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Clean up the Hospital (Repeatable):

Mission name: Clean Up at the Hospital (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D-rank
Objective: Help by doing some janitorial work at the hospital.
Location: Hospital
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission Description: You’ve been assigned to help out around the hospital by doing some janitorial work due to a shortage in staff. You will be assigned a janitors cart on wheels and assigned a specific area. Ensure that it’s clean, and any mishaps are promptly handled.
Mission Details: In the case of a group doing this mission together everyone is assigned to a different area (up to the mission taker to decide) however they will not be allowed in the more restricted areas of the hospital (such as the administration wing and so forth). What area that is chosen and the mess you clean up is up to you, however around halfway through your shift a young girl will spill something on the tile floor and you must act promptly before someone slips and falls, causing a lawsuit with the hospital.

It didn’t matter her village affiliation, it didn’t matter what village Amaya happened to be in at the time, there was one thing she always did when visiting another country: she helped out in their hospital. While money was a motivation for many it was the idea of being able to help others that pushed Amaya as well as the idea of spreading her medical knowledge around. There were just too few good medics in the world in her opinion. Of course she knew that this knowledge could be taken and used against her, or her country, but it was a risk she was willing to take if it meant better care for others. While the tasks weren’t always easy, and sometimes they were downright dirty and messy, she still offered her help when she had the time too - something she always made sure she made time for.

Today though it seemed like her medical expertise wasn’t needed, but rather her ability to thoroughly sterilize and clean the hospital. While it was something most would consider grunt work, something many ninja in her position would scoff at and deny assistance with, Amaya wasn’t the sort. A hospital had to be clean, sterilized, and orderly or else all manner of disease and chaos could spread. She had seen many an infection in her life due to unclean environments and she hoped to be able to help and prevent that here. So when the call to help by acting as an extra janitor for the day had come she hadn’t ignored it: besides, there was an another bonus by doing this that came in the form of being able to become more familiar with the hospital as she continued to offer up her help while staying in Iwagakure no Sato with her husband.

“Mrs. Kobayashi, you’ll find all of the supplies you need on your assigned cart - number two - in the janitors closet. Here are the keys you’ll need for your shift.”, the man in charge paused in speaking to hand her a set of keys with a scrunchy plastic keychain which she slipped her arm through before pushing the keys up to her elbow so they wouldn’t be in her way. “If you have any questions about anything, need any help, or something comes up just let me know: I’ll be down the south hall of the first floor mopping. Your assigned area today will be north hall, first floor. Mop the floors, and clean up the discharged patients rooms - they’ll be marked with a door sign that indicates they’re not ready. Once you’ve done a room switch it to ready so that the medical staff knows they can place a patient in there”, the man in charge of the environmental services department explained. Nodding in understanding and offering up a friendly smile Amaya waited to see if he had anything else to say before making her way to the nearby janitors closet.

After unlocking it the janitors closet Amaya pulled her card, number two, out which was already fully stocked and ready to go. After filling a bucket with fresh water and cleaning chemicals and attaching a broom to her cart, she pulled her cart free from the room and then locked the door behind herself before heading to the hall marked “North”. Putting down wet floor signs first, Amaya wetted the mop in the bucket of water and chemicals and started at one end and began to mop, keeping to one side of the hall so that there was a dry pathway the entire time she worked. Every few feet as she worked she would dip the mop into the bucket, put it through the ringer, and then continue until she reached the end of the hall. Once finished with one side she headed back down, taking a quick break to let the floor finish drying on the other side before repeating the process again: mopping several feet, pausing to dip the mop into the bucket and ring it out, and then mopping several more feet, over and over again until both sides of the floor had been mopped.

After taking another quick break, hanging out in the hall and watching the floor dry to help ensure that no one coming through slipped and fell, Amaya then focused her attention on the rooms marked as the environmental supervisor had said they would be. Pulling her cart, bucket, and mop into the room she went about stripping the beds down and tossing the dirty linen into their appropriate place on her cart. Taking several clothes and sterilizing cleaning agents she made quick but thorough work in wiping down the bed and every surface in the room, pausing to empty the garbage as she went. Once that was done she changed her gloves and put on a fresh pair before making the bed and then straightening up the flower vases. Changing gloves again and grabbing fresh rags Amaya then made thorough but equally as quick work in cleaning the bathroom sink, shower, and toilet, before following up with sweeping and mopping up both the room and adjoining bathroom. Once finished she pushed her cart out into the hall, closed the door behind herself, and switched the sign to read that it was ready for occupation.

The same process as before was repeated several times over again, the rooms she cleaned being varying degrees of dirty depending on the patient who had been there as well as how long they had stayed. Each room she cleaned down “North” hall was sterilized and cleaned to the best of her ability with their door signs being flipped once she was finished to indicate that they were ready to for a new patient. Once finished she pulled her floor signs up, the hallway floor now dry, and headed with her cart down to the “South” hall to find the man in charge.

Stopping by the room he was cleaning she poked her head in, ”Finished everything.” The two talked for a few minutes as the supervisor finished up with his room before making their way together back to the janitor closet where Amaya dumped out her dirty mop water, cleaned her mop head, and deposed of the dirty linen before restocking the cart and ensuring it had everything it needed for whoever was assigned to cart number two next. “You know where to go to get your payment?”, the supervisor asked to which Amaya nodded before wishing him a good day and heading out of the hospital, hot, sweaty, and a bit tired but happy to have helped all the same.

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Word Count: 1,110
Total Ryo Owed: 150 + 75 = 225


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