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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

C-rank Mission:

Mission name: Catch the Animal
Mission rank: C
Objective: Catch the pet deer
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: A local animal has gone missing, and the owner is too short handed to hunt it down. Find it.
Mission details: The animal in question is a family pet, and therefore totally tame, meaning it cannot survive in the wild. Capture it before nightfall. If it's not found by then, it will be eaten by wild dogs or some other horrible fate. You get to decide what animal you are catching.

Kanro was sitting by herself at Konohagakure's prestige library reading a book titled "The art of Fuinjutsu seals" while the few who noticed her gave her peculiar side glances once they noticed the book she was reading and her goggles that completely blocked out her eyes which was the usual trademark look of a child of Konoha's Aburame clan, Kanro didn't mind the glances thought and she completely understood how it looked for an Aburame to be reading a book about Fuinjutsu seals, even among her clan many found her interest in the subject to be strange and others completely unnecessary as the clan's secret technique didn't require Fuinjutsu and with her families chakra always being at a very low rate due to the bugs festering inside of them that eat away at most of it for nourishment it didn't leave very much chakra left for other things unless they wanted to die, but Kanro didn't pay any mind to the warnings of her family as she was determined to find her own way to make it work using her bugs.

From what she gathered reading books Fuinjutsu seals were either made with the user's chakra or could be pre-written on scrolled parchment but still required chakra to activate, that was the obvious problem for Kanro as she didn't have much chakra to be giving for scrolls so she began to silently brood over the dilemma coming up with as many possible solutions she could in her head, suddenly her stomach started rumbling and her right hand moved over it as if trying to appease it, it seems she had been at the library studying the subject for quite a bit longer then she originally thought so she supposed it was time to grab a meal to please her empty stomach.

Konro reached into her pocket to grab her wallet only to find she only had enough ryo for a snack and not a full meal, it seems her financial state was worst then she may have previously thought and she couldn't exactly rely on her parent's anymore for funding so perhaps it was time for a mission. Konro started to head towards the nearest convenience store where she purchased an ice cream bar as it was actually a hot day which was only magnified by her long-robed clothing, she then started her trip to the administration office to start looking for a mission that wasn't too hard for her to accomplish in a timely matter before whatever nutrients the ice cream bar just gave her ran out leaving her drained.


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Shinjo had decided that it was time to actually get some work so she could go about finding a place to stay. She wasn't a registered shinobi but she had a skill set and a valid reason for having it. Even if she was essentially a spy she needed to actually support herself. Kumo couldn't provide her money without revealing her. Still as a girl from the outer woods country side she was skilled as a hunter. Which meant that she fell under purview for some simpler requirements for a shinobi. Still she doubted she would be able to get work on her own just advertising her skills. So she had ended up at the only location that was hopefully going to grant her what she needed to sustain herself. Gainful employment. That meant taking their toss away jobs that shinobi were usually too proud to take on. Her golden irises would stare from behind black eyes at the large building. Looking at the massive structure with her heart sinking. there was no way they were simply going to let her waltz in as she liked and just let her take a job. She didn't have identification or anything beyond what one would expect from a country girl.

For now she would cross along the road in dirty blue jeans pulled over the top of stained black sneakers. A faded leather belt holding her baggy pants up as she was also wearing a chest wrap and a white but baggy t shirt. Her baggy blue coat with the white fur trimmed hood pulled down for now hung loosely and open on her form with her hands now shoved into her pockets for warmth. She knew this was likely going to be fruitless but she had to try. Day jobs usually didn't hire girls nor was she capable of a full shift of work. Her body wouldn't hold out that long. However she was also to proud to live in a freaking box on the street. So with regret in her movements she would raise her pale hand to push open the double doors. Stepping inside as boots tapped across the hard floor. There was plenty of desks helping shinobi everywhere. Which made her stick out like a sore thumb. Just a girl with no headband or weapons. Jesus was she going to have a hard time with this. Still she would approach one of the tables marked for lower rank missions. Her most likely bet.

Still even as she approached the desk eyes would scan her over only stopping with surprise when looking her in the eye. Noting the animal nature there. They would take pause for a moment before frowning at the lack of identifying shinobi markers. They would inquire of her affiliation and when she responded with none they would let out a long sigh. Flipping through some paperwork for a non sensitive piece of work. Still they would only be able to pull up a document about a missing poodle. They pay wasn't great but it would pay for a few days at the inn at least. Along with a couple meals. The issue though was less with the pay and more with the fact that because she was not a registered shinobi that she would need to partner up with a konoha shinobi specifically of any rank. Not only did she not know any that she liked, it meant she couldn't use any jutsu for the mission to keep her cover and the pay would be split. A mere three hundred ryo pay out. A couple of days at the good in or several at the shit one....Better shit than nothing but where the hell was she going to find a willing konoha nin?


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