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Ryo forgot about one of the most integral parts of being a shinobi. Missions. Being in a rut for so long, he almost forgot that they existed. Ever since his squad did not work out, he just withered away in his room, only going outside when he wanted to escape the chaos of his foster home. Some kids that he lived with started to grow up, with a handful of them going as far as enrolling in the academy. This kind of meant trouble for Ryo, because his role in the house was becoming less and less of a necessity. His foster parents kept him around when he reached adulthood for one reason: to become a shinobi and provide for them when they got old. This one motivation, which Ryo ended up accepting after it was pushed onto him, required him to actually do the work required. This meant that there was no more time for lazying around and looking at waterfalls while everyone he knew rose to fame. He had to get out of the house and grow. Although Ryo normally complains most of the time, going on about how he needs to "conserve energy", he actually does want to catch up to those that were once his peers. In simple terms, he was being left behind, and he did not exactly enjoy it. So, seeing his foster relatives on the brink of promise was enough motivation to give the 'ol ninja game another swing. There were multiple ways to go about doing this. He could either, one, train and practice to become stronger, or two, do missions that he is comfortable with. There is no better feeling than getting paid to do things that do not drain the life out of you (or kill you, if you were to take dangerous ones). So, there was really no other way to do this than doing what he knows best: playing detective.

"I took on the case with the same intent I had for any other one. I wanted the paycheck."

Ryo woke up early that morning with purpose. Just the previous day, he chose the mission he would do to make him seem more useful. The mission did not exactly seem that special on the outside, but it had a lot of potential to grow into something much bigger. When he got out of bed, he made his way to the shower, picking up the folder containing the details for his assignment on the way. As he walked down the hall towards the bathroom, he opened the folder to read the information once more. Inside was a paper explaining the situation as well as the names of the employers and the location and time of the meeting. The assignment included the investigation of stolen property, which, in this case, is a very valuable emerald necklace. To successfully complete the mission one must retrieve the stolen jewels and apprehend the suspect if possible. Failure to retrieve the jewels would result in the failure of the mission and therefore making the paycheck nonexistent. Attached to the corner of the open folder with a paperclip was a picture of the necklace, which clearly showed its inconceivable value. When he finished reviewing the material, Ryo made it to the bathroom and opened the door. With a mission like this, which one could see the serious side of without any difficulty, Ryo could not help but to get excited as he stripped down and got into the shower, placing the folder on the bathroom counter. In his mind, Ryo was a hard boiled detective straight out of a famous novel, narrating himself with a gritty and cynical voice.

"I could do this case in my sleep if I wanted to. This was all the victim's fault for being so easy to steal from. I couldn't put all of the blame on them, though, it was a dog eat dog world, after all."

After some time had passed and Ryo got himself good and cleaned, he exited the shower. Grabbing a nearby towel he would quickly dry himself off with it before wrapping it around his waist. Once he picked up the file on the counter, he opened the door to the bathroom and made his way back to his room. Since it was still very early in the morning, the kids that also lived in the foster home were still asleep. Ryo's foster parents were also still in bed, but their alarm would be coming soon. Ryo wanted to get out of the house before that happened. When he reached his room, he would open his door and step inside, letting the towel around his waist fall to the floor once the door clicked shut behind him. His room was one of the few places in the large house that he felt comfortable. His room, as messy as it may seem at times, was his sanctuary. He is free when he is inside of it, able to relax as the weights are removed from his shoulders. Ryo, now completely uncovered, would make his way to his dresser. After dragging his feet through the junk on the floor, which included dirty (probably) clothes and books, he would finally reach it, opening the first drawer and pulling out a pair of briefs. After sliding those on, he would close the first drawer and pull open the third, pulling out his standard black slacks. Smoothing sliding his legs through the pants, he would refrain from buttoning the waistband until he opened the second drawer and put on a white button-up. When he looked into the mirror on his wall, this outfit was no different from his usual one, made even more clear as he put on his brown loafers. However, there was still something that needed to be added. After going to his door and grabbing a tan trench coat and a gray fedora from the nearby rack, Ryo would return to the mirror after donning these two items. Now we were talking. The man in the mirror now was no longer Ryo. No, this was his super secret alter ego, Detective Fujita.

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"When I stepped outside, the cold air hit hard. I quickly lit a cigarette and took a long puff, hoping that this bad habit killed me before this shitty weather."

When Ryo stepped outside, the cold morning air furiously snapped at him as he shut the door behind him. The cold was always too much when the sun was down in the village. Its arid and dry climate made it so it was on the hotter side of things, but the climate also made the rock country rely too much on the sun. Without the giant ball of fire in the sky, all heat was gone. Shutting the door behind him, Ryo reached into the pocket of his trench coat, only to bring out an empty hand seconds later. He would go through the motions involved in lighting a cigarette, but without any of the necessary items. He acted as if he pulled out a carton from his pocket, pulled out rolled up tobacco only to put it in his mouth. Then, he would pretend as if he was lighting the imaginary cigarette before inhaling deep. He'd hold the air in his lungs for a moment, before releasing the imaginary smoke. Smoking was a terrible habit, which, Ryo knew never to pick up. The idea of inhaling smoke has become more and more popular with new plants being made into drugs, which Ryo made a mental note never to get involved in. Detective Fujita, however, did support the nasty habit, using it to relieve the stress from the cases he constantly took. He had to spend the money he made on something, so why not on something that destroyed your lungs? Ryo pretended to take another puff from the invisible cigarette, before dropping it on the ground and "snuffing" it out, even though there was nothing there. As Ryo started to walk away from his home, the sun's light started to briefly shine over the horizon.

"I didn't know what to think when I saw the house, the only question I could think of was why someone would need so many columns."

The victim's house was located on the side of the town that held most of the upper class. If gated communities were a thing in large villages, this place would be the epicenter. The house had multiple stories, and one could easily tell that the number of rooms inside the thing was way too much for a husband and wife. Ryo did not really plan on asking them what they did as a job, but he could not help but to get more and more curious. Ivy and ferns grew through the crevices of the old winding stone path, which led directly to the colossal structure. The mansion loomed proudly behind creaky iron gates, flanked by rows of skeletal trees crowned in crimson, swaying gently to the chilly autumn wind. At its threshold stood the delicate marble fountain, the soft gurgling of the clear water melodic as it resonated in the surrounding silence. Ryo opened the gate, letting it squeak as it swung open before making his way to the illuminated front door. When knocked on the door, a middle aged man in a white shirt and black vest answered. Judging by his demeanor and attitude, Ryo made the conclusion that the man was a butler, one of the many possible helpers that stayed in the mansion. The top of his head lacked any sign of hair, with a small amount of gleam shining from the chandelier light over head.

"The butler freaked me out from the start. It could be clear to anyone how suspicious this guy was, no one with a personality like that could never do good. But hey, I exist, right?"

"And who may you be?" The man inquired. His voice did not exactly fit his manly figure, with it being more on the high pitched side, almost sounding like a squeaky toy. There also a slight hint of an accent, making him sound more snobby than he probably should. This man has probably been apart of the upper class scene for quite some time.

"Ryo Fujita, I'm a Genin... I'm here to investigate the stolen necklace?" Ryo said with his usual monotone voice, making the sentence seem like a question as he removed his fedora from his head with his left hand and extended his right as a greeting handshake. The butler looked down at Ryo's hand with what seemed to be a stare filled with disdain, which prompted Ryo to slowly confuse his hand, nervously chuckling as he did. What did he do to this guy?

"... Come in," The butler said with his condescending tone, his nose curling up as if he caught a whiff of a bad smell as Ryo stepped into the house. An uncomfortable grin appeared on Ryo's face as a depiction of the "I don't know how to deal with this situation" response. Taking a glance around the entry hall, Ryo took in the curved staircase covered in shining red carpet that covered the glossy marble floor before turning back to the butler.

"Are they ready for me?" he asked. It was almost eight in the morning now, which was the predetermined time that Ryo would meet with the married couple to discuss the case. Ryo set up the meeting, mostly as a way to get a feel of where to start looking for the necklace. He really wondered how they expected someone to find the necklace from the scarce amount of details in the mission folder.

"Yes," the butler irritatedly said, "They're in there," he finished, motioning to the first door on Ryo's left in the massive entry hall. After the directions were given, the butler swiftly walked away. It was clear to Ryo that the guy hated him. The reason why was a mystery, possibly one much bigger than the one Ryo was here to investigate. There are a lot of people that inconspicuously hated Ryo's guts. Like Aikiko. She was a prime example, what did he ever do to her? Ryo turned to look at the door that the man told him to go through, taking a deep breath before making his way across the room. He did not know what to expect from this point onward.

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"At first I thought the husband's attitude raised some flags, but I learned quite quickly that he just wasn't interested in his wife's over dramatization."

When Ryo opened the door and stepped in the room, he was greeted with quite the sight. The was a man much younger than the butler that answered the door, with smooth black hair brushed back. The man was the embodiment of handsome, with smooth skin and a sharp jaw combined with his broad and muscular from that was being covered up with a standard black tuxedo. His face was interesting, he seemed annoyed, more than Ryo usually did. The man's mouth had a slight curve downward while his eyes went to different points of the room, trying to find something else that he could do. His wife, who was seated to his left, was a different story. Despite Ryo's disinterest in girls, she was quite the broad to look at. Her hair was a shiny brown that stretched to her mid-back, with most of it hanging over her right should. Her head was shaped like an oval, and her cheeks had a natural rosy color. She wore a satin red dress that had a slit below the waist to make it easy to move. The two of them seemed to be in an argument as Ryo opened the door.

The husband was the first one that Ryo heard. "I don't know why we need to waste money on a shinobi. I told you several times that I can buy you one exactly like it so we don't have to go through this shit," The man's words matched the look on his face. Annoyance. The way he said the word 'shinobi' made it seem like the word sparked a fiery anger in the man. It made Ryo slightly uncomfortable as he stood in the doorway, but he was put at ease by the wife's response.

"I told you!" The wife responded, her voice full of worry, "That necklace was my grandmother's, you can't just replace it like you everything else." The wife's face was showing the same emotion that her words carried, and she was sick of her husband's attitude. Ryo could technically get behind what she was fighting for, but he didn't want to be a part of it. It seemed like the couple's argument was evolving into something that Ryo should not see, giving him the urge to step outside until the pair's eyes turned to him. He was now a part of the conversation.

The wife immediately got up from her seat and went over to Ryo, taking his hand from his side and frantically shaking it. "Thank you for coming! You don't know how much this means to me, or uh... us." Ryo glanced towards the husband, who seemed to be looking the other direction, almost pretending that Ryo or his wife wasn't there. When Ryo turned his attention back towards the wife, her sea blue eyes stared back at him, too close for comfort as they dug deep for a response.

"Uh, ha ha..." Ryo nervously began, "You're welcome, this is no problem. Really." Ryo was actually getting to the point where he was kind of happy to be here. At first, he was using this simple C-rank level mission as a chance to play detective, something that he kind of has a knack for. Now, however, he felt like he was helping someone who was in a time of need. Did he enjoy doing stuff like this? He kind of enjoyed helping those guys out of the tunnel in Sunagakure, but that had a little too much blood. Maybe he needs some more time to figure this out.

"Please, sit down!" The wife said as she walked back to her seat by her husband, pulling Ryo by his arm in the process. With a slight push from the woman, Ryo found his place in the chair facing her's. During this point, the husband already got up and left the room. Ryo did not blame him. Not only was he not interested in the necklace's discovery, but his wife also started to pay attention to another man. Her actions meant nothing, really, but who could be mad at him getting angry?

The woman looked at Ryo with a face of expectation, which Ryo responded to with confusion. This staredown went on for a few uncomfortable seconds until Ryo finally realized what the lady wanted. Questions about the case. How could Ryo forget the reason why he was even at this house? It is only simple knowledge that a very successful detective, such as Detective Fujita, should question victims about what he's investigating. This case was simpler than most, it's just a stolen necklace... worth thousands and thousands of ryo and belonged to a high class couple that are both an integral part of the village's operations. Right, it is not big deal.

"I never did enjoy questioning people like this. It just seemed boring to me, but I suppose it did have to happen. "

"Alright," Ryo began, letting out a deep sigh as he leaned back in his chair, his eyes locked on the woman in front of him, "When did you notice that the necklace went missing?" It was a simple question with an important answer. Knowing when the victim realized a crime was committed allows the investigator to understand what time the criminal made his move.

"Yesterday morning." The woman said knowingly. "The necklace is always on display in the parlor in its case." It seemed pretty silly to Ryo that someone would have a necklace on display and not wear it. Maybe that was a rich people thing that they did, but how would he know?

"You don't wear it?" Ryo asked, his thoughts causing him to interrupt the woman with a question that only existed because of his curiosity. It was a good question, because wouldn't anyone think about that? The problem was that now probably was not the best time for it. Maybe.

"Sometimes," the woman sighed, "It's too valuable to wear often. Not only does it hold a lot of emotional value to me, but it can also turn a bum's life around." Was this necklace really worth that much?

"Does the case it's in having a lock?" Another good question from the master detective. If there was a lock, how would the thief get the necklace out? To some, a lock would seem like a necessary investment to store something of a significant value, but that is not always the case. A lock is a clear label for something that is worth money, which could draw thieves in.

"No... it doesn't." The woman confessed, her words filled with a strange sadness that almost seemed like regret. The presence of this emotion was clearly understandable. If it had a lock, then the necklace would probably still be there. But who knows, if there was a lock on the case, then the couple would have probably ended up with a shattered case and a stolen necklace.

"Right, that’s fine," Ryo began, trying to sound somewhat comforting with his apathetic tone, "That's fine. Did anyone in the house see who stole the necklace?" Witnesses were another important part of investigations. Witnesses can lead to a suspect, which can lead to getting the necklace back.

"One person," these words from the woman made Ryo's eyes light up. A witness equals a suspect. He thought about who would go out of their way to steal a piece of jewelry, and the only thing that could come to Ryo's mind was your everyday street rat. Someone who could not afford to have a home or pay for a meal every day. No average person would break into someone's house and steal something like that. There is just too much risk for the award. You can be set for life but have the police on your trail until you are caught? Who would choose that option?

"Who?" he asked curiously. In a house of this size, there must be dozens of workers to do different tasks. Cooks, maids, gardeners, people to do the undesired jobs, and even entertainers, all of which also lived in the house. This lady and her husband have a number of workers under their control, which would seem ridiculous to the normal person. Which worker was lucky enough to catch a peak of someone who did not want to be seen?

"There was something impressive about how rich people ring their bells to call their maids or butlers. It was almost like a work of art."

As a response to his inquiry, the woman sitting in front of Ryo casually leaned towards a table to her right, picking up a bell that was sitting on top of it. Ryo, along with practically anyone else, knew exactly what was coming next. It was the standard cliche, the thing people think of when they imagine rich peoplé. Ring a bell and have one of your many servants come and assist you, it was pretty evil if you watched it from the point of view of a normal person.

The woman did what everyone was expecting. With a short subtle movement of the wrist, the hammer inside the bell swung back and forth, hitting the metal around as it did so. The movement of the wrist was short and precise, causing the hammer to follow in its footsteps. The bell didn’t ring five times and the hammer did not go out of control. The bell rang exist three times, at the same pitch and volume. It was almost a work of art.

After the bell had rung, the woman’s eyes went to the door that Ryo had entered through earlier. Instinctively, Ryo’s eyes followed the woman’s, and they both stared at the door expectantly. As if on cue, the door knob began to turn only seconds later. When the door opened, a young woman dressed in a maid outfit entered the room.
The maid outfit that she was wearing was your standard one, the same that most people think of when they hear the term maid. A black and white frilly dress along with a short white apron and the weird hair thing. A lot of men have fantasies about this particular outfit, but Ryo had no such thing. The woman wearing the outfit could be compared to the rich woman that sat in front of Ryo. Both of them were young and the faces were not anywhere near ugly. However, the outfits they wore, a red satin dress and a maid uniform, set them apart entirely. It seemed strange to Ryo that two people, despite looking the same and living in the same house could have a large barrier set between them by their social classes.

Ryo kept looking at the maid that was standing before him, making not of her bowed head as she awaited her master’s command. This seemed to please the woman in the red dress, shown as her lips formed a slight smirk. It is common for bosses to be proud of their productive employees, but this did not feel like that. This feeling could be compared to a slave market in a way, but that is a case for another time.

“This is May, she’s one of my many maids and one of my favorites. She seems to always do me good.” This line from the woman made Ryo a bit angry. He did hold the shinobi status, but he could also be compared to a civilian most of the time. The woman’s words made it sound like she said them for the sole purpose of showing off. Another rich people clichè, to be fair, but this was the one that caused the most disgust.

Shifting his gaze back to the woman and away from May the maid, Ryo’s neutral face grew into a slight frown as the woman continued what she was saying. “May was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the scum that stole my necklace,” the word scum made Ryo’s frown go deeper, another check on the rich person clichè list. There could be several motives for stealing a necklace, but to this woman the criminal was nothing but scum. “Tell the man what you saw, May.”

Glad to finally have an excuse to stop looking at the woman in front of him once more, Ryo moved his eyes back onto May the maid, ready to hear what she had to say. As May the maid started to speak, Ryo took in her appearance one more time. The uniform she was wearing was rather loose, definitely not the size she should be wearing. Ryo could not tell from where he was sitting in the room, but he would bet that there were some attractive assets underneath the loose black and white uniform. Was her uniform a way for the rich woman to keep attention away from her help? No one could really say.

It seemed like, to Ryo at least, that there was more going on here than he thought, but none of it was related to who stole the emerald necklace. It just seemed like the woman in the red dress had an overbearing grip of control around everyone the house. Again, it was important to point out that Ryo was in no place where he could do anything about this but just made sure to make a mental note of his observations. He was almost certain that nothing would come from these observations and was pretty convinced that the rich woman who hired him was just a really shitty boss. The maid’s head moved from its bowed position to look at the woman in the red dress and then turned to Ryo. Her mouth opened once, but nothing came out. The maid then closed it again, a look growing on her face that she was preparing herself. How often did this woman talk to people to make it this uncomfortable? Almost on queue, the maid opened her mouth again, letting her recollection of the events pour out.

“I…” the young woman began, “I was done for the night, and I was walking back to my room… I had to stay up later than usual to finish sorting madam's books,” she said with a quick glance to the woman in the red dress, “When I was walking to my room I heard the sound of someone walking. At first, I didn’t think it was strange, because anyone in the house can be up at this time, but then I heard a window open. That’s something that doesn’t happen often, especially during the cold nights here.” After saying this, she seemed to hesitate a bit. Ryo theorized that this was probably the most she has spoken in quite some time. “When I went to investigate, I… I saw a man climbing out of the window. When he turned to look at me, his eyes were just… evil. He had a mask on, but I could tell that he was long black hair, standard height, I think... We stared at each other for a few seconds, I think both of us were in some sort of shock. When my eyes moved to the necklace in his hand, he finally jumped out of the window.”

Ryo was pretty impressed by the young woman’s recollection of the events two nights before. Usually, when people help out an investigator by replaying the event in their head, they seem nervous and usually need help to get through the whole thing. The worst case scenario is when the witness starts to question if what they remember is what they actually saw or what happened. At that point, the witness loses all of their worth is Ryo’s eyes. However, the maid that was speaking to him showed no of this. She was nervous, sure, but this was probably the most she has spoken since she started working there, so Ryo could not blame her for that. Despite her nerves, the woman spoke to Ryo clearly and recalled the events without questioning herself. Although she did not give that many details, she was sure of what she saw, and that was good enough for Ryo the investigator.

“Good job,” Ryo said without hesitation. His words could seem strange to some after a witness explained how a thief broke in and stole a necklace, but he was honestly impressed and this information was almost enough to start finding a suspect, “This information might be enough to find the guy who did it.” What Ryo did not say was that this information was barely enough to start an investigation. How many people in this giant village do you think is a man, has black hair, and is average height? Damn, now that he thought about it, Ryo kind of fits that description as well. This case was probably going to be harder than he originally thought. He made sure of himself not to say any of this out loud. If he did, the victim’s trust would be diminished, and he might be fired. He just had to keep a clear head and try to figure what he could do to find the guy who stole the necklace. Today was going to be annoying than most.

“Can you show me where the necklace was kept?” A simple question for an investigator. This place was technically a crime scene, so it had the right to be observed. Ryo did not know exactly what he was going to find at the display case, but he thought it was the best thing to do. The way the woman in the red dress described the events that happened two days prior, it seemed oddly simple. The thief just opened the case where the necklace was held and took it. If Ryo were the thief in this situation, he would be extremely confused about why committing his crime was so easy.

“Of course,” the woman in the red dress said. It has been a minute since Ryo heard her voice, and he was swiftly reminded of how fake it was. The hospitality it carried just felt like it was way too much for this situation. As the woman started to stand up, she continued what she was saying. “May, you can go now.”

Now, Ryo swiftly stood up, butting in with his own words as the maid was in the process of making her leave. “No, I need her to show me something as well. Follow us, May.” He did not really need her for anything too extreme. He just wanted her to guide him to the window that the thief jumped out of. It was just another integral part of investigating a crime scene. The young maid turned around and stood still, waiting for one of them to say something. Ryo decided to be the first one as he turned his eyes back to the woman in the red dress. “Lead the way, ma’am.”

The woman’s response was hard to read, but the emotion was there nonetheless. As Ryo finished speaking, the woman glanced at the maid that was also in the room. For a second, Ryo saw the true colors in the woman’s face. When her eyes were on May, they seemed filled with disgust. There was definitely some hate there, but Ryo was unsure of what the cause was, but he assumed it was probably the conflict that was seen between social classes. The woman turned back to Ryo, her eyes closing as she shot him a big smile that lacked feeling. “Of course, it’s just right this way.”

And just like that, Ryo, the woman in the red dress, and May the maid made their way out of the room through the same door that Ryo entered through only a short time ago. The woman in the red dress took the lead, with Ryo close behind. Ryo looked over his shoulder, glancing at May to make sure that she was following the two of them. She was, but her pace was much slower than the woman in front of the young genin. Ryo turned back to look ahead of himself, and his mind went to thinking about the maid behind him.

He hoped, deep inside, that he did not unintentionally cause problems for the woman in the red dress’s employee. Given how the woman in the red dress responded to Ryo’s need for the maid’s guidance, he can not help but feel that that is exactly what he had done. Ryo has only been inside this fabulous house for only a short time, and he can already tell that the two women did not have a good relationship. It could just be a conflict of social classes, but the young man felt that there was definitely something underneath that he could not see at the moment. He could not say what that feeling was, but it was not anything but sour.

While Ryo was inside his own head, the woman in the red dress guided him through her home. Out the room, they were in and up the stairs that Ryo goggled at when he was let in by the butler. Once up the stairs, the three of them went down a red carpeted hallway. The rest felt like a maze, as they took several turns and through many doors until the woman in front of Ryo stopped next to a pair of wooden doors that were decorated with complex engravings. Ryo looked over his shoulder once again, watching as May the maid caught up to them and found her place two feet behind the young genin.

“This is the door to the parlor,” the woman said as she gripped one of the two door knobs, turning it as she pushed the door open and entered the room. The door stayed open as the woman let go and walked further into the room, and Ryo entered seconds later with May the maid entering shortly after. The parlor was pretty extravagant, but it was not anything passed what Ryo expected. As he observed the room, the woman and the red dress made her way to a glass case positioned on top of a tall table in the middle of the room. Ryo could probably make an educated guess that the necklace was once in that same case. The rest of the room was nice, to say the least. The walls were decorated with fancy wallpaper, with the lower half being beveled wood. The middle of the room, minus the jewelry case, held a soft looking rug and several places to sit that were positioned around a large fire place. Along with all of this, there were a few book shelves in the room as well.

“And this,” the woman continues as she positioned herself next to the jewelry case in the middle of the room, “is the case where the necklace was displayed.” There was not much in the room to investigate. From his position in the room, despite not being next to the jewelry case, he could tell that there was no lock on the case’s door. Other than that small detailed that the woman in the red dress already confirmed, there was not really anything else in the room to look at. All one had to know was that a necklace was taken from the case. Sadly, there is not much else to be said.

“Alright,” Ryo began, turning towards May who was positioned near the room’s exit, “That’s all I needed to see here, you can show me to the window now.” Ryo’s words were pretty firm, or at least he thought they were. He watched as the woman’s eyes moved to look over his shoulder, and he could only guess they were staring at the woman in the red dress. Shortly after, the eyes went back to Ryo’s. “Lead the way, May.” the young man finally said. The girl’s response was a slow nod before the two of them made their way out of the room, leaving the woman in the red dress behind.

The girl and Ryo did not walk for long, with the woman only going to the room that was three doors down from the parlor. It makes sense for the thief to escape near where the necklace was stolen, so Ryo was not really sure what he expected. The room that they entered seemed to be one of many guest rooms in this building. The bed was the only interesting thing to mention in the room, with it being your stereotypical rich people bed with the corners sporting tall pillars that held up that weird cloth roof thing that also held 4 curtains that cover each side of the bed. To be honest, Ryo kind of wanted a bed like this one. It just seemed oddly comfortable to have the option to shut out the entire world to sleep peacefully. He felt like he could bet his life that the mattress was stuffed with feathers too. That was one of many luxuries that Ryo had yet to feel but he hoped that it was not soft enough that it felt like you were being eaten by a stuffed monster.

“This is the window,” the young woman said as she gestured towards the only window in the room. It was a simple window give how crazy the rest of the house was. When Ryo went to look out the window he found that it led to the backyard of the estate, which meant that the thief would have had to run for quite a bit to get to safety. Knowing that the thief was a competent runner seemed like an important detail to remember. There was also the fact that they were on the second floor, which while not being that far of a drop, it did require some endurance. Despite those few details, there was not really anything else that Ryo could examine that would help him. This case got colder and colder by the second, which was something Ryo could not verbalize. Instead, he let out a painful groan of annoyance. How would he be able to solve this?

“Alright,” Ryo started, “I think I’m done here. Can you lead me back to the front door?” Ryo definitely needed the maid’s help if he wanted even a slight chance to get out of here. He felt like he was navigating through a maze when they were following the woman in the red dress’s lead. The maid nodded in response and turned to leave the room, and Ryo followed shortly after. While being guided back to the front door, Ryo could not help but think about how he was going to solve this case. Everything about it lacked the evidence he required to even look for a suspect. To be able to find this stolen necklace he would need a massive amount of luck on his side.

After only a short amount of time later, Ryo found himself next to the front door of the mansion that he has been inside for the last hour or so. He turned to his guide, also known as May the maid, “Thanks, May,” he said sincerely. Hopefully his kindness towards the woman would brighten her day, Ryo could not help but notice how much she seemed to need it. The maid nodded in response and swiftly went to do whatever maids do. As Ryo grabbed the doorknob, he felt a bad sense, turning his head to his left out of reflex. He was greeted with the butler’s evil glare, the same one that greeted him when he arrived earlier. That stare could send shivers down anyone’s spine. But whatever, Ryo was done here. And just like that, he opened the door the walked back outside, letting the door swing closed behind him.

Word count: 4738 of 6832

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Now outside, the young genin named Ryo looked around at the world that he has been separated from for the last hour or so. Despite only one hour is such a small amount of time, Ryo felt like he was trapped in that maze of a house for much longer. He was not sure what or who to blame that trapped feeling on. Perhaps it was the house itself, which had the possibility to make Ryo uncomfortable by doing nothing but existed. Then again, the feeling might have also come from the woman in the red dress. The first introductions that Ryo and the woman had with each other were not anything bad. In fact, Ryo was looking forward to helping the woman find her mother’s necklace despite her husband’s protests about having a ninja work for them. He was happy that she stood up for ninja around the world, even though he did not exactly enjoy his job. This liking of the woman in the red dress faded away rather quickly, though, with her fake personality coming to light. Ryo felt, now that he recalled the events in his head, that everything the woman said had a different meaning underneath. Her words, though they would sound sincere in a way, were only used in a way for her to show off to others or passive aggressively insult those further down on the social ladder. The final possible reason for Ryo feeling trapped was a strange one, especially for Ryo himself. The reason was May the maid, one of the many workers that answered to the infamous woman in the red dress. Something about the maid made Ryo’s hair stick up. He felt sympathy and pity for her. Ryo was only in the house for a short while and he already managed to get on the wave length that May the maid was not having a great time working there.

There was not really anything that Ryo could do about this feeling. He was hired by the terrible people that lived in the giant mansion, so he was in no place to openly judge or criticize them. He only wished that someone else would do it for him someday, but that was just a senseless dream. What sucked was that the young man was pretty damn sure that nothing could tarnish the family’s reputation. They have money, which meant everything in today’s world. Money can be used to get what ever you want. You can use it to make someone be quiet, you can use it buy someone’s loyalty, and you can use it to repair your reputation, no matter what it has been through. That was just how the world worked, and all Ryo could do, along with the rest of the world, just had to let it happen and stand silently to the side. It was not often the Ryo felt this amount of emotion towards something in his life, but the more he thought about the rich and how much people the high class were just huge snobs, he could not help but feel some amount of anger. But once again, there was nothing that Ryo or anyone else could do, or at least that’s what he thought at the time.

Standing just outside the front door of the mansion for the whole time that he thought these things, the young genin thought it was time to attempt to solve this case. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air, he made his way down the steps to the front door and started to walk down the same path he walked up earlier. Ryo must have been inside the house longer than he thought, as the sun was now positioned in the middle of the sky, showcasing that it was the middle of the day. Ryo did not have long left in this day, but he wished that he had the ability to solve it before he went back home later that night. He just wanted to sleep without any fear of stress. As he got closer and closer to the front gate of the estate, Ryo unbuttoned his trench coat and adjust his hat on his head, continuing his thoughts as he walked. This case was as cold as old turkey. There was not really any leads, and the only thing that Ryo could think of was just run around the village until he got lucky, and the success rate of that option seemed severely low so it probably was not the best option but it was also the only option he had so he had to do it whether he liked it or not.

And just like that, Ryo began his plan to blindly run around the village and look for a man with a necklace that did not belong to him. Actually, the young genin did not exactly run around blindly. There was some sense of strategy in the places he chose to look and where he prioritized. For instance, he decided the high class end of town was the last place that he should look. While he did not have any doubt that the people living there would enjoy stealing from one of their own, they had no reason to take that sort of risk. Number one on Ryo’s list to check was the infamous west side of town, which was labeled as some sort of ghetto. This section of the village hidden in stone was where the bad ones end up. Most of the neighborhoods at this end of town were mostly run down with crime being around every corner.

Ryo started at the west side of town, and it just like he heard it described from his peers. The foundations that every structure in the stone village shared were cracked and looked dangerous after a certain point. It was extremely clear where the ‘west side of town’ began and when it ended. If someone looked down on the village from an aerial point of view, then they would see what seems like two different places, the hidden stone village and somewhere no one wanted to be. Most of the buildings in this part of town were run down as well, with most windows either being shattered, foggy, or non existent. There was also the case for the roads, which shared the same cracked theme that everything else did. They were clearly unstable, filled with potholes and spots that looked as if they would fall into a bottomless pit if you were to put even a small amount of weight on them. There was also the people. In short, they scared Ryo as he walked down the disheveled streets, looking back in forth for some matching the description or holding a fancy emerald necklace. The young genin was sure that there were no other shinobi here. If there were other shinobi, they definitely were not the good guys if they hung around here. Every person that Ryo passed while walking, be it a single man sitting on a street bench, women leaning against a wall, or groups throwing dice around, they all stared straight at Ryo as he came into view. They all had the same look in their eyes as well. Hatred, but also a hint of fear. None of them liked what he was, but they were also scared of what he was capable of. If only they knew how true useless Ryo was. As he was stared at, he knew how had of an idea it was to talk to any of the people he saw. So, he did what anyone else would do. He walked aimlessly around until he decided that the necklace was not here.

Ryo made the same conclusion for the normal part of the village. He tried looking everywhere. The hospital, the living quarters, the coliseum, and anywhere else he could think of. However, despite where he looked, he always seemed to get no result. One option that he had a considerable amount of hope for was the bazaar. He looked at every shop he could find and asked the clerk if they bought an emerald necklace recently. None of them stated that they did, so Ryo just assumed that they were telling the truth. As he walked around in this part of town, people did not really notice him as they did at the west side of town. Shinobi was a common thing here, so it was not strange in the slightest to see one walking around doing whatever they were doing. While Ryo’s deduction skills were not anything to be impressed by, there was really only one other place that he could look. He did not really trust this option at all, because it just did not make any sense to him. Alas, the young man chose to go back the direction this all started: the upper class side of town.

Now almost late into the evening, the sun has made its way past the horizon and the moon has started to take its place in the sky as the nightlife came to life. Ryo was back at the rich side of town, where every house had its own massive yard and was multiple stories high, accompanied by fancy gates and street lamps that shined through the vegetation that was around him. This was Ryo’s final chance to find the necklace, or else this mission would be a personal failure. He did not know where to go, but he knew he had to be in the right spot. The necklace was somewhere close and he had to make sure he found it. He continued to walk down the stone path that connected all of the different mansions that shared this neighborhood. He looked right to left several times, his eyes going in between the different houses. They were all oddly similar, sharing the feature of multiple columns and some amount of marble built into their design. Other than that, they were all pretty much the same. None of them were oddly unique, which made Ryo question if all rich people thought the same. Thinking back to the woman in the red dress, May the maid, and the irritable bald butler, he really hoped that that was not the case. If it was, then his outlook on the village became extreme diminished in a matter of seconds.

He kept walking down the stone path until he was in the middle of an intersection. He did the same thing he was doing before, and looked left and then right. That was when he suddenly saw it. Two people, who both seemed to be male talking to one another. Ryo’s eyes when to one of their hands, and just like that, he saw a glint from the street light above the two men. That was the necklace. The same one that Ryo has been on a wild goose chase for since this morning. It was pretty annoying that after all of that, this was how easy it really was. The two men were only about two feet away from where Ryo was standing. The man holding the necklace fit the maid’s description. Average height, long greasy black hair that shimmered in the light, and ragged clothes. A man like this had no reason to be in a neighborhood as prestigious as the one they were in. The other man was acting cautious, with his head whipping back and forth as he looked for unwanted guests. This man spotted Ryo before the young genin could truly analyze him, and sprinted away as a response. While the man was running away, Ryo caught a glimpse of the man’s bald head as it glimmered in the street lamp’s light. That was when the thief turned to see Ryo, but it was already too late for him to sprint away like the other suspect. As the thief quickly realized what was going on, Ryo was already making his own sprint towards him, making a series of hand seals as he did. The thief started running as the distance between him and Ryo grew to a small five feet. At this point, Ryo finished his series of hand seals, suddenly stopping his running and slamming both of his hands onto the stone path, summoning three earthen wolves from the ground, which ran at their target. The thief frantically looked over and saw his pursuers and responded by quickly trying to speed up his pace, but it was already too late to stop what was going to happen. Each wolf latched onto the thief’s body at different points. One grabbed at a pants leg, another the back of his shirt, and the last grabbed his left wrist. At this point, the thief dropped the emerald necklace that was held in his right hand. Ryo assumed that this was a desperate attempt to stop his pursuit, but it was just a feeble attempt. Ryo was arresting this man and that was final. The thief was still managing to move, but his pace slowed to the point that it was just crawling as a snail would. Ryo continued towards the thief, with his previous sprint slowing to a calm walk. He already knew he won this fight, but he had to stop the thief in his tracks. He quickly performed the hand seal series of ox, rabbit, tiger, sending his chakra underground towards the thief. Suddenly, the ground around the thief and the mud wolves shot up around them and grabbed on to the thief’s lower body, crushing the wolves in the process. Given how the man was already close to the ground, the only thing that could be seen was his head. He struggled to move even his neck, pleeing to Ryo as he screamed about his family. This was all useless because now, Ryo could finally go back home. He picked up the emerald necklace from the ground and went to the woman in the red dress’s home to return it, making sure to also tell her about the events that unfolded. After this he went to the administration building to retrieve his payment and give a report, finally going back to his home and collapsing in his bed.

Yeah, it was just another easy case for the famous Detective Fujita.

It was definitely easy.

Word count: 2410 of 9242
Name: Earth Release: Mud Wolves
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Doton
Range: Up to 25 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable (-5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: Duration + 3 posts
Description: A technique that is activated upon performing the necessary hand seals and placing hands upon the ground. The user places his hands upon the ground, causing mud to shape into wolves that will attack the enemy. Despite being damaged, the wolves will simply reform after one post, keeping the enemy occupied while the user readies for another attack or makes a getaway. Three wolves are summoned in total and can be permanently destroyed by Lightning attacks D rank or higher, or jutsu of C rank or higher. The max distance they can travel from the user is up to twenty-five meters and at speeds up to twenty meters per second. These wolves do not deal much in the way of physical damage aside from minor bruising where they either charge into the opponent or biting into them in an effort to restrain, both of which are behaviors the wolves will repeat until the duration elapses or they are destroyed permanently. If a wolf manages to latch onto an opponent, D-3 strength will be required to remove it forcibly.

Name: Earth Release: Chomp (土遁・チャンプ).
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: C-Rank.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Doton.
Range: 30 meters.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cooldown: 3 Posts.
Description: After performing a series of hand seals (Ox -> Rabbit -> Tiger) and flows their chakra into the ground. Their chakra travels to a location within 30 meters of the user at a rate of 25 meters a second. Upon arriving, the earth at the location will burst out creating a small "mountain", which will entrap anyone and anything directly above it. The technique is mostly used to restrain the legs of an enemy, but can also entrap other body parts if they are close enough to the ground, or even lock in items or weapons laying on the ground. The "mountain" created is up to half a meter tall and can be up to a meter wide. The mountain, once created, will remain until destroyed. It can't be escaped from unless destroyed, but can be manually broken out of by anyone with a strength stat of C-3 and higher, and destroyed by a single C rank technique, or 2 D rank techniques, while receiving +1 Rank of damage from Raiton techniques and -1 Rank in damage from Suiton techniques. This technique can be used on any natural surface or stone structures.

Exit thread.

9242 words.
Katon D > C: 9242/1500
Genjutsu D > C: 7742/1500
C-Rank Jutsu: 6242/900
C-Rank Jutsu: 5342/900
C-Rank Jutsu: 4442/900
C-Rank Jutsu: 3542/900
C-Rank Jutsu: 2542/900
C-Rank Jutsu: 1742/900
D-Rank Jutsu: 842/675
Extra: 167

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