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Mission name: Train the Academy! (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Teach the academy students a skill they need to learn
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: One of the classes at the Kiri ninja academy, training 8 year olds needs a ninja to teach the class academy level skills.
Mission details: The ninja takes a class of Acadamy students and teaches them the principles, ins and outs of academy jutsu or skills.

The Senju had already properly settled into the great ocean city of Kirigakure and felt he needed to return it’s kindness by helping out its community in some way. As lay on his mattress, he looked up at the ceiling thinking of the various missions he could take on, those akin to providing a proper service to its city. He looked over at his lotus flower, now a little more matured as the seasons would soon pass and it was growing “quite well” in his own modest term. He got up from his bed and stretched out the formerly relaxed muscles, as he prepared himself for the day to come. It was still early morning so there was no rush in running out like he usually did. Though he had only been a shinobi for the last five or so months he had already felt like he had age a couple years. Drawing blood and injuring others can really change a person’s outlook on life, but the boy stayed positive in his endeavors. Bottling whatever emotions would be considered negative to others.
He walked out of the administration’s apartment complexes and proceeded to trail his way down the steps, past its lush marshland inspired gardens and into the administration’s office itself where he had met with the same people who had always registered him in missions. He greeted them kindly, as fellow allies there was no need for pleasantries amongst them. He was here as a guest after all, and this city did a fine job of welcoming him.

“We’ve got a few missions for you Senju” the lady behind the desk said “They’re looking for someone to train some of the academy students. Paying the usual.” She handed him a manilla folder to which he opened up and proceeded to read the small briefing.
It was from the academy teacher himself asking the administration’s office to provide them with a fellow shinobi to help teach the young ones how to make a jutsu. He closed the folder and responded to the lady “I’ll be taking the mission, see you in a few!” and went off. The lady couldn’t help but speak under her breath “good luck”

Reading the very map given to him by the city of Kiri, he was able to properly maneuver his way throughout the cities narrow aisles and many bridges. It wasn’t long before he found himself at the academy’s entrance and happily made his way in.
It was a nice change of pace. He had seen a lot of blood in his past missions and it was nice to finally get back to one’s roots. He walked passed a few hallways carefully looking at the room numbers and panning back to the manila folder, being sure they matched up.

“B2, B2, B2, B2- There it is!” He finally found himself at the room he was assigned and slid the door open as their Sensei, a Chunin by the name of Gauko came into view.

“Hello!” he greeted the boy almost immediately “You must be the shinobi answering the mission. I’m Gauko” the two exchanged a handshake
“I’m Sachihiro, pleasure to meet you all!” we waved at the amused yet confused children.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Students, this here’s one of the genin that the academy vouched for. He’s on the exchange program and is here to help you all better understand our academy techniques. As you can see he’s quite young, pretty close to you all’s age. So don’t forget, through hard work and dedication one can become a genin quite early”

“Thank you!” Sachi followed up on his introduction, though a little timid to begin with, he remind himself that these were the first steps in becoming a sensei. Understanding and knowing how to properly teach others. He looked over at the chalkboard behind him that read:

Academy Techniques: Transformation Technique

He smiled as he knew this technique pretty well. Probably one of the first one he got the hang of fastest. “So I see you guys are learning the Transformation Technique. Anyone here know how to use it?” he asked and took a quick skim around the room, taking note of a young lady raising her hand eagerly. Eagerness was a trait he appreciated and did not hesitate to call on her as she quickly jumped out of her seat and placed herself just next to the boy.

“Okay, what’s your name?” he asked
“I’m Akari”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Akari! Now, what do  you know this technique?”

And as if straight from the text book, she stood up straight and began reciting “This jutsu is typicall used to change into people other than oneself. A ninja must perform the rat sign to assist in molding the necessary chakra to perform this jutsu. Transformations include but are not limited to animals, plants and other objects. It is considered one of the more difficult techniques as it requires the user to constantly siphon chakra throughout their body so as to maintain the transformation.” Ending the informative dictation with a nod.

He smiled and nodded along, impressed at the girls detailed review of their technique. “Well whatever we waiting for? Let’s both turn into Gouru Sensei!”

The two almost in unison performed the hand signs and in cloud of smoke created a near identical version of the teacher before them. The crowd of children wow’d at the marvel and this encouraged Sachi to proceed with a little more crowd interaction. He whispered in Akari’s ear and she giggled as they poofed back to their original forms. Sachi then turned to Gauko and smiled sheepishly, with Gouru grimacing as he knew just what they were going to do.


Another cloud of smoke and now the two emerged as a crude and comical version of their sensei. The kids hollered out with booming laughter. They were still children after all and might as well keep it light while their innocence was still intact. Gauko walked over and stood in front of the mess of laughing children “Alright alright, we get it! Settle down now. Mister Sachihiro I hope you have some more things planned, correct?” the man asked sternly. A little annoyed at the mockery but happy nonetheless his kids were enjoying themselves.
“Okay Akari, you can go back to your seat” the two poofed back as the little lady proceeded to head back to her assigned seat.

“Now that’s just a small example of what the transformation technique is available. As Akari had said before, it’s not limited to people either!” the boy weaved the handsign and poofed into the shape of a standing dog and continued “There’s no real limit as to what one can transform into and it’s really entirely up to the user’s imagination” he released the jutsu and performed it again, this time transforming into a small vortex of leaves “It can be quite strange at first glance but one you understand this technique and its full potential it’ll come to you quite easily, especially during combat where deception is key” he finally poofed back to his old self. Continuing on with the day as the kids listened attentively and showcased their own transformation as Sachi encouraged them all to transform into whatever they wanted to.

The day ended as the kids happily waved him goodbye, a day properly spent learning and forging the mind’s of Kiragakure’s youths.

“It was a good day” he told himself, exiting the school grounds and making his way to the administration’s building, looking to turn his mission statements in.

He enjoyed the little time he had spend the young up and coming genin. Taking into consideration his ability to teach others he would makes sure to become a better teacher for the future generations to come. For now however, he would be having to train himself up until that moment comes.

Chakra 245/250:
Name: Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -5 every other post.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. Despite this, this technique has an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon (however, this can be used as a bluff). Sensory techniques can easily pick out someone transformed using this jutsu: the user's chakra would be active, as well as the fact that their biological functions and scent are not masked by this jutsu. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every other post after that.

Mission Accomlished | Exit Thread

TWC: 1353

Mission Payment: 1 D Rank Jutsu + 150 Ryo

Discarded 1353 - 750 - 600 = 3wc

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