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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

As the sun rose high in the sky to give light to the new day in the Hidden leaf village some would still be sleeping as it was still only five forty-five AM but Kanro who always woke up earlier was somewhat groggier then usual and opened her eyes to the sound of her alarm clock ringing at Six Fifty close to her left ear, her upper body slowly rose up from the comfy mattress underneath her as took a small moment to look around her room before realizing that today was the day she was going to put all other things aside and focus on her personal training for the chunin exams.  

Although that's what she intended she was still sleepy and honestly wanted nothing more than to go back under her covers and block out the rest of the world for a while longer, Kanro left arm went to her side where the alarm was still loudly buzzing until she pushed the button on the alarm clock stopping it from ringing and then turned her head slightly to the right to look at her calendar to see if there was anything else that might motivate her to get up this early for training, when she  saw the big red letters written on it “Training Day” and "Junpo coming back home" nothing seemed to register in her head and she just kept looking at the calendar but once her mind caught up with her she practically jumped out of bed like she just got a shot of adrenaline, Junpo just didn't happen to be Kanro's oldest and possibly only friend from the academy but also her romantic interest for as long as she could remember although it was a rather one-sided love affair, Junpo ever since academy graduation had been training in the deep forests of Konohgakure with his father as a way to introduce him to life as a shinobi because Junpo was actually quite lazy and unmotivated which to his father tranlated to a possible early grave, and today he would finally be back not as an academy student but a full blooded genin just like she was, she didn't know if he was going to participate in the chunin exams but she had to see him and try to ask him to train with her.

But first Kanro needed to get dress, she started to get dress by putting on her long green and brown kimono that stretched down all the way to her knees, the right sides sleeves had been torn off and replaced with bandages wrapped around her arm for covering, despite the long kimono Kanro wore pure white shinobi pant's and a pair of shin guards that followed the same green and brown theme of her kimono to protect her legs from harm, she then finally wrapped a dark brown scarf around her neck and then put on darkly rimmed goggles that concealed her eyes and then proceeded out the door to go see her romantic love interest Junpo.


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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

Now that Kanro was ready she quickly grabbed some buttered toast and run off to go to the one person who could make her training worthwhile, Kanro had always been more dedicated to her training than most genin but sometimes her motivations fell short and pick me ups such as this was what she needed to ignite the fire in her belly, another reason for training was that the stronger she got the better missions she could participate in for higher mission payout and although it wasn't her main goal it was still a plausible one as she lived with her mother and father and wanted to help pay the bills in any way she could. Kanro started heading out the door and made her way to Junpo's house thinking about what to say what she finally meant eye to eye with him, she was always thinking about the right words to say but more so then usual she was obsessed on finding the right ones, but that thought was quickly pushed back once she was passing by an alleyway in which she spotted  three kids surrounding a cowering little kid. Kanro face slightly curled into a scowl as she slowly walked up to the trio as she spoke  “What are you three doing? That little kid looks like he is scared...” the tallest boy answered first “That’s none of your business just get out of here

Kanro stood silent for a moment as she breathed in air to get ready for a huge intimidation act in which she had actually quite a bit of practice in as when she was younger she was most often seen in the same situation as the cowering little boy in front of her, while she prepped herself up  the three little boys laughed at their victim while they continued to torment him unwillingly for their amusement, Kanro then pulled out a senbon twirling it around in her fingers before with a quick flick of the wrist she flicked the senbon close enough to the tall one’s ear that it was lightly cut causing blood to slowly drip down from it. The kid didn’t notice his wound until a couple of moments later he felt something dripping and held his hand to it feeling a wet sensation only to see dark red on it, the tall kid apparently never seeing blood or at least his own before freaked out and starting to run pass Kanro crying out that she was a freak , she felt a little angry at that comment so she pulled out her foot tripping the bully causing his face to go straight first into the dust before he picked himself off the ground crying even harder, Kanro then looked at the other two through her goggles while having a few of her bugs start to pour out of her bodies through her neck area, "I think you two, should leave as well..."

Not wanting any more  trouble the duo left going as fast as they could in their attempt to get away from Kanro, now with no interference she slowly walked up to the cowering little one  and bent over o slightly nudge them, they moved their hands revealing their eyes as the kid slowly sat on his hindquarters before pushing himself to stand up. The kid now that he was calm bowed his head respectfully before walking away.


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Kanro, Aburame

Kanro, Aburame

Now that she dealt with an act of bullying before her very eyes Kanro continued her walk to Junpo's house excited about the possible prospect of training with him and also wondering if he learned any new tricks since they been apart, once she made it to his address she kindly knocked on the door and heard rustling inside before Junpo came out, but his face looked as if he had stayed up all night as bags from under his eyes were clearly noticeable yet again and Kanro found any words she had thought about saying before had all but vanished from her mind causing her to stare for a moment until she brought herself back to focus and just saying what came to mind, “Hey Junpo, I think we should do some  training today like back before we graduated from the academy....” Kanro in her head yelled at herself for that stupid greeting while Junpo just looked at her with a blank stare before saying “I just got back so I don't think so, besides last time we trained I had sore muscles for a week. You know how hard it is to sleep with sore muscle’s?!?” Kanro had to admit she  was at a lost for words for a second before she thought of something to say, “But you got stronger didn’t you?” Junpo began mumbling under his breath as he replies with a whispered “Yeah so...?” Kanro smiled through her scarf but he couldn't see it and her words came out a bit harsh,  “Then stop being lazy... and come train already before I get strong enough... to beat you up anytime I want.

That sentence sparked Junpo’s inner shinobi as he busted out the door wearing full clothes’ as if he was expecting to leave the day and jumping in the air already heading towards the training site, it seems he may have already had plans to train but in secret before Kanro lured him in with her worded trap, either way she followed him towards the training grounds. From the left side of the training field Junpo and Kanro landed on the ground before they started to walk with their backs turned to each other as they walked seven meters away, As Kanro walked his seven meters she passed by a big loose stump  that had been within three meters from where they landed on the field Junpo, they then began counting in their heads before beginning their match

"One, Two...Three!!"

They both quickly begun running towards each other, Kanro attempted a straightforward punch but Junpo had ducked down before attempting to counterattack while spinning his body to add impact to a backhand punch, Kanro then jumped back slightly to avoid its range before moving back in quickly as she tried to trip Junpo only to fail once more as he also jumped backward putting them at twelve meters  away from each other.

"For a guy who complains about training.... we always seem to be near equals whenever we spar, You been training while we been apart haven't you?" Junpo chuckled, "When someone has a friend like you Kanro, they have to train just to be able to keep up with you." Kanro smiled and blushed although it was covered by the scarf, "Yeah...True enough,lets stop testing each other out and fight for real this time shall we?" Junpo smiled widely, "Best thing you said all day."

Junpo quickly weaved hand-seals before releasing three condense air bullets towards Kanro in rapid succession, Kanro waited until the air bullets were close enough before switching to her substitution jutsu that was closer to Junpo, Kanro then dashed forward before winding up for a uppercut and landed a direct hit  under Junpo's chin causing him to let out a painful grunt sound as he lost his balance.

Kanro attempted to follow up by jumping in the air and land on Junpo but he quickly recovered and rolled away out of Kanro's landing area  and quickly put his hands on the ground keeping low to the ground as he used Kanro's body like a ladder where he did two steps before flicking his right leg straight up under her chin returning an under the chin attack before he pushed off the ground as Kanro fell to the ground in return, Junpo although he knew this was a spar hesitated to kick her while she was down giving her enough time to get back up.

Junpo now that he felt like he gave her a fair amount of time began to dash at her as he took out his kunai before going for a reversed upward slash, Kanro, in turn, used her left hand to slap away Junpo's hand towards the opposite way throwing off his kunai slash as she reached into her own pouch and grabbed one of her kunai, they both came at each other with their kunai's blow for blow causing the sound of metal piece's clashing together to resound around the immediate area before Junpo went for a spiral slash motion in which Kanro dodged by ducking down before doing multiple backflips and then jumped high into the air by throwing her kunai at him which was proceeded by her using her secret technique Insect Volley by using the tiger handseal before her bugs flew out forming three small balls  as they rushed towards Junpo.

Junpo in response quickly weaved another pair of hand signs before he slammed his hand on a ground as he used Earth Release:Earth Shore Return creating a wall in front of him that is four and a half meters tall and two meters wide, Kanro's jutsu clashed with the wall slowly causing the wall to crumble but his jutsu ended right as the wall was nearly completely destroyed. As Kanro landed she gave a low whistle,  "Where did you learn.... that one I wonder?" Junpo chuckled before saying, "I'll tell you over lunch if your buying" They both shared a moment before walking side by side after a quick sparring session, on the way there Kanro was having fun but as they walked into a barbecue grill to eat pork her thoughts started returning on how far she has come as a shinobi.

Junpo started to speak, "So I heard you entered the chunin exams..." Kanro looked over to him and answered, "Yeah...I think I have a shot, will you...come to cheer me on...?" Junpo sore at her before answering, "I moving away." Kanro said one word, "What...?"



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