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Nurse’s Aide (Repeatable):

Mission name: Nurse’s Aide (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Help out the nurses.
Location: Hospital
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission Description: You’ve been asked to come in and work a shift at the hospital as a nurse’s aide. Your job is simple: do the dirty stuff so that the nurses can handle the more important aspects of patient care.
Mission Details: [You must have Medical Ninjutsu to take this mission, or be accompanied by someone who has Medical Ninjutsu.] You can choose which tasks you handle: anything from cleaning bedpans, helping with minor patient care or feeding patients, and so forth. You are simply to make life easier for the nurses so that they can go about handling their duties.

Another day, another chance to work within the walls of the Iwagakure no Sato hospital. Having no idea how long her shift would be for today as an acting nurse’s aide she made sure to eat a good and well rounded breakfast and to take the time to have a decent cup of coffee with ryo in her pocket for more later on when she’d need it again. She knew that the life of a nurse’s aide was not an easy one: they were left with the nastier tasks such as cleaning bedpans, or having to deal with feeding patients who couldn’t do so themselves, but it was a set of tasks she didn’t mind doing in the slightest. Everyone had to start somewhere and years ago she had filled the same shoes she was filling today as the hospital found themselves short staffed on nurse’s aides.

Arriving twenty minutes early Amaya was already dressed in the standard uniform for someone working in her current position within the hospital: maroon colored scrubs, clean and spotless while close-toed shoes that were comfortable and would ensure she could spend hours on her feet without a break if necessary - not that she couldn’t do the same thing in heels if she had to, but practicality was key. Her long and wavy black hair was pulled back into a well brushed and groomed ponytail-bun at the back of her head, and she was well showered and groomed with her nails trimmed to standard and equally as clean as the rest of her: if there was something she couldn’t stand it was a hospital worker with dirty fingernails because it could spread all manner of sickness and disease, plus it just looked disgusting. Having been told to head to the “South” first floor nurses station that’s exactly where she made a beeline for, having no need to drop off a coat or anything since the weather was decent and she had everything on her person she would need and nothing extra. ”Amaya Kobayashi reporting for duty.”, Amaya spoke, keeping her tone light and friendly, and her words professional while keeping an alertness around her person that spoke of her readiness and willingness to work and dive right in to whatever task is needed of her.

She watched with patience as the nurse behind the half-circle desk checked her roster of employees for her side of the hall, handing her her badge which Amaya clipped onto her scrub top pocket immediately. “Mrs. Kobayashi you’re early…”, the nurse spoke, though her voice was far from scolding and rather held the tone of someone who was impressed - Amaya couldn’t help but to wonder if the nurse hadn’t thought she’d arrive late or blow off her shift entirely considering it was considered ‘beneath’ her with her skill level. “The food trays are arriving in in about five minutes from now, I’ll need you to assist in feeding the patient in room four; he’s currently incapable of using his arms but is otherwise on a normal diet.”, the nurse spoke softly, ensuring that confidentiality and the patients private information was kept just between the two of them with no chance of someone overhearing them. Amaya nodded in understanding, awaiting to see if there were further instructions that would follow, which there were. “Afterwards he needs showered - housekeeping will change his bed linens while you’re doing that so that we don’t have to move him again afterward - the poor man was in pain all last night and didn’t get much sleep, we’re hoping he’s able to catch a nap this afternoon before the physical therapist comes in.” Once more Amaya nodded in understanding and then listened intently as she was handed a set of keys and informed of where any extra supplies she might need were held.

As the nurse finished with her explanation she headed off to room four, pausing outside of the door to read the patient's name of “Lee, Tanaka” so that she could address him properly. Knocking softly she waited until she heard a “Come in!” before opening the door and stepping inside, closing it behind herself before walking further into the room and around the half pulled curtain that hung from a track that went around Mister Tanaka’s bed to offer up additional privacy if needed. ”Hello, Mister Tanaka. My name is Amaya. Are you hungry? Your breakfast will be here in a few minutes.”, once more her tone was soft and light, friendly, and professional.

“Oh yes! I’m starving! And please, call me Lee. All this Mister Tanaka is making me feel older than I am.”, the man responded with a chuckle, the man seeming to have a light hearted demeanor about him despite his injuries.

Amaya smiled in a friendly manner and nodded. ”Lee it is. Your breakfast---”, she paused, hearing the squeak of the food carts wheels before the knock on the door came. ”.. Is here. I’ll go grab your tray and then we’ll get up seated upright.”, Amaya would finish before answering the knock at the door and grabbing the food tray carefully from the dietary aide before offering up a polite smile and a nod of thanks before disappearing into the room once more and setting Mister Tanaka’s tray down on his side table. After helping him into a seated position to prevent choking and ensuring that he was comfortable she pulled over a chair and then pulled the table closer. Lifting the lid of the tray steam rose from the food which filled the room with a delicious smell: unlike some hospitals she had worked in she found that the food here looked appetizing and mouth watering. ”Is there anything on your tray you don’t like, or would like to eat first?”, she inquired, wanting to ensure that the patient got exactly what he wanted and nothing less.

“It all looks delicious. Let’s start with the eggs, though. They’re my least favorite. Did they give me salt packets in case I need it?”, Mister Tanak responded.

Amaya smiled and held up two salt packets tucked behind his main plate. ”Right here. Do you want me to salt it now, or after you try a bite and see if you need it?”, Amaya asked patiently, wanting Mister Tanaka to feel as if he had all the time in the world to enjoy his breakfast.

“Let’s try a bite first, then see.”, Mister Tanaka responded to which Amaya nodded before spearing a bit of the scrambled eggs on a fork and bringing it to Mister Tanaka’s mouth, who opened it and took the food, chewing softly and swallowing before groaning in enjoyment. “No salt needed, those are delicious.” Amaya continued to feed him the eggs, giving him time to chew and swallow and enjoy the flavor, until they were all gone. From there they moved on to the two pieces of sausage which she skillfully cut into bite sized pieces before feeding them to him, followed by the two strips of bacon which she did the same as she had with the sausage to first, ensuring everything was bite sized pieces and that he wouldn’t accidentally choke. Several pauses were taken between his meal so that Mister Tanaka could take a sip of the orange juice which Amaya helped with by holding the cup and directing the straw to his mouth. By the time they were finished Mister Tanaka focused his attention on his coffee which Amaya added some cream and sugar too before helping him to sip at the small cup until it was gone. Closing the lid on the now empty plate Amaya moved the tray over by the wall so that it was out of the way.

”The nurse asked that I shower you while housekeeping comes in and changes your bed linens, is that alright with you?”, Amaya would ask, receiving a nod in response. “I’d absolutely love a shower.”, Mister Tanaka responded, causing Amaya to smile once more. ”Alright, you sit tight and I’ll go grab what I need for your shower. I’ll be right back.”, Amaya would speak before heading off to grab several wash clothes, towels, and a fresh hospital gown for her patient. Returning to the room she helped Mister Tanaka into the shower, closing the bathroom door so that he had privacy while listening to someone from housekeeping come in and beginning changing his sheets and straightening up his room. She helped him shower as comfortably as possible, using a different washcloth for his face, another for the top half of his body, and yet another for the lower half, while also helping him to wash his hair. Afterwards she dried his body and hair carefully, ensuring he was warm the entire time so that he wouldn’t catch a cold, before helping him to get dressed in a fresh hospital gown and making sure it made it into his fresh and clean bed without issue.

”Is there anything else you need, Lee?”, Amaya asked after cleaning up the mess from the bathroom. “Just a nap, could you dim the lights for me please?”, he responded to which Amaya nodded before doing so, casting the room in dimmer light before leaving quietly, closing the door behind herself after ensuring his call bell was close to him. After heading to the nurses station and reporting that the patient in number four had eaten his entire breakfast as well as showered and was now comfortably napping she spent the rest of her day helping to answer call bells and ensuring that the patients were well taken care of and had their needs met to the best of her ability. As her twelve hour shift ended Amaya left the hospital humming softly and with a smile on her face: it had been a good shift.

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Word Count: 1,674
Total Ryo Owed: 300 + 25 = 325


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