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A shadow moved in the night. It hungers and lust for blood of both human and vampires linger within his system, waiting - watching. The figure moved in the outskirts of Nuevida as the shadows were his guidance - his destination was close at hand. He had kept a black robe on to hide his appearance as well as keeping on black mask as well, shielding his face as only his crimson, blood - red eyes peaked through the lonely night of god-making mask. He wanted no one to learn of him and his relation to King Elnaer, for he would be a huge question mark, but it mattered to him not, his life was far from an end. But having no friends and no one to fight with, it put him in a state of depression, more-so Melancholy. Getting back to town from his long trip, he had heard of his cousin, Elnaer, destroying life as it is now. A devilish smirk came about the figure's facial features as he shifted hi dark gaze upon the moon, seeing a tree-like monster hovering in the atmosphere, absorbing the moonlight rays, supplying the monster with more and more energy and transferring it into mana. That was Elnaer alright; always having a trick up his sleeve, as he would say. "Cousin... is this what really came to?" He patiently walked to the castle as it was not far from him. He took one small step, and with a swift dash - he appeared on the very doorstep of the castle in less than a second flat. He granted himself his natural vampiric abilities along with the T-virus syrum flowing in his veins and circulating the blood, traveling into all courses, enhancing his body once more.

One look above the castle grounds and many forces were in the ruins of the castle, some in the air as well, fighting his cousin with all of their might in both physical strength and spiritual strength (magic). But, yet as it seems, Elnaer was winning once again and he proved himself to be an even more powerful foe while still keeping the roots planted on the moon. Best case, break the moon. Crush it. Destroy it. If that's where his source of power was coming from, kill it. That was the plan: The first, and hopefully the last, plan for Tavair. He shifted his gaze to the moon, then slowly back at the battlefield and kept his eyes on Elnaer. Make use of Tavair and use him as a distraction so others can target the moon. The world may be with one less moon, but at least it'll weaken Elnaer greatly enough to kill him. He would have to think of a sneak attack to lay Elnaer off the others with no attention, having Elnaer focus mainly on Tavair for the time-being for the to destroy the moon. Time to initiate the plan and put into motion. Viewing the castle, size in height was humongous. Elnaer in that form would be very slow in speed, but very strong in both physical and spiritual prowess both. Attack with nothing but speed and don't get hit. Vampires don't tire out like humans; Actually kind of glad Tavair was a vampire at times. The castle was in ruins, and Elnaer was above it; on the very top floor. Tavair stepped onto the ruins of the castle and saw people fighting Elnaer, and each other. He sighed.

He took a look at Elnaer and also saw two people physically trying to tear the roots apart, but somehow getting to no avail. He sprung himself in the air and gently landed on the upper building of the castle. He was a few feet below Elnaer. He let his left foot rest behind his foot as his left foot lightly tapped the surface he was standing on. He kept his hands in his pockets as the black robe and mask still stayed within his body and face. All he needed was one good push; one good shot; one good kick, and everyone long range-wise can concentrate on the moon; Elnaer's source of power so far. He crouched to the ground, and with an immensive push from his legs, the force greeted him with a boost of speed as he then pushed off his legs and soared to Elnaer within high speed. The wind following his trails. As he got close, he visualized his next plan and proceeded to twist his body according to his plan.

  • If Tavair got close enough to Elnaer, Tavair would twist his body in a 360º manner with his right leg kicking out in front of him. As he twists his body, he lashes out a powerful airborne roundhouse kick to Elnaer's tree-like body. If the connected, depending on the force and strength of the kick, Elnaer would feel a sharp pain, and quickly stumble backwards, but since the tree being sturdy, he would quickly regain his balance, paying his attention only to Tavair.

If that succeeds or it does not succeeds, Tavair would tell the rest of the people, "Target the moon. You see he absorbs more and more of the rays to regain his strength. Destroy the moon, and there will be no more rays." After saying that, Tavair would leaped a few feet away from Elnaer, back onto the surface of the top ruins of the castle, but still in front, indicating a nice little stare off with his older cousin. Royalty to royalty; von Mira, to von Mira.

"Nice to see you, Elnaer."

WC: 931

The intimidation that was given to Tavair by Elnaer's words of saying Die 5 times was amusing to him, but when the bastard tree-like titan created a red leaf storm and aimed the damned thing at Tavair, it was something he did not expect; at all. He was sure the kick did a good amount of damage to even move the damn thing - being Elnaer was very sturdy and reluctantly very difficult to even budge - but, he was still absorbing the moon rays while hovering one hundred meters in the air. s***... he's still powerful. Tavair was thinking in his head as he crossed his arms and looked downward to see his cousin, Alsa, muttering words but still recovering. Tavair then bend down to Alsa's level to pick him up and also remembered the hurricane of red leaves aiming for him by his cousin. He had to think fast and careful. Picking Alsa up, Tavair jumped from the top ruins to the bottom of the castle grounds before he looked upward. As he looked upward, he still saw the hurricane of red leaves focusing solely on him as the hurricane followed him wherever he go. "Yes, I am. Glad you're still saying a few words." He said to Alsa while still holding him. It was his way of saying what Alsa had asked him, but instead of asking a question, Tavair told a statement. Seems legit. Now, if only Tavair and put his cousin in a safe place.

"I only came back because I was on vacation and wanted to see the family, not engage myself in a battle against your brother Alsa. Mind filling me in on what made him change into that thing?" He said to his cousin. As the battle raged on, he noticed something very different and odd about the red leaf hurricane as it was dispersed because of multiple attacks landed on the monster. As Elnaer absorbed more power from the moon light, the red leaves changed into the color of silver. In Tavair's mind, those silver leaves would possibly be sharper and more durable than the red leaves. To make matters much worse, Tavair even saw a stone army surrounded the tree in the air. Tavair didn't have a much closer look to know if they were either alive or dead, but didn't care nonetheless, but had hope that the stone army was on the good side. When he saw the tree firing silver leaves at the army, Tavair gave out a sigh of relief. Finally, Elnaer was preoccupied. He then saw a light that dispersed quickly and looked at his cousin holding up a strange, yet tiny black seed in his hands. He turned his back on his cousin, but gave him a side look from behind, saying "I'm going to fight on the front line. If you need anything, just yell." With that being said, Tavair leaped from the castle grounds to the ruins in order to help the others. Apparently this stone army kept Elnaer busy for a while.

Then Elnaer had another target as he grew more thick branches and aimed at someone else. This gave Tavair an idea, but it somehow still involved the moon. And even that was impossible to even think of. Tavair decided to stay where he was and try to at least think of something. The kick was lucky enough, but it didn't help much when Elnaer regained his balance. This battle might be hardy than he thought it would be. It seemed as if Elnaer was unbeatable as long as that moon is still in one piece, giving out moonlight for Elnaer to regain his mana and possibly gain more abilities at that. What to do, what to do. Only thing to do was fight, but Tavair would only have leap at different directions since flying was not really his strong point. It was worth a shot.

WC: 655

Total: 1538

It's like this on every post on every IC roleplay I'm in. Brain damage to the maximum.

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I feel like this is from that Thar Shaddin site I showed you. o.o


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It's far... worse than that Himi. How is that Thar Shaddin site anyway? Never got the chance to finish my character.


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