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Pale eyes breathed in the drole hum of the shanty tent. Dusted and meager upon gander, it wasn't home yet. And well--this place could use a little glamour. He found himself in conscious contrast to the off-white, linoleum and fine [yet out of place] furniture.

'I see. They must have found something interesting, --or stolen it.'

Maybe now that the hardest of what's happened has come to pass, is the reason the sun seems calmer. When he came here with Mokuzai so long ago, drinking cold water in this heat felt like the greatest luxury on earth. The ice falls against the glass, his fingers sliding on the condensation before they regain their grip. He can feel the chill run down his esophagus and his head makes an involuntary shake.  When the glass is drained, he remembered taking the ice between his molars and biting hard, feeling it melt into cold pools on his palate.

The red-haired, highbrowed corsair, Izumi, was still in his room. His gander meandered over her person, like a swooned man might still a glance. Good genes galore, with the attitude to own them. It would be a shame if the only thing genealogical about her Karisuma blood were exaggerated good looks.

"Destroying an entire clan. I see it quite reasonable in wanting to introduce him to the tip of his death. A cold blade." A singe of sympathy stung his heart. Perhaps to the same way of the longstanding Uchiha meeting their gruesome massacre.

"Everyone seems to have a story to tell. Littered with angst. Scorn and love. For as far as the distance seems surmountable. I must confess, that I envy that about people like you. You are nuanced with lived experience, something even my books and thirst for lore, cannot teach."

It was strange how cool it was in this tent. But that was high quality linoleum for you. But outside was where Suna outmatched the Land of Fire's reputation. The cruel sun beat down, it's one malevolent eye unblinking, and the sky was it's co-conspirator with not even a wisp of cloud to soften the harsh rays. The lizards took shelter in the shadows of the rocks where the sand was not hot enough to roast them, but there was no shade large enough for an regular person. Each step would sink into the searing sand, the air was thick and hazy, each breath like drowning in lava.

She went on about the meeting between the Kage as a reaction to Suna's destruction. Oddly enough, the same man responsible for the genocide of Izumi's bloodline, and destroying her home, might have been put to it by the Raikage. Who she has already described as a bit off. She gathered her person whilst elaborating, and so he followed as to to stay close to her voice.

Her words left a knot in his stomach. A welt of disappointment that one would typically experience when meeting one's hero. Or someone that you held to esteem being found of wrong doings. The worst part about this to Honnari was, that he knew that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

"Your clan is no more, and your home. All to the same man under the right hand of the Raikage?--" He felt a sting in his heart. The same surge that runs through him whenever he feels a call to act.

"And he's gone virtually--unchecked for his crimes? Even my blood is beginning to boil. Is any of this a secret to the Great Nations. For, if a lawless, rogue like you knows these things, then why shouldn't the Kage?"

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