the blood and bone from its edge on the corpse’s clothing, and stood. Walking to stand in front of Ting, he lifted his hand and rested it on her shoulder.

“It’s over.”」


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Panting heavily, her breaths choppy and burdened by anger and exhaustion, Ting felt herself pulled away from her object of rage. Takao would speak unto the young woman something that would stick with her for the rest of her days. The dedication and service the powerful shinobi before her gave to his homeland was incredibly honorable, and his view on how even someone as despicable as the man who had taken so much from Ting should not have been allowed the time of day to suffer, but should have been removed from all being and forgotten about as he deserved. This was a far different manner of thinking than what was conventional. It sat well with the greenhorn shinobi as she watched Takao dispatch the bloodied husk of a man in the ground.

She was tired. Extremely so, by that point. The adrenaline of getting her vengeance was only ever going to carry her so far, and Takao was most likely away of that too. Ting would place her hand against the wall to support her weight as she looked up toward the man who had helped her lift a that impossible burden from her shoulders. A soft, genuine smile would form across her face. Even as her bloodied fists and shoes made such a smile seem incredibly out of place, the silence that pierced the den the two shinobi stood within brought a sense of finality to this unfortunate part of Ting’s life.

The greater part of the last few years, I was one of those people. Indulging in trash. Associating myself with trash. What I had become during that time was trash myself. What would someone who doesn’t want to fall back into that be wise to do going forward?” Ting wouldn’t mention her financial situation or homelessness to Takao, it was too much for her pride. She would however seek more wisdom from him on how she might avoid falling back into her old life.

The hand he had on Ting’s shoulder was more human warmth than the young woman had felt in what was likely years, not since her last encounter with her lovely friend Yuna. That was a story for another day, however.

I have been shirking my duties as a genin of the leaf for around three years now, wasting away in little hollows like this one. My mind and body are still weak with temptation even now, even after all of this.” She would ball up her fists as she spoke. Despite not wanting to regurgitate all of her little sob story, she was petrified of where she might go or what she might do if the two parted ways without any further discussion of the circumstances. She didn’t want to go back to what she was before.

My strength has diminished from what it should be, I graduated the academy with decent standing and yet I’m the only one who didn’t make anything of myself.” She needed direction.

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Takao remained completely silent as she spoke, not so much of a sound leaving his body whether it be a breath or even the faintest brushing of cloth, as though he were a ghost standing before her.

“You were lost.” He said as she finished, disagreeing with her sentiment that she was on the level that those who had been given justice were.

“Not trash. You had a way and you strayed from it, but the path is still there for you to return to. The path for that has long been forfeit, by its own volition.” Takao said, briefly gesturing to the corpse of the man who lay motionless behind them, yet refusing to acknowledge him as a person. The more he spoke, the more hypocritical he felt. Although his morality was like steel for the Hidden Leaf, Fuyuko’s voice echoed in the back of his head, and her own ideals melted into his. How could he truthfully claim that one was merely lost and the other was trash when they had both strayed from a more venerable path. The only differing factor was whom he, acting on his own accord as judge, jury, and executioner, had decided was worthy of redemption. His nose scrunched and his eyebrows furrowed. Was he truly any different from Ayakashi, in that regard?

“When you’re at your lowest point and you’re standing at the bottom, you have two choices. You can either sit and fester, looking up at what could’ve been…” He said, raising his hand to the mask obscuring his face. He pulled the visor down, which seamlessly collapsed around his neck.

“Or you can start climbing.”

As he finished, Takao’s right hand lifted, and upon his palm, a symbol appeared. Three solid lines at the top, and four bisected lines beneath them. The symbol of ROOT lay bare upon his flesh, written clear for both of them to see. It was not the first time he had cast this seal, nor would it be the last, but it was the first time that he felt it would benefit the wearer as much as it did the village.

“Great as she is, the Hidden Leaf is constantly besieged by depravity and wickedness like this. We as shinobi are bound by duty to root it out and remove such iniquity. Maybe what you need is a cause to be better for. Something bigger than you or me.” He said, lifting his hand and holding it palm out in front of her.

“I’ll offer you that opportunity. Join ROOT, and pledge yourself to the village, just as I have, and just as countless others have. Together we can make this village what it should be, and bring it back to the glory it should have.” With the offer extended not unlike his hand was, Takao’s black eyes set upon her, unwavering.

“You can choose to keep withering away, or I can help you climb.”


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Nothing much had ever come of Ting’s adventures through the drug dens of Konohagakure. She had evaded authorities, she had fought with rival operations, there was no end to the list of heinous favors she had done for the next hit. Tonight, with her pale skin still littered with bruises and her eyes surrounded with darkened marks of fatigue, Ting would receiver an offer to change everything for herself. A cause that meant more than her dealings of the past.

The symbol which formed upon the palm of Takao’s right hand was one Ting had not laid eyes upon since the academy. The notorious ROOT organization of the Hidden Leaf Village. The information the young shinobi had on this group was limited by public perceptions, despite her forms education in the academy. The academy wouldn’t reveal secrets of a covert organization, after all. Formerly lead by Danzo Shimura, it was just as Takao described it. The young woman’s face remained as stoic and set with determination as Takao’s, her eyes met with his as she listened intently to what he proposed.

This was an opportunity to reset everything. To become something more. Ting would nod as he spoke, the cold fall air infiltrating the darkened foyer through the space where a door once sat. There was nobody left here to protect from the cold. The blue haired woman would fall to one knee and bow her head down, her hospital gown protecting her from much of the debris on the ground.

Konohagakure will have my service as an operative of ROOT. May her leaves bask in the sun while we grow in the dark.” She would rise back to her feet after speaking and allow Takao to place the seal in whatever manner he needed to do so.

After receiving her seal, she would accept any further instruction from Takao and obey it without question, a new Ting was borne of opportunity and trust. Her loyalties to he who saved her would be directed unto the village she called home, as that’s what she imagined he would most appreciate.

Ting would be prepared to leave this place to return home, when she realized that she did not have one any longer. She wondered to herself if ROOT had a barracks she could rest within for the time being.

Sensei,” Ting would begin timidly. Is there a main point of operation for our organization? If so, I would like to remain there as I go through the motions of clearing out my system and training myself for what’s to come.

Whatever his reply and however things would turn out from this point onward, Ting was prepared. She was entirely submitted to the ideals of ROOT and would begin immediately working out the details of how to strengthen herself as a shinobi and as a person. She would sleep either in a barracks, should Takao reveal the location of one to her, or on the ground near this place. It mattered not to her.

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Right. [Takao | Private] HeTMjxv

The chakra etched into his palm was itching to be placed, and when she knelt and bowed her head, his hand lurched forward. Placed upon her forehead, the seal on his flesh was transferred onto her’s, writing itself through skin and bone alike until it landed upon the epicenter of her consciousness. Simultaneously, the ROOT symbol was written upon her tongue near the back of her throat, out of sight through normal means, yet binding her vernacular all the same.

“That seal will prevent you from speaking about ROOT.” He said, offering his hand to help her back to her feet.

“If you attempt to do so, it will stop you. If you attempt to write or utilize other means of communication, you will find your body paralyzed, and I will be informed. Likewise, the seal will prevent you from being interrogated on matters regarding the organization.” Takao continued, explaining the details of the seal he had placed upon her. He left out its ability to record memories, as it was an aspect of the seal he had yet to investigate in depth himself, and thus was hesitant to speak frivolously about such an ability.

“ROOT exists to do the dirty work of the village that can’t be done at face value, more so than the ANBU that still operate within the limitations of the law. We forego those limits to do what needs to be done so that the Leaf can thrive. A base of operations only creates a single point of failure for our efforts.” He explained, perhaps in more detail than necessary yet they were his chosen response regardless. He understood what she wanted, or rather needed, and had no intention of ending the thought there.

“You can stay in the Kimura Compound. There are vacant apartments near the training grounds that you can stay in for now. The hospital is only a short walk away, and I’ll be able to monitor your progress closely that way. I’ll show you the way.”

Takao turned, gesturing for her to follow, and expecting her to do so as he continued walking without looking back. Under the assumption that she did indeed follow, he would split his consciousness in twain and spill half of his chakra into the mirror image as they walked. This double leapt off into the night, retrieving the ANBU themselves to handle the cleanup of their vigilantism. They could hardly leave the dregs of society to wake up and continue without proper retribution.

Once they were in the Kimura compound, Takao would give her a brief tour of the grounds. It wasn’t as large as the main noble clans, yet still sizable in its own right. They passed by a myriad of residential buildings, as well as a few small shops, until finally they strode past the aforementioned training grounds and stopped at the apartments. He instructed her to wait outside for a moment as he disappeared through the front office door, leaving her to only wait a short while before he returned.

“I know the woman that owns the building. The apartments come partially furnished, but they aren’t anything special. She’s laid back, so just don’t try to get into too much trouble and you won’t have any issues. I’ll handle the expenses for the first couple months, then it’s up to you, yeah?” He said as his hand held out the key.




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