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Mission name: Protection Mission: Escort the Ninja
Mission rank: C
Objective: Escort a ninja from a small border village home.
Location: Hi no Kuni
Reward: 300
Mission description: You have been hired to protect a famed ninja, a young ninja leader of a small village, as he is returning to his home village. The village mainly wishes to send someone to guard the ninja to better the relations with his village and give him someone to talk too. Keep on your toes, not everything is as peaceful as it seems.
Mission details: Upon reaching the village entrance, you will soon after come under attack from missing-nins. Make sure to protect your charge and get him inside his village gates safely. No one will be there to help you so you have the choice of either getting him inside where he will be safe or kill the enemy ninja to end the threat yourself. Each missing-nin is Genin in power, and carry nothing larger than kunai for weapons. They use basic non-elemental ninjutsu out of the library (2 each). They will scare and run off with a sufficient show of force, there are 3 of them, with D1 stats.

Yoshihiro stood at the front gates of Konoha, hands on his hips as he stood there in his usual attire. It was a nice day out, the trees beyond were littered with yellow and orange leaves, the seasons continuing to morph and change. He looked up and out over the treeline, eyes squinting as he looked for any small motion or twitch that looked out of place. He had heard from the Chuninn who assigned him this mission that they might have some trouble during their journey. Truthfully, Yoshi couldn't really fathom why someone might want to give such a hard time to a minor ninja from a small village near Konoha. Then again, the teen had always lived a rather sheltered life, and he had never had much of a reason to travel beyond the village walls in the first place.

He looked down at the mission pamphlet again, his eyes skimming the words over. They were heading to a minor settlement, the village of Kamakuri. It was known for its impeccable farmers apparently, they supplied a surprising amount of grains and other staples of the average person's diet throughout the Land of Fire. Yoshi had never heard of it, but if their food was as good as their reputation would suggest, then he would certainly have to remember it! The person they were to protect was a Chunin of that village, Jinzo. A local legend of sorts, it seemed that he had emigrated willingly to Konohagakure as a way to further bind his village to the main one.

"Heroic entrance!" a sudden shout called out. Yoshi turned and looked to see a smoke bomb explode to life, obscuring an area roughly a couple meters in diameter. The teen blinked slowly, watching as the wind cleared the smoke, causing the figure to be revealed. "Have no fear, it is I Jinzo, of the Kamakuri!" the teen yelled triumphantly, striking a pose for the audience of one. Yoshi only blinked, he was tired, he was busy as it was getting ready for the Chunin exams. "You the guy?" he asked, not awake enough for this kind of escort mission. Jinzo, looking dismayed at the underwhelming reaction, gave a small nod, plastic smile etched upon his face.

Yoshi gave a small thumbs up, "One more will be here shortly, then we can get underway" the teen stated, earning a new pose from Jinzo as he did a full split (which was actually impressive, to be honest). Yoshi gave a second nod at that, yawning as he began to look around again for his partner. Who was going to help him pass the time with this mission? Hopefully it'd be someone able to scout and keep an eye out for trouble. Yoshi was still working on a couple sensory jutsus, but they were still woefully in the developmental stages, a far cry from the level needed for a C-rank mission such as this. Then again, anyone to help balance out the silliness of this very silly ninja would be greatly appreciated...


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There were few things Ting had actually participated in regarding Genin life. When she took that unfortunate detour after graduation she had completely shirked any and all duties associated with graduating. It was a wonder she had not faced some sort of punishment or reprimandation, let alone be permitted to reintroduce herself into the swing of things.

As she walked into the cool fall air dawning her earthy green outfit, standard issue for Konohagkure genin, she felt a chill rush up her spine. Her light blue hair fluttered with the wind and a few leaves seemed to wish to smite her this day as they caressed her pale skin. Fall had always been the young woman’s favorite season. Whereas some people preferred to shield themselves from the brisk morning air, Ting embraced it. Much like being thirsty enhanced the experience of drinking water, being cold enhanced the experience of warming up.  

With a newfound sense of duty and a feeling of organization borne of an actual schedule, Ting would make her way to the assigned location to begin her very first mission. The details were somewhat simple. The local hero of a smaller sized village would be traveling back to his home and in order to strengthen village relations and provide protection and company, a selection of three Genin from Konoha were selected. Three practicing shinobi, regardless of rank or affiliation, should have no issues dealing with whatever thugs or wildlife would come up on a simple trek through the countryside.

As Ting approached the mission start point, she would take notice of two young men, both looked the part of strong, athletic shinobi. The first of the two was tall with black hair and brown eyes, he had a light tan which made Ting seem even more pale when compared. He seemed far more at ease than the other shinobi, perhaps even tired would have been a better descriptor. The latter of the two young men was likely the one due to be escorted, as he sported very exaggerated attire and seemed to behave much more like some sort of movie star. Theatrics would take one far when dealing with one of the less established villages in which ninja training is rare.

Hello, my name is Ting. I’m here to assist with the escort of one called Jinzo.” Her stomach would knot up slightly with anxiety as she spoke. It wasn’t usual for her to feel anxious about things, perhaps this bout of nervousness was a direct result of how serious she was taking her first steps toward becoming something more.

“Ohoho, Ting! It would seem you are one in need of escorting. Such a fragile and delicate little thing you are.” Jinzo would speak with what was likely meant to be a suave and alluring tone. Ting would struggle not to show any hostility toward the younger teen as he tried to patronize her. He did not know better, likely. Perhaps that was a conversation to be had along the way. There was always a lesson to be taught.


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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

Kanro was sitting at her favorite tea shop while turning the slightly dusty pages of a book called "The Fault in our Blades" while enjoying a nice plate of sweetened dango, to her this past time was like heaven on earth as she enjoyed the slightly old musky smell of a book ripened with age coupled with the sweet taste of dango and the warm gentleness of her green tea, but alas today she wouldn't have the luxury of enjoying her piece of heaven for long as today she had a mission to perform, the very first one that she could recall that resembled the type of work she would be doing more in her near future.

It wasn't necessarily hard or anything like that or involved any direct enemy contact with the other nations Kanro could recall from her reading the scroll over and over the night before, it was an escort mission to deliver a famous chunin by the name of Jinzo who had traveled to Konohagakure and was now returning back home to Kamakuri which was one of the many less renowned smaller villages in the land of fire. From what she could gather from the little research she did just earlier this day to better understand her mission Kamakuri was known for its impeccable farmers that were in charge of supplying an alarming amount of grains and other staples that most citizens of the land of fire used for their daily dieting, and Jinzo the person she would be helping in escorting back home was famous for his work and came to further strengthen the bond between his village and Konohagakure making the importance of the mission more diplomatic which in turn made it all the more important as the wrong move could either worsen or destroy the relationship between the two villages.

Because she had been lost in thought about reviewing the importance of today's mission she realized she had less than fifteen minutes to arrive at the mission destination point to escort Mr.Jinzo back home, she wondered what her partner would be like and what type of technique's they possessed, Kanro had just recently learned a few of her own and the idea of witnessing another's that might help her create even more was a prospect that interested her greatly. Another five minutes had wasted in dwindling in her own thoughts, she reached into her wallet and pulled out the Ryo required to pay for her drink and dango snack and then she slipped the book into her robed clothing where nobody would see it but she wouldn't have to carry it around, she then slightly fixed the positioning of her goggles before starting to lightly jog and then transitioning to a sprint as she proceeded to jump onto the roof of a nearby building  as she traveled to the village gates to meet her partner and mission assignment.

It was close but by seven minutes she was closing onto the village gates where she could see three figures appearing to be waiting for something to happen which she automatically assumed was her partner and her mission assignment and the other one...she didn't quite know who the other person was, but considering it was a C-rank mission the administration could have very well assigned three genin-ranked shinobi to the assignment and she may have just overlooked it on the scroll, either way, they were waiting for her arrival at the scene, she ran up straight to them before stopping just a meter away from them and although she cracked a smile trying to be friendly her robbed clothing would block it and her goggles that hide her eyes would hide her expression making her appear very nonchalant in appearance, "Hello, My name is Kanro Aburame I'll be your partner for the escort mission, pleased to meet you."


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Yoshi stared at Jinzo as he held that split for an inordinately long amount of time- didn't it hurt? The teen opened his mouth to say something, but the thought disappeared from his mind before he could voice it. It seemed that the attention hungry Chunin he was to escort was much more the showman type than the kind of shinobi to do real combat. For a moment, Yoshi wondered what exactly the guy had done in the first place to make a name for himself. Sure it was far from impossible to graduate from the Ninja Academy, but to have become a Chunin? That was a big jump. On the bright side, if this guy could do it, than why couldn't he? That thought gave the teen a small pep in his stride as he turned to the sound of footsteps approaching him and the other male.

The first one to appear was a girl. Naturally, being a rather inept individual when it came to sorting out his feelings, Yoshi bristled a tad at the blue haired lady strolling up to him and Jinzo. The latter of the two boys seemed far more decisive in his mindset though, by the way in which he tried to curry favor with the Genin. Ting, as she was called, acted professionally in the face of this mission. Even if she was feeling anxious and only trying to look relaxed, her feint certainly worked on Yoshi, who felt his eyes going wide. The boy walked forwards abruptly, closing the distance slowly between him and the girl gently placing his hand on top of her head in a small head-pat, "Blue" he stated. He had never seen blue hair before, was that healthy? Did all girl secretly have blue hair and try to hide it like a conspiracy? These questions of wonder abounded in the teens head as he realized he had just acted like a weirdo. Flustering backwards a tad, he recovered swiftly, "I'm Yoshihiro Joe, I'm your partner for this mission" he affirmed with a swift nod. At last they could get go-

Oh god no, it was another girl, they were multiplying! Yoshi bristled as he saw the next figure appear, a short figure with brown hair who seemed content to obscure themselves as much as possible. Kanro, as she introduced himself, was an addition that the boy hadn't been expecting. He looked down at the mission sheet, he had only been expecting another Genin for this escort. Jinzo, though, seemed taken by the newcomer, "Behold, let all the fair maidens of this land tremble at the name Jinzo of the Kamakuri, least of all these fair Genin!" he shouted out, grabbing a small ball from his pouch and throwing it at Yoshi's stomach, "Dramatic entran- no, wait, that's just a rock, my bad" the showman said as the Genin doubled over in shock. The boy glared at the man before giving a heavy sigh, "Well, I guess if you're safe with two Genin, you're going to be super extra safe with three watching you" he theorized.

Jinzo nodded at that, oh so eager to have as many people as possible witness his feats of heroism. "Onwards then, tally-ho comrades!" the eccentric Chunin shouted before starting to walk away from the group down the dirt path into the forest. Sticking close behind him, the teen looked to his new team partners as he tried to learn more about them, "So what kind of jutsu do you know? Are you both doing some extra training before the Chunin Exams?" he asked. Yoshi was curious to learn more about his partners, but also wished to stay in his comfort zone of professional skills. He was good at ninjutsu, not so much at friend talk socializing-jutsu.



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A small pat upon her head would be the first impression of Yoshihiro Joe, the more respectful of the two men she had arrived to find. He introduced himself as her partner, only just a few moments before a third genin arrived. Yoshihiro seemed surprised by this, but Ting had expected all along that they’d be traveling in a standard squad size. Although perhaps the third was a little unnecessary for something like this.

As a third member of the small entourage arrived, it was beginning to feel like time to get moving. Ting would study in glances the newest among them. Dressed in the earthy tones of the Hidden Leaf, her face was slightly obscured by ͏w͏a͏y of a scarf. Her eyes, likewise obscured by a pair of dark goggles, leaving the only true distinguishing aspect of the slightly shorter young woman her mid-length brown hair. The company of three was more than likely far more than what was needed to escort a single ninja back to his village. Admittedly, it did make quite a show of how important relations between the two villages must be.

Yoshihiro, Kanro of the Aburame, and Jinzo of the Kamikuri. It was quite a troupe, and onward they would begin out toward the eccentric man’s home village. Yoshihiro seemed quick to break any semblance of silence, which was great. He broke the ice in a way Ting could really jump on.

I am a Medical Nin at heart, but I really enjoy Taijutsu and have done what I can to incorporate it into my style.” Ting would say with a polite little smile. It was her first big day of service as a shinobi, and she was hoping to make connections here. Positive impressions were very important at the start of a person’s career.

How about yourself, Kanro? You said that you were an Aburame? I’ve heard that your clan is extremely powerful, and I know that you use insects in practice. How does that work?” Ting would push the conversation along smoothly as the three genin walked ever so slightly distanced from Jinzo.

As they moved through the deep woods, everything seemed rather calm and as though nothing much could have really gone wrong. The leaves on the trees were every variety of red, orange, and yellow. They covered the forest floor, yet many still had yet to fall. It created a very pretty scenery along the beaten path they were following.  The village wasn’t far at all from where they were, which slightly saddened Ting, her first mission would have gone down uneventfully. Though, maybe that was a good thing.

A fork in the road came upon them quickly, a sign pointing toward Kamikuri would assist them with reorienting toward the village gates, which were now only just a short trot over the horizon.

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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

When Kanro stood in front of the group she noticed two things one being the famous ninja may be famous because he is some type of actor and isn't an actual real shinobi and two was that the other boy seemed to be nervous around her, she could tell because as an Aburame and the creepiness of her kenkai genkai made her sense to tell when people around her were nervousness was near superhuman level capabilities. The ninja that they were going to escort suddenly started talking about fair ladies and how many will tremble at his name before suddenly making a dramatic pose after putting something in his hand before it flew out and hit the other boy in the stomach, what a pain in the ass Kanro thought to herself as although she could tolerate and even learn to be more social around people Jinzo was the type of guy she had the most trouble dealing with, the annoying type.

Kanro could also see that the other boy wasn't really fond of him but since he was the target for protection the other boy seemed to have no choice but to grit his teeth and deal with the "Famous Ninja Jinzo's" moronic escapades and now so would she and...actually she didn't know their names yet as she was the last one to show up but what would bring a good time to bring it up she thought to herself or perhaps to just catch them saying it later. Jinzo the annoying was the one to commence them leaving by an annoying gesture of words and movements and then walked away heading down the dirt path into the forest, while the other boy stood close to Jinzo Kanro had placed her self slightly behind and a little more to the right of him as they began to walk, for a few moments there was silence but until the other boy decided to speak up asking what kind of jutsu her and the other girl knew and he also asked if we were doing special training for the exam.

Kanro didn't mind answering questions but even she had certain ones she didn't like answering, like this one because most of her life when people tell her about the bugs literally walking all over her insides things start to get real awkward, and she also came to the realization that she hasn't been preparing for the chunin exams specifically she did learn a few more jutsu but that was about it. Luckily for her, she didn't  need to say anything yet as the other girl spoke up first giving her more time to formulate her thoughts, as she was thinking she was listening to the other girl who began to explain her passion is medical ninjutsu but also had a passion for taijutsu to a lesser extent it seemed. Suddenly the girl asked Kanro putting her on the spot, "dammit" she thought to herself thinking she would have more time than that, the other girl mentioned her clan name stating they were extremely powerful, although it was true her clan was one of the fiercest clans and had claimed to the title of the four oldest clans to make up Konohagakure she herself felt far from powerful, Kanro turned her head to look at the other girl directly, at first she didn;t say anything  but after a couple of seconds passed with her awkwardly staring at her she finally spoke up, "Just like you...I also have a passion for taijutsu and it's my main style...." She then turned to the other boy, "I also have developed... a knack for fuinjutsu seal for the chunin exams I...." A sweat bead rolled down her bare forehead, "Haven't trained much at all..."

As they moved through the deep woods, everything seemed rather calm almost to the point of unsettling for Kanro's taste's although the variety of the mixed color leaves was a nice touch to the scenery around the group, Kanro was still overly cautious as she didn't like to be shocked when something suddenly popped off. They hadn't been walking long before they reached a fork in the road and a sign that pointed the way to Jinzo's home Kamikuri, the road was a lot shorter then she thought which gave her a glimmer of hope that her first task would end up with no conflict, a few more minutes later Kanro could see the village of Kamikuri in the distance from their dirt path noting that their mission would be soon complete, "I see it! The fair maidens are waiting for me!!!~" Jinzo said running ahead of the group again but this time however for one moment the sun hit the area around them just right that revealing a thin wire in the direction Jinzo was walking in, Kanro immediately tried to rush in, "WAIT The-!" Before she could warn Jinzo he touched where she saw the wire and the ground from beneath him suddenly snapped up as he was trapped in a wooden cage that appeared right in front of them forming form Jinzo's sides, from three different angle's kunai's were thrown at each of them Kanro quickly moved her hand to her pouch at her side and grabbed a senbon needle where she focused her strength and accuracy before throwing a senbon needle to deflect the kunai coming at her, once the kunai were blocked three bandit looking thieves jumped from the surrounding forest to right in front of them.


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Yoshihiro made a small 'o' shape with his mouth as he learned more about his newfound companions. Come to think of it, he hadn't really met many other Genin since graduating from the Ninja Academy. Sure, there were the odd people who might've been in his class with him, but he had never really bothered to talk to people while he was in school save for Sachihiro. He squinted briefly, taking the two girls in as he tried to remember if he'd met them before yet, alas, he had no such luck... save for the nonexistent luck that Jinzo was having attempting to impress and court the two kunoichi escorting him currently.

"A medical nin?" the teen echoed as Ting spoke, his eyes lighting up with interest at hearing more about her area of focus. He hadn't met many of those since he had become a Genin. Truthfully, he was terrible at healing arts, it might've done something to do with how he had a bit of a resistance to it naturally. Then again, there was that one time when he was trying it out in the academy that he somehow gave his 'patient' polka dot skin. That being said, he was still very much impressed by the blue haired girl's practice! "You must be a very good healer in that case. Do you weave your skills into your Taijutsu?" he asked eyes sprinkling with curiosity that characterized his way of thinking.

Attention shifted next to the more quiet and reserved member of their squad. Kenro was an interesting figure to Yoshihiro, moreso once Ting touched on her clan's ability to control insects. That tidbit of information caused the teen's eyes to go wide, "That's so cool!" he said, opening up a bit now that he felt more in the groove of talking about chakra and jutsu. He grinned as he looked at the girl, "Can you get giant spiders to fight for you?" he continued. He listened on pins and needles as Kenro spoke more about her skill in Taijutsu and Fuinjutsu. Yoshi thought she must've been working on some really cool tricks for the Chunin Exams, so when the girl revealed that she hadn't been doing anything to prepare for them, the boy almost stumbled over in shock. "Ehhhhh?" he asked, a tad in disbelief as the girl had one of those comical anime sweatdrop moments.

The teen decided to offer a bit about himself next as they passed the fork in the road, following the sign to Kamakuri village. It was a short walk by all regards, it had taken them maybe no more than an hour or so. "I feel boring now compared to the cool things you two can do. I specialize in Ninjutsu and Chakra Flow" he said, reaching up to rub the back of his head. He never felt to special really, it felt like everyone stuck to the basics like him, even if he had learned to balance out fighting from a range with dealing with enemies up close like in Taijutsu. Yoshi opened his mouth to speak again, but was promptly cut off by Kenro who had lunged forwards towards the eccentric Jinzo whilst shouting a warning.

The Genin yelped as he seamlessly pulled out a kunai from his bag out of instinct. It was a good thing he did to, for he had little time to react to the incoming kunai, raising his arm up and to the side to slice at it, deflecting it away towards the bushes to the sound of metal clinking against metal. Yoshi frowned, his face tense as he saw the three goons appear out of the forest, standing between the caged Jinzo and the squad of rookies. "Hey! Get me outta here! I can't bring joy to the lives of boring people if I'm stuck in this cage!" he yelped, much to the trio's chagrin.

Yoshi used the outburst to seize the moment, noticing one of the rogue shinobi glaring at him silently. Clasping his hands together, the boy thrusted his open palms out towards the goon in the middle, launching a violent corrent of wind that collided and cut into the enemy, catching them off guard. "The hell?" the knocked back Genin shouted, "I thought they were just fresh garduates from the Academy!" another yelped. The largest one, the leader, pulled out a large metal quarterstaff, swinging it above his head before slashing forwards with it to send a wide 3m arc of lightning at the trio! "Just grab the loudmouth and lets go! No need to fight these kids!" the leader barked, causing his other goon to move towards the cage just as his partner fell to the ground in a pained grunt.

Yoshi lept up into the air, walking up into the sky in three long strides, similar to walking up stairs. From here, he threw his kunai towards the knocked back ninja he had hit earlier, aiming to hit him before he could even get back up to his feet! "I go high both of you go low!" he quipped since, well, he didn't reckon they could kinda fly like he could...



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As the flamboyant Jinzo found himself triggering a trap and falling prey to a deep trap, Ting would give a slight grin. It may not have been the most mature reaction to a valuable asset being caught by the enemy, but to be fair Jinzo was a handful. He seemed excessively confident at every turn and that would likely have amounted to his doom in the long run. Ting would move aside from the oncoming kunai, dusting off her shoulder as if to display confidence toward the opponents.

No, she sure had not prepare adequately for the exams yet, but she had a good head on her shoulders for handling surprises and ambushes. She had been on the streets for long enough that it was nothing new to her. One should always expect that something will go wrong, and be able to react accordingly. Yoshihiro would air walk, avoiding the incoming attack of lightning release in that way as he shouted for the two below to take the opponent’s from below.

I’ll go left, you keep right. Dividing their attention is the best way to handle this.” Ting would say quietly to Kanro as she pushed herself into action. With adrenaline kicking in, so would her body. Using her most basic of dashes, muscle tissue would wrap around her legs tightly. With incredibly enhanced speed Ting would bound from her place in the formation next to Kanro, posing beneath Yoshihiro and slamming the bottoms of both feet directly into the leftmost of the three attackers, causing a great deal of bruising to his face, breaking his nose with ease. The knockback of that attack would floor him.

Ting would ready herself for an exchange of fisticuffs with the man, throwing a few aggressive jabs and moving toward him in a way that forced him to reposition further away from the other two. This was her element, one on one with a single opponent. Though she had a few select attacks that could have made short work of the missing Nin, it seemed with her two companions that Jinzo was in no real danger inside his cage. What Ting interpreted that was was a free pass to practice legitimate hand to hand close quarters combat on a real adversary.

Stay calm, Jinzo. We will save thee, you fair maiden. The blue haired woman would grin as she launched a right hook at her opponent with her full physical might.

“H..hey! I’m no maiden!” Jinzo would retort from his trap. It was lovely to see him finally settled down, whether it was forced unto him or not at this point. Ting’s hook would meet her opponents raised guard, which was followed with a retaliatory left jab that Ting had to duck to avoid, returning an uppercut beneath his guard to clock him directly in the jaw.

Ting would remain at the ready to assist her team members if they should have needed it.

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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

Her squad was now under attack, no that wasn't exactly right as they were the ones attacking but the situation definitely forced them into confrontation with the three bandits in front of them, which Kanro was sure their goal was to capture the all too eager Jinzo to make a quick buck and honestly if he wasn't the target of protection she wouldn't have even blinked an eye but such a situation was not the case. The male of the group once the team was alerted to Kanro surprise, let out a burst of air to the bandit in the middle and then proceeded to jump into the  air and was actually flying as he yelled out he would go high and for them to go low, the other female decided she would take the bandit on the left meaning that Kanro's person was actually the leader of their group in which she knew had the lightning element as well as a level of proficiency with the large quarterstaff he was carrying with him.

Judging by his movements earlier Kanro could make the assessment that he was a bit more skilled in the art of actual combat then she was, but that only made her heart race and increased her excitement as it just meant that she wouldn't have to hold back. Kanro quickly weaved the Dragon and Tiger handseals which caused about 10,000 of her bugs to swarm out of various parts of her body before they split two ways and surrounded her hands giving the appearance of black gloves, while the leader bandit was distracted on trying to think of a plan while watching the other two being attacked by Kanro's squad members she began to run over to him causing his attention to switch to her movements and in response swung down his staff at her as she came within three meters of him, Kanro who had been in motion switched her movements as she leaned forward doing a front flip where she curled her body ever so slightly too allow the leader's staff to slip between the open space between her legs while the end hit the ground before she thrust both of her feet out onto the leader's face causing him to stumble back as she kicked him in the face, as he stumbled the leader dropped his staff holding his hands to his face as the pain coursed through it while he did so Kanro grabbed his weapon and throw it like a spear away from the group disarming the bandit.

Using the slight moment of hesitation from the bandit Kanro once again rushed forward going as fast as she could, when she got within a meter she did a pivot spin on her right foot before planting a palm strike that moved at 10m/s onto the leader's open gut, Kanro's strength, unfortunately, was rather below even genin standards because she had been neglecting training her physical strength.

However, if one observed closely they could see that coming from the bandit's leader body was a bluish aura that was flowing towards Kanro's black gloves, she was stealing his chakra away from just a single strike, as the leader realized this he began to sweat and slightly tremble as he felt a tiny piece of his chakra had been sapped away from him, although the bounty on Jinzo's head would be a nice payday for them with the group of genin confronting them he came upon the fact that as the battle dragged on with him using more jutsu since the shinobi in front of him would surely keep his weapon out of his reach and sustaining attacks he could potentially have all his chakra taken away from him bringing him close to death which made his trembling all the more severe, "Th..! This isn't worth it! let's get out of here!!" The leader said as he jumped away into the forest leaving the other two behind as he just wanted to escape.



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E ~> E-1, 75 words (1,682 Words Left)
E-1 ~> E-2, 150 words (1,532 Words Left)
E-2 ~> E-3, 225 words (1,307 Words Left)
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Yoshi saw the kunai thud into the abdomen of the downed bandit. A small bell of victory rang out in his head, it was a clean hit! The bandit was left yelling out in pain as he fumbled to pull the blade out as quick as he good, even though the damage had clearly been done by then. This, along with the impressive display of skill done by his teammates, had caused the tide of the battle to decisively turn in the favor of the Genin. Sure, they had gotten the jump on the three, but now that the fighting was all out in the open, it wasn't much of a contest to see that he, Ting, and Kanro were the better comprehensive unit. It felt good to see the bandits stand up, scurrying away as they realized they were in over their heads. "Bail out! Bail out!" the one he had hit yelled, following the lead of his leader as he disappeared, using the Body Flicker jutsu to vanish into the forest and out of sight.

As the fighting began to calm down, Jinzo grabbed at the bars of his cell, cheering the three on. "Yeah! That's right you suckers, you better get outta here before I, the amazing Jinzo, use my secret technique: the Catch These Hands jutsu!" he shouted, taunting the fleeing enemy as the three Genin were alone with the loud Chunin once again. At seeing the less than impressed looks that the rest of the group were giving him, Jinzo gave a pouting look on his face, folding his arms, his voice dampening down to more of a calm and somewhat bargaining voice. "So... ehhhh, you three won't go ahead and tell anyone about this right? I gotta keep my street cred legit!" he said, causing Yoshi to frown somewhat. This was what a real Chunin looked like? Why, any three of their team could've easily beaten him alone! In a way it was slightly reassuring to the boy, he might face other Jinzos in the Chunin Exams, and therein might be up against some people who were all talk. It was the only silver lining that Yoshi could think of that Jinzo had given him.

"Alright, let's get you outta that thing" the teen said, walking over to the box and reaching up at the ropes holding the planks of wood together to keep the chunin trapped inside. It was a pretty crude trap. If it hadn't been camoflauged so well, the three would've probably spotted it fairly easily. A few moments after starting, the lynchpin keeping the thing together easily fell apart, causing the wooden planks to fall down on top of Jinzo in a heap, causing the Chunin to yelp in surprise. Yoshi clicked his tongue before reaching over to pull the various large pieces of wood off of the other teen, eventually allowing the eccentric man to get back up to his feet. "Another victory for Jinzo and the side-characters!" the man said, doing a pose before looking over to the village gates up ahead. "Come, onwards my nameless colleagues!" he declared, beginning to walk to the gates once again.

As the three would continue to walk, Yoshi would stay back with the two he had moments ago fought with. As they reached the village, the teen would speak the first thoughts that came to his mind, not really thinking to put up much in the way of a filter at all. "So how about making an official team?" he asked, just lobbing the question out there like a grenade of uncertainty. He had always wanted to find two other people to form a true shinobi squad with. Even if they were all about to fight in the Chunin Exams, they still would be facing harder and harder missions as they got stronger, it'd be good if they had primary people to know how to fight alongside. Yoshi looked to the two as he gauged their reaction to his idea, "It felt natural to fight with you both, and with all the missions we all gotta do once we become Chunin, we'll have to team up sooner or later with other shinobi. Why not just make an official squad?" he asked, watching as Jinzo disappeared into the main shinobi building in the village, leaving them to return home as they wished. He asked again:

"What would our squad be called? I'm willing to go right now to the Hokage's office and sign us up. I mean it"

Regardless of whatever the two replied with, he'd walk home with them, using the same path they had taken to return to the village gates and truely end their mission. He'd ponder their words, and decide what the next course of action would be.



Total WC: 2848

  • C-rank Mission Completion: 1500/1500
  • C-Rank Mission Bonus Ryo Payout: 1200/1200(300/25 = 12, 12*100= 1200 words for 300 bonus ryo)

Extra 148 wc going to waste


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Missions of this sort did not always have happy endings, so it was a much needed delight for Ting to find that this one had. Watching her two teammates perform most effectively, she would smile at the circumstances surrounding the strange Jinzo and continue the conversation regarding the formation of a squad at a later date. For now, they would complete the transporting of the flamboyant young man to his village and confirm the details with the administration office after a safe return.

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