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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

Mission Details:
Mission name: Train the Academy! (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Teach the academy students a skill they need to learn
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: One of the classes at the Kiri ninja academy, training 8 year olds needs a ninja to teach the class academy level skills.
Mission details: The ninja takes a class of Academy students and teaches them the principles, ins and outs of academy jutsu or skills.

Another one of the tests Kaito had been asked to complete before his transfer was finalized happens to be slotted for today. He'd basically been ordered to go to the academy and help one of the Jonin there showcase one of the more fundamental skills of a shinobi. Kaito couldn't help but think that maybe this meant his supporters might not think he knew even the basics. It wasn't like Kaito had failed in any category when it'd come time for his graduation, not that he'd do noticeably well other than in Medical Ninjutsu. Still, it was going to be a nice change of pace from his usual training regimen, and who knows, he might even be able to impress some people or better yet, encourage the next generation of genin.

It was a few hours after Kaito was use to starting his day when he had to be at the academy, which had given him the time to get in his morning jog, get showered, eat something, and then make it to the academy with an hour to spare. The memories of how he hadn't liked getting up so early in the morning as a student made him smile. If only he'd known how early he would have to be up back then, not that it would have stopped him from complaining when his mother woke him in the mornings. The thought of his mother waking him up every morning, and the sound of her voice in his memories began to pull at him. Kaito had to stop remembering such things, or else someone might see him getting emotional.

The jonin he would be assisting today walked over him after Kaito signed in at the front desk, introducing herself once she'd gotten close enough and offering Kaito a smile. "Your a bit older than I expected, Osoroshī, Kaito correct?" This was a lie, well sort of, she would have known who he was before he'd even been told to be here. It was her class after all, she'd have had to approve him being here, which also meant she'd more than likely read his file.

"Yes, I am, you must be Tsukina Sensei?" Kaito asked, unlike her, Kaito hadn't had the chance to learn much more than the woman's name, and he didn't remember her from his time at the academy. By the looks of her, she was new, or at least new since he had graduated. Her long silver hair that seemed to move of it's own accord, swaying almost unoticaly like moonlight shimmering in through a crack in a thatch roof, and her bright almost glowing green eyes made Kaito feel oddly at ease despite the nagging feeling that this kunoichi was dangerous if met across the opposite end of a battlefield.

The two of them proceeded to go over and discuss the details of today's lesson as Tsukina explained various things about how she ran her class room. She expected Kaito to behave much the same way she did around the students, encouraging, but formal. He was also expected to not only discipline the children if they misbehaved, but Kaito himself would pay dearly if he broke one of Tsukina's rules as well. This also included allowing her students to skate by if they broke a rule. It was all fairly standard really, and it actually reminded Kaito of the few times genin would come in to assist his teachers years prior.

Instructed to prepare the training area not far from the academy itself, Kaito took off while Tsukina set about readying herself to meet her classroom for the day. Even without her being there to look over their shoulder, Kaito had seen how well behaved her students were through the window as he walked around the building toward the training area.

Today's lesson was on the Doppelganger Technique, or more specifically, how to recognize your real opponent from amongst multiple clones. Apparently, other than a few students still struggling to create more than a single clone or two, most of her students were already able to use the technique. The next logical step was to teach them how to recognize the faults of the jutsu, as well as learning how to use the technique to one's advantage in spite of it's flaws. This was a skill Kaito had been particularly good at when he was in the academy, due to his prowess of Medical Ninjutsu allowing him to differentiate between a real person and their doppelgangers. Perhaps Tsukina had requested his assistance knowing he was skilled with today's lesson plan.

Once at the training ground they would be using today, Kaito noticed a box of wooden stakes and what had to be more than a few hundred feet of blue ribbon on a spiral. Tsukina Sensei had ordered him to prepare five areas where the students would be able to practice. Their goal would be to create as many doppelgangers as possible, and force their opponent out of the enclosed area by any means necessary before their opponent managed the same. The key would be figuring out which one of your opponent's clones wasn't a clone though, while trying to make sure your opponent didn't figure you out first.

After completing the task at hand and making sure everything would be ready once Tsukina Sensei and him lead the students out here before Kaito returned to the academy and made his way to the classroom in question. He made sure to pause at the door and listen in, waiting for Tsukina to finish speaking before Kaito knocked on the door and stepped inside, bowing first to Tsukina Sensei, and then to the rest of the classroom, greeting them before waiting to be introduced by the jonin teacher.

WC: 986

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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

Hearing his name being spoken by Tsukina Sensai as she introduced him to the class, Kaito was suprised when the students rose and bowed to him, having not expected this formal a showing of respect of the students, he reminded himself to compliment Tsukina on her skills at instilling discipline in students so young and new to the shinobi world. Kaito had never been required to bow to someone so low in rank before, even when he was an academy student himself.

"Alright class, listen up, Kaito here will be assisting me with our lesson today, you all know the rules so be on your best behavior." Tsukina stated, earning herself a number of 'Yes Sensei' comments and nodding from the students. One girl raised her hand, looking between Kaito and her teacher as she waited to be called on. "Yes Hana?" Tsukina finally asked while the rest of the students began putting their things under their desks, apparently having already been told they would be training outside of the classroom.

"Tsukina Sensai, you said we would be practicing that technique again, are we gonna be fighting Kaito Sensei then?" The girl seems a little nervous by the idea, but Kaito saw a couple boys in the back of the class fist bumping and snickering at the idea. He didn't blame Hana or the boys, for some of the students this would be a chance to prove themselves, for others a chance to overcome their fear of fighting.

Turning to him, Tsukina asked, "Well Kaito, what say you? Will you be willing to allow my students to show you what they've learned so far?" Tsukina grinned at him, knowing how much fun she would have if either situation played out, Kaito being humiliated at the hands of academy students, or Kaito pushing her students to strive to grow stronger and become better shinobi.

"I'd be honored to accept your challenge Hana-?" Kaito paused to allow the girl to tell him her full name. "Satōsui. Show me what you've learned, and we'll see if there is something more I can teach you, though I doubt it seeing who your Sensei is." Kaito returned Tsukina's grin, a look of respect on her face at what had just been said. Hana on the other hand had blushed a bright pink color, while looking even more nervous than before.

Hana had been about to say something along the lines of not wanting to challenge Kaito, but Tsukina beat her to it. "I think that's a perfect idea Hana, well done, and thank you Kaito for your humility, I'm sure my dear students would love to have a turn sparring with you during today's lesson. Each of them." Tsukina Sensei added, with an evil expression cracking through her grin. Kaito could swear her hair was moving but he hadn't felt a breeze.

"Na-Nani? All of them?" Kaito sputtered in surprise as the class erupted into laughter with Tsukina chuckling along. There had to be over twenty students in Tsukina's class, even with his more advanced skills, Kaito simply didn't have the chakra or stamina to face that many opponents in one day.

By the time they had all made it out to the training field, Kaito wrangling up the stragglers and kicking them into gear while Tsukina Sensei led the miniature march, the students had already formed five lines, four students deep with the two at the back standing between the middle lines. Kaito was impressed, despite some of them looking nervous at showing off the skills they had been learning in front of a stranger, they were all keeping their cool and not misbehaving. Yet anyway.

Tsukina Sensei took the students through the basics of what she wanted them to do, basically using Kaito for a prop so she could provide an example of what she was trying to explain to the kids. They all seemed to be baying attention, but it was evident to Kaito that not all of them understood what they were meant to be doing and this resulting in Tsukina spending the next few minutes repeating herself and hitting Kaito or his clones multiple times, though not hard enough to hurt, she was planning to let her students be the ones to beat him up for her.

"Alright Hana, I think it's time you showed Kaito what I've really been teaching to you all." Tsukina Sensei finally said, causing the air to become suddenly tense as the students turned to watch Kaito, Hana was nearly shaking like a Hidden Leaf shinobi, it was actually kinda adorable, but eventually she moved into one of the sparring areas Kaito had set up not to long ago and Kaito mirrored her movements, until he was standing opposite the eight year old girl.

"Just do the best you can." Kaito offered her, attempting to ease her nerves as he moved into a typical taijutsu stance, causing five intangible clones of himself to form around him. It was doubtful Hana would notice his use of the Substitution Technique, as Kaito began cause each of his clones to reach for a kunai behind him, allowing him to send out a chakra thread, linking each of this clones with additional chakra and allowing him to swap places with any of them on a whim. Tsukina had obviously noticed though, as she gave him a narrow glance before raising a small red flag into the air before swiftly pulling it downward.


WC: 930, 1916 Total

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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

Hana had only been able to create two doppelganger clones, but she mad no time in throwing a kunai directly at Kaito before he dodged and use the substitution technique on one of his clones as he moved them all to scatter. This obviously fooled the young girl, as she continued on attempting to push the clone outside of the ribbon lining the sparring area. This had left her completely open to Kaito, who managed to take out both of her clones in one go before he used the substitution jutsu on the clone she had been chasing, allowing him to appear right in front of her. Allowing the rest of his clones to dissipate, Kaito freely disarmed the small child, before turning her kunai around and offering to hand it back to her just as Tsukina Sensei blew the whistle.

"Well done Kaito, why don't you come over here and explain to the class what you did." Kaito was slightly embarrassed at going as all out over this as he had, but he knew that showing these students how the various jutsu they were learning could be used alongside each other to various effects would only help them in the long run.

Stepping out of the sparring area, a sheepish Hana at his side, Kaito stood next to the jonin teacher and looked across the various students' faces before he began to speak. "The first thing you have to understand about utilizing the Doppelganger Technique is that unlike other clone jutsu, the clones created with this jutsu are not able to attack, they can't fight alongside you like other clones. This isn't without it's advantages though, as they can still be used with the Substitution jutsu, and a few of you might have noticed I linked my clones with Chakra threads before the match began. Don't ever make the mistake of looking at a new jutsu or technique at face value, you must always be striving to understand as many applications of a of the various jutsu to know so that you can find ways to use them to your advantage in multiple situations." Tsukina gave him a short nod, letting Kaito know she though he'd done well. A few of the students wanted to ask him questions, and after few minutes of that, Tsukina Sensei separated the students into pairs.

There had only been enough room for Kaito to set up half a dozen sparring areas, and while a little over half of the students went about sparring, with Tsukina watching out to make sure no one got hurt, it was Kaito's job to explain the tells of the doppelganger technique, as well as giving pointers here and there to those currently sparring. After what felt like a few hours, and a couple sparring sessions of his own, Kaito was starting to ware out by the time Tsukina Sensei called everyone over so she could explain the next course of action.

"Alright, you've all done a good job at using the techniques Kaito showed you. Now, who would like me to show Kaito how it's really done? Hmm? What do you say Kaito? Care to step into the sparring ring with me?" Kaito had next to zero interest, truth be told, although he was intrigued by the idea of finding out what this jonin would have in store for him. With the students cheering for either him or Tsukina, how could he refuse?

"Very well, but you could have challenged me when I was at the top of my game, rather than getting your students to tire me out first." There was low Ohhh sound as the kids all collectively gasped at Kaito's bluntness. For a second he though he might have crossed a line, but he was assured it was all in good fun when Tsukina started laughing, well, at least he felt assured until she replied to him calling her out.

"Well, at least your a medical ninja, you know, in case I hurt you accidentally." Tsukina said while snapping her fingers one at a time. She hadn't blown her whistle this time, instead she stood there waiting for Kaito to cross back into the ring before she moved toward him, some sort of lightning technique he didn't recognize encasing her hand as she brought it down over his head.

Instantly, Kaito reached for a kunai as he dropped into a crouching position before swinging upward as he sent his chakra through the metal blade, reinforcing it and allowing him to defend against the attack. Tsukina hadn't expected this, and attempting to take advantage of this, Kaito began forming the Dragon, Rat, Horse, and Tiger as Tsukina Sensei formed five doppelganger clones. Kaito noticed she was reaching behind her back, before pulling a kunai out just as her clones mirrored her and she mirriord his earlier strategy. Launching the sticks and rocks turned senbon and shuriken towards two of the clones, both narrowly dodging his attacks, while Kaito took the time to summon his own clones.

Tsukina came for him, hard this time, harder then the first attack, in a single wave of her hand, she'd launched five shuriken, not that Kaito had even notcied her reach for them. Each of them managed to land a perfect hit against his clones, leaving only him without anyway of knowing which one of Tsukina's clones were real. She was even managing to keep her concentration clear enough to make sure each of her clones were mirroring her breathing pattern. There was no real way for Kaito know which of the clones wasn't a clone unless he could get close enough to read a heat signature. That's when a thought struck him, as he began to dodge another round of shuriken, unsure of which shuriken was real, or even if they all were.

Kaito began exhaling invisible water vapor as he twisted and dodge, making sure to stay within a certain radius of where he wanted to do this. Every few seconds another round of attacks would be launched at him, and each time Tsukina and her clones closed in on him. By the time he had formed a dozen balls of water overheard, Tsukina and her clones were surrounding him, all of their hair raised and spiked. He could hear Tsukina saying something about White Haired Senbon, but Kaito was too focused on what he had planned. Causing all of the Seafoam Bubbles to pop simultaneously, both he and Tsukina were soaked with seafoam spray, and all five of her clones had dissipated. With a huge grin on her face, and with all the children chanting his name, Tsukina offered him her hand before generously shaking his.

"Your more than welcome to come back and help me teach another class or two, Osoroshī, Kaito." Tsukina said, wiping the foam off of her clothing, her white hair raising on it's own to shake the water from itself.

"Hey, you said White Haired Senbon right? Any chance you could teach me that trick sometime?" Kaito finally found his words, reaching up to tug at some of his own white hair. If there was a way he could learn to use his own hair to fight with, he wasn't about to knock it. Plus, Tsukina Sensei had looked rather frightening there for a second, almost like she was going for the knockout.

With Tsukina agreeing to show him the technique sometime, Kaito waved the children goodbye as they began making their way back to the classroom to get their stuff and head him. Kaito would stay behind to remove the stakes and blue ribbon from the training field before heading home himself. He needed a shower, some food, and a good rest after today. It had been a nice change of pace, but he was exhausted, it was a wonder how anyone taught for a living, much less taught future shinobi.

Once he had gathered everything together and returned it all to the box Tsukina had left it in to begin with. Kaito began to think about how everything had happened, how he was less than one hundred words from the total he wanted, and about how good shark steaks sounded right about now. He'd would stop by the dinner on his way home to pick some up. It was getting into the later hours of the afternoon now, and evening would be fast on it's heels, Kaito needed to head home soon anyway.

WC: 1434, 3350 Total.

750wc to complete the mission, another 600wc to earn the additional 150 Ryo, and the remaining 2000wc going to jutsu I want to learn.

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